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Jan 1 to Jan 7 BirthDate Personality

Jan 1st

The first date of the year ruled by Sun shows independent person with individual brilliance and free spirit. The date ruled by Sun of course shows entrepreneurial ability, a pioneer who starts something new which nobody in the family did. They create a platform for other people to expand or build upon. There is of course certain air of aloofness or un-approachability (stiffness) about them. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun shows a broad point of view which is lot more strategic than tactical. It shows Jupiter’s thought leadership. It is very difficult for these folks to take orders from others without independence to execute their ideas. Every now & then there is some inspirational move that keeps them going forward. Sagittarius Sun also shows a robust bone structure and health. There could be some spine and heart related minor issues later in life but apart from that it shows great longevity. Sports or gym related activities make them a much better person. If Mars is well placed in the horoscope, it is quite likely for them to run a gym themselves or become a very good sports-person. If Jupiter (Guru) is strong in the horoscope then it shows success with academia. This is also a great date for career in academics. This is certainly a great birth-date for professors or principals who need to establish an institute from start.


Jan 2nd

The date ruled by Moon (2) shows desire of the soul to connect with people around them. It shows a very good ability of people contact which is great for HR, Sales & marketing related disciplines. Anything related to people connect is natural for these folks. There are of course some mood-swings & emotional approach that comes with this date. Of course, Sagittarius Sun’s thought leadership, broad vision limits such occurrences or intensity of them quite a bit. This birth-date is a great channel for soul’s who want to propagate an idea or a life style or some philosophy etc in society which is spawned by someone who is probably ruled by Sun’s date (1, 10, 19, 28). Sagittarius Sun of course shows a very good bone structure and physique. It also shows a great longevity for sure. There could be some minor issues with legs later in life but it is mostly due to overuse or undisciplined use of legs as Sagittarius rules legs. Sports and Gym activities are of course natural to them. Rather they belong on a big ground with some group sports events. These people could be the best channel or brand ambassadors for any sports equipment company. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun also shows a great thought leadership and personal achievements but date of Moon could make “personal” aspect take a back seat. These people are mostly selfless collaborators.


Jan 3rd

This is a very harmonious date due to both the date (3) and Sagittarius Sun is ruled by Jupiter. It shows a great thought leadership and a focus on individual achievements. This is the best date for “role model students” as it shows relentless focus on achieving something right from childhood. They are highly competitive and nothing can come in between their personal achievements. They are less about people connect and being popular rather, they are ready to take wrath of colleagues or people to achieve for themselves. They set very high standards for self and others and find it very hard to praise others! They are a childlike ability and tendency to achieve something right from childhood. The best part of date 3 is that they do not lose this competitive spirit (like 12 30) later in life. Sagittarius Sun of course shows a great bone structure and interest in sports and gym etc. Any sport activity makes them a better person. Group activities are recommended to know the importance of team-work and team-spirit and not just individual achievements. Sagittarius Sun shows a strategic thinking and date of 3 only adds to it. All their actions are aligned to their long term goals and their motivation does not lie in quick-achievements. There is some idealistic approach as they can’t lie effectively and get caught very easily! J This is a successful date for sure when it comes to individual achievements and performance!


Jan 4th

The date ruled by unorthodox Uranus (4) adds some interesting angle to this otherwise orthodox Sagittarius Sun. Uranus shows a change agent attitude that tries to change the course of the family or society in some way. Their mandate is to modernize the old systems for the 21st Century; keep what is good and get rid of unnecessary customs that are outdated. Of course, Sagittarius Sun’s approach of thought leadership and using tried & tested methods does being some balance or rather “effective change management” skills. This allows them to execute the change by taking older generation of establishment with them. They do not outright challenge the existing powers or status-quo. The change is more incremental & not revolutionary! Sagittarius Sun shows great academic excellence especially early in life. Strong Mars in their horoscope pull them in sports, strong Uranus to electronics or modern sciences and strong Jupiter towards academics. A great date for anyone who wants to a professor or HOD / Principal in an Electronic or any modern sciences college! Sagittarius Sun also bestows great health, bone structure and longevity upon them. Sports and gym activities make them a much better person. Sagittarius Sun shows a broad nature and a strategist than a tactical person; Uranus only adds to it and widens their spectrum further.


Jan 5th

Mercury influence (5) adds some naughty angle to this otherwise traditional, extrovert and idealistic Sagittarius Sun sign. Mercury shows multiple interests and an all-rounder personality. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun brings depth and certain thought leadership and sincere approach to these interests. Academics are of course very good due to combination or Mercury and Jupiter; however Mercury brings in some practical gain aspects to this knowledge quest of Sagittarius Sun. Although sports could take a back seat due to the Mercury influence, it is an integral part of any Sagittarius Sun person. Sports and Gym make them a much better person.  Mercury also brings some trading angle which Sagittarius Sun would not care much. Mercury allows them to spot supply-demand around and benefit from them. Jupiter ensures that this is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Sagittarius Sun is a bit loud mouth and would find it very difficult to lie to a straight question. They are the worst liars around! J Sagittarius Sun would of course give a great bone structure, robust health and great longevity. Strong Mercury or Jupiter in the horoscope takes them closer to academic field whereas strong Mars towards sports, gym (even land related trading) etc related activities. These folks are broad minded and more strategic in nature with a long term view than quick short gains.

Jan 6th

This certainly a lucky date ruled by Venus (6) but it shows some contrast with the Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun. Venus ruled tends to be mild mannered, balanced and pragmatic. The Sagittarius Sun tends to be blunt, extrovert and idealistic. This Venus and Jupiter combination do tend to override each other from time to time but it is mostly constructive and not as extreme or difficult as Sun and Saturn combination in a date. Venus calms down Sagittarius Sun’s “truthful” and “idealistic” outbursts or at least reduces the frequency of the same to the circles that are appropriate or conductive to such direct approach. This makes these people a bit shy and less forthcoming at new places. Venus does show a great test in any form of art and Jupiter adds depth to such interest with its thought leadership. Sagittarius Sun does show a robust bone structure, strong legs and a great longevity! It also shows good success as an obedient student in early years. These folks use the expressive nature of Sagittarius Sun (loud mouth at times!) with Venus’s flair for art very effectively. Sports or Gym related activities are recommended as they make them a better person but also they are needed as Venus plus Sagittarius can show weight gain tendencies without much effort! J It is highly advised to stay away from affairs (especially post marriage) else the righteous position/credibility acquired by Sagittarius Sun is lost in a day!


Jan 7th

Like Jan 6th this is also a date of some positive contrasts and also partial harmony! The date of 7 ruled by Neptune shows an intuitive, creative and innovative mind whereas Sagittarius Sun shows a bold, extrovert and ‘in your face’ logic or truthful approach! Sagittarius does not want to spend too much time on someone’s emotions or body language etc while delivering the truth but only truth whereas Neptune shows certain level of emotional intelligence and knows when to choose their moment to deliver the message! Neptune is subtle whereas Sagittarius Sun is overt & imposing. The combination is certainly a bit difficult to handle for parents and also people around them as at different time the response could be dominated more by Neptune or Jupiter (Sagittarius). There is harmony as well as Sagittarius is dutiful, religious whereas Neptune is evolved state of religion i.e. spirituality! There is however a distinct gap between these two states which this person has to struggle with. Duties (Dharma) or moksha is always a question at conscious or subconscious level for them. It tends to be duties in early stages followed by spiritual approach later on! Sagittarius Sun of course shows great bone structure, physical strength and longevity. Neptune adds to the sports & gym ability of Sagittarius Sun and that too with the innovative approach.

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