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SAGITTARIUS (Moon Sign) Annual Horoscope 2013

This article applies to Moon Sign Sagittarius (DHANU). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only talk about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), palmistry and face reading etc.


Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”. (Some well known moon sign Sagittarius folks: Sachin Tendulkar, Dharmendra, Sunil Gavaskar, Aishwarya Ra; Sun Sign Sagittarius: Swami Vivekanand, Atalbihari Wajpayee, Kapil Deo, Salman Khan, Nana Patekar, Richard Hadley, Michael Schumacher,  Rahul Dravid, Dipika Padukone, Bipasha Basu, This article also applies to some extent Sagittarius Sun Sign i.e. people born from Dec 16 to Jan 13 (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:


Sagittarius Sign Characteristics

These folks are idealistic & at times have child like purity. If Mars is strong they become a sportsman and if Jupiter is strong they are inclined towards education field. Most of Sagittarius folks have robust bone structure & a bigger forehead which shows thought leadership and broad vision. They are outspoken and cannot lie. Even a kid would know if they lie! J Idealistic/positive speech is their forte. As they are fire sign their response to any event is action – what do I need to do than Intellectual approach “Why it happened” of Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) or “Why it happened to him/me” – emotional approach of water signs  (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). These folks are often termed “Role Model Student”. They have a “can-do” attitude which can move mountains without the passion/prejudice or kunnas of Scorpio. There is NO NEGATIVITY in their approach and always a sense of a greater good! Moon in Moola nakshatra is intense and serious/disciplined etc & shows some Karmic issues with Mother. Purva-ashadha is a milder one. A soul that wants to be a GREAT sportsman takes birth on Sagittarius Moon Sign (Sachin, Sunil), Sun (Kapil Hadley, Schumacher) or ascendant (Don Bradman). Although Saints are born under this ascendant or Sun, they are more towards religion / action / DHARMA - The Sense of Duty is more their Cup of Tea (Samarth Ramdas Swami) than plain mild spirituality (Saint Dyaneshwar, Saint Tukaram). Great professors are also born under this rashi. Doing your dharma / duty without any pride or prejudice is the 1st step towards greater moksha. Overall, Sagittarius sign planets in a horoscope denote a broad nature and attitude and a large hearted approach!


Sagittarius sun sign folks born from 16th Dec to 14th January also show these characteristic. Folks born from July15 to Aug15 CANCER Sun Sign oppose these characteristics; Folks born from Nov16 to Dec15 Scorpio Sun Sign also oppose Sagittarius characteristics.



You have been sort of a right time right place due to support from Shani from July2007 to Nov2014 for 7.5 years! This Shani 9 10 11 to your sign shows increasing clout, mass-base, sphere of influence etc. From August2012 to late 2014 11th Shani means “rains of money” for you! This Shani shows a great cash-flow, monthly income etc until late 2014. All the efforts of the past 5 years would be paid in some way for sure! 11th is the best placement for Shani for 29.5 / 30 years of its travel around 12 houses for you. Do not leave ANY field that you are part of for past 7 years or so. Make sure you en-cash everything until Nov2-014 and then move on to next wave of your life! It is VERY important not to quite right now the field which you have been associated in the past several years! It is also advised that the income should be invested appropriately as Shani would be 12th from Nov2014 and it would not continue the rate of growth from then! Do not assume that the RATE of growth would be the same afterwards! You had 5th Guru’s sort of a dream come true situation from May2011 to May2012. This Guru gave you a great tactical success, the success which you can call yours and you really felt good “from within” about yourself! You did not feel this good since 11th Guru of Sept2005 to Oct 2006! Now 6th Guru from May2012 to May2013 is average at best. It shows that you need to service well what you got until May2012. From June2013 you will undergo expansion in your business/career but until then hard work is mandatory! Guru is also asking to take care of health & address long pending issues. Rahu moving to Libra will only help with income and reduce any badmouth effects of 12th Rahu of past 18 months!


Sagittarius Sign in 2013


1.     6th Guru from May2012 to May2013 mandates you to take care of your health, address long pending issues. There could be some repetition/resurfacing of health issues that occurred 12 years back.

2.     6th Guru is good for getting good doctors and medical advice but it also causes related expenses.

3.     Rahu & Ketu moving from 12th and 6th house is great news for health; Last 18 months could have been a bit troublesome for elders from both maternal & paternal families. Also, there was possibility of some hereditary health issues there. Now these issues are behind you.

4.     11th Shani has an aspect on Moon which recommends not drinking water at shady joints. It also recommends taking care of Mom’s health for sure. Kids could also demand some attention as they could have some minor health issues and maybe some bad influence due to wrong friends.




1.     Guru in 6th house is not bad for your maternal family at all! It also shows good relationship and support from father. Rahu moving 11th shows great support from paternal family. Ketu moving 5th shows some duties, responsibilities (that you like) with maternal families. You would have some great luck while dealing with seniors from both families. You will have blessings and support from families.

2.     Shani 11th could show some signals with your mother’s health. Check root-cause and detailed tests are recommended. Shani’s 3rd aspect usually shows what would happen when Shani would reach the 3rd house after 5 years. What happens now would happen more after 5 years unless it is dealt with!

3.     11th Shani also warrants paying attention to you kid’s needs. Check any bad influence or wrong friends. Some checks with their progress would certainly help them also focus more!



Career & Finance

Guru 6th until May2013:

1.     6th is a service sector and also house of enemies! 6th Guru shows you servicing something which you got or you developed in 5th Guru’s tactical success until May2012. It also shows your competition getting the highlight & growth which you had in 5th Guru! It is time to clap for others while you make your own position stronger by continuous improvement without flashy approach.

2.     It shows some economic gains also and also good support from seniors and for folks in business. It very likely to get new seniors and also some new people to work with 6th Guru (change in your circle)


Guru 7th from June2013 to June2014

1.     Guru in partnerships house shows achieving through others. Building collaborations & partnerships to expand you sphere of influence. There will be expansion in the things you got until May2012.

2.     This Guru shows more about who you know than what you know for sure. You realize that you can alone do only so much! However, this Guru shows great image enhancement. Social as well physical weight gain is quite likely in this period. This is the best time to get great partners for sure. Needless to say, a great Guru position for anyone finding a right match / matrimony! J Right time, Right place!


11th Shani Effects

Pinnacle of your mass-base in the past 29 years! Maximum amount of employees/workers working & earning for you! It shows tremendous gains and a great growth curve until at 2014. You will earn a lot in this period and it is sometime easier to take it for granted, which is a mistake. Do not assume that the rate of growth of money will continue like this. Rather, after Nov2014 it will saturate at the same level for 2/3years so invest wisely and make sure there is enough left to spend in planning of 30 years in 12th Shani. Every contact you earned from July2007 would cause some sort of gain for you. You will benefit from older population too. You will be able to leverage a lot of people in this period and increase your sphere of influence quite a bit. You are “right time, right place” currently in your career!


11th Rahu for 18 months from mid January only adds to these effects of cash-flow! It shows great support from folks that are of different culture, caste/religion etc. You will gain trust of these folks and benefit from the same. 5th Ketu also only adds to your responsibilities and duties and rather you could surprise surroundings with your intellectual approach and innovative ideas. 5th Ketu shows accolades in education & training etc.



1.     7th Guru will help with all sorts of relationships from June2013. Shani has already moved on in Aug2012 and not aspecting any relationship factor of your life except kids.

2.     Guru from June2013 would also help find a great partner at both personal & business front. Great for matrimony or rather finding your match which is in-line with you ideas but more so from your parents and society point of view also as Guru shows traditional and ritual based approach which is tried & tested. 7th Guru does not necessarily show an exotic relationship but it does certainly shows a successful one in traditional terms! Remember, 7th Guru Relationships are not “flings” but they stick for long term! J 11th Shani recommends special attention to need of your kids.


Other effects

1.     Sun: Handle seniors, govt related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; check if their & your priorities are the same! J (Sun would support greatly for 3 months from August 16th!)

a.     Nov 16 to Dec 15: 12th house Sun

b.    July 15 to Aug 15  à 8th house Sun

a.     For Details:


2.     Mars shows a combative mood and travel possibilities in February. It recommends caution with kids in from April 12th to May 23rd – avoid 2-wheelers along with kids. It also recommends caution with sports activities. Mars gives competition success from May 23rd to 5th July. It shows caution with vehicles and health from Aug 19th to 6th Oct. Mars starts supporting tremendously from 6th Oct to end of the year with increasing power and productivity at workplace, support from friends and colleagues.


3.     Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! 3th house Neptune is very good for some expression and usage of subconscious mind for any form of expression. The things that you know but you don’t know you know! This would happen more so in Feb when Mars is with Neptune and also Feb 14th to March 13rd when Sun is with Neptune or even when Sun is in Leo from mid August.

4.     Uranus (Harshal) in 4th house in Pisces (Meen) could show some sudden expense on home décor or domestic equipments. It could show modernization and usage of advance sciences (electronics. Mobiles etc) for things such as agriculture, domestic or farming water management and so on. It also shows some sudden expense on vehicles or land etc.

5.     astromnc



11th Shani shows right time right place to get a great position & practical gain (job) for the level of education you have completed! However, this Shani could also reduce focus on “marks” i.e. exam performance which is not good. So special attention to scoring good in exams is recommended,. 6th Guru until May2013 shows that you competitors could gain on you unless you make friends with seniors or even teachers for timely advice. From June2013 onwards 7th Guru supports a lot; it shows building very good collaboration with teachers, mentors etc. Mars recommends concentration on studies from 12th April to 23rd May when there could be a lot of detractions due to sports activities or friends wanting to do some crazy stuff. astromnc


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