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PISCES (Moon Sign) Annual Horoscope 2013

This article applies to Moon Sign Pisces (MEEN). This is only about “Kriyamaan karma” (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. Destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), Numerology, Palmistry and face reading etc.


Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”. (Some well known moon sign Pisces: Dev Anand, Deven Varma, Rahul Dravid; This article also applies to some extent to Pisces Sun Sign i.e. people born from March 14 to April 13 Linda Goodman, Kundanlal Saigal, Leonardo Da Vinci. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:


Pisces Sign Characteristics"

Pisces “The Bhulakkad Sign?”


Pisces sign folks are very mild mannered, with limited mental and physical energy. They are most happy when they are “giving” away something (info, knowledge, money etc). They are born millionaire or live like one. They will not show great urge to achieve materialistic success. They are born to plan for others and plan for themselves. They have wisdom acquired from every sign and have traits of every sign and can relate to all types of personalities without much effort. They are like the fish who can see at both the sides but never straight-ahead! J They know what would happen if you take this decision or that decision but would find it taking a decision with great conviction. But on very broad and long term issues they will be able to decide very easily. They do things with utter ease which could come across as the lack of interest or vigor. They are far better in planning than execution. They can give a very selfless advice. The word selfless is probably made for them. IPR (Intellectual Property Right is something they are not aware of). They give away the most important of their wisdom / information easily. (Unless Capricorn or Scorpio signs) J It is almost impossible to surprise them. They can digest any news and can put it in perspective very quickly. Staying in completely in a comfort zone, going with the current/flow OR swimming completely against the tide is their real destiny or a choice! Folks born from March 14 to April 13 are Sun Sign Pisces and also show this trait. Sun Sign Meen / Pisces:


Folks born from Oct16 to NOV16 LIBRA Sun Sign oppose these characteristics; Folks born from FEB14 to MAR13 Aquarius Sun Sign also oppose the Piscean characteristics.



You were talk of the town and most happening in 2009 in 11th Guru, enjoying the glorious success of something that started from Oct 2006 to Nov 2007 and suddenly at the end of 2009 you were thinking what went wrong! You were forced to plan for next 12 years and went into sort of “political exile” in 12th Guru. From May2010 to May2011 in 1st Guru, you started coming back on track with image enhancement and social/physical weight gain. From May2011 to May2012 in 2nd Guru, the environment started to again appreciate your worth/importance but still not great feel good! Now from May2012 to May2013 you are in 3rd Guru’s “50% Bhagyoday” movement. This Guru makes you write effectively, express effectively (proposals, presentations, blog etc) and STARTS something NEW for you. You hang on to this and it creates some feel good by May2013. This 3rd Guru start would pave the way for the glorious success of 5th Guru from July2014 to July2015. Shani from Nov2011 or more so from Aug2012 is 8th to you. This means you are away from your mass-base. You might have least people reporting into you. You are supposed to get new skills, new maturity, physical health and also temperament of next level in this 8th Shani period. This Shani prepares you for a GREAT position you would get in 5th Guru and 9th Shani in late 2014 or by mid 2015! Read as much as possible, complete some training, certifications, skill enhancements etc and everything will be rewarded from July2014.  The more EFFORT you put in now, the glorious the success for 7 years from Nov2014. Rahu with Shani only shows inheritance issues from paternal side and also health of older folks need special attention!


Pisces Sign in 2013


1.     8th Shani now until Nov2014 or so mandates you to take a holistic overview of health. Lose everything that you do not need (you may “want” it but not “need” it). Shani will force you to lose excess fat in EVERY Aspect of your life so that you are able to run very fast from 9th Shani start! USE the gift of time to regain health, mental peace and what not. Health is wealth or maybe future wealth.

2.     8th Rahu only adds to above advice as you further need to check hereditary health issues (if any). This applies a lot more in April and May when Mars is in Aries along with other planets also. Watch what you eat that time and be careful by not ignoring any symptoms and checking root-cause.

3.     3rd Guru until May2013 does help with health quite a bit especially the feel-good/mental peace. It also makes you take action of things that 8th Shani shows you to improve. 3rd house shows your external or visible impact to environment. You do create good vibes in and around you in this period.




1.     8th Shani and Rahu mandate care of paternal family elders. Check what they need. 8th Shani’s aspect on 10th house and 5th house also warrants care of your father and kids. Check what kids want and the areas of their life you might have ignored directly/indirectly in past 5 years specifically. Kids would need more sentimental attention than health due to emotional sign of Cancer in your 5th house.

2.     Rahu in 8th house shows paternal family needs to rejuvenate, keep patience with slow-but-steady ways. It is not the time for them to take undue risks. Inheritance issues could surface in this formation. It is advised to keep emotions & passions (“purkho ki haweli” sorts!) a bit aside to take practical view.

3.     June requires checking what family needs and even to check domestic equipment maintenance!

4.     From June2013, 4th Guru makes you spend more time & energy on domestic matters which are long pending. You get to spend time with family, mom and also all the near & dear folks who give you inner joy! It is a time to have feel good not about material but more of spiritual or unquantifiable. Best time to spend time & money on interior decoration! It is a great Guru position for your spending time Mom and her success in her sphere of influence. Success or happiness is guaranteed to your family.



Career & Finance

Guru 3rd until May2013:

1.     It is a time to make an impact on environment after slow or saturated state from end of 2009. This 3rd Guru gives you something new which you need to hang on to! It might not be THE thing you want but others are watching your ability and personality traits which would help you gain a great position later.

2.     3rd Guru also makes you write, present or overall express yourself greatly. Very significant time for writers, poets or someone in media. Your work will be appreciated and noted by surroundings. There could be some short term travels abroad from time to time to places that are 6 to 8 hrs away.


Guru 4th from June2013 to June2014

1.     Although you smell the next success by now, 4th Guru is not a joyride on career front. It makes you feel saturated with slower pace in career. It is more of a domestic position than material one. However it is THE best time to read, rejuvenate and complete some training, certifications, meet with some mentors/Gurus or experts from various fields and spend some quality time with them.

2.     This period defines you as you need to figure out what to do when there is nothing to do! It is a preparation of 5th Guru’s “Dream Come True” success. Use it to define & prepare for this dream.


8th Shani with 8th Rahu

Until May2013 you don’t feel them as stagnated but from June2013, 4th Guru & 8th Shani certainly put some pressure on your career front as it is just preparation and wait-game for things to move! Luck is preparedness coupled with opportunity! It is the time of preparedness for the opportunity that will knock your door from mid 2014 to mid 2015. You will not get so much time for self ever. Use this gift of time for your progress. 8th house planets also affect with affect career due to ignored health issues. This is the best time to join gym, look at your diet and so on. A complete physical and skills overhaul is recommended in this period.



1.     3rd Guru until May2013 a great thing for people wanting to get married, find a suitable match. It also shows some good connection and collaborations with siblings or cousins. Travel with or to meet siblings or cousins is very likely in 3rd Guru. It is a great time to spend with spouse for married folks.

2.     4th Guru from June2013 shows quality time spent time with parents. This Guru is great for all sorts of relationships in your life except say business partnerships (neutral).

3.     Otherwise Shani and Rahu and other planets are quite neutral to overall relationships except that they show tension in inheritance front. Father’s health needs attention in 8th Shani.



Other effects

1.     Sun: Handle seniors, govt related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; check if their & your priorities are the same! J (Sun would support greatly for 3 months from Nov 16th!)

a.     Feb 14 to March 13: 12th house Sun

b.    Oct 15 to Nov 15  à 8th house Sun

a.     For Details:


2.     2nd Ketu: Maternal family will spend some time on economic activities, wealth management, investments etc. Some investment opportunities or support from maternal side in this quite likely.


3.     Mars’ movement recommends caution with vehicles (service, safety gear etc) from 26th Jan to 4th March. It is best to avoid putting complete family in one vehicle from Aril 12th to May 23rd. June shows some ad-hoc travels. Success over competition from 6th Oct to 26th Nov.


4.     Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! Neptune in 12th house is great for spiritual connects. This Neptune helps with planning of next several years. It shows some expense of time & money on spiritual places, ashrams and even temples. Neptune helps with power of subconscious mind from time to time. This Neptune position is more significant to countries and organizations ruled by Pisces sign than individuals.

5.     Uranus (Harshal) in your sign Pisces (Meen) for several years shows some change to your personality. It brings love of latest electronics gadgets or modern sciences. It also makes you reevaluate old customs, rituals etc and dump or change the outdated ones. Uranus is a change agent and this brings in slow but long term changes in your personality & life.



3rd Guru helps with studies and choosing appropriate line of studies until May2013. From June2013 to June2014 4th Guru helps with academic success in scoring well and getting degree certificate, ranks etc but it does not result in great practical or material benefits. However it is very important milestone for you in your academics. It will certainly start helping from June2014. 8th Shani warrants FOCUS, Concentration and HARD-Work in anything you do. It will not show immediate visible results but every book that you read, every subject that you debate etc will result in great gains later on. It is time to be patient but with as much hard-work as possible.

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