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CAPRICORN (Moon Sign) Annual Horoscope 2013

This article applies to Moon Sign Capricorn (MAKAR). This is only about “Kriyamaan karma” (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. Destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), Numerology, Palmistry and face reading etc.


Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”. (Some well known moon sign Capricorn folks: Indira Gandhi, Raj Thackeray, Shah Rukh Khan, Gopinath Munde, Rajinikanth, Rahul Gandhi; Sun Sign Capricorn: Balasaheb Thackeray, Subhashchandra Bose Abhishek Bachchan, Urmila Matondkar.  This article also applies to some extent Capricorn Sun Sign i.e. people born from Jan 14 to Feb 13 (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:


Capricorn Sign Characteristics

These are a conservative lot. They are very serious / sincere types. They are the hardest working folks around as it is the 10th sign – The 10th house denotes karma/career/work/Industrial-production. They are very industrious. They display all Shani’s characteristics like seriousness, self control, proven approach, slow but steady, hard-work, perseverance. These folks do not share easily and are greedy in a good way. The negative side is too much self control could lead to depression, lack of action etc. They tend to like black color. They like their own kids and family and are selfish in that way. They believe in “Dharmic Karma-Kand” and using old ways (old is gold). They are a step by step person i.e. do not like big bang approach. Their tomorrow is ALWAYS better than today. They are not very popular and do not even try as their purpose is to achieve personally, self-growth etc. They treat material success and growth much more than any other growth. Sun Sign Capricorn also exhibits these traits: Folks born from Jan 14th to Feb 13th are Sun Sign Capricorn (Balasaheb was moon Sign Kanya but Sun Sign Capricorn.) Mars in Capricorn is considered uchcha / exalted (Sachin, Pete Sampras). Jupiter is considered neech (debilitated). Capricorn sign planets in a horoscope denote busy approach, always onto something!


Some astrologers in Maharashtra seem to make fun of Virgo (Kanya) Sign and also portray Capricorn as a very unfortunate sign!? I have no clue why! J The fact that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Balasaheb Thackeray were of Virgo moon sign (apart from Rajinikanth, Indira Gandhi, Raj Thackeray, Shah Rukh being Capricorn Moon Sign) should be good enough as a counter-argument! J Rajinikanth is Capricorn moon sign and how you dare you call it an unfortunate sign? J


Capricorn sun sign folks born from Jan14 to Feb13/14 Jan also show these characteristic. Folks born from Aug16 to Sept15 LEO Sun Sign oppose these characteristics; Folks born from Dec16 to Jan13 Sagittarius Sun also oppose Capricorn characteristics.



After end of 2007 you haven’t had as much luck or as much feel good! 2008 was downright chaotic or rather troublesome! 2009 you tried to come back on track and May2010 to May2011 did give you something NEW in life / career which kept you going. From May2011 to May2012 under 4th Guru you were very saturated and might have reported to someone or less or equal ability! But now from May2012 to May2013 you are under 5th Guru which in short means “Dream Come True” success. Whatever you have been working from 2008 will now bring success to you and also a very good position for sure. After 2007 Guru was never in such a good position for you! This Guru is in “tactical” house which shows quick achievements and go-getter attitude and not the strategic position and travel of 9th Guru. 5th Guru also shows some great success for kids or with having kids! Shani was not supporting from July2007 to Sept 2009 but from Sept 2009 right until late 2017 it is now going to make you “right time, right place”. Shani will support you greatly and help you get new mass-base, new position and your own sphere of influence incrementally! Currently 10th Shani increases your potential, your ability, tests you with difficult projects and makes you take advice or work with aged people! Rahu coming 10th also in mid Jan means you would be part of some image-enhancing projects or high visibility projects! It is a good time to be a Capricorn moon sign person right until 2017! J


Capricorn Sign in 2013


1.     You are back and how! 2008 was very troublesome for health but after Sept2009 you are gaining health every day! Now 5th Guru until May2013 certainly shows optimal health pattern for sure. You will gain health and also peace of mind due to good things happening around you.

2.     From June2013 to June2014, 6th Guru would make you deal with some long pending health issues and uncover health issues if any. It shows getting good advice or simply good doctors. It shows some expense on health during this period.

3.     Even Shani which is rashi-swami in 10th house shows very good health. As Shan is with Rahu, it advisable to check if there are any hereditary issues in paternal side family (preemptive action helps!)




1.     5th Guru until May2013 shows dream come true success for you and it also includes success of kids or having kids! It is the best time to expand / start family! 5th Guru however could make you ignore your father’s needs somewhat. It would help to check at times what he needs! J

2.     10th Shani and Rahu does indicate taking care of father’s health and even older folks in paternal family. It shows going away from father or having some long term difference of opinion with him. Only advice is patience! Deal domestic controversial issues dispassionately & with practical approach.

3.     Guru aspect on Moon until May2013 helps with mother’s health. Definite improvement there for sure.

4.     10th Rahu also shows paternal family spending more time on practical or material stuff and 4th Ketu means maternal family spending more time on domestic, home, farm etc front or even more spiritual religious etc than economical matters.

5.     12th April to 23rd May recommends patience with domestic matters and health of both parents.



Career & Finance

Guru 5th until May2013:

1.     The success you always wanted right from start of 2008. YOUR idea of success will be delivered to you. This is a tactical success where you know what needs to be achieved and what you want and you show a go-better attitude! This Guru position also shows some very good posts in career / life.

2.     The 5th house belongs to “Dharma-Trikon” and hence gives you some position or office of specific daily, weekly etc responsibilities. It also shows some speculative gains – i.e. some quick bucks! J

3.     Success in education, certification goes without saying in 5th Guru especially those in education field.


Guru 6th from June2013 to June2014

1.     Service what you got in 5th Guru! J Mold it, transform it steadily, improve it and make it better. Expect you colleagues now to get the success or position you got in 5th Guru! You should keep making things better; invest in people/sub-ordinates to prepare for future expansion of business / portfolio.

2.     6th Guru does show good support from seniors and also increase in cash flow and certainly some activity on investment front. The 6th house belongs to “artha/economic-zone” and Guru there helps with any economic activity you are doing! Investments of 2010 would yield some good benefits.


10th Shani with 10th Rahu Effects

The 10th house is of “production”, potential, friction and a lot of work (Karma!). Shani in 10th house means increase in mass-base and support from masses/workers/employees. Juniors look up-to you and you have something (skills, maturity, experience etc) to share/educate or groom them with. At the same time Shani in 10th gives a “khadus” older senior who you need to deal with sincerely! You need to keep your seniors on all the risky decision-making. Facts and figures are VERY important to accept new projects or new work. Timely advice from father or older folks (their despite physical distance) from family on your workplace-strategy will go a long way. It is a period of great growth and a happening environment for sure. It is just that you are tested and evaluated for big things planned and this indirect & indefinite “audit” without any formal intimation can be taxing! J Rahu in 10th house makes you part of programs that are image enhancing sorts. It also means you will closely work with folks who are of different culture, caste, religion or language! This position for Rahu could shows some agitation etc at workplace from time to time which needs to be channeled or controlled at times! Overall, any planet in 10th house gives you some sort of power, ability and hard-work. With Shani & Rahu there it is about slow but steady but growth for sure! Patience and perseverance is very important in 10th Shani as it is stressful, taxing yet fulfilling!



1.     5h Guru is an all around blessing! It helps with almost everything in your life except say spirituality! J It helps find a great life partner or spend quality time with life partner with some sweet outcome also! J There is an all round feel-good that comes with it.

2.     Yes, 10th Shani does upset some equation with parents and more with father but its 10th aspect on house of partners does indicate some stay away from spouse for some time until Nov2014.

3.     On business / career front, Shani also forces you to take some tough decisions with partners that are based on numbers and not on emotions.

4.     19th August to 6th Oct there could be some tussle etc with partners – need to show patience in case.



Other effects

1.     Sun: Handle seniors, govt related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; check if their & your priorities are the same! J (Sun would support greatly for 3 months from August 16th!)

a.     Dec 16 to Jan 14: 12th house Sun until Makar-Sankranti

b.    Aug 15 to Sept 15  à 8th house Sun

a.     For Details:


2.     10th Rahu

a.     Working with folks of different culture (religion, language); Image enhancing projects, initiatives

b.    Paternal elders and father could show some hereditary health issues as Rahu with Shani

c.     Agitation/aggression at workplace should be well directed else some workers could give troubles.

d.    Paternal family will spend more time on material/practical or economic matters


3.     4th Ketu

a.     Maternal family will spend more time on domestic stuff (house, farm etc) more than financial

b.    You could spend quality time with maternal side elder folks, more like a family bonding than any specific purpose; Overall less of a happening feel & more rejuvenation on maternal side family


4.     Mars recommends caution on domestic front and also farms/vehicles and parents health from April 12th to May 23rd. From them it shows possibility of shows sports success and speculation gains until 5th July. 5th July onwards Mars shows success over competition and achievements through hard-work until 19th August. From then towards 6th Oct it shows caution with partnerships and collaborations. Handle matters with spouse carefully and avoid flirting etc at workplace. 6th Oct to 26th Nov shows taking care of vehicles & driving carefully, unnecessary risks and driving at night could be avoided (it is not about travelling but about you driving some vehicle!!) Mars supports quite a bit from 26th Nov onwards.


5.     Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! 2nd house Neptune is good for using your hunch for some investments. Neptune is not that significant in economic zone house like 2nd. It could show using your subconscious mind etc well in matters of investment. This Neptune is good for singers and also food-industry folks. It shows some long term developments. However, this applies more to organization and countries dominated by Capricorn sign such as India.

6.     Uranus (Harshal) in 3rd house in Pisces (Meen) could show some sudden travel from time to time especially 1 month from March 14th and also from Sept 15th. This Uranus could shows some urge to write on some topic; use it and you will surprise many folks. This 3rd house Uranus also shows some long term changes in the life of your immediate sibling.




5th Guru shows great success in anything you are doing and have been working from past several years or even months. Success academics and some job related events related to this success are bound to happen. You are now right time and right place for sure. 10th Shani’s aspect on house of academics (4th) recommends that you need to spend more time on “presentation” of exam papers i.e. scoring high “marks” is an art and this Shani recommends careful preparation regardless of how well your knowledge is; without good presentation it does not bring expected results! Ketu in 4th house does indicate some academic excellence award so timing is right for Capricorn moon sign students! J

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