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DHANU Rashi Bhavishya 2012 (Sagittarius in 2012)

This article applies to Chandra Rashi DHANU and also to a large extent Sagittarius Sun Sign i.e. people born from Dec16 to Jan13/14. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong: You can also check these articles as per your ascendant / lagna-rashi but I would advise to check as per MOON Sign for sure.

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires combination of horoscope (birth-time chart also called as natal-chart) and palmistry, face reading analysis.

Chandra rashi plays a significant role with the “Kriyaman” (i.e. instant) karma. Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2012. I will post all signs one by one. (Some well known moon sign Dhanu folks: Samarth Ramdas Swami, Mukesh Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, Aishwarya Rai, Dharmendra, Khali?, Hanuman? Senator John Mccane Sun Sign Sagittarius Dhanu: Swami Vivekanand, AtalBihari Wajpayee, Kapil Dev, Rahul Dravid, Ponting?, Bipasha Basu, Dipika Padukone Nana Patekar, Salman Khan, Govinda, I will add more here)

Shani change article covers “What to expect” in 2012 quite a bit:

Major planetary movements:

DHANU Rashi Characteristics

These folks are idealistic & at times have child like purity. If Mangal is strong they become sportsman and if Guru is strong they become professors. More often than not 90% of the Dhanu folks have robust bone structure. They are outspoken and cannot lie. Even a kid would know if they lie! J Idealistic/positive speech is their forte. As they are fire sign their response to any event is action – what do I need to do than Intellectual approach “Why it happened” of Air Signs (Mithun, Tula, Kumbh) or “Why it happened to him/me” – emotional approach of water signs (Kirk, Vrushchik, Meen). These folks are often termed “Aadarsh Vidyarthi”. They have a “can-do” attitude which can move mountains without the passion/prejudice or kunnas of Scoprio. There is NO NEGATIVITY in their approach and there is always a sense of a greater good! (It will be VERY difficult to find a terrorist with Sun or Moon Sign Dhanu!) The Moola nakshatra is teevra and serious/disciplined & shows some Karmic issues with Mother. Purva-shadha is a milder one. A soul that wants to be a GREAT sportsman takes birth on Dhanu rashi, Surya or ascendant (Don Bradman). Although Saints are born under this lagna/Surya -- They are disciplined and religion/action/DHARMA - The Sense of Duty is more their Cup of T (Samarth Ramdas Swami) than plain moksha (Sant Dyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram). Great professors are also born under this rashi. Doing your dharma/duty without any pride or prejudice is the 1st step towards greater moksha.

Dhanu sign planets in a horoscope denote a broad nature and attitude and a large hearted approach!

Sagittarius sun sign folks born from 16th Dec to 13/14 Jan also show these characteristic. Folks born from July14 to Aug15 KIRK/CANCER Sun oppose these characteristics; Folks born from Nov16 to Dec16 Scorpio/Vrishchik Sun also oppose Sagittarius characteristics.


Guru Curve

Guru supported you until Oct2006 and then Oct2006 to Nov2007 was a period of consolidation, saturation and slow progress but 2008 Guru in rashi again made a feel good for you. 2009 saw increase in income and 2010 saw some Karakram from you until May2010. From May2010 to May2011 was a period of saturation again due to 4th Guru! Reporting to someone equal in abilities due to circumstances! This was indeed a tough year despite Shani’s support! Now from May2011 to May2012 is a DREAM COME TRUE period where you would get what YOU think as success! Moola will see it in 2011, Purva-Shadha would see it early 2012 and Uttarashadha would see it in April-May2012!!

Shani Curve

From July2007 Shani entered 9th house and started a glorious period of increasing people working for you. Mass support from July2007 to end of 2014 is almost guaranteed. Until Nov2011, 10th Shani was happening but too much work load without too much of a monetary gain. Now from Nov2011 11th Shani will only increase mass support and also income quite a bit (windfall gains)!

DHANU Rashi in 2012

Guru Effects: Guru 5th until May-17-2012 and then 6th

5th Guru from May2011 to May2012:

1. Dream come True success in 5th Guru. What you think as success will be delivered to you.

2. Great news from kids either great news or having great kids! J

3. Tactical success which is effort of last 5-6 years for you that started from Oct2006 in 12th Guru.

4. With 11th Shani this 5th Guru is only going to shine like CRAZY until May2012 – LANDSLIDE – WINDFALL gains and success for you!

5. Rashi-swami in 5th house also means success even if it is not Guru – when it is Guru -- you can imagine! J

6. The way microwave hits up things from “within” you will feel good in the month when Guru is exactly 5th i.e. in/around the same degree in Mesh where yours is in Dhanu!

7. Moola naskahtra would see success in 2011 – Poorva-Ashadha would see it in Jan/Feb/March and Uttara-Ashadha would see it in April May2012.

8. “Ek-Dhakka-Aur” lagai and move ahead! “May hay until Sun Shines!” J

9. Aishwarya already feeling happy from “within” – it is Sachin’s turn around March April May as his Moon sign in Dhanu is around 26/27 degrees.

10. Folks born from Dec 16/17 to Jan 13/14 would see tremendous support from seniors/Govt and people in higher places.

11. Owner of the 1st and 4th house in 5th house also shows some success in building house/farming & politics near you native.

6th Guru from May2012 to May2013:

1. Long pending health issues WILL need to be addressed. Expense of medicine is almost a must! More applicable to Dhanu lagna & Surya I guess!

2. 6th house is about Rog (diseases), Enemies, competitors, mom’s relatives, servants, service sector (providing service to others) – You will have these things increasing! J Yes, your enemies would get more focus and limelight! Your Rog/Diseases will also increase/brought to attention and dealt with. You will have more touch points with Mom’s relatives – some marriage and etc functions on Mom’s relative’s side are quite likely! You will get good servants in this period too.

3. The 6th Guru is in ARTH (Economic) zone of the horoscope and has drushti on 2nd (shares, investments) and 10th (career, karma, production) house. This shows that your circle will keep increasing bit by bit but not with your direct action but the folks who work for you.

4. 6th house is also about social presence and image – this will also increase in 6th Guru.

5. 6th Guru can make person sort of “fade-up” with job/career and only 7th Guru brings back the fun and the charm BUT it is imperative that 6th Guru needs a lot of vigilance for sure!

6. 5th Guru was more like a development project with some end date and goals and objectives and 6th Guru is more like an ongoing initiative and providing service to it diligently. This is of continuous improvement more than tactical success of 5th Guru until May2011. It is obvious that what is made, what is developed etc needs to be serviced in order to be very effective! INVEST in it and you shall reap benefits in 7th Guru!

7. The 12th Shani is only adding to the off-time of the 6th Guru but 12th house is about political exile /oblivion/planning whereas 6th Guru is about hard-work & keep fighting.

11th Shani Effects: Shani 11th until Late2014 except 2.5 months in 2012

1. Any planet in 11th house is great for you; it shows all the gains from the efforts of past 3 movements of the planet and also past 9 movements too! It is the best part of the life cycle of that planet!

2. Shani 11th shows gains for the past 7 years of efforts and also for past 23 years in broader terms!

3. Landslide/windfall gains from masses are guaranteed almost in this period.

4. Shani is owner of the 2nd and 3rd house so gains from property, land and share market would be also tremendous!

5. The 3rd owner in the 11th house – so some competitions/fights would result in gains for you. You could win some business with some proposals etc. You might need to travel also in this 11th Shani period for short terms/frequent trips for presentations/debates/proposals etc.

6. For politicians, it is a GREAT GREAT blessing for sure. Landslide victories are shown in 11th Shani like Modi and Nitish Kumar had in the past 2/3 years.

Shani is wakri From Feb 8th 2012 to June 26, 2012: Things could be slow in wakri Shani for sure. Shani becomes 10th from May2010 to July2012.

Other Effects:

1. Rahu and Ketu 12th and 6th:

a. 12th Rahu can force you to travel from current place to some place 9-12 hours away. This could be from paternal side elder folks needing some help. This Rahu can cause bad-publicity too.

b. 6th Ketu is mostly of not much help but it does show materialistic or economic activities & gains in the maternal family!

2. Mangal movements

a. It is 9th (bhagyoday/travel) until June2012 in Guru drushti: This is a great support for sure and shows anukulata!!

b. Mangal enters Kanya (10th - Digbali) in June and shows increasing power for you.

c. Then until Sept 28th Mangal & Shani are together in Tula rashi –10th house -- shows accident prone environment quite a bit. Some worker unrest possible and you may need to intervene/mediate!

d. August 12 to August 20 is a period when Mangal & Shani are close to each other – Drive vehicles carefully. Period of injury to all signs

e. Until Sept 28th Mangal in 11th house is great for increasing gains/money.

f. Mangal in Vrishchik rashi from Sept28th to Nov 8 with Rahu: 12th house Drive carefully and increasing expense possible. Service vehicles and attention to what siblings need.

g. Mangal in rashi from Nov 8 to Dec 18 in Dhanu: Energetic feeling, good for sports and meeting with siblings and doing some dharma/duty for siblings.

3. Neptune continues in Kumbh for several years! 3th house Neptune is very good for anta:sphurty and expression in spiritual subjects.

4. Harshal in 4th house in Meen shows some sudden events about mom, house and vehicles!

5. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. Aug 15th to Sept 15th à 9th house Sun (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. Sept 15th to Oct 15th à10th house Sun (Power, Happening, Support & stress from seniors)

c. Oct 15th to Nov 15th à 11th house Sun (Gains, Money, Senior Support)

d. May14th to June 14th à 6th house Sun Success in competition, better results that colleagues

6. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would NOT be good for

a. July 15th to Aug 15th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

b. Nov 15th to Dec 15th à 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father

c. For Details:


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