SHANI / SATURN in the 12 houses of Horoscope

AstrorMNC Take on SHANI SATURN in the all 12 houses of a horoscope — its effects and probable karmic remedies and behavioral aspects that could be changed to overcome issues.

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Thought of collecting all articles in one reference article.

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Shani Mahadasha & Shani Antardasha

Shani Mahadasha & Shani Antardasha

There have been various questions on Sadesati and my 1st post here on Sadesati has helped meet most of the expectations. There are also questions about Shani mahadasha and antardasha. Most of the people think that it is a troublesome period in life. Well, it is not correct. Rather, many great people become “great” in the real sense in Shani mahadasha. Shani mahadasha lasts for 19 years so you understand how important this period could be! 🙂

To understand “Shani effect” better (Sadesati), you can also read my article on Sade Sati: https://AstroMNC.Blogspot.com/2009/03/what-is-sadesati-it-takes-approximately.html

First Let us understand the role of Shani in our lives:  it is an auditor, police, law, masses, poor people, older people, places of poverty. Following paragraphs explains how Shani gives us opportunities in the first 30 years to pay back all the karma. AstroMNC

Basic SHANI Thoughts

By the age of 29.5/30 Shani has traveled all houses of your horoscope from your birth and it has gone past the position it is in at the time of birth. (Even by the age of 15 it has put drushti on each planet at least ONCE or more.) During this travel, the moving (transit) Shani aspects (puts drushti) on each and every planet including natal chart Shani – 4 times! Every time, it gives you an opportunity to pay back your past life and this life karma to the person, studying, to the entity, organization, relative, school, college, friends, colleagues, health, wealth and so on. If the chart is intense it FORCES the circumstances beyond control. These Shani movements by the age of 30 are a great opportunity to pay back most of your karma by good deeds sufferings or a combination of both. BUT we do have tendency find short-cuts and loopholes to avoid paying back the karma just the way we have tendency to jump stop-lights, signals, free parking and so on. So many times, these opportunities are lost and hence the reminders and difficulties keep coming to you. Each KARMA-SANKET is important. When transit Shani has 3rd Drushti on any planet, it gives some karma-sanket and some advance NOTICE of the things that are going to happen after 5 years when transit SHANI will reach that house itself. If we TAKE this as an opportunity and pay ATTENTION to Karma-Sanket – a preventive maintenance avoids major parts replacement or a major breakdown! Think of Rs 10 saved 5 years back becoming say 17 in 5 years due to savings BUT you saved that (AstroMNC) 10 Rs by avoiding some karma and after 5 years you spend 17Rs for the same things which would have worked out in 10Rs earlier! 🙂 🙂 and with lot less pain…!!! This is quite simple, isn’t it?? At times, when Shani is on some house and planet – the force of pay back is so strong that the person cannot simply pay back physically the stuff. So when Shani moves ahead and after 7.5 years again it puts the 10th drushti on the same house and planet and tries to get it paid back – if yet again avoided – -After 5 years Shani’s 7th drushti is lot more troublesome.

So, it is good to ask “remedy” to an astrologer and trying to find a loophole to avoid paying karma back but remember, the payments of karmic debt would keep coming back with you in much uglier state if avoided to pay! These remedies should be well directed, well focused and with GOOD INTENTIONS and NOT (Milind-AstroMNC) to run away from your own karma! Usually remedies should be seen as enhancers and also increasing ability to pay back karma instead of skipping it!

(Regardless of lagna (asc-sign)-rashi, Chandra(moon)-rashi, SHANI is for all an auditor who delivers the exact proportion of good or bad karma done. It reminds us of our dues and urges or at times forces them to pay back to appropriate party. The house/position of SHANI in a natal chart shows an obligation and deficiency in that chart for the things shown by that house. Also, Shani has 3rd, 7th and 10th FULL drushti in addition to the house it is in. These drushtis DO work and they work a lot more when there is some planet in that house.)

End of “Basic SHANI Thoughts”

To demystify and to highlight great results in Shani mahadasha following are the great results of Shani Mahadasha:

  1. Why do you think the masses that didn’t even earn 20 Rs per day, spent 10 Rs to watch Bachchan’s movie (Single handed movies), why more so from 1970/1971 to 1989/1990 in VERY large numbers? (If you call him Big B or Amit-jee — you are not his fan — his fans call him either Amitabh or plain simple Bachchan).
  2. Balasaheb Thackeray gets mass frenzy and great mass support all his life but more so from 1980 to 1999. He has Shani 11th house (the best place) to lagna and 3rd house to Moon (Kanya rashi) in aggressive Scorpio sign in uchcha navamansh. Shani is VERY strong as it is 3rd to moon and 11th to Lagna and Surya of Makar (Capricorn).
  3. Music director O.P Nayyar had a great success from 1954 to 1973 (19 years). He was not doing bad at all in his Guru mahadasha for for 16 years until 1953/1954 but OmkarPrasad Nayar became “OP” we know today in his Shani Mahadasha.
  4. Michael Jackson got stupendous mass support and mass frenzy from 1973 to 1992. (19 years).
  5. The best of it all: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had 3rd house Shani (Parakram sthan) in uchcha raashi of Tula (Libra).
  6. Atal Bihari Wajpayee and Margaret Thatcher have Libra Ascendant with Shani there (1st house)! (Uchcha Shani 1st house)
  7. YashawantRao Chavan had Shani in 1st house (self) in Vrushabh rashi. (Shukra signs are great for Shani). He is still regarded the best politician/CM etc of Maharashtra.
  8. Sharad Pawar Saheb has Shani in 6th house with Moon (6h house: Service sector, Economic zone)
  9. Salman has a very strong Shani in Kumbh rashi (10th house: Career!) with Moon and is running Shani Mahadasha from 2002. Shah Rukh also has a well-placed Shani in the 4th house (Sukh-sthan) in Kumbh rashi & running Shani Mahadasha from 2006.
  10. Indira Gandhi had 1st house (self) Shani in Kark rashi.
  11. Raj Thackeray will start his Shani Mahadasha from 2012. I guess he is going to become a “Saheb” real soon! 🙂

But all these folks suffered/will suffer accidents, injuries and problems in Shani Mahadasha whenever their EGO got better of them in this period. Each one of them had some Ego clashes and suffered due to it. Many of them had severe illness in this period too. Especially when Sadesati coincided with the Shani mahadasha!! 🙂

Shani’s position, its raashi, its nakshatra, its navamansh raashi and position/sthan in the birth-chat, its relationship with other planets (aspects/drishti) is very important to analyze the effect of Shani mahadasha / antardasha on your life.

Shani represents or is “karak” of masses, crowds (mass mentality), it-Gadha-cement, slow-but-steady things in life, Peeda (troubles), Dainya (Garibi), Reality Check, Wilamb (delay), night.

Shani is usually well-placed in the horoscope if your past life(s) karma with respect to masses is good. If you have donated money, land to masses and overall helped masses in overall aspects like building hospitals, schools (for poors), Anna-chhatra (Fed poor people): You have good karma with masses and better position of Shani in the Horoscope. The subtle yet omnipotent & omnipresent Law of Karma would make the masses pay you back in this life/birth in equal and opposite manner — As simple as that. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed — Every force has equal and opposite force but they act in opposite directions. All these are nothing but spiritually – which represents the “law of karma” in scientific manner. The same way the folks mentioned above must have done a LOT in their past life(s) to do betterment of masses. The masses paid them back in their Shani mahadasha.

Shani in 3rd, 6th and 11th house shows that previous Karma with masses has been good. This Shani usually shows very good Shani mahadasha/antardasha results. Of course, assuming Shani is not in ill-aspects of Ravi (Sun) or Mangal (Mars). 1st, 10th house Shani shows mass-support “overall in life but more so in politics” in the 1st house and in career/workplace/production etc in the 10th place. Again, assuming it is well placed!

The 8th and the 12th house Shani especially shows some deficiency in the past karma which was ignored. These house Shani if in Guru drushti has some good side-effects and some Antardasha that might be well-off. However, regardless of how well Shani is in the 8th and the 12th house means some obligations to be paid off. Well placed Shani would mean by good deeds, good karma like Non-Profit Organizations, Social Services, Food for poors etc. Or paying of karma to the specific relatives that chart shows. Additional reading for the 8th and the 12th house Shani is follows:

Shani in the 8th House of a Horoscope: http://astromnc.blogspot.in/2017/04/shani-in-8th-house-8th-house-saturn.html

Shani in the 12th house of a Horoscope: http://astromnc.blogspot.in/2017/05/astromnc-shani-in-12th-house-of.html

Shani in the Mangal drushti or Shani with Mangal shows violent past karma and violent events in this like in Shani Mahadasha or Antardasha (Shani Mangal Yogas: http://astromnc.blogspot.in/2011/11/shani-mangal-yuti-conjunction-pratiyog.html ) Shani with Raahu is especially bad and when the owner of Shani’s house is wakri and is in 6 8 12 houses from Shani or the horoscope 6 8 12 houses then the problems only increase. The option of good deeds is coupled with some pain sufferings and even the person could be even born with some defects and problems to start with! (Shani Rahu Yuti: Shani Rahu Yuti: http://astromnc.blogspot.in/2017/02/shani-rahu-yuti-shani-rahu-conjunction.html )

Shani wakri or Stambhi is further one step ahead with problems. The owner of Shani wakri adds to the issues. Also, proximity of Mangal Rahu in close degrees increases the intensity of bad events as they do show as much of an intensity in the past life.

Shani in the last 3 degrees of Kirk or Vrishchik or first 3 degrees of Mesh, Singh or Dhanu rashi especially shows some very peculiar & extreme events in the past karma/birth. Especially the last degree of Kirk Vrishchik and first degree of Dhanu (moola) and Singh (Magha) are very very kaarmic! One can trace some bad events in the family 15 30 45 60 or even 5, 35 65 years BEFORE your birth in the family.

WHAT IF WE ARE NOT THAT “LUCKY” and have a badly placed Shani in the horoscope. Well, we would then tend to suffer in the Shani mahadasha at the hands of the masses and problems with respect to the chart-houses (& what they represent) of which Shani is the owner or Shani is placed in (5th house Santati/marriage, 7th house Marriage/Relationships/Partnerships, 10 house father, 8th house inherited land/money etc etc).

The way to reduce Shani mahadasha issues are NOT any Puja or Yadnya or Mantra or even the Gemstones! There are two ways to pay off the Shani Mahadasha’s past Karma:

  1. Thru the sufferings and delays (Santati/ Marriage 5/7 houses etc)
  2. Good deeds: Paying off the Karmic Burdens in Shani mahadasha or beforehand.

To pay off the burden some “good” astrologer needs to analyze the horoscope, analyze/find out the direction of the karmic burden and suggest some actions so that masses benefit from your actions. It is better to start as early as possible to avoid severe issues.

  1. If 5th house Shani then help friends/relatives in their marriages and donate to Orphanages/charity for kids.
  2. 7th house Shani: Help in marriages (money, time/energy) Help business partners
    If Shani in 10th house, do seva of your father no matter how your relation is with him.
  3. Donate/spend time for Vruddhashram etc. I hope you get the idea.
    If Shani-Mangal close to each other: Help your siblings in life as they need it.
  4. Shani Mangal in say Sinvha raashi — Donate to heart trouble R&D institutes.
  5. Ravi-Shani yuti: Help Father/Seniors/Govt and not always oppose them. You have to do what you have to do but whenever it doesn’t affect your values, try to adjust with authorities.
  6. Shani in 4th house: Take care of your mother, house etc. Same for Shani with Chandra (mother)
  7. Note: Pooja and Karma-Kaand doesn’t hurt and it always helps for Chitta-Shuddhi and calming your mind in case of chaos & problems and hence the person is able to see good direction. However, pooja is the first step and not the destination of the ultimate remedy!! Please do not spend too much on gemstones or pooja etc. (Gemstones are tonics and not anti-biotics) 🙂 So please beware of folks who would take advantage of your state of mind to make you spend disproportionate amount on such pooja or gemstones.

The earlier you start with this the lesser the issues in Shani mahadasha.

Of course, regardless of good or bad: Shani Mahadasha requires discipline of all the actions, conservative approach in spending, in eating etc. EGO should be avoided at any cost as folks who do not have much money are spending money for you!! Just imagine if they find out you are being egotist when they are spending time and energy for you.

If Shani mahadasha and Sadesati at the same time affects your temperament and moral too much then HANUMAAN Sadhana is THE ONLY upaay for getting enough courage to face the effects of this. Finally, it is YOUR OWN creation of this life (Sadesati) or past life/lives (Mahadasha). 🙂

Hanuman Sadhana:

a. Have a Hanuman purnakruti poster (as aggressive / balawaan etc as possible) it should be Dakshina-mukhi (facing South).

b. Every morning after bath, concentrate on Hanumaan poster for 3 – 5 minutes (eye to eye contact); No disturbances what so ever.

c. Every evening when it starts to get dark, recite Hanuman stotra and Raam-Raksha (sanskrit).

This will help in a MAGICAL way, Can’t explain ALL the effects here for the lack of time BUT it IS magical.

Monthly Horoscope Oct2019 Weekly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope Oct2019 for all signs (Moon and also can check from lagna/ascendant)

MONTHLY & WEEKLY Horoscope OCT-2019

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  • All Timings are Indian Standard Time (GMT + 5:30) (2)Based on Moon Sign – Health could “also” be checked from Ascendant (rising/Lagna)


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GURU CHANGE to DHANU in NOV2019: http://astromnc.blogspot.com/2019/09/guru-change-from-05-nov-2019-to-dhanu.html

ANNUAL 2019 Horoscopes http://astromnc.blogspot.com/2018/12/2019-astromnc-annual-horoscope-rashi.html

  • MANGAL in KANYA from SEPT-24 to NOV-10 evening.
  • SHUKRA IN TULA from OCT-4 to OCT-28
  • BUDH in TULA from SEPT-29 to OCT-24
  • SURYA IN KANYA till OCT-17; SURYA in TULA from OCT-17 to NOV-17
  • RAHU KETU Change: MARCH-23 to MITHUN and DHANU respectively for 18 months

MESH / ARIES: The month of competition and also collaborations!

  • MANGAL 6th from SEPT-24 to NOV-10 is about success over competition and Shatru-Naash. As Rashi-Swami, it being 6th means increased body heat and need for enough sleep and also B-Complex.
  • SURYA 6th till OCT-17 which is the same result of over-powering the competition and moving ahead. #JOSH! 🙂 SURYA 7th from OCT-17 means stopping fights and increasing collaborations and partnerships.
  • BUDH SHUKRA are in the 7th house for most of the months which means GROUP events and team events are huge in this period. Show success with partnerships.
  • Guru and Shani going maargi helps a lot. Shani maargi means new customers/revenue. Guru maargi gives some income and money but also misaligned efforts.

The Best Days of the Month:

  • From MONDAY early-morning SEPT-30 05:45AM to WEDNESDAY morning 07:10AM OCT-02
  • 6+ days FRIDAY noon Oct-04 12:18PM to Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11
  • From SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19 to MONDAY morning/noon 11:40AM Oct-21
  • From WEDNESDAY afternoon 15:12PM OCT-23 to FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25
  • From SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27 to TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29
  • 6+ days From THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31

Problem Dates in the Month:

  • From WEDNESDAY morning 07:10AM OCT-02 to FRIDAY noon 12:18PM Oct-04
  • From Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11 to MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14
  • From TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29 to THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31


2019 till Oct is not the best!! But still – long term: You are becoming right time right place for next several years! Brooding time of 2016 / 2017 is over and is all about expansion and growth for you now that Major Grahagol Shani and Guru are blessing you. New mass-base, consumers/customer-base, increased revenue and also expansion is the same of the game for you. 8th house GURU does create peeda, chaos & fatigue and misaligned efforts till Oct2019. 2020 is LIFE CHANGING year!! RAHU change is detailed above URL which shows great support from people of different caste culture religion etc for 18 months and shows travels. RAHU KETU will support you wholeheartedly till Aug2020.

VRISHABH / TAURUS: A mixed month with overall above average results

  • The 5th house SURYA till OCT17 shows go-getter attitude, tactical achievements and success.
  • MANGAL 5th from SEPT-24 to NOV-10 adds to the tactical success, go-getter attitude and quick achievements. Good for sports folks more so.
  • BUDH SHUKRA In Tula 6th house for almost the whole month shows social events, diner etc and could show upset stomach as Shukra is rashi-swami.
  • SURYA 6th house from Oct-17 shows success over competition, success overall and also increased income.
  • GURU maargi will help a lot with partnerships M&A and Collaborations and expansion of career and life.
  • SHANI maargi helps speed issues but also resolutions for inheritance related issues. Do not go for quick money and gambling.

The Best Days of the Month:

  • From WEDNESDAY morning 07:10AM OCT-02 to FRIDAY noon 12:18PM Oct-04
  • 6+ days From SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06 to MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14
  • From MONDAY morning/noon 11:40AM Oct-21 to WEDNESDAY afternoon 15:12PM OCT-23
  • From FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25 to SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27
  • From TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29 to THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31

Problem Dates in the Month:

  • From FRIDAY noon Oct-04 12:18PM to SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06
  • From MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14 to WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16
  • From THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31 to SUNDAY early-morning 05:25AM NOV-03


Expansion by Oct2019 of what you got from Sept2016 to Sept2017 pro-period. 8th Shani continues to keep you away from “mass-base” and not much “reporting-to” people and work in alone or SME capacity. 8th Shani also raises inheritance issues. You need to keep moving slow & steady without HUGE risks which are long-term in nature. 7th GURU now till Oct2019 ensures EXPANSION of work and life.


  • Rashi-Swami BUDH and also SHUKRA 5th house for most of the month shows inspirational work and great for artists for sure. Some real good success.
  • 4th house SURYA till OCT-17 shows slow & steady env. Meeting powerful people without directly good results. It is about slow & steady and rejuvenation.
  • 5th SURYA from Oct-17 increases success, shows go getter attitude. Good achievements.
  • The 4th house MANGAL till NOV-09 is about sukh of property and estate and rejuvenation. Slow & steady and saturation but rejuvenation which is much needed.
  • GURU Maargi helps reduce enemies and uncertainty around who’s enemy and who’s not! 🙂 Maargi Shani gives definite actions about partnerships & relationships – iss paar yaa uss par – -either way definite moves help with clarity and MOVE-ON!!

The Best Days of the Month:

  • From MONDAY early-morning SEPT-30 05:45AM to WEDNESDAY morning 07:10AM OCT-02
  • From FRIDAY noon Oct-04 12:18PM to SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06
  • 6+ good days From Wednesday morning 09:40AM OCT-09 to WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16
  • From WEDNESDAY afternoon 15:12PM OCT-23 to FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25
  • From SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27 to TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29
  • From THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31 to SUNDAY early-morning 05:25AM NOV-03

Problem Dates in the Month:

  • From SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06 to Wednesday morning 09:40AM OCT-09
  • From WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16 to SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19
  • 2+ days From SUNDAY early-morning 05:25AM NOV-03


6th GURU from Oct2018 to OCT2019 shows stagnancy: respect refine and serve what you already have! Shani from Nov2017 to Dec2019 is trying to get rid of excess fat, excess mass-base which is not needed and also testing your relationships / partnerships & temper. Shani is also testing health of your mom and yours too. Reduction of weight it is the best time actually! Spouse / relationships under scanner.

KIRK / CANCER: Excellent till mid-month & Wonderful results indeed by Oct17

  • 3rd MANGAL till NOV-09 shows travels, presentations, start of new things, support from surroundings and pro-period! It shows getting a LOT of things done and getting lot of good news from various areas of your life and career which you have been waiting for some time.
  • 3rd SURYA till OCT-17 adds to these good things mentioned above.
  • SHUKRA BUDH 4th house for the most of the month shows meeting good people near & dear ones and rejuvenation. Sukoon sort of. Meetings with middlemen.
  • SURYA joining 4th house from OCT 17 increases such meetings but adds powerful people to these meetings and not just agents and middlemen.
  • GURU maargi is SPLENDID – GREAT success by end of OCT for sure.
  • SHANI maargi is wonderful too – New customers, new revenues, increased power, social status and also new people in life – handle them in a structured manner and not trusting right away.

*The Best Days of the Month*:

  • From WEDNESDAY morning 07:10AM OCT-02 to FRIDAY noon 12:18PM Oct-04
  • From SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06 to Wednesday morning 09:40AM OCT-09
  • 6+ days form From Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11 to SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19
  • From FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25 to SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27
  • From TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29 to THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31

*Problem Dates in the Month*:

  • From Wednesday morning 09:40AM OCT-09 to Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11
  • From SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19 to MONDAY morning/noon 11:40AM Oct-21


NOW – 5th GURU is here to make your dreams come true by OCT2019! 🙂 After lackluster period till NOV2018 now slowly it is YOUR time. It is a period of catching a major break by OCT2019!! Great success which you always wanted. The 6th house SHANI till JAN2020 is changing your social circle and adding NEW PEOPLE in your life and career which is out of comfort zone. Examine every person in details before you can trust and do micromanagement initially. But it DOES show increasing political & economic powerful connects.


  • SURYA 2nd house till Oct-17 shows increasing income, incremental gains, good family time and overall an OK time. Nothing GREAT and nothing of major impact on surroundings but good time nonetheless.
  • MANGAL 2nd house till NOV10 also adds to the income and gains and income from real estate and friends/colleagues and vehicles etc.
  • SHUKRA BUDH in the 3rd house for the month show good artistic ability, presentations, writing, expression, travels. This is great for artists for sure. Original and inspirational work.
  • SURYA joining the 3rd house from OCT-17 helps a lot with impact on surroundings, parakram, work you love to do and want to do, increased imp for you. It shows good confident presentations and expression. Good for artists. Quick travels for meeting strong people and also for performance!
  • GURU Maargi helps with reducing some stagnancy from Oct2018. It is about meeting good people.
  • Shani maargi helps as it tries too give you result and a position for all the CLERICAL work you did from FEB2017 and more so NOV2017.

The Best Days of the Month:

  • From MONDAY early-morning SEPT-30 05:45AM to WEDNESDAY morning 07:10AM OCT-02
  • From FRIDAY noon Oct-04 12:18PM to SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06
  • From Wednesday morning 09:40AM OCT-09 to Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11
  • 6+ days From MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14 to MONDAY morning/noon 11:40AM Oct-21
  • From SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27 to TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29
  • From THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31 to SUNDAY early-morning 05:25AM NOV-03

Problem Dates in the Month:

  • From Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11 to MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14
  • From MONDAY morning/noon 11:40AM Oct-21 to WEDNESDAY afternoon 15:12PM OCT-23


GURU 4t till Oct2019 is about slow and steady period. Some stagnation and saturation! Loss of momentum is seen. But it is about serving & protecting what you got from Sept2017 to Oct2018. The 5th Shani till Dec2019 is about slow & steady “projects” – things that finish in some stipulated timeframe and mostly by Dec2019. 5th Shani is happening but it a SLOW effect of becoming relevant after Nov2014 to Oct2017 of being irrelevant in 4th Shani. 5th GURU from NOV2019 shows Swapna-poorti! RAHU KETU change is MONUMENTAL for 18 months from MARCH-23 2019! It is amazing change which would make you have better time despite 4th GURU stagnancy! Good support from karma of both the paternal and maternal families without side effects.


  • Mangal in your rashi till NOV-09 shows energy and optimism but also some aggression and reactive arguments. Keep it diplomatic.
  • SURYA In your rashi till OCT-17 ends issues with bosses/seniors and Govt etc helps quite a bit. It brings in some optimism and energy which is much needed.
  • SHUKRA BUDH in the 2nd house shows good family time good food, good family time and sort of sukoon at domestic front which has been disturbed by Shani from Nov2017.
  • SURYA moving the 2nd house from OCT17 would add to the wealth and good family times.
  • Good month overall for wealth and wealth mgmt and good returns.

The Best Days of the Month:

  • From WEDNESDAY morning 07:10AM OCT-02 to FRIDAY noon 12:18PM Oct-04
  • From SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06 to Wednesday morning 09:40AM OCT-09
  • From Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11 to MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14
  • 6+ days From WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16 to WEDNESDAY afternoon 15:12PM OCT-23
  • From TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29 to THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31

Problem Dates in the Month:

  • From MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14 to WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16
  • From WEDNESDAY afternoon 15:12PM OCT-23 to FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25


GURU moving to the 3rd house from OCT2018 till OCT2019 is a great news. It allows you to make visible impact on surroundings. Shows new things to start, new life path and some break which REALLY want!! It makes you “relevant” for the next 9 years ahead and also PAVES the way of DREAM COME TRUE success of 2021!!  SHANI 4th is till Dec2019 about domestic trouble (house/relatives, political party/MLAs or members etc) & infighting – need to take care of self-health with stomach and mom health overall. RAHU KETU change is overall good from March-23-2019 for 18 months – Shows some image work coming to you due to 10th house RAHU to work with people of different caste culture religion or language etc.

TULA / LIBRA:  TOUGH month more so till OCT-17 – Much better from then.  Drive slow till NOV-09 – no physical adventure risks.

The Best Days of the Month:

  • From FRIDAY noon Oct-04 12:18PM to SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06
  • From Wednesday morning 09:40AM OCT-09 to Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11
  • From MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14 to WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16
  • 6+ days From SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19 to FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25
  • From THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31 to SUNDAY early-morning 05:25AM NOV-03

Problem Dates in the Month:

  • From WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16 to SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19
  • From FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25 to SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27


GURU 2nd house now will start giving monetary benefits to your & family wealth from Oct2018 to Oct2019. It shows returns on the investments and actions etc done from Sept2016 to Sept2018. It is NOT a major impact on surroundings but they start to appreciate you yet again. The 3rd SHANI (till Dec2019) has been completely away from your income and investments now and not affecting your wealth anymore. 3rd Shani will allow you to play your cards and maneuver your people and masses to achieve things and also do a SHOW OF STRENGTH! Your mass-base will be critical now which will propel you to newer posts and higher levels by end of 2019. RAHU-KETU changes to 9th and 3rd house is FANTASTIC from March-23-2019 for 18 months ahead till AUG-2020.

VRISHCHIK / SCORPIO:  GREAT month till OCTT17 – Rock on!! Manage bosses and seniors and legal matters til Nov16 with tact and diplomacy!

  • 11th MANGAL till NOV-09 is great for increasing wealth and cash flow and support and help from colleagues and friends. Good gains with vehicles and land property too.
  • 12th SHUKRA BUDH this month show some expense on vanity and overall but also shows income from abroad. Ladies should avoid shady places & be careful with their surroundings. (horoscope shouldn’t have Shani Mangal! :)) Also ensure expenses are well directed and are investments.
  • SURYA 11th till OCT-17 shows increased income and gains and all sorts of great stuff. Good support from Govt and legal matters.
  • Investments still need to be careful due to 2nd Shani.

The Best Days of the Month:

  • From SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06 to Wednesday morning 09:40AM OCT-09
  • From Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11 to MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14
  • From WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16 to SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19
  • 6+ days From MONDAY morning/noon 11:40AM Oct-21 to SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27
  • From TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29 to THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31

Problem Dates in the Month:

  • WEDNESDAY morning 07:10AM OCT-02
  • From SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19 to MONDAY morning/noon 11:40AM Oct-21
  • From SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27 to TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29


GURU change to your sign from Oct12, 2018 to OCT0219 is a huge positive change!! It ends your political exile and WHAT NEXT period. It is not a period to start taking actions!! It is not like an immediate success but gets your new position and designation and good image etc by Oct2019. The 2nd house Shani till Dec2019 will expose earlier mistakes in wealth management and investments. It will also START NEW income in your life from new things you are doing. Invest wisely and SLOWLY and for the long run – no theatrics and no unnecessary optimism against the popular current! RAHU KETU change is not the best as they move away from the 9 3 houses which they love. RAHU 8th from March-2019 for 18 months means obligations with the paternal elders in the next 18 months. KETU 2nd house is not going to give great gains as it would be with Shani. Watch dental stuff and mouth related stuff.

DHANU / SAGITTARIUS:  The 10th house planets are happening and increasing efficiency and productivity despite 12th Guru and Sadesati! Some balance! 🙂

  • SURYA in the 10th house from till OCT-17 is great support from bosses/authorities and increased power. Don’t abuse power! Be humble.
  • MANGAL 10th till NOV-09 adds to the above power and strength! Support from friends, colleagues etc in work! Again, don’t abuse power and be humble.
  • BUDH SHURKA in the 11th house for almost the whole month help with increased income and cash flow and good trading and negotiations gains! Support from the father or Govt or senior on most matters except one.
  • 10th multiple planets also mean too much work and being busy and pressure cooker sort of stuff. But happening!
  • SURYA in the 11th house from OCT 17 increases cash flow and income and cash! Income from abroad or distant places.

The Best Days of the Month:

Problem Dates in the Month:


GURU moving to the 12th house from OCT 12 2018 to OCT2019 is NOT the best news. Unless you are kirk lagna or Vrishchik Meen lagna etc and have planets in water signs or even Earth signs. This GURU shows or forces a period of WHAT NEXT for the next 12 years. Plan what first & then how and DO NOT jump on brand new things right away Shani in your rashi continues to increase stress levels and recommends checking mom’s health. RAHU KETU change from MARCH-23-2019 for 18 months is relatively good – -KETU moving 1st from 2nd is OK but RAHU moving 7th better than 8th for sure! It is not GREAT but at least ending adversity of 8th Rahu: End of paternal elder health or hereditary issues.


  • 10th house BUDH SHUKRA shows good work environment. Good luck with trading and negotiations and increased business activity.
  • 9th SURYA till OCT-17 reduces issues with legal and Govt stuff. It starts 3 months of good support from Govt/bosses and legal proceedings till DEC16 2019. This SURYA starts new work and gives good support from surroundings. Good income and cash flow.
  • 9th MANGAL till NOV-09 ends the tough period fully with friends, sports, vehicles and colleagues and unnecessary competition and tough time. It shows good support from friends and start of new things. Some start of good new things.
  • SURYA changes to the 10th house from OCT 17 increasing your presence and clout and status etc.

The Best Days of the Month:

  • 6+days From SATURDAY morning SEPT-28 06:20AM to afternoon of Oct-04
  • From Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11 to MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14
  • From WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16 to SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19
  • From MONDAY morning/noon 11:40AM Oct-21 to WEDNESDAY afternoon 15:12PM OCT-23
  • 6+ days From FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25 to THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31

Problem Dates in the Month:

  • From FRIDAY noon Oct-04 12:18PM to SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06
  • From WEDNESDAY afternoon 15:12PM OCT-23 to FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25
  • From THURSDAY night 21:30PM OCT-31 to SUNDAY early-morning 05:25AM NOV-03


10th GURU till 12-Oct2018 WAS about GADHE KE PAIR PADANAA.!!! 🙂 It was HIGH STRESS and high pressure especially due to Sadesati but it is happening in a way! THE BIGGEST GREAT change is GURU going 11th house from Oct-12-2018 to OCT-2019. It shows increased income, cash-flow, one-time high payments, getting paid for eveything you did from July2015 onward!! Invest wisely and not spend it away as Sadesati and 2020 would be amazingly SLOW and SATURATION!!!!  SADESATI Shani 12th is forcing you to think WHAT NEXT for the next 30 years of life. Learning new things is a must. RAHU changes from MATRCH-23 2019 for 18 months to the 6th house is a blessing as it shows success over enemies. It shows increased income and support from new mass-base and new customers etc of different caste culture religion etc. The 12th KETU however shows hereditary issues from the maternal family with wealth and health.

KUMBH / AQUARIUS: TOUGH month and more so till OCT-17. Manages bosses well from Sept-17 onwards (legal rules, Govt and etc) Drive slow & securely till NOV-09.

  • 8th SURYA from till OCT17: manage bosses with tact and diplomacy and without direct offense etc. (RULES, Legal stuff, what customer or seniors want to be priority)
  • 8th MANGAL till NOV-09 recommends driving with patience, care and slowly – -rather presence of mind without hurry! Take it easy with vehicles and sports.
  • 9th BUDH and SHUKRA are the only helping in this tough month. Of course, Shani is helping and Guru is helping/testing both.
  • 9th SURYA from OCT-17 reduces a lot of negatively slowly.
  • GURU and SHANI MAARGI will increase your clout and you are anyways right time right place in a table with lot of wins but one 1-2 rounds of cards are going against you. So it is just temp one month thats a problem in a good period which lasts till 2020 end.

The Best Days of the Month: 

  • 6+ days From MONDAY early-morning SEPT-30 05:45AM to SUNDAY night 21:35PM Oct-06
  • From MONDAY morning 10:19am Oct-14 to WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16
  • From SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19 to MONDAY morning/noon 11:40AM Oct-21
  • From WEDNESDAY afternoon 15:12PM OCT-23 to FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25
  • 6+ days From SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27 to SUNDAY early-morning 05:25AM NOV-03

Problem Dates in the Month:


11th SHANI till JAN2020 is all about gains, addition of mass-base, customers and revenue and right time right place. 9th GURU till 12-Oct-2018 was Bhagyoday & start of new things and higher strategic positions! Increasing importance and right time right place. GURU 10th house from Oct 12 2018 for 12 months is about increased revenue, influence and stress, pressure cooker and happening period. Some doubts will be put on your ability & hence need to consult and get EXPERT help and SMEs to help without wasting time. Some reporting to boss who is equal or less in ability is possible. Too much work unless consult experts!! Reporting to someone inferior is possible for a few weeks or months. RAHU KETU change from MARCH-23-2019 for 18 months is VERY good indeed. The 5th RAHU and 11th KETU is great for RAHU KETU axis. It shows good use of intelligence and education for achievements! Good support from karma of both the paternal and maternal families without side effects.


  • 7th MANGAL till NOV-10 is about collaborations and mandwalli, group and team events which are necessary after war/competition.
  • 7th SURYA till Oct-17 shows collaborations with bosses/seniors and Govt folks. Shows good success. Focus to team work and lesser of a competition now!
  • SHUKRA 8 BUDH 8th house shows easy money and easy income but also need to check health.
  • 8th SURYA from Oct 17th recommends handling bosses/seniors and Govt matters with tact and diplomacy, Get them done before Oct 17 if possible.
  • GURU maargi will help massively to elevate your position and importance.  Shani maargi will increase revenue and customer size.

The Best Days of the Month: 

  • 6+ days from WEDNESDAY morning 07:10AM OCT-02 to Wednesday morning 09:40AM OCT-09
  • From WEDNESDAY night 20:45PM OCT-16 to SATURDAY morning 05:22AM OCT-19
  • From MONDAY morning/noon 11:40AM Oct-21 to WEDNESDAY afternoon 15:12PM OCT-23
  • From FRIDAY evening 16:22PM OCT-25 to SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27
  • 6+ days From TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29

Problem Dates in the Month:

  • to WEDNESDAY morning 07:10AM OCT-02
  • From Wednesday morning 09:40AM OCT-09 to Friday night 22:25PM Oct-11
  • From SUNDAY evening 16:32PM OCT-27 to TUESDAY evening 17:35PM OCT-29


GURU changing to the 9th house from Oct12th 2018 for 12 months till OCT2019 starts 3 GREAT years ahead for you with increasing success each year and higher profile in life and career. It shows BHAGYAKARAK events for you!!  The 10th Shani is STRESS and happening and too much work!! Older people troubling you but you needing them! 🙂 Older people will stop your way – you need them but also have issues with them! RAHU KETU change is OK – it is lesser support than 5-11 houses till MARCH 23 2019 but it is NOT bad!


GURU in the 12 houses of Horoscope (Jupiter in your birth-time horoscope)

GURU takes aprox 12 years to go thru 12 signs and hence 12 years are very imp. 12th 24th 36th 48th running ages show getting very good GURU and advice and knowledge. Whereas ages of running 18th 30th 42nd shows ability and chance to work alongside, collaborate and work with GURU type people in the job. 30th 60th running shows EXACT same positions of SHANI and GURU as your birth time chart and hence significant changing points and completion of cycle of Karma – good bad both and a fresh start in many areas of life. That’s why the ages of running 24th results in KAPIL wining world cup and 24/25th and 29 / 30 running results in people playing very critical role in World cup wins of a country!

GURU (JUPITER) is the planet with massive magnetism which even pulls the Sun towards it and that’s why even the SUN doesn’t travel in the straight line but zig zag manner (ever expanding universe). GURU is so massive it can swallow 3000 earths. Still, it resolves round itself in 10 hours compared to 24 hours for the Earth. This explains massive GURUTVAKARSHAN (Magnetism) and hence the name also (“GURU”). Obviously, the house GURU is in the chart is of utmost importance. GURU indicates the balance of knowledge collected in the past birth or the subject or the topic where you have surplus knowledge in this life or would have surplus knowledge. The sign and the house or constellation GURU is – that subject and topic would show which subject people refer you for advice! GURU increases the imp of the TRIKON (Triangle) it is in. Means 1 5 9 – Duty/Dharma Trikon; 2 6 10 – Arth (Economic Zone) Trikon; 3 7 11 KAAM Trikon (Freelancing stuff) and 4 8 12 Moksha-Trion (Spiritual Zone). GURU in SHANI (Saturn’s 1 3 7 10) aspect shows some deficit with karma which needs to be fulfilled by the age of 29. After that it shows getting status of being an expert of some subject. SHANI drushti means some knowledge was stolen or achieved in the past birth by wrong deeds or wasn’t paid or your GURU was deceived. In this life it results someone stealing your knowledge or research or credit of your work! A QUICK FACT CHECK: One can steal white papers & research and patents of someone (GURU pls BUDH) but not knowledge itself (GURU). Also, one can steal such artifacts and even knowledge but can’t steal karma or sheer hard-work or knowledge achieved by hard-work (GURU-SHANI). SHANI in NavaPancham yoga with GURU shows good use of knowledge and education for masses/consumers or customers. DHONI has GURU SHANI which shows knowledge of experience due to wicket keeping coupled with KETU 1st house which is “reading body language and “sensing” the situation and also NEPTUNE opposite Mangal again giving sports intuition and spotting PATTERNS. His GURU SHANI ensures it complies with practice and results in actual case studies. In short – GURU in knowledge for the sake of knowledge like DHANU and MEEN signs but BUDH SHANI or other planets can direct this knowledge to achieve things. Knowledge itself is not bad or can NEVER be bad but the use by it for wars/sports (Mangal: Sachin Tendulkar Guru-Mangal), RAHU GURU – -some Baba people, BUDH GURU – -commerce and proposals and sales and marketing and so on. GURU KETU is selfless approach. GURU SURYA is inspirational and entrepreneurial use of knowledge to spawn institutes.

Effects or patterns of GURU (Jupiter in the 12 houses of birth-time chart)

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GURU (JUPITER) is the planet with massive magnetism which even pulls the Sun towards it and that’s why even the SUN doesn’t travel in the straight line but zig zag manner (ever expanding universe). GURU is so massive it can swallow 3000 earths. Still, it resolves round itself in 10 hours compared to 24 hours for the Earth. This explains massive GURUTVAKARSHAN (Magnetism) and hence the name also (“GURU”). Obviously, the house GURU is in the chart is of utmost importance. GURU indicates the balance of knowledge collected in the past birth or the subject or the topic where you have surplus knowledge in this life or would have surplus knowledge. The sign and the house or constellation GURU is – that subject and topic would show which subject people refer you for advice! GURU increases the imp of the TRIKON (Triangle) it is in. Means 1 5 9 – Duty/Dharma Trikon; 2 6 10 – Arth (Economic Zone) Trikon; 3 7 11 KAAM Trikon (Freelancing stuff) and 4 8 12 Moksha-Trion (Spiritual Zone). GURU in SHANI (Saturn’s 1 3 7 10) aspect shows some deficit with karma which needs to be fulfilled by the age of 29. After that it shows getting status of being an expert of some subject. SHANI drushti means some knowledge was stolen or achieved in the past birth by wrong deeds or wasn’t paid or your GURU was deceived. In this life it results someone stealing your knowledge or research or credit of your work! A QUICK FACT CHECK: One can steal white papers & research and patents of someone (GURU pls BUDH) but not knowledge itself (GURU). Also, one can steal such artifacts and even knowledge but can’t steal karma or sheer hard-work or knowledge achieved by hard-work (GURU-SHANI). SHANI in NavaPancham yoga with GURU shows good use of knowledge and education for masses/consumers or customers. DHONI has GURU SHANI which shows knowledge of experience due to wicket keeping coupled with KETU 1st house which is “reading body language and “sensing” the situation and also NEPTUNE opposite Mangal again giving sports intuition and spotting PATTERNS. His GURU SHANI ensures it complies with practice and results in actual case studies. In short – GURU in knowledge for the sake of knowledge like DHANU and MEEN signs but BUDH SHANI or other planets can direct this knowledge to achieve things. Knowledge itself is not bad or can NEVER be bad but the use by it for wars/sports (Mangal:  Sachin Tendulkar Guru-Mangal), RAHU GURU – -some Baba people, BUDH GURU – -commerce and proposals and sales and marketing and so on. GURU KETU is selfless approach. GURU SURYA is inspirational and entrepreneurial use of knowledge to spawn institutes.

GURU takes aprox 12 years to go thru 12 signs and hence 12 years are very imp. 12th 24th 36th 48th running ages show getting very good GURU and advice and knowledge. Whereas ages of running 18th 30th 42nd shows ability and chance to work alongside, collaborate and work with GURU type people in the job. 30th 60th running shows EXACT same positions of SHANI and GURU as your birth time chart and hence significant changing points and completion of cycle of Karma – good bad both and a fresh start in many areas of life. That’s why the ages of running 24th results in KAPIL wining world cup and 24/25th and 29 / 30 running results in people playing very critical role in World cup wins of a country!

Given the above information let us look at GURU position in each and every house of a chart! Without reading above information directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant.

One quick note is that: Without good smaller planets – GURU SHANI RAHU KETU are of NO USE. Budh is basic intelligence of reading and listening and hence without good BUDH – GURU which is about Graduation/Post and PhD etc is of NO use! The smaller & faster moving (including Sun) planets DEFINE the person WHO and WHAT he/she is. These bigger planets bring in alignment to higher cause and greater sense of purpose etc. Without blessings of smaller planets these larger slower moving ones have hardly any role to play! Of course, even in Autistic cases where BUDH MERCURY is troubled – GURU drushti in natal chart and transits also shows hope of improvements. BUT just GURU RAHU or SHANI won’t cause or avoid autism – they have to act in unison with smaller and faster moving planets.

[1] GURU in the 1st house of a BIRTH-CHART

Without reading above information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

The first house of duties or “Dharma Trikon” shows the person himself. GURU the governor of knowledge and education in the 1st house shows an SME – Subject Matter Expert or a person who would collect knowledge of some subjects in deep but at the same time “GOVERN” the knowledge harvesting, mentoring & teaching the subject but the process as well. Not just teaching the subject but also how a subject should be taught! Principals and higher-level professors who also “train the trainers” would be governed by 1st house GURU or even Guru in Dhanu rashi 9th house too. The 1st house shows desire to act and execute and hence part of the knowledge is also acquired via practice and rather most of the higher-level knowledge is acquired while working (“on the job”). Yes, education is imp but practice makes it perfect! These people would tend to get into job or execution and not just keep learning for the sake of learning like Moksha Trikon GURU in the 4 8 12 houses. There is also DHARMA or DUTY driven approach towards this knowledge which means harvesting it distributing it all the while using it! I have often seen people running “Knowledge Management” kind of initiatives in IT industry having such formation. They do occupy higher positions due to what they know and not who they know! Every 12th year of their life they are given a higher position with higher responsibility which also increases their knowledge and forces them to teach and train people below them to do their job going forward so they can take up higher role. Sharing knowledge & teaching is side-effect of this GURU which is predominantly towards execution. Often, they move into practice and consultancy as they grow old and move into supporting roles helping people get better like Top Gun instructors! 🙂  CHANDRA in 1 5 9 houses makes this GURU amazing as desire and destiny and higher positions match with what a person wants to do. CHANDRA in 3 7 11 also works quite well with this Guru where CHANDRA brings in flair and freelancing to their work and a playful approach. GURU in 1 4 7 10 signs (cardinal /char signs) in the 1st house extends career or earning money and positions longer than power/sthir rashi 2 5 8 11 and much longer than expressive signs 3 6 9 12. GURU in 3 6 9 12 (Mithun Kanya Dhanu Meen) likes to talk and write and share the knowledge a lot than just practicing it. But still they end up being back office folks for people like Arnab Goswami and such – collecting data and info on multiple topics but with some depth and relevance and not like radio jockey folks. GURU in 2 5 8 11 (Vrishabh, Singh, Vrishchik, Kumbh) signs would spend lot of time on governing the knowledge and education institutes and so on. GURU in DHANU would be like PRAKAAND PANDIT with depth and breadth of knowledge and rather teaching mentoring generic guide but also in specific subject. GURU in MEEN would like to design syllabus and curriculum and courses and teach the trainers and also sample basis teach students to check if they are on right track. Broad forehead is one of the signs of GURU in the 1st house. Even Kanya lagna-or Surya-rashi which resists broad forehead – gets broad forehead due to 1st house Guru.

As GURU strengthens the Duty-Triangle of the chart – these folks are seen occupying higher positions in society and well respected by society on the whole. Social law, social justice and being fair comes under GURU. These folks ensure order in society and overall sense of purpose of various institutes put forth by society.

A soul is born under 1st house GURU to enrich knowledge collect & share knowledge while practicing it – applied knowledge is what this GURU is about. Compared to 5th and 9th house of Dharma Trikon – their knowledge is more operational.

[2] GURU in the 2nd house of Chart

Without reading above information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

The 2nd house belongs to the economic zone. Share markets, FDs, BONDS, Various investment instruments, jewelry, wealth in the family and so on. GURU in the 2nd house is of course increasing these aspects but not the easy way as you think. It shows the person having knowledge about these things from the past birth! They are perfect people for wealth management knowledge. RBI Governors would or should have GURU in 2 6 10 houses which is a no-brainer actually! Dhirubhai had it in the 10th house, Bill Gates has it in the 6th house and many industrialists have it in the 2nd and 10th house especially when the owner of the 6th and the 10th house! They accumulate knowledge and ensure sense of purpose and greater good with investments and wealth management. Not the short-term gains like Budh-Mangal or quick trading but fundamental analysis and keeping things sane and in the right speed and pace! Understanding big picture and greater good is their thing when it comes to wealth and investments. GURU aspects 6th house of loans/banking and service sector and the 10th house production industry – which is obvious as these things would need the wealth management the most! This GURU could be seen in the successful Mutual FUND managers and wealth management folks’ chart. It is all about useful knowledge and not the knowledge for the sake of knowledge. There is certain focus to the study than generic one. Only in DHANU and MEEN Rashi in the 2nd house there is lesser grid with wealth. Still, this GURU could show earning money thru classes & tuitions also if in DHANU or MEEN Rashi! 🙂 Knowledge and wealth are very much related. These folks are seen getting stock options or profit sharing due to their education and knowledge. When significant planets are in 6 and 10 houses including CHANDRA – -these folks even get offers due to their projects and ideas even in colleges and some profit sharing and stock options right out of the college! This GURU is about useful to self and society knowledge to upfit the economic state of self and surroundings.

A soul is born under this GURU for wealth management, increase or manage wealth of family and society and instill sense of purpose and long-term approach with wealth management.

[3] 3rd house GURU – (The Playful sincere man)

Without reading above information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

3rd is the house of expression and peripheral things in life – like travels, blogging, short-writing, quick poems, inspirational small jingles and so on. A “Pokta” or matured planets like GURU could be considered out of place and out of elements in this house. It shows being naughty with things and playing around with things in MUKHCHHAND. It shows visible short-term impact on surroundings. Most artists have something in the 3rd house and certainly those with Guitar or Tabla or Dhol or drums etc and more.  Most singers have this house well populated with Lata Mangeshkar having CHANDRA itself in Kirk in 3rd house! “(Either 3rd house or 3rd Rashi which is Mithun). GURU in the 3rd house tries to put order to these freelancing efforts. Rather, it could help form a platform for say blogging or sharing artistic stuff like art library or even Facebook page or even say FB itself! 🙂 GURU will try to put sense of purpose, structure and some order to chaos of the 3rd house. It will rather try to get some music composer kind of environment to a single artist with a single instrument which is shown by the 3rd house. So, in a way GURU will bring in 5th house and 9th house order to this freelancing. Trying to put things in a situation or context or an idea or alignment to something worthwhile – say politics or more so governance and where society is going. Lyrics commenting on Vietnam wat like “Born in The USA” or Iraq 1st war – -“THE ONE” from Metallica or Megadeth (I guess “Hanger 18) might be under the 3rd GURU in transit or the 3rd Guru in the birth chart of the lyricist itself.

GURU tries to find sense of purpose behind things and hence these folks could end up helping an guiding artists, writers and freelancers while being part of their work and not just like directors or their managers only. They could be seen in all these activities of picnics, travels and free flow expression etc (Governing concerts or bikers rallies or races and so on.) Event coordinators could do well to have such GURU too. Of course, GURU in 3 6 9 12 is the most natural in these houses as it can express well and connect well to this freelancer world. 2 5 8 11 sign would want to govern it more than practice it and 1 4 7 10 signs GURU would be too busy earning money from such activities.

[4] 4th house GURU (I have this one) – “A Good Companion”

Without reading information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

4th house is SUKH sthan, inner peace, Anta:Karan, close to heart people (Suhrud-sthan) Mom’s house and ability to give platform or good  environment for people to use/enjoy, giving good environment for others so on. 4th house GURU is well placed as it is Uchcha in the 4th house. North East is God’s direction and hence GURU is quite strong in this house. As this is the 1st house of Spiritual Trikon GURU shows desire to know bigger picture but it is still in operational and case study ways and “on the ground” and on the job way.  It is not directly connecting to higher self like the 12th house GURU-KETU. Yes, this GURU gives very good ability to connect to the spiritual side and gives easy of understanding of ancient wisdom. It is natural house for GURU to understand astrology or to accept such empirical knowledge without getting stuck into logic too much initially. Most folks get stuck with astrology when planet’s aspect start coming up and Vinshottari mahadasha years are put forth! 🙂 This GURU takes it in stride and says – “well, sometime in future I will be able to find why 120 and why 19 18 17 and 16 for Shani Rahu Budh Guru” without getting stuck! 🙂 or why Shani has 3rd & 10th house aspects but not 11th (i.e. forward 3 but backwards 4th) 🙂

This GURU might not give huge property on its own without 2nd house and Mangal blessings but it does give FULL ability to USE and have SUKH & Sukoon of property and estate! They are happy within the confines of their house with good books, good cable-connection or Netflix subscription and so on! 🙂  These folks are perfect for running a BOOK library or education library or an art library. With L2 and L11 – it could very well be a franchise of Starbucks or CCD or Dunkin Donuts! 🙂 Giving good stuff to people is their desire and destiny! Alternate methods of healing such as reiki and pranic healing are natural to them and also (again) creating good environment for such methods holistically is their thing! GURU in spiritual trikon MOKSHA TRIKON is about BIG picture and holistic approach towards knowledge – connecting knowledge of one subject to all other subjects! Not restricting thinking to a structure or a pattern or focusing it to earn money or a business but knowledge for the sake of knowledge and rather without any strings attached. Worldly achievements using knowledge is oftentimes difficult unless GURU in 1 4 7 10 signs which are material in many ways! SHANI would alter the behavior as it will reduce tendency to create good environment or give it to only the deserving people – or some one like missionary Theresa who will convert you while helping you! It won’t come without their own goals and objectives. The 4th house is that of academics and actual exams and certificates and not directly about applied knowledge.  Hence, these folks collect good knowledge and degrees etc easily! They score good in exams as they have knack to represent knowledge in correct manners.

[5] 5th house GURU (The Teacher)

Without reading information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

This is regarded as a “Swatantra Bhagyoday” means an independent luck-factor for a person – this is more to do with Indian or Vedic astrology philosophy than outright luck. This GURU is NATURAL in the house of BUDDHI & education! It is about applied knowledge and not collecting it for the sake of it! It is about DUTY TRIKON and like 1st house GURU – it also has all this ability to use knowledge and education for achieving personal designations and higher positions in career and life. Success and positions due to WHAT YOU KNOW and not WHO YOU KNOW like Surya in the 5th house. GURU is about knowledge and education and hence it shows higher sense of purpose and higher alignment to bigger goals and objectives when in the 5th house. Even better and more than the 1st house GURU. It is about 9 to 5 job but taken 9 to 9! 🙂 Highly responsible and dutiful. This is the house of FORCE and INSPIRATION and outright extrovert nature which is perfect fit for SURYA but GURU in this house can feel suffocated just the way it feels in the 5th sign of SINGH. GURU does not like this SUDDEN urge of inspiration without higher sense of purpose and hence it will curtail this approach and side of the 5th house. It is both good and bad as it is more about being a music composer than playing one instrument! 🙂 it is about being a director a movie than being an actor with 5th house SURYA Shukra or Chandra! Well 5th SURYA would also make director and actor as it is dutiful and inspirations also. This GURU is about mentoring and teaching folks too but it is more like on the job just like the 1st house GURU. It is great for tuitions and classes but more so part-time and not doing full time business with it! Sharing knowledge is more thru case-studies and applied knowledge and not just writing books about a topic!

GURU in 1 4 7 10 signs reduces teaching and sharing knowledge quite a bit. It used it to earn money and career designations! In 2 5 8 11 it is about creating a framework for good work to be done and getting powerful positions but using knowledge. Whereas in 3 6 9 12 signs it is about sharing knowledge thru blogs writing, books and podcasts and making self and also others talk about what they learned and read etc. in Especially 9 and 12 it is VERY high-level connection to SHARING and teaching and mentoring people. In DHANU it wants to check eligibility of receiver of knowledge – – in MEEN it does not care much – it shares knowledge as personal need to share!! 🙂

[6] 6th house GURU (The Service Provider)

Without reading information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

6th house is a bit tricky as it is natural Du:Sthan (paap-sthan), house of deceases but also house of social status, service sector, banking, loans, debts services, financial services when connected to 2nd house and overall it is service sector including medicines. It belongs to ARTH-TRIKON (economic zone). GURU knowledge and education and 6th house is status, deceases and also money matters. So, you can see, this is good for medical field if GURU is L10/L11 or L6 itself. It is good for education services if in GURU nakshatra and also Guru-rashi. Good for gym and health advisory services etc if in Mesh rashi. All said and done, this GURU knows how to monetize knowledge! 🙂 Some of the ultra-rich people in their respective field have this positioning. Bill Gates and Bachchan are two quick examples. Traditional astrology might frown upon this GURU but it is quite powerful for business, career and overall earning money. Monetization of knowledge is the key here. GURU being Kaarak of mentors and high knowledge people and also Kids in one’s life, 6th house Guru does show some tussles with them from time to time. The kids might inherit all this wealth but might not reach the level one wants them to (they don’t need to!). Some deficiency is seen with the kids for this person. Or maybe later in life their own achievement could collide or indirectly impact with their kid’s. 6th GURU will keep working and keep earning wealth without stopping which could eclipse their kid’s achievement until later age despite being good achievements.

It is obvious that 6th GURU doesn’t force a person to share knowledge etc without charging for it! 🙂 It is not a free-flow sharing of knowledge and 6th house which in some way acts like 6th signs of Kanya ruled by BUDH is about commerce and trading and negotiations! 🙂

GURU in 1 4 7 10 signs would earn HUGE money. 2 5 8 11 would GOVER the money and in 3 6 9 12 will help people earn a lot of money by a role of an analyst & consultant or mentor / teacher. Tuitions/Classes typical of Indian scenario are also related to this formation. Teaching self is L10 in 5th or l5 in 10th or 11 – Anyonya yoga of 10/11 with the 5th house but making it a big business empire and not just teaching is about L5 in 6 or L6 in 5 and also GURU being one of them!

[7] The 7th house GURU (The Collaborator)

Without reading information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

Not the most natural house for GURU as it is natural for SHUKRA which is the natural planet of partnerships and collaborations and owner of the 7th sign. GURU in the 7th house is a bit misfit! 🙂 Like a Rishi in a bar or a night-club – well, not that extreme but you get an idea! In some intense degrees it is not the best for the marriage aspects. Detailing of the chart is imp! In a good nakshatra it will help marriage for sure. So not to jump on conclusions right away! 🙂 They do tend to marry an overweight person or someone overweight with knowledge or education! 🙂 More learned in short or more matured in some ways if not older like shown by 7th SHANI!

Well placed 7th GURU is about being ex expert of “MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS”. They are able to guide partnerships and collaborations for a greater cause with a sense of purpose. An initial analysis of YES NO itself is needed for such things before one gets into detailing. This GURU helps build such collaborations. GURU gives greater sense with team or group events without just individual achievements. 7th house is KAAM TRIKON – Freelancing and peripheral things in your life. GURU helps bring in some structure to these activities like picnics or leisure events or event coordinator etc but 7th GURU means not just entertainment but some serious industry or knowledge-sharing fairs and get-togethers! It is perfect for someone to get into industrial exhibitions and such coordination. Or even education institute or related exhibitions.  GURU lends sense of purpose and structure to such freelance TRIKON (3 7 11 houses) but also becomes playful with use of their own knowledge and education for such activities – “Aadaan-pradaan”! 🙂

Some granth tend to say that these people tend to marry their GURU itself or Guru sambhog etc – It is farfetched and though it makes sense logically – L7 and SHURKA are the decision makers ad not this GURU for sure!

[8] The 8th house GURU (The Mystique)

Without reading information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

Any 8th house planet shows some obligation with either of the house it owns or the Karakatva of that planet. The 8th house is about peeda and kaarmic obligations and also about easy money and inheritance. An intense degree GURU here would show major issues with kids and also some tussles with GURU or mentors and your knowledge/credit or intellectual property being stolen as you did the same thing in the past birth! 🙂 A Devgan nakshatra or well-placed GURU here would show some secret information or patented knowledge coming your way which gives you profit sharing or stock options and so on. It shows easy money but thru knowledge and special knowledge and being a specialist. As 8th house is about alternate medicines like homeopathy or healing such as past life regression or reiki and pranic healing etc – this GURU is perfect for these kinds of side career which later becomes main career. GURU in 8th house of mystique is also good for astrology but it goes more into perception than into logic. As you can see well placed and badly placed planet in the same house has completely different outcome! 8th GURU when owner of 1st 5th house aids in alternate healing mechanism or astrology also but brings deficiency to health or kids respectively. One planet in a given house could be good for X things and not so good for Y things! 8th GURU has FULL drushti on the 2nd house which shows good investments and wealth management luck assuming SHANI Mangal Rahu combined impact not on the 2nd house or L2. GURU drushti on 4th house shows good home décor and ability to have SUKH of estate and property. Drushti on the 12th house shows well directed expenses and investments and good planning. Good brain storming. 8th house has SINUSOIDAL wave patter – ultra-active to ultra-passive. 8th GURU also shows very extreme good results with education and complete apathy and ignorance at times!

As part of MOKSHA TRIKON 4 8 12 house: This GURU aids planets in 12th and 4th house with their spiritual pursuits. 8th GURU itself is haphazard with it but it DOES have deep understanding of these things. It is just that it could first be used for easy money and profits unlike 4 and 12 houses where there’s more self-less approach. GURU in water signs is natural here and fire signs not as much. In Earth signs it collects practical knowledge that helps earn money and estate.

The REMEDY for bad impacts of 8th GURU:

  • GRATITUDE – -stole knowledge in the past birth so teach people and share knowledge early in life. Say THANKS for each & every even if minor help or advice.
  • Orphanages: Help and donate! Spend time with less privileged kids – teach them / help them!
  • Use of Pukhraaj helps – but expensive and rather use of Yellow Golden and Blue color helps a lot.

[9] The 9th house GURU (The strategist)

Without reading information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

A WOW house for any planet and for GURU it is obviously THE house. GURU owns the 9th Sign Sagi/Dhanu and hence it is kaarak of 9th house too. GURU is broad knowledge and so is 9th house. GURU here is VERY happy. Dutiful, sincere, knowledge gainer, broad thinker, traveler, expander, strategic thinker. DHARMA (DUTY) TRIKON house is the best match for GURU. Even in the most intense degrees of say last of Ashlesha and first of Fire signs – it still gives good kids even though one of them could have some intense events or some tussle with these folks (the father). People in the positions of Governor or MP/Senate etc or Delhi bound folks have such GURU. Guru drushti on the 1st house of self: sense of purpose and well directed life. Guru drushti on the 5th house shows good kids and good education and sud-buddhi. GURU drushti on the 3rd house shows VERY good next sibling unless you have 1 3 6 house Shani. GREAT logic, fast thinking and 360 degree thought process is the HABIT of this GURU. Planets in the 1 5 houses become MAGICAL due to this GURU. They show promotion every 4th year! 🙂 Met a guy who had 1 5 9 house planets including Guru and was promoted every 4/5 year in a traditional company whenever GURU entered the element these 1 5 9 planets were in (Air sign for this guy). His Mahadasha were OK and neutral so transits mattered more. 9th house being travel – bigger planets here show abroad kaarmic connections, travels/employment, exports etc. Smaller planets show frequent travels and bigger longer ones. This GURU shows growth due to travel. More the travel more the knowledge and broader it is. Every relocation with or against wishes brings in invaluable knowledge and growth in career/life.

One quick note is that: Without good smaller planets – GURU SHANI RAHU KETU are of NO USE. Budh is basic intelligence of reading and listening and hence without good BUDH – GURU which is about Graduation/Post and PhD etc is of NO use! The smaller & faster moving (including Sun) planets DEFINE the person WHO and WHAT he/she is. These bigger planets bring in alignment to higher cause and greater sense of purpose etc. Without blessings of smaller planets these larger slower moving ones have hardly any role to play!

[10] The 10th house GURU

Without reading information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

Any planet in the 10th house makes a person “Kaarya-Pravan” means workaholic or action-prone literally. GURU – Kaarak of knowledge in the 10th house is great for mentoring & teaching career especially 12 and 30 born folks and more when it is the owner of the 5th house. GURU in the 10th house is a great stabilizer for the mom and mom’s health. GURU here in intense degrees shows health issues to the father but more so with GURU or mentor type people at workplace. Becomes a bit difficult to get imp knowledge or inner circle knowledge at workplace a bit difficult. Same when GURU is under SHANI drushti – deficit of “working” knowledge has to be overcome with karma or simply. On the job experience and not just bookish knowledge. 10th house GURU makes CAREER or Arth/Economic zone of the chart very strong. Dhirubhai had GURU in Kanya in the 10th house and Shani in the 2nd house in MAKAR. The knowledge from the past birth is about career and wealth and making people work and giving people employment and not just bookish stuff taught in colleges. This GURU makes 2nd and 6th houses powerful which are about capital, wealth management or debt and loans and financial services. Depending on which house GURU owns, 2nd or 6th shows using family wealth or loans/debts etc for business expansion. SHANI in 2 6 could also mean share markets IPO or raising money from people for business. This GURU is not about sudden inspiration like 3rd and 5th house but is about perspiration. Relentless work without sudden blips of throttle. Planets in 3 and 5 houses would create such sudden urges though. GURU is NEECH/debilitated in the 10th sign MAKAR/Capri which would make one argue that the 10th house is not the best for GURU. However, this is more philosophical in nature as Vedic astrology is about moksha and not accumulation. i.e. knowledge should be selfless and shared without inhibitions and without creating IPR and patents and royalty etc. This is NOT the best thought as it would not then create enough competition and moving ahead with more work. Hence 10th GURU is about NOT the respect for the person for knowledge but money and wealth earned by knowledge. MAKAR GURU though neech results in practical knowledge and huge money!

It is obvious that more one reads and studies and upgrades knowledge – bigger the position and wealth and respect one gets at workplace for the 10th house GURU. Their career is driven by knowledge and education and not just gadhamajoori. However, this knowledge of 10th house GURU needs or gets is useful and precious in terms of market value!

[11] The 11th house GURU (The Ambani guru!) 🙂

Without reading information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

I call it as “2nd generation Ambani-Guru” jokingly! 🙂 Not Dhirubhai but next generation ones! 🙂 ANY planet in the 11th house shows past birth unpaid karma which comes to you in this birth. Needless tot say GURU is VERY significant in this house. It shows you blessed or paid GURU and high knowledge people handsomely in the past birth and hence would get scientists sort of people to work for you and crate IPR for your company. Even in the least powerful GURU in this house would want to do some start up with some specific knowledge. SHANI in this house shows mass-mentality and consumer mentality to come up with products and services that people want. GURU In this house gives knowledge, education and also experts in the appropriate field for you to earn handsomely! There are lot of gains happen due to knowledge and education but also from such people too. It shows great cash flow and income. GURU cycle of 12 years so it starts at 24 and more so 36 and so on. Each 12 years of GURU cycle brings in more knowledge and more experts which results in various new companies like Reliance Mukesh Bhai launches every 12 years and sometimes 6 years – half Guru cycle if they are not completely new and are related to backward or forward integration.

GURU drushti on the 5th house ensures good kids & good education. Shows well directed life with sense of purpose and greater alignment. Like any planets in 3 7 11 it shows visible impact on surroundings and moving stuff quite a bit! Every GURU Antardasha results in some luck and expansion.

If GURU is wakri and in intense degrees or and in Shani drushti– one of the kids could have chronic health issues but still some good kids are seen despite such issues. GURU drushti on 7th house helps with spouse/marriage but also business partnerships and M&A and so on. The 3rd house drushti also shows good presentation and writing and also good siblings. Especially, elder siblings are stronger & more significant and many times act as your Guru.

[12] The 12th house GURU (The Architect) 🙂

Without reading information at the top of the article and directly jumping in to the following paragraphs is futile and like those blind guys trying to make sense out of an Elephant. PLEASE do read the top of article FIRST and then come here again!

The 12th sign is co-owned by Guru and Neptune.  Hence, this is a very natural house for GURU.  Bharatratna Babasaheb Ambedkar regarded as the architect of constitution – how Indians should live/operate for years to come had 12th house GURU SHUKRA in Meen rashi itself! The 12th is a “3000 feet view” house. It shows ability to see way in the future, or even dream way ahead of the times. It is the BIG picture house very PRO for architects. Get many charts with L1 or L10 in the 12th house. Earlier Govt Planning commissions came under this house influence. MANGAL in this house shows police commissioner whereas 6th house shows Sub-inspector. GURU in this house is rather teacher of the teachers! The one who designs the syllabus itself! The one who designs 3-4 years courses or training sequence and overall design for a course. At personal level this GURU shows some detachment and aloofness in daily activities. Not the fans of operational stuff and day to day matters. Execution is 5th house and 12th house is death house of the 5th house! 🙂 Execution is not their forte! It is possible for them to give DYAAN from high level like Harsha Bhogale talks about cricket & newcomers without knowing how 140kmph ball goes past by!! Uses stats and various parameters to predict South Africa as winners for 1992 19996 1999 and forgets some factor which can completely change the outcome. Usually well placed 12th house Guru would avoid it as it shows past birth execution very strongly hence this birth 12th house planets. Still when transit SHANI goes over the 12th house GURU or planets it shows deficiency due to lack of execution and operational experience which needs to fulfill! 🙂 Needless to mention the 12th house GURU points to IIM or such studies which allows planning activities and not forced in to execution. Foresight is natural and what needed is the right data. Sensing and perception ability is very strong and higher levels! 6th sense is also seen with the 12th house GURU as bigger picture helps them to think how local actions are aligned.

Being MOKSHA trikon house – GURU increases spiritual connection which is anyways a big picture and foresight etc for life! Drushti on the 8th house shows some secret and imp knowledge and drushti on the 4th house shows good living conditions. Drushti on the 6th house helps maternal family – mama mousi folks’ stability. 12th GURU likes to serve regardless of whether the recipient is worthy or not! It is not context sensitive like 6th Guru and certainly not limited to the amount of money one pays like the 6th house Guru which also likes to serve.

12th GURU could show some delays and deficiency with the kids and more so the first born. Remedies for this deficiency:

  • GRATITUDE – -stole knowledge in the past birth so teach people and share knowledge early in life. Say THANKS for each & every even if minor help or advice.
  • Orphanages: Help and donate! Spend time with less privileged kids – teach them / help them!
  • Use of Pukhraaj helps – but expensive and rather use of Yellow Golden and Blue color helps a lot.

MOON / CHANDRA in the 12 houses of a horoscope

Moon is the most significant aspect in the study of Astrology. It is the most important aspect in analysis of a horoscope. Yes, the ascendant shows the destiny of this life (“Prarabdha” Karma) and “direction of the Outcome” of the past karma in this life but Moon shows the deepest desire of the soul. What the specific person loves the most and where he will spend his most of “mind-space”/ ”thoughts”. Moon can single-handedly change the effectiveness of the horoscope – a troubled mind can never achieve its potential & a calm/tranquil mind can go through a sea of calamities with success (or at least not making it worse than it is!).

If the ascendant/langna-rashi shows the world’s perception about you – the window the world looks at you – Moon is who you actually are! Many people who seem to be miss-understood by masses have very conflicting or opposing / different influences on the ascendant & moon. (Salman Khan might very well have Rahu in the 1st house (Anger / Agitation) but Moon in Jupiter’s aspect!)

Moon in the 12 houses of Natal Horoscope (Birth-Chart)

Voluntary Payments: (1) https://PayPal.Me/AstroMNC  (2) From India: UPI is milind.chitambar@icici OR AstroMNC@UPI (From BHIM APP or even many bank apps) Would help with posting more articles with objective analysis without fear mongering with purpose of de-mystifying astrology as a probabilistic science or better yet “art of probabilities”.

Moon is the most significant aspect in the study of Astrology. It is the most important aspect in analysis of a horoscope. Yes, the ascendant shows the destiny of this life (“Prarabdha” Karma) and “direction of the Outcome” of the past karma in this life but Moon shows the deepest desire of the soul. What the specific person loves the most and where he will spend his most of “mind-space”/ ”thoughts”. Moon can single-handedly change the effectiveness of the horoscope – a troubled mind can never achieve its potential & a calm/tranquil mind can go through a sea of calamities with success (or at least not making it worse than it is!).

If the ascendant/langna-rashi shows the world’s perception about you – the window the world looks at you – Moon is who you actually are! Many people who seem to be miss-understood by masses have very conflicting or opposing / different influences on the ascendant & moon. (Salman Khan might very well have Rahu in the 1st house (Anger / Agitation) but Moon in Jupiter’s aspect!)

Mind/emotions and intellect/brain are two different things – Mercury (Budh) controls the intellect / logical thinking but it is Moon that controls the emotions or mind of a person. That is the very reason why the current planets (Gochar) (weekly / monthly /annual horoscope) are analyzed from Moon and not from Sun or Ascendant. It all depends on a person’s “state of mind”: with the same material situation, different folks would perceive it differently. The concept of being happy or sad depends completely on the mind of a person!

Moon is the fastest moving astral body going through 12 signs every approximately 28+ days. While Moon rotates around itself and the Earth, it also rotates around Sun. That’s why it is common sense to say that Moon is “Karak” or Governor of the mind & emotions. Moon is also the governor of Mother (Mata-karak), water, emotions/mind, silver apart from many other things. Needless to say that the house, the sign (rashi) and the constellation (Nakshatra) of Moon are ultra-important while analyzing a horoscope.

Moon in the 1st house of a Horoscope (TANU STHAN)

The 1st house is about ‘self’, appearance, overall body, head / face, the image that you portray to the world or the way the world perceives you. It is also about your daily commute. Your overall disposition is controlled by the 1st house including the facial expressions. Talking/moving in sleep and sometimes even walking (when Mars with Moon) is quite likely when Moon is in the 1st house. The mind keeps working over-time even when the body is asleep! J Moon controls/represents temperament of a person and when in the 1st house it completely rules the person. The thoughts are put to action immediately with this Moon. When a person is born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 (personality), the 1st house Moon is absolutely important factor in the analysis as these dates also show emotional/sensitive attitude. Even the total addition of 2 (Life purpose) would increase the importance with teh same intensity.

The 1st house Moon means the person is sensitive about the appearance, image, looks and being popular. It also shows overall nature of moving around quickly, changing places more often unless in 2 5 8 11 signs which make it a bit stable but still they will be movers if not changing cities/jobs very often. They are more affected by the surroundings and catch cold/viral deceases more often. Their facial expressions give away what they are thinking; makes it easy to guess their thoughts. As their 6th sense is heightened they are quite often are the receiving end of “Najar lagana”. The mood swings are common, the way Moon goes thru changes every day, their mood can change quite often even in a day; especially when Moon is in a water sign (4, 8, 12).  As the 1st house is about “Duties” as it belongs to Dharma-Trikon, this moon position does show desire of position of responsibility i.e. a designation or a job or “an office” with set well defined monthly, weekly duties. As Moon also shows people contact & sales, this placement is very good for such jobs like MR / Sales / PR etc.

These folks are sort of destiny’s child (neutral way and not a bad or good way) as the planetary pulls of current planets apply to them quite a bit as Ascendant and Moon sign are the same – the 5th Guru will give tremendous success whereas 6th Guru will show some health issues. These folks are easier to handle for Astrologers or rather these folks have the best use of Astrologers! J Even when Moon is closer to the ascendant degree – the mahadasha and antardasha would be that much more effective. Moon in the 1st house shows that there is a definite specific karma (acute) which is to be used in this birth. i.e. the desire of the person and the destiny of the person are very much in sync. A well-placed Moon with aspect from Jupiter would give tremendous popularity & also a coveted position in life. The afflicted Moon could show loss of memory, lack of tranquility and even some mental instability that affects overall well being as Moon in the Tanu (Body) sthan.

Moon in Taurus or even Cancer sign could show dark/beautiful eyes & mostly curly hair. This Moon also makes the person popular with Women as Women have natural 6th sense that senses the sensitive/emotional side of this person in the 1st look.

For kids born with Moon in the 1st house – constant encouragement and good childhood memories of being loved are VERY important. They make long lasting impact – Yes it applies to ALL of the kids but MORE so for the 1st house Moon folks as they always keep the kid in them alive! J

A badly placed Moon, say with Rahu (aggression/agitation/hedonism) or Ketu (pessimism, depression) or Shani (without Jupiter Aspect) warrants Hanuman Sadhana for sure. Using White Pearl (Moti) in Silver in right hand small finger helps too. (Start on Monday at the time of the Sun rise 1hr plus minus of Sun rise; with usual Puja, followed by Kula-dewata Puja; 108 times Moon’s Navagraha Mantra which is easily available on the net and then put on the ring – A Monday that is on 2, 11, 20, 29 is more effective but not mandatory – Do not spend more than Rs 15K etc unless you are a film star or a VIP etc – You know what I mean)

Jai ho!!

~Milind N Chitambar (AstroMNC)

Moon in the 2nd house of a Horoscope – DHAN/KUTUMB STHAN (Wealth, Family)

The 2nd house belongs to the economic zone (arth-trikon) and shows your & your family’s wealth, investments, jewelry, debts/loans, bonds etc. It also shows your immediate family including you parents and your spouse/kids. The 2nd house also shows eyes (the right eye especially), teeth, tongue. It also shows your eating habits.

While analyzing the 2nd house, once should consider the Sign in the 2nd house, the planets in the 2nd house, the aspects on the 2nd house, the owner of the 2nd house and aspects on the owner etc and most importantly the governor of the thing you are trying to analyze (the 2nd house shows multiple things but the Governor of each of those things could be different). Here, the focus is only on the 2nd house Moon.

The 2nd house Moon shows desire of the soul to do something in financial /investment sector. It does show the desire to do family business or start some business with the family. Many a times, you could also see good use of the existing property or house for some quick business purpose. A very well-placed Moon shows easy money from investments & also possibility of finding some secret family wealth (Jewelry etc) which is called as Gupt-Dhan. This well-placed moon also shows good bit of time spent analyzing, thinking about share market or other investment opportunities. The better the quality of moon placement better the voice of the person too. A very good voice and very good luck with investment (easy money and not long-term investments that are dominated by Shani) go hand in hand. Beautiful eyes and teeth are also a given for 2nd house Moon.

A badly placed or ill-aspected moon shows family debts or burdens that this soul wants to pay off or would have to pay off. The more badly placed the Moon, better to find out the wrong-doings in the family & start taking some corrective action. A Rahu or Ketu with this Moon and when their owner is wakri in 6 8 12 houses do show some serious bad karma with investments (Sahukari etc) in the past birth. This means, quite a bit of time in this life is spent paying it back by hard work and giving others advice or service about investment, land etc matters. The more the help – earlier the payback. Once the pay-back ends – you start getting the benefits. However, until then one needs to be patient with deceptions & frustrating being taken for a ride by a few folks. They are just paying back your karma – reason to be rather happy about it. Regardless of the good/bad placement of moon, there is some family related wealth which either becomes a reason for your progress or family infighting & trouble. It is good to be aware!

This Moon if well placed does show some good luck with mom and the maternal family. Good support from Mama/Mousi folks is shown with this Moon. On the other side, a badly placed one shows some obligations towards this family especially if Moon is in Meen / Pisces (i.e. the owner of the 6th house)

This Moon becomes 8th to the 7th house which means it is not in sync with the marriage/spouse house or partnerships. Also, it becomes 6th to the 9th house of travel and bhagya which means the 2nd Moon wants to stay with family & house and not roam around or go away from the family.

Moon in the 3rd house of a Horoscope – Parakram Sthan, Siblings, Expression, Listening, Travel

The 3rd house of a Horoscope shows the younger siblings, friends, ability to express, listening skills, presentation skills & also to a large extent, the way leadership style of a person is portrayed/presented. This is the house of arms, shoulders, collar bone and ears also. This house belongs to “Kaam Trikon” which shows peripheral things in life such as friends, short-writing, art, expression (oratory skills, musical instrument etc). This house is about external interface of the person’s ability/skills. A very badly placed house could show issues of arms, shoulders and also ears.

Moon in the 3rd house shows desire/affinity of peripheral things in life and also desire to change/affect surroundings in a visible way. i.e. there is a desire of soul to present, express something. A good bit of mind-space is also spent on siblings and more so the younger ones. Moon in the 3rd house also shows mentally tough mother. Your Mother has a bigger say/presence in the house than usual. Actually, it could also mean that she will need to be that way! If this moon is ill-aspected & very close to Rahu or Ketu and their owner not very well placed– this directly shows issues with both Mom and also younger siblings: health (the part of the body shown by the sign in the 3rd house), busy mind etc. Special consideration should be given to the house that Moon owns 12th: Paternal family: 6th Maternal family etc.

As this is the house of younger siblings, it shows special affinity with them. A badly placed Moon here could show intense events with siblings and more so sister. With Ketu or Shani very close it could show pessimism or depression to siblings and Mangal drushti in addition could show additional violent stuff. Chandra itself in the 3rd house is good for having siblings and hence good bad aspects are also seen in life.

The 3rd house is also about short term travel or travels of say 6 To 8 hours. This means a very well-placed moon with some connections to 9th and 12th house could have connections with Tourism. Of course, to get income from this, all these houses should have good connection with the 11th house (income/gains). The 3rd house shows a desire to roam around and travel quite a bit. Arranging outings/picnics etc is their forte! This means they also have to travel quite frequently and even settling 6 to 8hours away from the native place is also very likely.

A 3rd house Moon with Mercury and with some “rashi-bal” could show success in running a press/publishing business also. Any planet in the 3rd house gives ability to play some game/sports as per the nature and the sign of the planet. It also shows good logic building ability. This Moon also gives a very good sense of humor.

The 3rd House Moon is 12th (Wyay/adverse/expense) to the 4th house (home, sukh, rest) which obviously means that one can’t be at home while they are roaming around with free-flow expression and trips/picnics etc. One can’t have it all. It also is the 8th house from the 8th house (peeda/Mrutyu) and hence is imp for longevity considerations. A badly placed Moon could show some issues with longevity. Also, this 3rd Moon naturally is not very pro for any inheritance or easy money which 8th house shows.

The 3rd house Moon is natural friend of everyone but more so when folks have Mars in the 3rd 1st 7th and 11th house or Moon is in the 1st 5th 7th or 11th house. They make lot of acquaintances due to travels and roaming around.

Moon in the 4th house of a Horoscope: Moksha Trikon, Mother, Happiness, Luck with house, vehicles or any damn things in the lifetime; Native country, Village, City etc

A very natural house for Moon as Moon owns the 4th Sign i.e. Cancer. The 4th house shows Mother, Inner Happiness, Inner peace, Ability (or lack of) to stay happy and keep surrounding happy, “Sukh” i.e. happiness that comes from house, vehicles, house-hold equipment, Farming, Farms, Luck with source of Water at house/farm. This house also shows ability of the person to collect “close to heart” folks over a lifetime (“SuHrud” House). Natural benefic like Moon, Venus and Jupiter are of GREAT power here especially Moon and Venus.

A soul chooses or is forced to be born on 4th Moon if there are great karmic ties with the mother. As Moon is “Maatrukaarak” it being in 4th house has very specific ties with the Mom. These ties could be of karmic reward or karmic burden depending on the state of Moon and also aspects on the 4th house. A very well-placed Moon shows the mother as a blessed soul, great help from her and her family and very good health. A troubled Moon shows a very hectic life to Mom. The more the physical hectic life to Mom, more mentally troubled the child is the universal law of Astrology as Moon is Governor of both Mom and Mind/emotions and body-water. A troubled Moon also causes several diseases over a life time regardless of the house but here it also shows Mom’s state of physical and mental health. Bad aspects on this Moon shows health issues to the physical part shown by the sign to both self and mom (say Moon in Scorpio in Jyeshtha aspected by Saturn Mars both could show issues related to internal reprod organs or kidney, In Moola/Sagittarius with legs and so on). When Moon is in this house, Moon Mahadasha of this person is reflected ALMOST “as-is” in lagnesh or Moon Mahadasha of their Mom – i.e. there is some synchronization of these effects of the mother and this person. Or when Saturn is supposed to go over this Moon, the Mother could have Shani antardasha or Shani going over lagnesh or some similar configuration.

Moon & also Venus or Jupiter here can make a person a bit lethargic (‘Alsi’ or “Sukhasin”) who likes to spend time I comfort zone: listing to music, watching movies, spending time at homely environments etc. This house is 8th i.e. mrutyu sthan of the Bhagya-shan (the 9th house). You will never hear someone having bhagyoday without moving 9 hours away from current place! J However, these people show good application or utilization of the progress for the human kind or surroundings. They are not the obstacles to progress but rather they know how to use it once it is done. Multiple homes, farms and collection of vehicles is very much likely with a strong Moon, Venus, Jupiter or even well-placed Mars here. With Venus and Moon in there, there know how to make the best use of the property too!

This house Moon is best to take a franchise of say CCD or Barista etc which are supposed to provide a “very good environment” to people. They are masters at using equipment for comfort. Hell, they can stay happy and create a good environment even in a jail! This house Moon also makes a person a bit God-fearing and overall fearful of almost everything. They lack some extreme intensity etc unless you have a very strong Aries or Scorpio influence (multiple planets). In short, these folks have some emotional intelligence and are in touch & honest with their & other folks’ sentiments just like the Cancer Moon or Sun Sign (July 14 to Aug 14/15).

If the 4th house Moon is troubled then using White Pearl / Moti will reduce anxiety and bring inner peace which helps avoid making matters worse! There is no magical effect but certainly a stable & tranquil mind makes lesser mistakes than an insecure, troubled and an angry mind. Just need to make sure you are not lending too much money to your friends or doing stuff for free – as populism increases with this 4th house Moon and you could be taken for a ride due your good nature and desire to “please all”! J

Moon in the 5th house of a Horoscope: Dharma (Duties) Trikon, Intellect, Kids, Education (Vidya-sthan, Buddhi-sthan.) Heart & Back/spine, Inspirational thoughts, Art, Short Writing, Speech, Teaching etc

This is majorly known as the “Buddhi-sthan”. If the 10th house is of potential, production and continuous improvement and 12th house is if planning, blue-print, architecting etc – the 5th house is about EXECUTION, Go-Getter attitude, Quick achievements and mostly TACTICAL moves and success. This house shows what person thinks as his person success or a dream for that matter. This house is also about playing hard and also love affairs, drive etc. As per Sanskrit scriptures, this house also shows past good karma but I think, every damn thing in a horoscope shows that and not just the 5th house.

Moon in 5th house shows desire for some position in life and of course desire to be part of executing something to get quick success in life. This is not about big long drawn strategy like the 9th house & the 12th house. This house requires immediate action and fulfillment of instant karma. Without a strong 5th house, the 9th house strategy and 12th house vision would never see light of the day. The 5th house brings energy, drive and enthusiasm and optimism to execute thing & take them to completion.

Moon here bring some softness to approach which is not the best for sports activities unless strong Mars with it or 3rd to it (7th). This Moon shows interest in novels, reading, short writing (Lalit-Lekhan), Interest in Poetry & drama is also there. Everything that requires some thinking and spending some brain (CPU cycles) power is related to this house. Moon in this house also makes people have fun (changal-wadi). This fun is related to some action i.e. fulfilling practical senses and not the 6th sense or inner peace etc. Shukra 4th would make person to talk opposite sex often and share good heart/soul-mate etc but the 5th one wants commitment beyond that and action too. Similarly, Moon in the 5th house explores avenues for execution of plans and material success. (It is not completely materialistic etc but more say pragmatic).

When Moon is in Capri / Makar (owner of 11th) it shows cash through such activities of poetry, short writing, drama etc. When owner of 10th – i.e. in Aquarius it shows very good teaching or training ability – great for coaching classes. When in Virgo it shows some expression, drama/writing/acting etc and so on. When in Pisces it shows good execution of a strategy (9th) with innovation or even delivery lectures/seminars etc. In Gemini it shows at least Masters degree unless too many planets in Capri or Scorpio.

This is also the house of forecasting or trading, Hindi word for this is very good “Bhakit” – things like – “yeh abhi aur 2 wickets lega – Isako aaj kuchh jamale wala nahi hain; Ye share aaj 50 se kam se kam upar jayega” belong to the 5th house planets. When in water sign, these folks can also sense the rain and also body language of other folks. This is the house inspiration so time and again they get these brilliant ideas like the big bangs on Sun that happen every second. Hence, it is possible to have palpitations due to 5th house planets and more specifically Sun and Moon as they cause this inspiration/excitement more often.

This house shows destiny of this life with kids and hence the most important house for family folks. The quality if Moon in this house can make a huge impact on the quality of kids. A well placed Moon shows beautiful kids. A badly placed one still shows beautiful kids but with some minor/bigger health issues with water/viral things or even lungs or heart. An ill placed Moon affects the life of self and kids as the 1st house one as here it becomes difficult to separate (the 5th house) intellect from emotions (Moon)!

There is a desire for fixed monthly weekly etc responsibilities and some posts or designation or an “office” for this Duty-House Moon but yes their all rounder nature brings some very good flair to their job. Theis inspirational and go-getter moves keep others interested in working with them. They are very well liked by surroundings for their friendly nature and they often like the jobs with ample people connect.

Moon in the 6th house: Service Sector, Economic Zone, Mom’s siblings, Stomach, Deceases (Rog sthan), Social Presence (Samaj Sthan), Servants, Employees, Health, Enemies (Ripu-sthan)

This house is treated as paap-sthan or “du:sthan” along with 8 & 12 houses. As I keep saying the Sanskrit words comes across a bit too extreme and sometime downright fatal (Mrityu shadh-ashtak) or glorifying too much (“Raajyog, Panchamahapurush Yog, Gaja-Kesari yoga!) J Similarly the 6, 8 and 12 houses are almost condemned in traditional astrology books that translate Sanskrit scripture without understanding what they “intend” to convey! As you can see above the 6th house stands for so many variety of things. How come Mom’s siblings be all paapi for all people in the world! J

Moon in 6th house usually does not thrill the traditional astrologers. This house belongs to economic zone; any planet in this house gives money for sure. It is through providing some “service”. The type of service is shown by Signs in Ascendant, Sun but when Moon is in the 6th house – Moon’s Sign, Constellation and Navamansh do have a BIG say in guessing the field. Aries Sign of Navamansh would show engineering sector, Scorpio could show chemistry or mining field, Taurus could show food or investment or jewelry & so on. Guru’s Navamansh could show medical/pharmacy etc sector. A well placed moon shows good luck with house servants or at a broad level with employees in a business. If the 10th house is about production and 2nd house about investments, debts etc, the 6th house shows service sector. Moon in Guru’s sign and with say Mars or Mars aspect could also shows medical sector or pharma sector. A well placed Moon in Gemini or Virgo also could show providing service though writing, speaking (medical transcripts?).

There is a tendency to catch viral deceases or that spread through water to these more than others. This moon does show a bit fragile composition than other configurations. Guru aspect does stabilize it but still it can’t eliminate it.

There is a special affinity/bond towards Mom’s relatives and frequent visits to Mama/Mousi family are almost a given with a well placed moon. A badly placed moon shows some karmic obligation towards Mom’s relatives. The Sign, the constellation & the owner of the 6th house (in this case rashi-swami) would show the nature, type and intensity of that karmic debt. Helping them helps you in a magical way with economic stuff but more so on health front too. Although it is very difficult to analyze: Moon with Rahu in this house shows father’s mama/mousi and with Ketu it is from mom’s side. Again, some close scrutiny is required but Rahu and Ketu take the Mama/Mousi concepts at one generation up than your direct relatives! A very close 74 born friend with Moon Rahu in 6th house used to go to “Mama’s place” almost every other month and it was in other state! J

This moon aids the 10th house (Career) quite a bit as it is in Bhagya-sthan of the 10th house. This is a very good placement that shows incremental growth. Being 12th house of the 7th house it also shows expenditures on or by spouse/partners.

Moon in the 7th house: Partnerships, Collaborations, Group Activities, Direct Opponents as in court cases, Clients for a Doctor or a lawyer, Long Term wars; Kam Trikon

It is a “Marak Sthan” as per Indian Astrology: as it is more of a philosophical thought as you can never have enough of physical pleasure! J (Similarly 2nd house is Marak, never can have enough wealth!); It also Marak as the person spends lot of energy for this house. This house “completes” the 1st house or compliments it.

The soul has a deep desire to either get paid or pay the karmic stuff with the relationships or partnerships from the past karma. Considerable mind-space and also energy is spent on partnerships, collaborations in this life. The “state” of this Moon will decide the outcome of the (good/bad) results. A well placed one showing great luck with partnerships and marriage whereas ill-placed/aspected one showing karmic burden to be paid off.

This moon exactly opposite to the 1st house alters some of the physical and attitude aspects of the sign & planets in the 1st house. It does show mood swings, a bit unstable nature similar to the 1st house moon but it likes to be in a group than alone. (Example: for Aries ascendant it will reduce the aggression due to Libra Moon and vice versa!) Moon closer to ascendant degree shows more impact of this moon in changing the characteristics of the ascendant-signs.

As the 7th house compliments the 1st house (self), these folks always try to balance or validate their plans. The impulse or the hurried nature of the 1st house planets is largely balanced with this moon. A person with this moon doesn’t get into irreversible situations! There is always some room for negotiations!

As this house belongs to Kaam-Trikon, folks tend to work on the things they love to do and not what they need to do! Most of the self employed folks working on niche stuff of their liking have moon or L10 in 3, 7, 11 houses. They take pleasure in what they work on and do not like to work on what they do not enjoy. This is not the best house for moon to get a position of responsibility with specific daily, weekly, monthly tasks. It bogs them down and is completely out of comfort zone for them. This is especially true for Libra ascendant as Moon also becomes L10.

Moon in the 8th house of a horoscope

The 8th house:  Peeda Sthan, Mrutyu-Sthan, Samadhi Sthan, Hidden Desires, Hidden stuff, Inheritance, the “situation” at the time of death, Alternate healing methods, Yoga, Occult Study, Disproportionate income or disproportionate loss (lottery or gambling money), Mining, Chemistry, Chemicals

Any 8th house planets when well-placed gives easy money, inheritance, lottery or say stock options and so on. It shows lot of un-paid karma left by you or your ancestors for you to exploit/benefit in this life. It shows inheritance blessings too. In some mysterious cases, a well-placed Neptune with good planets can even take these people to a hidden treasure! 🙂 Bigger planets like Guru give this disproportionate income due to knowledge or some hidden information they get from time to time. Shani gives easy (??!!) money very rarely and that too after spending a lot of efforts collecting data, information, meeting people, case studies and sustained efforts of 30 years! So it is obvious the 8th house Moon is SIGNIFICANT. A well placed one and you are seating on a pile of money and a badly placed one is a trouble life indeed which needs a lot of focused remedies.

Regardless of good or badly placed the 8th house planet is: It does bring in SUNISOIDAL wave pattern of ups and downs in life or career. With the Moon, Sadesati is trouble in the first 5 years and lesser so in the last 2.5 years. The 8th house planet shows some fear of unknown anxiety and “busy mind” especially with Moon in it!

The 8th house is adverse to the first house (self). The 8th Moon in transit of 2+ days itself is a trouble for anyone. So, in the natal chart it is a=in the 8th house is single-most factor to analyze! The mind/emotions not in sync with the body. The world thinks you are lagna rashi (say Mithun: talkative) and you are actually an introvert self and suffer in silence (say 8th house Moon in Makar rashi). This is difficult for people around you to decipher and behave with you. This is especially true when the signs of lagna are enemies like Makar-Singh or Vrishchik-Mithun, Kanya-Mesh where there is stark contrast with the ascendant/lagna and the moon! For combinations like Tula-Vrishabh or Kumbh-Kanya it is less chaotic.

This Moon shows obviously an obligation with your mother as Moon is the Maata-kaarak (MatruKaarak). It shows YOU owner to your mother from the past birth and should not expect much support from her in this life. Yes, we very well-placed Moon shows great wealth and some secret hidden information coming from the mother or maternal family which gives you easy money. But badly placed moon (Raahu Ketu Shani impact) could show a physical trouble, health issues to the mom and mental issues to self. Even though the moon is well placed and perfectly fine – the mom’s health is an issue and especially your second sadesati shows major issues and a chance for you to help her in this 2nd Sadesati.

The 8th house Moon has heightened 6th sense. It is able to read undercurrents of situations, body language of people around and even speech/tones on the telephone.  Even the gap between two whats app texts or SMS or conversations are interpreted perfectly. This happens more when they know the person but even with new folks. Rather, when they meet someone for the first time, it is a sensory overload as they get all sorts of signals and readings of the person which can astonish the people around (if they share! 🙂 ) It is like “Karna-Pishaachya” – meaning some souls speaking in their ears about this person. In simpler terms, their antenna is strong to read the VIBES every person gives INDIRECTLY without knowing/overtly but minor movements or eyes or pauses etc. This is the best position for Moon or Lagnesh or multiple planets to get into occult or similar disciplines that need such acute understanding of people.

A chart badly placed from Lagna and very well placed from this 8th Moon means initial life and the START is very bad and life in the initial stages is a trouble/hard-ship. It starts becoming better as the person matures and acts more and more independently and away from the native where destiny plays lesser role and “judgmental forces” are at bay. Hence, troubled moon or 8th house moon is a TWICE Born personality, which has much better life when away from origin where “everybody knows you” and can’t let you be anyone else or anything else than what THEY think you are! 🙂 🙂

A busy mind is a given and it is a curse or a blessing as per well placed or badly placed Moon – even if badly placed with some focus and meditation this can be a great power to make great advances in some secret knowledge.

IMP:  Whatever you believe about you will come true!!! This is true for any Moon position but it is more so for houses such as 8th and 12th. If YOU believe you are strong and a Hero – you will become one. If you believe you are done – you will be done! It is a very powerful mind as it is a busy mind it has power to make things true by sheet force of thoughts! They become actions but even the people around you read those vibes slowly and surely – and they end up making you what YOU believed some time back!!

There are many remedies for this 8th house Moon

  • Daily Meditation, Prayer to calm the mind, 3 times a day NamSmaran to stabilize the mind
  • Help your mother regardless of what is your experience in this life.
  • Use of White & Blue color – Vibrant Blue and Ruby Red – Whenever feel down – use Red and White
  • Use of Moti / white pearl right hand small finger in silver or panchdhaatu as silver is weak and you lose the stone and then worry why you lost it – bad omen! 🙂

Moon in the 9th house of a horoscope

The 9th house: Strategy, Broad thinking, Openness, Gym-Grounds, Hips/Hip joints and legs overall, Travel, Bhagyoday, Mother’s maternal relatives. Places 9 hours away from native, Mentors and Gurus (NOT father), Broad knowledge, higher education, Masters and PhD etc, Duties towards not just family but society and organizations also. LUCK, Progress, Positive most house without Any side effect or rough edge.

The 9th house planets and also planets in DHANU / Sagittarius sign in any house (even 12th or 8th) have their own blessings to the person. They show broad thinking, positive approach, open nature, no secrets, sense of greater good, strategic thinking aligned to bigger cause and not selfish and extrovert persona without rough edges of say Leo/Singh sign of ego. Idealistic, role model folks who relentlessly try to progress and do good. It is the house and sign of the natural support. That is why Sachin T, Sunil G are Dhanu Moon, Kapil Dev is Dhanu Surya, Don Bradman is Dhanu lagna with Chandra Surya Mangal in the 9th house in Sigh, Dhoni has 9th house Moon Guru Shani, Dravid has 9th house Mangal AND Dhanu Surya, Swami Vivekanand Dhanu Surya and NADAL and Warne Dhanu Mangal. DHANU rashi and the 9th house are positivity personified. Dhirubhai Dhanu lagna Surya and Chandra! Ratan Tata Dhanu Sury (28th Dec). JFK: Dhanu Surya (29th Dec).

It is obvious then that the 9th house Moon is a major blessing to the person. It shows great past karma and desire & destiny of the soul to do something broad and strategic & well aligned to a greater goal. Strategic thinking is natural & easy. Tomorrow is always better. Travel is eminent for work or even abroad settlement or distant places connects to spread their knowledge or gain knowledge or work or skills. Astrology is all about logic and hence travel house is also the house of legs! 🙂

15 9 houses belong to DHARMA-TRIKON in the chart. Dharma means Duty here. Any planets in 1 5 9 house shows a responsible person who takes responsibility and occupies higher posts or dutiful posts for the houses a planet owns of the Governor ship of the planet. Guru 1 5 9 shows teachers, mentors and Mangal in these houses show BCCP officials or captains and sports folks. Surya in these houses shows people in higher positions and say Presidents or Governors in India or higher posts in organizations. So it is obvious the 9th house Chandra shows higher positions in organization and Chandra being people connect with classes it usually has some interface with people or higher classes/economy etc in the work they do. Chandra in the 9th house gives good logic and ability to express and present with patience and sukoon. Effective speech but not as vibrant or free-flow and panache as 3rd house Chandra but equally effective for the purpose to be achieved.

Shani Rahu or Ketu would of course make appropriate changes in this Chandra/Moon behavior. They will add or reduce these characteristics where Shani will add some laziness and Rahu would add aggression and Ketu would add submissive or spiritual aspects. But STILL, the 9th house Chandra and these planets also would have their own positivity and higher positions ability. Yes Moon is mind so mind is powerful and is altered by these planets but they might not result in to huge issues or complete melancholy. YES, Rashi-Swami Wakri and in intense degrees and with Ketu Rahu Shani would add similar issues. So the holistic analysis is needed for sure.

Great results for this Moon will be seen whenever Moon Mahadasha or Antardasha appears which would show higher posts & higher responsibility and change of job location – floor, building or office or city or country also depending on the stage of life. Sadesati effects depend on many aspects as to how other planets are structured with Moon to previous or next to moon but still the first 2.5 years would be more troublesome in career and also health as SHANI being 8th to Lagna and 12th to Chandra!

As this Chandra is 8th (Peeda/Mrutyu) from the 2nd house & 6th (Shatru/enemies) house from the 4th house it does not help with SUKH or ARAAM, rest or enjoying house or pleasures and so on. The mind does not get involved in the family wealth or family inheritance or such things.  Rather it takes away from these things. If Chandra itself is L2 or L4 then it shows good house/property abroad.

Examples: Lokmanya Tilak, Don Bradman, Dhoni, Bachchan, (three of my friends settled abroad in USA at higher positions. (Kumbh, Mithun and Singh Moon sign)

Moon in the 10th house of a horoscope (Karma-Sthan)

The 10th House: Karma-Sthan, Workplace, Business, father, Production, Arth-Trikon (wealth)

Any planet in the 10th house shows productivity, producing things and sort of a factory pattern. The planet in the 10th house shows what they would produce. It is the house that defines how a person behaves at the workplace. Mangal would show aggression and Surya shows aloofness and originality and Moon would show caring, emotional and networking and group events etc. This house shows a person’s natural attitude towards work. Means L10 in the 5th house shows teaching & preaching. So the 10th house Chandra is a bit of a natural misfit(?) in this house of production which invariably means friction. However, Chandra is creative and emotional and hence good for any business with people connect, creativity & art.   Despite being in Mesh (Aries) or Vrishchik (Scorpio) it would not show the aggression or directness of Mars or Sun in this house which is needed to create major movement or big bang.

The desire of this Moon is of course workplace. Career and business and workplace figures out predominantly here. As Moon changes every day, these folks also move around quite a bit for work. Even in one building they might have to visit different floor and people to take the work ahead. Networking and people contact is Sthayibhaav (resident nature?!) of this Moon. Even in a fixed rashi like Vrishabh or Vrishchik etc it shows some movements and maybe bigger ones that happen in a few months or years if not weekly connects with people.

This Chandra shows great success at workplace “eventually” even if it is not very well placed. The desire eventually finds it way to a great position in career. As this is KENDRA sthan it has a different TATVA than the lagna-rashi (rising sign). So it has different nature and attitude than the rising sign. Say Vrishchik (Scorpio) Water secretive emotional lagna-rashi & Chandra in the 10th house in Leo (Singh) or Earth rising of Vrishabh (Taurus) and Moon in Kumbh (Aquarius) in 10th house. So there is natural friction of rising lagna and Moon! This opposition could be used to create “maximum work” instead of un-healthy suppression of one element by another like Water Versus Fire or Fire versus Earth and so on. Well directed approach would end up achieving a lot. However, there always be friction, noise and FORCE with this 10th Moon. It is not the most harmonious stuff. A badly places Moon shows intense stuff with the father’s health but Moon being Maatrukaarak it also shows the mother. The 10th Moon usually shows strong mother & emotional father by sheer logic.

Sadesati middle 2.5 years would be more troublesome not considering if there are more planets in 9/3/6 house or (first 2.5 Sadesati tough) or 11/5/8 houses (last 2.5 sadesati tough). Even then, Sadesati is also happening for these people as rising /ascendant keeps then right place right time.  It is obvious that even the worst time would not affect their career as much as this Chandra is all about career.  Rather, Sadesati middle 2.5 would make them aware that career is not eveything but personal life also needs attention.

This Chandra as per ownership shows career-people: Means if Chandra L7 then working spouse, if L4 then working mother and so on. This house Chandra takes one logically away from 5th house (kids, education) and also the 3rd house (siblings and expression/writing/presentations). It is 6th (Shatru/enemy) from the 5th house and it is 8th (peeda/Mrutyu/death) for the 3rd house. A strong planet in the 3rd house will of course override this one.

Example: Hitler! 🙂 Will add more – many industrialists inheriting business or getting in to partnerships of existing business.

Moon in the 11th house of a horoscope

The 11th House: Gains, income, Monthly Cash-flow, All sorts of gains from various people and things, elder siblings, spouse of kids, Nature & amount of father’s wealth, Older friends, Friends

As this is the KAAM-TRIKON House (3-7-11) it shows freelance spirit and not the 9 to 5 job kind of attitude. This house planets are perfect for artists and freelancers. They are allowed to (destiny) be freelancers and not dutiful folks (1 5 9 houses) who need to occupy an office and be responsible to cyclic things which need to be done on a daily weekly monthly etc basis.) That’s why I always feel folks like Viv Richards and Sehwag and Kapil also having 3 7 11 house planets which have DIRECT visible impact in surroundings with panache and flair. There is free flow expression to these 3 7 11 house planets. They do not want to bound by duties alone and they want to go beyond. The 3rd house has childlike individualistic purity in expression (Bhimsen) and much more force and parakram. The 7th house is a bit more inclusiveness where balancing individualism and group & team needs without losing the flair and free flow approach and the 11th house folks get some wonderful surroundings which take care of all the duties and group needs for these folks to reach a genius level expertise and results! There is free flow that has less friction or fight with surroundings and it has Brian Lara like poetry to expression. There is friendliness in their approach which is not offending to the people at receiving end too.

Any planet in the 11th house is a blessing, unpaid karma of the past birth delivered to you in this one. Any planet in the 11th house delivers that karma thru the house it owns but also the sign and the constellation (rashi-nakshatra) it is in and broad level the Governor ship of the planet (“Kaarkatva”). Chandra / Moon which is Kaarak of Mom, water, female relatives, silver, revers, ponds, emotional and your “mind” is obviously ultra-important & effective in the 11th house. The “Jab We Met” character of Kareena must have 11th Moon as she was her own favorite! 🙂 Your mind is your best friend when Moon is in the 11th house. There is friendship and harmony with your own rising (lagna) ascendant sign. This means good planetary transits are experienced lot more & happiness index is lot higher. Whereas, bad planetary transits become mixed except 6th house as they tend to become good for either ascendant or Moon. Even Sadesati, not considering any other planets is lesser of a worry or them as 12th Shani is 10th to lagna and 1st stressful Shani is in the gains house 11th to ascendant. The last 2.5 Shani becomes 2nd to Moon and starts new income and hence lessens the 12th impact to ascendant. Of course, it also means they are not resting much or not on leave a lot. Unlike 4th house Moon which goes in to resting mode from time to time, 11th Moon keeps working even in resting mode –  maybe investing the recently earned money or putting resting effort to something which will yield fruits later in life. This “realization” of various Moon houses and how they behave helped me work on weekends and holidays on something – astrology or cricket or movies and keep the mind busy on something. 11th Moon is a busy mind in a good way! As it is Upachay house 3 6 11 – even our the malefic (intense) friends like Rahu Shani Mangal Surya becomes very good in the 11th house. Yes, they do impact the temper when with Moon – Rahu giving anger agitation and Shani giving unnecessary worry or pessimism if not depression. But still in the 11th house the impact is minimal where 80% of these temper impacts are also directed to useful things.

11th Moon becomes 8th (peeda/adverse) to the 4th house – which means they are not at home much or not resting much. Even if they launch something like Starbucks or CCD, they would establish it and stay there for some time and move on to the next branch leaving someone with strong 4th house to manage the settled one. It also becomes 6th to the 6th house (maternal folks). This is a bit of a contrast as Moon is mother and maternal folks but 11th Moon should give proximity to mom and maternal folks. But somewhere this Moon shows detachment with mama mousi folks at some point in time.

11th Moon aspect on the 5th house gives good experience with kids. It also gives great spouse or rather business partnerships to your kids as 11th is the house of spouse for kids.

Obviously, these folks become close friends with folks having Mangal /Mars in the 11 1 3 and 7th 9 house or Moon is in the 1 3 9 7 11 houses in that order as they match “frequency” or “chemistry”!

Moon in the 12th house of a horoscope: WYAY-STHAN /   EXPENSE / The BIG Picture

The 12th house: Expense, wyay-sthan, exile, vision, architecture, blue-printing/design, immigration, places that are 12 hours away, spouses of mama, mousi (spouse of maternal uncle/aunts), Father’s younger siblings, Moksha-Sthan

The 12th house shows planning, vision and management. It is expense of time, money and energy in to something. It is about dreams or visions that eventually come true in the 3rd house partly and the 5th house fully. It is also a house of bandhan-yog or jail-time or political or actual exile. Bad placement either in the birth-chart or even in transit can result in such “bandhan-yog”. It also belongs in the MOKSHA-TRIKON (spiritual triangle).  Religious places or ashrams or temples etc. Donations given to such places or even fines paid due to mistakes. Transit planet in the 12th house show need to cover earlier errors & omissions and also spending time money and energy to plan next 12 movements of that planet!

CHANDRA in the 12th house is a very significant aspect. As KAARAK of your mind/emotions and mom and water in the body, it is highly significant in the 12th house. It shows heightened 6th sense & ability to read body language or real intention of people or the big picture as they call it. They understand the bigger “game” being played and how things are aligned to a bigger thing and plans. The flip side is that when the things are not even aligned for that they get frustrated and think that there IS some design. Especially, people with planets in the 3 7 11 houses are difficult for these 12th house folks to fathom or analyze and they do things for pleasure! 🙂 Like Kapil hitting every ball for a six and Richards trying to dominate the balling or not going on defensive even if not many runs required to win. The strategy and vision are of the utmost important for these 12th house Moon people whereas the 3rd house fun and inspiration and 5th house structured inspiration while they like and appreciate only if it is aligned to a bigger picture. The 12th house Moon goes against the 5th house as obviously vision, planning versus “action or execution” are different things. It is obvious they do not like too much physical struggle and fighting their way out. They can often select the path of the least resistance which actually should be avoided!

As this is the Moksha Trikon, the last hose which shows highest level of detachment or spirituality, any planet in the 12th house brings some detachment as per the house they own or the things they represent for the chart. The 12th house Moon bring in overall detachment and maturity quite early due to the big picture. Sometimes, they think they know it all and hence are difficult to surprise with highly controversial or difficult or impossible things or news too. The trap is that they can do rationalization to their brain of any outcome! So a match going either way or if it is a wicket or a 6 to the next ball – they can rationalize eveything as the right or a reasonable outcome. One thing is for sure, their strategy is usually not wrong when they start and the failure could be mistakes in execution. Or quick adjustments needed to make as per changing situation. The 12th house Moon has tremendous ability to ask right questions for anything and also “WHY” for everything which makes them strategic to start with and visionary later on.  Most “visionary” folks have very well-placed planets in the 12th house. They might not execute as well but they plan certainly well. So coaches in cricket would be accepted very fast if they have 9th and 12th house Mars or planets like Dravid and Shastri with 9 and 12 hours Mars. Kumble with 6th to Moon mars could have been difficult to accept as coach easily. Even in signs which are high ego like Leo and Scorpio the 12th house does shows some detachment.

The 12th house being house of exile or now a days immigration, shows GC holders or long term abroad folks with 12th house planets. Moon being utterly imp makes it an obvious case for abroad connection. It shows investments or connections abroad. If L12 is in 11th it shows income from abroad and similar effect is also when L11 in 12th (Kanya lagna Singh rashi). Just that L12 in 11 makes a person a bit more playful and L11 in 12th gets some detachment. In air signs it could show education or study abroad. It fire signs, it could shows job taking abroad.

Moon being 12th can shows a bit weak health in the childhood & easily catching cold or fever or water related stuff. Health-wise it does show slower flow of blood or water in the body and hence brisk walking is highly needed. A bit lazy and inaction stuff happens with 12th Moon Or Mars. Ignorance towards physical movements could be seen unless absolutely needed and hence when they move fast they can eventually hurt their ankle/feet etc. Regardless of sign, it does show some obligations to the mom from the past birth. Especially, when Shani drushti on 5th or L4 and Moon. DHANU Rashi moon would show obligation with spouse and partnerships and more so in Moola nakshatra. Moon in Vrishchik could show issues with inheritance and kidney or reprod organs. Moon in Mithun could show health issues in the childhood. Moon in Makar would show issues with stomach and also obligations with mama mousi maternal relatives. Moon in Vrishabh would gain money from abroad with investments in abroad and so on.

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Generic Thoughts or Rather Random Thought 14 topic! 🙂

Like any planet in any house, the effectiveness of Moon in this house largely depends on the owner of the 7th house (L7). L7 in 7th, 11th or 3rd house (Kam-Trikon) will show very good results of what this house stands for i.e. success in the things shown by this house. Of course, Shani drushti on L7 or 7 will delay the fruits of karma and all that but you get an idea. (Any rashi-swami 5 or 9 or in the same house increases the fruits & also speed of the fruits shown by that house). Rather, when a soul has done a lot of thinking, meditation about certain part of life then it is allowed or it takes birth with such formation where the owner of the house is in that house (complete bhog) or in the 5th house from that house (doing something inspirational/fun loving/tactical/action oriented about the house) and 9th from it which shows doing something strategic, broad, guidance to others about that house. Rather, even any planet in horoscope is 5th or 9th from some house which shows that it increases the effectiveness of those houses by its own strength in the horoscope. That is why trikon yog are considered most natural, most powerful and of 100% strength (Nava-Pancham)

SURYA / SUN in the 12 houses of Horoscope

What Surya Represents: SWAYAMBHU (Self-lit), Ego, Self-esteem, Pride, Alone, Fire, Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, Pioneer, “I Me and Myself”, Center of their own eco-system, forming own sphere of influence, Originality, Heart, Spine, Bone Quality, OVERALL HEALTH and Vitality.

SURYA being the ALLMIGHTY for our Solar system is SINGLEMOST imp factor for our existence. Imagine a person without bones or without heart or spine! Not having good Surya in the chart is absence of spine literally but also figuratively! SURYA has content of EACH planet in it. It can delivery fruits of each planet if not fully partially or it can reduce fruits of other planets drastically. It is probably DHANU Surya (Sagittarius Sun) which allowed Hawking Sahib to live longer life despite such decease. It is the LEO SUN of DON BRADMAN which made him a self-respecting and such a well-respected person with not a single soul talking ill about him. SACHIN’s MESH Surya in Exalted or rather OVER Exalted status in the 10th degree of ARIES is vastly imp for his relentless pursuit of his career. On a much smaller and personal scale: My father with his 1st house Surya and b-date of 1 ruled by Surya was able to defy ALL astrologers and all psychics that he WILL die at the age of 37. It was able to defy 12th Mangal 6th Guru and 4th Shani -Rahu and not to mentioned 8th Chandra! For me “Vargottam Surya in the 5th house of Buddhi in meen rashi – defines me as an all-rounder. The paragraph from V.D.BHAT book “Navamansh Rahasya” (The Secrets of navamansh) I feel it is written as if it is by my close friend or a relative describing me. Without this Surya in Vargottam Pisces Navamansh I would ZERO (rather, NEGATIVE).

Surya in the Natal Chart (Birth-Time Horoscope)

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What Surya Represents: SWAYAMBHU (Self-lit), Ego, Self-esteem, Pride, Alone, Fire, Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, Pioneer, “I Me and Myself”, Center of their own eco-system, forming own sphere of influence, Originality, Heart, Spine, Bone Quality, OVERALL HEALTH and Vitality.

Shani Guru Rahu Ketu are often overrated in the chart analysis. Guru Shani and Rahu Ketu come in picture only if Surya (SUN), Chandra (Moon), Shukra (Venus), Budh(Mercury), Mangal (Mars) are reasonably placed. Imagine without a reasonable BUDH (which controls basic ability to think, count, listen, talk, nervous system basics) GURU is of hardly any use! It is like having huge chaste or say biceps without having palms to use them! The SMALLER planets have HUGE impact on any person’s basic structure & basic ability. Without Moon well-placed or at least reasonable, there is NO use of any planet in the chart! Of course, other planets exert force on to Moon and constitute whether Moon is well placed or not. In short, larger planets on their own have GHUNTA effect on us. It is thru the smaller planets they are able to delivery good bad karma. The Signs and houses of the smaller/faster planets are hugely important & THEN relative aspects or positions of slow moving planets are important.

SURYA being the ALLMIGHTY for our Solar system is SINGLEMOST imp factor for our existence. Imagine a person without bones or without heart or spine! Not having good Surya in the chart is absence of spine literally but also figuratively! SURYA has content of EACH planet in it. It can delivery fruits of each planet if not fully partially or it can reduce fruits of other planets drastically. It is probably DHANU Surya (Sagittarius Sun) which allowed Hawking Sahib to live longer life despite such decease. It is the LEO SUN of DON BRADMAN which made him a self-respecting and such a well-respected person with not a single soul talking ill about him. SACHIN’s MESH Surya in Exalted or rather OVER Exalted status in the 10th degree of ARIES is vastly imp for his relentless pursuit of his career. On a much smaller and personal scale: My father with his 1st house Surya and b-date of 1 ruled by Surya was able to defy ALL astrologers and all psychics that he WILL die at the age of 37. It was able to defy 12th Mangal 6th Guru and 4th Shani -Rahu and not to mentioned 8th Chandra! For me “Vargottam Surya in the 5th house of Buddhi in meen rashi – defines me as an all-rounder. The paragraph from V.D.BHAT book “Navamansh Rahasya” (The Secrets of navamansh) I feel it is written as if it is by my close friend or a relative describing me. Without this Surya in Vargottam Pisces Navamansh I would ZERO (rather, NEGATIVE).

So let us agree that the often neglected by Astrologers or rather it is ASSUMED that these smaller planets are OK and hence the person is here in front of us asking “future prospects”. Without reasonable smaller planet placements, the person would not even reach or think about “future prospects” or would be struggling with day to day needs and operational matters.

LET US look at effects of Surya in each house of a horoscope.

SURYA is EGO & Self-esteem. It shows how strong you are, how strong your father, your backbone is and also how much EGO you have or again strength you have! SURYA in a house shows you can have EGO / PRIDE about the things shown by that house and the things that house shows. So, the 5th house Surya would be show pride about education, intelligence and also kids. The 1st house would show about personality and appearance and health. The 10th house Surya would show pride ego about the father and the business or workplace and so on.

SURYA in the 1st house of a Horoscope

Check the first para of what Surya represents and apply it to this one! 🙂 The first house being (SELF) and Surya in the 1st house in the EAST direction of the chart shows DIGBALI Surya! DIGBAL (directional strength) shows an empowered person with “MAIN HUN NAAH” effect.

  • Independent, Inspirational, Entrepreneurial, Pioneer, Adamant, Self-sufficient, Pride Self-esteem folks
  • Do not expect sensitive caring or too much emotional approach even if Sun is in Cancer. Yes, Caner ascendant WILL show caring sensitive stuff but Sun there WILL make it a bit aloof and not allow every Tom Dick Harry come close.
  • Extra-ordinary resilience and heath. Some fevers from time to time as USHNA-Prakriti, But these fevers also do not slow them down as they don’t pay much attention to it.
  • Do not allow people to come too close.
  • Have specific roles and responsibility and clear demarcation of roles in THEIR MIND for all people in their life or career. Able to BOX things well and not mixing these boxes or making people miserable by exposing them to unfamiliar environments. In short, they build their own ecosystem or like solar system -their own sphere of influence.
  • DO not like to be at NEW places or new people – Out of comfort zone. Like to be in their own DEN or familiar environment. Do not want to go to places where they don’t have “power” or respect.
  • They respect boundaries of all people and expect the same. Someone crossing the boundary is banished from their kingdom forever! 🙂 Unless they allow it! In short, they are quite territorial.
  • They are liked and respected by Govt, Authorities and are in sync with such stuff and natural at establishing law and order and a process. Natural at Govt or IAS IPS sort of jobs which are funded by Govt or BIG orgs.
  • In intense degrees or intense nakshatra can show sudden injuries or sudden incidents due to their own inspirational moves to head or frequent fevers.  The areas of hurt could be head, spine and heart but also the organ shown by the sign (Scorpio: Kidney, Leo Heart, Capri: Knees, Sagi: Legs / hip etc).
  • In Mangal drushti the nature would be more aggressive and intense. Difficult to handle.
  • In SHANI drushti it would show some difference of opinion or fights or tussles or show-down with bosses, Govt and authorities from time to time. Some deficit from the past karma which they would need to accommodate which is AGAINST their nature. Unless Sun in Cancer, Pisces or Makar Vrishabh (docile signs) such tussles result in strong fights and bitter enemies. Also, SHANI drushti affects eye-sight and spine, heart and bone structure.
  • GURU drushti helps with everything and keeps the Fire of Sun on the right things.
  • In MAKAR (Capri) rashi it does not rashi strength but still shows resilience more than other Makar lagna (rising) folks.
  • In Air signs shows intelligence of high order and inspirational ideas and thoughts that will also guide others. White collar jobs predominantly.
  • In FIRE Signs it is natural and shows HIGHER positions in career and BIG organizations. VERY positive person & big heart and highly respected.
  • IN water signs, a bit docile than others with some emotional intelligence and not just action oriented. But emotions don’t interfere with duties and job.
  • In EARTH signs shows higher posts in Wealth management, agriculture or such practical stuff. Some wealth or economy handling aspect WILL end up appearing in their career regardless of education.
  • With RAHU Surya shows aggression, agitation and irritation and also excess ambition in any house but more so the 1st house. It is like boiling blood that can show friction and over use of bones and hence issues.
  • With KETU it shows some reduction of resilience and outright brilliance.  KETU brings some sukoon and slow and reduces some of the ambitions. Also, could give weak eyesight or weak spine and heart or overall resilience. It could increase artistic side though!
  • Birth-Dates of 1 10 19 28 would adds to all these characteristics lot more! The bdates of 8 17 26 would reduce and check these instincts many times.

Examples: Balasaheb Thackeray (Capri/Makar: 23rd Jan), Sharad Pawar (Scorpio: 12th Dec) – Will add more.

SURYA in the 2nd house of a Horoscope

The 2nd house: Speech, Family, Wealth, Investments, Stock market, Eyes, Debts, Loans erc, Jewelry, Teeth, Tongue, Neck, Nose, etc etc, “Maarak sthan” as you can’t ever have enough wealth 🙂 8th house (peeda/Mrutyu sthan of partner: 7th house)

Surya in the 2nd house is a bit of a misfit (not bad) but it becomes a bit confused here. This is wealth management and family house and hence an loner or independent sort of a planet in the family house becomes a bit lost at times! So you see someone like Imran Khan (Cricket/politician) having a strange family life but his is with Shani too so a bit extreme case. SURYA being the parent of solar system also becomes parent of the family in this house. The one who provides money and arranges money or starts money matters in the family.

  • Well placed Surya shows good connection with Govt and Govt folks or people with authority that results in some work.
  • Running some wealth management company or debt /loans related org.
  • Starting a bank and if good angles with Shani then a cooperative bank. Rather working as an official in such bank and an expert and not a political leader who usually has Shani in the 2nd house for such co-operative banks.
  • Getting good work from Govt or big orgs with higher authority proximity.
  • Extravagant, giving money away at times with pride or even ego mostly against the wish of the partner/spouse.
  • Giving promises which are a bit over the head is possible (again pride and ego while taking) Giving a “word” in ego etc could really hurt at times
  • Very less speech and reluctant to talk unless Gemini Sun. Initially childhood speaking R could be an issue just like 8th or 2nd house Mangal.
  • SHANI drushti could cause getting in to problems with Govt for loans or debts.
  • With RAHU the paternal grandfather and family history with wealth is repeated and good bad things appear in life. The owner of the 2nd house being wakri or 6 8 from this 2nd house (9th house of 7th house) can cause more issues. Wakri L2 could cause some major losses. SHANI drushti means huge wealth losses possible. Both Rahu Shani influence means bad SAHUKARI in the family and money snatched away from poor by the elders of the family.
  • With KETU it is less extreme or intense but in intense nakshatra or Shani  drushti or wakri owner of 2nd house etc it could show cancerous stuff in the family and also spine or heart being weak!
  • GURU drushti on Surya results in good long-term strategic investments, well directed donations and not just pride ego etc.
  • Well placed shows good eye sight and throat stuff but a badly placed one can cause major eye sight issues. Usually, worse the eye sight and power of eyes and worse the wealth management in the family.
  • In Water signs ego and self-esteem is reduced and unnecessary promises are not done.
  • In fire signs possibility of giving money increases quite a bit but income also increases due to Govt or big org or blessings by authorities.
  • In Earth Signs it shows VERY practical approach towards wealth and hence good saving and even advising others for investments!
  • In Air Signs it is quite an intellectual approach which asks good questions before lending money or even taking a loan.
  • The birth-date of 1 10 19 28 could increase all these characteristics majorly!!! And the birth-dates of 8 17 26 would reduce extravagance and ego and so on giving money away!
  • When Surya in owner of the 6th house (Surya in Mesh rashi: MEEN lagna) shows good use of debts/loan to make money (if well placed else bad loans!)
  • When Surya owner of the 10th house (in DHANU) Vrishchik lagna – shows raising money for business and using degree/knowledge etc for that!
  • When in own rashi 2nd house (Kirk lagna) then good support from the father for wealth and also Govt deals and big orgs.

Examples: Cricketer and Politician Imran Khan (Will add more)

SURYA in the 3rd house of a Horoscope

The 3rd House: “Parakram Sthan” “Sahaj Sthan”, “Bhratru-Sthan)” Siblings (mostly younger), Communication, Listening, Arms, Shoulders, Expression, Presentations, Picnics, Travels of 6 hours, Quick Short-Term Travels, Writing, Publishing, Impact on surroundings. Operational model, Doing things with flair, free-form inspirations

The 3rd house Thoughts:

  • The 3rd house being a “Sahaj-Sthan” that belongs to Kaam-Trikon is good for any natural malefic (Paap Graha) such as Rahu, Shani (Saturn), Mars (Mangal) and of course, Surya (Sun). These planets get an extra edge in this house. It allows them to unleash their powers and their intensity, “Parakram” and energy in a much better way.
  • This is the house of impact on the surroundings. Prakash Padukone has 3rd house Mars in Gemini, Dennis Lille the fast bowler and Roger Federer also I suspect has mars in 3rd they have Mars in Gemini (the 3rd sign) and in the 3rd house makes it a lot more effective. Shivaji Maharaj had Uchcha Shani in the 3rd house! Balasaheb Thackeray had 3rd Shani to Moon sign of Kanya.  Lata Mangeshkar has 3rd house Moon in Kirk rashi (own). KAPIL Saan has 3rd house Surya in DHANU.
  • One of my colleagues in Patni Computers had Mercury in the 3rd house in Gemini and D9 also had it. I was curious if some connection with publishing, press etc – and he was surprised as he had not told even some of his project mates! 🙂 And I was also amazed (This was 2005 and I was having a “stall” in Club-Patni “Kalaakriti: Event as a domestic astrologer displaying my “Kalaa” i.e. Art!) 🙂 🙂 Had surprised many folks by asking “if your moon sign Leo or Vrishabh or your patrika-name starting from W (Taurus moon) and so on! 🙂
  • Bharatratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi had Surya L10 in the 3rd house with Shukra! You can connect expression and impact on surroundings to this chart!
  • Ball to ball commentary would be done great by anyone having planets in the 3rd house or planets in the Gemini Sign (Gavaskar has Gemini Sun and Shastri has Gemini Ascendant).
  • I have a friend who has Mangal Dashamesh (L10) in the 3rd house in Mesh and he is ultra-aggressive businessman who wants to grab everything in sight! Runs around impatiently and with anxiety effectively making progress no matter what! 🙂
  • Many successful higher position military folks have 3rd house Mangal but in serious Makar rashi which has more practical and land grabbing approach due to practical Makar rashi Mangal.
  • 3rd house Makar rashi Shukra Chandra make people serious expressions which tends more towards classical singing than say Mithun rashi planets or Tula rashi planets which would try experimentation and more vibrant expression not sticking to a form or rules. The 3rd house Surya is highly confident expression bordering on ego and arrogance too.

As you can see the planets in the 3rd house are highly playful. There is free-form and freelancing approach which is unrestricted. They are quite vibrant and make their presence felt almost all the times. Unless they are 5th or 9th etc to Moon, they are highly free-form and they start liking the journey much more than the destination. They have visible impact on the surroundings as they move stuff around quite a bit. The 3rd house is playful in a way they would find variations in a Raag like Bhimsen Saahab. Their free flow spirit does not like to fit in to a form easily. Bhimsen had Shukra Surya in Makar – -ultra conservative sign so this freelancing gets lot of control.

  • Surya in the 3rd house gives great confidence, extrovert persona, bold nature. It shows forceful communication and boastful talks. Ability to patronize is birth-right of the 3rd house Surya!
  • There is originality in their expression and communication. They hardly copy anyone and create their own way of expression. Surya’s inspiration gets a free flow channel and a very positive channel without adulterations.
  • There is direct way of expression & ability to influence people directly & overtly (not like “inception”). Big voice & being center of a group with lively comments is their thing.
  • Confrontations are direct and, in your face, and not behind the back. Guerilla war tactics is 3rd Shani and overt/direct opposition and taking on opposition in broad day light is the 3rd Shani.
  • Gossip is OK and good but not beyond a limit as extrovert nature of Sun would also involve the target of gossip in their talk or display clear body language to the person being gossiped giving it away! 🙂
  • 95/100 folks with 3rd Surya are Khudpasand _ They are their own fans!  🙂 They ego/self-esteem and their self-worth is their own friend.
  • As this house is in sync with the 1st house, it has very positive impact on the “future” or “achievements” of the person. Good planetary yog get great support and force from this 3rd Surya increase their magnitude of success.
  • The 3rd sign from any sign is friendly with element of the signs. Means Water and Earth; Fire and Air. So this 3rd and 11th house planets become real great friends of the person that helps with impact on surroundings.
  • The side effect of this Surya is liking the journey too much and getting misaligned a bit from the ultimate destination or the final state or goals (the 9th house). They can play GREAT CAMEOS in many fields but to play the LEAD or mainstream character or role they need planets in the 9th or 11th house too. Or having planets in strong signs. That’s why you see Kapil saab playing to the gallery and batting in his own style thereby not achieving as much as say Sehwag despite having similar capability.
  • Surya in the water signs shows docile & less aggressive approach as lagna-rashi also becomes water-element. It shows good emotional intelligence while influencing or patronizing people.
  • Surya in the Earth Signs shows practical aggression and positivity but not displaying ability for making a statement.
  • Surya in the Air Signs shows highly intellectual approach but it has force and can do some actions to “make a statement”.
  • Surya in the Fire signs shows maximum impact and great force and can take actions just to make a statement or show dominance.

Examples: Bharatratna Bhimsen Joshi, Kapil Dev, Shah Rukh

SURYA in the 4th House of a Horoscope

The 4th house: SUKH Sthan, Mom’s house, the native place / city, farms and vehicles, people close to your heart (“SuHrud”), house, property, all sorts of pleasures mostly non-physical and more of “inner” ones. Moksha Trikon first house, So some spiritual angle, Places such as Café Coffee Day, Starbucks Outlets and so on. All books and all authors insist that this house shows the “quality of the last days or the later part of life say after age of 30.32”. Ability to create good environment around, giving good people to spend quality time, ability or thoughts or tools to succeed. Your COMFORT ZONE, your comfort food and so on.

The 4th house is ability to use luxuries & tasteful things in life. Ability to enjoy say movies, multi-plex, places like Starbucks or “katta-sanskriti” or use of house, house-hold equipment, Netflix subscription, vehicles and so on. It is MILD house which likes to get “mamata” (emotions) and give mamata. The natural malefic like Shani, Rahu, Mangal and Surya in the 4th house are NOT natural & not at ease. They show person going out of comfort zone and not using the luxuries or not resting mentally or physically. Bachchan has 4th Shani, Aurangzeb had 4th Shani so they are and kept busy till the end of their days! 🙂 On the other hand, folks with Chandra Guru Shukra in the 4th house have great ability to use the time, the material thing, tasteful life or luxuries of life and also give other people a “comforting” time. Ashramas or Muth or such places would need SHUBH – natural benefic planets in the 4 8 12 houses which support the 4th house.

Surya in the 4th house shows following things:

  • Tremendous self-esteem, pride or rather ego of own family, native, place, “my people – could be language, culture, caste, religion, race or background”.
    • Balasaheb Makar Lagna MESH Mangal 4th, Bruce Willis Makar Chandra and Mesh Mangal 4th to Chandra (hitting “Asian chik/GF ”as he calls it of Gabriel in Die Hard 4.0 using brute force versus Karate/Kung Fu etc)
    • Buy Desi or Buy American Gang!
    • The folks that keep local culture and local stuff alive with passion and force. Playing the patriarch.
    • Even when 4th Shani with Surya can make stay away from native or abroad but would preserve all native customs, festivals, language, food and religion etc
  • It shows good property, estate and good “structures” angle. If very badly placed and Shani then court/legal etc stuff for property would be done with relatives. Regardless of right or not the father gives some property etc to this person.
  • Mother is stricter to this person and the father is motherly and more sentimental and closer to heart than other siblings.
  • Ability and destiny to create a great platform and property etc from ZERO and give to the family or surrounding for enjoyment or use or to thrive. Building a community for a broad thinking and a higher-class horoscope or at least building a property for a lesser and more narrow focus chart. They will not sit down and might not enjoy it with the rest of the folks as they will keep busy in improving it or adding to it or extending it. But they will take pride in building such community.
  • As SHANI is called as Surya-Putra (Son of Surya) who opposes Surya or has some adverse or opposing characteristics – these folks also have some relative and mostly from maternal family or their own offspring deserting or drifting apart from them.
  • KENDRA-STHAN and hence despite being SUKH sthan shows friction or need for struggle to achieve things. It is not a natural PRO house for the lagna rashi (self) or your designations or higher posts. It is the 12th house to the 5th house (Wyay or reduction of the 5th house which is 9 to 5 job) and it is 8th (peeda or mrutyu-opposition) house from the 9th house of bhagya. So this Surya opposes leaving the native and even with SHANI when native is changed once to abroad – they resist changing that place also! 🙂 So this 4th house does “pass” some opportunities and higher designations and so on.
  • When L4 is not well placed, it does take away some shin off Surya but it can’t have as bad effect as it would on the smaller planets. Surya has its own majesty and power to be effective alone without help from the depositor (rashi-swami).
  • Fire Sign Surya shows fierce nature and high pride ego etc and higher conviction. But shows practical use of this conviction to build something worthwhile as they have Earth Sign rising (lagna)
  • Water Sign Surya in the 4th house waters down the fire Sign rising and gives a bit emotional approach. It gives more emotional intelligence than otherwise. Also pride ego etc isn’t displayed at every opportunity but covertly expressed with body language or thru others.
  • AIR Sign Surya in the 4th house brings intellectual & lesser “self” approach than the otherwise WATER rising signs would have. It shows action-oriented person but more like consulting and helping build something with plans and planning and putting foresight to it.
  • Earth Sign Surya brings practicality and wealth management and imp to otherwise Airy/intellectual rising (lagna) signs.
  • Obviously, Guru Shukra Chandra being in more wealth and better property and use of property and so on. Whereas Shani brings in delays and some issues.
  • Mangal bring in DEFINACE agriculture and land more than just property or bungalow etc.


SURYA in the 5th House of a Horoscope

The 5th house: BUDDHI-STHAN, SANTATI (kids)-STHAN, Intelligence, Buddhi, Kids (Santati), Execution Excellence, Overall Success, Duties, Designations Go-Getter attitude, Inspirations and Extrovert behavior, Originality, Brilliance, Forecasting, All sort of Success, Tactical Approach, Aligned to greater good or goals objectives if not too long-term or strategic. Enjoyment of journey but not forgetting (unlike 3rd house) that destination is more important. Trading (F&O or day-trading) or quick gains by calculations and thinking and using intelligence (not just luck). Shows HEART as physical organs of the body and also the spine.

The 5th house is necessary things in your life! It is Dharma Trikon house (Duties) and hence great for 9 to 5 jobs of specific weekly, monthly etc duties. Also, go-getter house so the 5th house transits/Gochar show projects that get over and have logical conclusions. As the 2nd house of inspirations after 3rd house – This house is NATURAL for planet of inspiration & brilliance like Surya! Leonardo Da Vinci had 5th house Vargottam Surya. KundanLal Saigal the 1st superstar of Indian movies had the same (11th April). Raja Paranjape, a prominent Marathi movie maker had 5th house Surya. As the 5th rashi of Singh “owned” by Surya the 5th house is also enjoyed by Surya.

The 5th house Surya has following impacts:

  • Highly inspirational, highly original person with sudden brilliant ideas & plans just like the Sun has explosions.
  • Structure to this brilliance, inspirations etc as aligned to some order – say a music director composing a tune with ‘meter” or a lyricist with some VRUTTA or some structure like Radif Kaafiya (Ghazal).
  • While 3rd house is not following specific structure, the 5th house wants to have some order to the chaos and not just noise.
  • Heart and Spine so these inspirations result in heart activity which in the long run can cause over-use and hence palpitations etc. It is the side effect of sudden inspirations. Or brilliant thoughts needing quick action resulting in hurting the back or spine.
  • BUDHDHI-STHAN and KIDS house: So strong & brilliant mind and thought process. Might not be highly strategic unless Surya in later signs like Dhanu or Meen. Sanskrit Granth have given one sided outcome for 5th Surya KIDS which they call is WINASH of Kids which case studies don’t support. Rather, case studies show brilliant kids. But of course, well placed Surya is hugely successful kids and not so well placed can create major health issues with heart or spine or some nervous system issues too if Budh/mercury is also involved.
  • Needless to say, this Surya shows great ability to express as per sign or nakshatra etc – singing, composing, acting, drama, painting, caricatures and so on.
  • IN IT Industry I observed that the 5th house planets helped folks work on “core development” projects & also “practice folks” who ge in and get out of projects for their specific parts or establish a framework and move on. Whereas, 6th house Surya or planets was/were about ongoing service support and maintenance.
  • Surya association with the 11th house ensures that the education or buddhi/intelligence and earning are directly related.
  • Invariably this Surya is great for mathematics. So it is good for day trading or stats or quick analysis and making such gains too. Without support from the 9th house good planet, it can result in losses in bad planetary transits in the 5th house.
  • This Surya in last 3 degrees of Expressive signs Mithun Kanya Dhanu and Tula shows massive success with all-round approach in various fields with highly creative and artistic stuff. Da Vinci is one major example for Vargottam Surya in the 5th house in Meen rashi. Shammi Kapoor had 5th house Surya in Tula rashi (21st Oct)
  • The 5th house Vargottam Surya has defined me overall and shows everything I have in my life (almost) as it is also L10 and is with L11.  Surya Mahadasha from 2006 to 2012 helped establish using social media as Surya is in Revati Nakshatra owned by BUDH (writing, publishing etc)
  • Water Sign Surya will show creativity inspirations.
  • Shukra Sign Surya (Taurus, Libra) would show artistic stuff with imagination, GURU Rashi Surya (Pisces/Sagi) would be great for education and teaching too. Mangal (Aries/Scorp) rashi Surya great for engineering and sports. BUDH rashi (Gemini Virgo) great for artistic but expression, writing and caricature and so on.
  • Fire Signs would show engineering or more active and aggressive person.

Examples: Lata Mangeshkar, Da Vinci, Raja Paranjpe, Kundanlal Saigal, Shammi Kapoor (I also have the 5th Surya), Vinod Khanna, Maybe one of Julia Roberts, DeCaprio and many film directors

SURYA in the 6th House of a Horoscope

The 6th House: Stomach house, Intestines and all digestive system, Rog-Sthan (Deceases), Samaaj Sthan (Social standing), Shatru (Ripu) Sthan (Competitors/enemies), Service Sector (banking, insurance, big Govt undertakings for masses – any service provided to masses & lower people – base of the proverbial pyramid Money matters, Debts and loans, Maternal family – rather specifically mama / mousi folks – younger siblings of the mom); Employees and Home Servants etc

The 6th House (not so) Random Thoughts (Mukta-Chintan):

Being economic & service sector house, it shows predominantly debts, loans and banking sector when combined with the 2nd house which is for all sort of wealth management stuff and “instruments”. 🙂 The 6th house is for employment and generating employment. It shows how a person generates employment or does for a living. This is also social presence house which connects to politics or surrounding society. You can see that politics and economic matters are connected “naturally” even in the Vedic Astrology! 🙂 You can’t separate them! 🙂 The purpose of politics is to feed people & enable them to feed their family and keep them safe from enemies. This connected the 6th house with politics. Even Balasaheb with all his MIGHTY Shani 11th to Lagna and 3rd to Moon, got the power in the state when it was connected to the 6th house Uchcha Rahu Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha from 1980 to 1999 which showed his active politics strongly. So 6th house is connected to debt and loan management and political power. Each planet as per their own nature and governor/Karakatva displays their results or presence. 6th Mangal is success & fights over competition by direct Kabaddi style maaramaari like a sub inspector or hawaaldar serving the people. It also shows sibling rivalry too as Mangal is siblings. So nature and Karakatva is imp. Surya 6th shows Govt connection for employment or Govt blessings for a business. Guru in the 6th could show “tuitions or classes” using knowledge to earn money. Dhanu rashi planets in the 6th house would show using knowledge or sports or gym etc to provide service. Strong 6th house shows strong digestive power too (which allows to digest money also!) 🙂 It also shows strong maternal Mama mousi connection too. Maharashtra “Sahakaar” or cooperative sector comes under this house and hence 6th house Shani Sharad Pawar saaheb becomes an ideal match for their politics which is driven by money & service sector. Controlling loans & dents and using money matters to control the region! The 6th house is also about deceases and enemies. Bigger the political power bigger the enemies so it is also quite understandable., The same way bigger social presence is giving jobs to higher number of people. Someone like Magar (Magarpatta, Pune) (with say 2nd or 6th or 11th house Shani) ties up with Pawar saaheb with 6th Shani and creates 20,000 jobs in Magarpatta (IT employees) and 40,000 more jobs due to these IT jobs. As you can see the 6th house is all about money matters, loans and debts & providing service sector. The 6th house is also about deceases so owner of 11th and 10th house in the 6th house connects to pharmacy or medical sector also. Exchange of 6th and 11th house owner is further more effective.

Surya in the 6th house shows following patterns:

  • Success over competition, success over enemies, High-class and powerful enemies and enemies that are not hidden etc but obvious ones and sort of competitors.
  • Very good expertise, income by providing service to people or BIG organizations or BIG colleges with strong hierarchy.
  • These people like clear cut senior officer or higher officer definition they will report to or work with. They will take very specific responsibility within their sphere and rest they will clearly disown or would want full control.
  • Spawning organizations or taking multiple franchise of an organization is good possibility. Doing own business some own consulting is a high possibility.
  • Connection with maternal family is strong – more so with maternal uncle/aunt. Well placed gives good results badly placed could show heart/spine and health issues to maternal folks and self but also stomach issues to self.
  • Strong digestive system which needs enough food and that too time to time. The environment in stomach is more acidic etc and hence salt and lemon & such stuff needed in control.
  • Planets like SHANI MANGAL RAHU & SURYA shows very good results and success for the person but also, they deliver some discipline or some negative / positive karma to other people too. So the 6th house natural malefic planets and Surya become the channel for delivery of Karma. So strong Surya here is good for IPS. Police or Armed forces/military connection.
  • Surya being in attitude and ego which is in contrast with the lagna-rising-sign. Say Pisces Versus Leo or Aries versus Virgo and so on. But here a natural malefic 6th is bad for enemies and lesser for self. Maybe some health. But still SURYA brings in contrasting element to the lagna-rashi (ascendant) and hence brings in some conflict in personality. This makes other people to handle them a bit difficult especially initially without knowing enough about them. They “grow” so too speak with passing time on other people.
  • Transit of good planets in the 6th house bring in good success, ego boost and good health. Transit of bad planets on Surya can show some health issues and ego hurt or anger BUT it DOES shows again success over competition or “Shatru-Naash” so to speak and hence this position for Surya and even Shani or Mangal ends up being good! 🙂
  • Health Sector, Medicines and deceases connection is obvious but also Wealth Management is imp and Banking Insurance or some connection to any organization that provides service is very good. In Makar or Dhanu or Meen Mesh it could show health sector & in Aries it would show engineering but any field using tech.
  • When Budh is connected to this Surya – it is more about consultancy and Mangal then engineering but also surgery or medicines.
  • In water signs the bitterness towards opponents is lesser.  Shows creativity and creative approach in career.
  • In EARTH signs (Taurus, Virgo Makar) it is more about wealth management.
  • In Fire Signs it becomes great for military stuff but also medical/surgery etc but also shows adventurous approach in creative fields. (Water sign rising)
  • In Air Signs, it is about intellectual approach and innovation to practical subjects and pragmatic stuff (Earth Sign rising)

Example: Sunil Gavaskar (Mithun Surya), Dhoni (Mithun Surya)

SURYA in the 7th House of a Horoscope

The 7th house: Partnership, Marriage, Collaborations, Freelance approach (as one of the “Kaam-Trikon“ house), Physical Relationships, Qualities of the partner(s), Like the 2nd house of wealth this is also called as the “Maarak-sthan” as you can never have enough of it. It is more of a philosophical word (“maarak”) and not to be used for fear mongering. The owners of the signs 180 degree apart are never enemies but also not exactly friends. Rather, they complement each other.

The 7th house belongs to the Kaam-Trikon. Things that one loves to do and not must do. Doing things with flair and as per liking. This is great house to have planets for artists and any free=-lance folks. Process is not outright enemies for them but still difficult to do work in a given framework. They are not about 9 to 5 job but more like a free-spirit. SURYA which is Kaarak of hierarchy and levels and governance is in some ways a misfit in this house. Also, this is the West direction of chart ad hence it is also a misfit for EAST direction ruler Surya. So the collaboration and partnerships of this house could take some beating due to Swayanmbhu, independent Surya spirit.

  • 7th House – The west direction or Suryasta (Sun-set) time which is not the strongest for the Surya. So it is not “swayanmbhu” or “self-reliant” or aloof and alone or solitude like the 1st house Surya.
  • It needs others – It needs collaborations and partnerships and is good about team & group events. Of course, most of the time these events are arranged by them only. Also, they show ownership and as if they own those events with center of attraction.  Means being independent and self-reliant comes out in team events which could be seen at times as being a misfit. In Even signs like Taurus, Cancer and Virgo etc etc it will work much better as working with others easier for them.  But in Aries, Leo pr Sagi signs they would want to dominate and create a bit of unrest in others.
  • It is not at all easy to mingle for Surya on its own and in the 7th house is forced to do so by its destiny.
  • They could show some dominance over spouse and partners too. This could lead to unrest is marriage or business partnerships.
  • Shows higher level and strong partner and spouse and from great and higher-level family too. But again, ego pride which results in such higher connection could also cause some unrest after marriage. Need to learn to collaborate, “Kele Khaane hi hain 10/12 to Khushi se khaawo” – mean if you HAVE to eat a dozen Bananas then as well like them”! 🙂
  • Surya in Agnirashi/fire-signs (1 5 9) makes this a bigger issue. Surya in Water signs 4 8 12 makes this lesser of an issue. In Air signs also there is enough maturity to let team events unfold but it is aloofness and not real mingling like water signs. The Earth signs there is practical approach either to avoid these events or if participate compromise enough not to stick out like a sore thumb!
  • Any Yoga with Shani with Surya in any house results in Court-legal trouble. In this house Surya when Shani is in 7 10 1st or even 4th house shows some legal issues. They could be partnerships or even marital.  It is highly recommended to find a amicable solution and mandwalli (adjustment) than court troubles.
  • GURU drushti on Surya ensures that the ego of Surya is channeled well in group events and partnerships and they DRAW THE LNES and borders well so as NOT to clash. Surya will NOT compromise anyways but Guru would ensure that the frequency of “situations” that bring out this behavior itself is reduced!

Example: Michael Jackson

SURYA in the 8th House of a Horoscope

The 8th house: Mrutyu Sthan, Peeda Sthan, Adverse to self (1st house), inheritance house (wealth), internal reproductive organs, kidney, renal/urinary system.

Any planet in the 8th house has some side-effect attached to it. It could be the Karakatva of that planet or it could show some acute issues to at least one of the house it owns. It is certainly not the best for health aspects. Of course, it is the house of disproportionate income when some natural benefic planets are well placed in this house in Devgan or Manushyagan nakshatra (or own rashi own nakshatra) in good drushti of other natural benefic planets. 8th house planets directly impact the 2nd house by association which primary wealth or investments house.

  • By default, this position for Surya is about conflicts with authorities, the father, the bosses, police, court and so on. Regardless of how well placed or in good sign or nakshatra and Guru drushti and so on, it would give some tussles with such things.
  • Some obligation towards the father from the past-birth. Hence this birth need to support and do not expect too much support. Any support is welcome addition.
  • Any support from the father is less material and more spiritual.
  • Similar burden or wrong doings with Govt or legal stuff and hence some or other surprise with Govt is seen from time to time.
  • Heart, Spine and eyesight are natural worries for 8th Surya. Some deficiency is possible. YOGA & PRANAYAAM are a MUST for 8th Surya to strengthen obviously heart and spine.
  • BONES and overall VITALITY and body resistance strength is about Surya – 8th Surya can affect it with varying degree. Good nakshatra and signs not as much but with intense degree even in strong signs like Dhanu – it would show issues.
  • More health issues and lesser resistance is seen when in Water Signs 4 8 12.
  • Much better resistance and strength is seen with 1 5 9 the fire signs. Shows good bone structure and longevity with Leo and Sagittarius. But with Leo could show issues with heart more so for the father and also very good pride about inheritance: wealth and structure from the family and the father!
  • In 2 6 19 -_ Earth Signs – practical approach saves them the worry! But still Oct 11 Bachchan with 8th Surya did have issues with govt and authorities and when in politics.
  • Surya Antardasha and Shani transits 1 4 7 11th to Surya are troublesome with govt and also father health.
  • If badly placed with both Shani Manga or Rahu influence then it shows inheritance fights and intense events in this and the past birth also. So need to stay away from such disputes else fight and health issues. Jail time also possible or restrictions by Govt to not do things (trading, shares or bank or whatever).
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS stay legal – DO NOT even do illegal stuff. Any illegal stuff WILL be exposed. Rather past -birth illegal stuff also comes back this life. So sometimes even do not understand the problems given by father or Govt (inherit nave decision or some other policy etc decisions by Govt)
  • Remedies are Yoga, Pranayam, Ruby Gemstone, Use of Ruby Red color, clothes, paints etc etc. Waking 3 to 5 Km per day.

Examples: Amitabh Bachchan

SURYA in the 9th House of a Horoscope

The 9th House: BHAGYA-STHAN, The DIPLOMAT! Legs, hips, Strategy, Broad thinking, higher education, diplomacy, Travel, Your Mentors & Teachers, Guidance to self and others, Achievements in a framework, Creation of framework for society, abroad connects, abroad travels, export/import of good or just simply thoughts, An auditor with a Sense of purpose, Deep thinking, Higher positions in career & life.

The 9th House (not so) Random Thoughts (Mukta-Chintan):

1 5 9 are the “Dharma-trikon” houses. They mean performing specific duties. These are some office bearers who have definite daily weekly and monthly duties. Even in the most creative of fields like movies, they are like Directors or assistants who have definite daily and weekly targets to meet. Sense of duty is very high in these folks and hence all these houses “complete” or in complementing 180degrees positions of all free-lancing houses of 3 7 11. Without such people freelancers would be about “glorious failures”! 🙂 Imagine not having a great director to get out the “Daaru Pine se lever” scene from Bachchan or “Aaj Khush to bohot hoge” etc. Also, financers (2, 6 10 houses dominated folks) folks who would fund these things. 1 5 9 houses show increasing level of duties. 1 is daily needs, personal needs etc whereas 5th is putting a “Lay” (meter/length) to the tune that was churned out by the 3rd house or some inspirational move within a framework to achieve things – -tactical success using intelligence. The 9th house is about further higher level or the BIG PICTURE. This is the house which dominated people would allow an attack to happen on our own military base just to avoid showing enemy that they have broken their “code” (communication encryption etc). Trading of a Short-term loss for a long-term gain! The 9th house is still dutiful and has daily weekly monthly responsibilities and a framework to follow but also refine the framework and change or HELP devise & rather implement a changed framework checking all change management aspects. They might not have some achievements to celebrate every week or month like 1 or 5 house folks but their frequency could be more yearly or more! That is why we have 5 “man of the match” in one series and only 1 “Man of the Series”. You could have 5 different Man of the Match folks but one consistent man of the series could be completely different person. It is obvious that cricket captains have Mars in the 1st, 5th (Sunil) and the 9th (Dhoni) house of the chart and it shows reducing outright aggression and increasingly strategic thinking with 1 to 5 to 9. The folks in IT industry 5 and 9 house Surya or Guru or other planets show positions like TL PM and DMs and so on. 9th house folks tend to be onsite PMs or DMs.

HOW is tactics and WHY is strategy and hence these 9th house folks often seen asking the question WHY with more frequency than 1st and 5th house (they also ask WHY but lesser so.) 9th is NOT enjoying the journey as much as 1st and 5th house folks and CERTAINLY not as much as the 3rd 7th and 11th house folks (Kapil 7th house Mangal).

Western astrologers consider this as house of the father. Which is WRONG. It is the house of mentors and seniors at workplace who are not direct reporting officers.

Surya in the 9th house: impacts:

  • Almighty SURYA in the 9th house of BHAGYA-STAHN indeed is a blessing. It ensures higher posts and higher designations and duties.
  • Broad approach, broad knowledge and sense of bigger picture. STRATEGIC thinking.
  • High tact & diplomacy. Most diplomats or ambassadors have Surya in the 9th house in D1 or to CHANDRA. More so to Chandra.
  • Bachchan who is considered too diplomatic has Chandra in the 9th house.
  • Well directed pride ego and self-esteem. Acute ability to decipher between all these forms.
  • As you can see these folks are loved by those in power. As they can become their messengers and ambassadors who convey the worst things without conveying them! 🙂
  • This is more of IAS IPS etc or upper house (Rajya Sabha) and not a mases or political leader. These are bureaucrats!
  • Following procedure for great good is natural and second nature.
  • The father is a good person and good support from the father’s karma and networking and good-will. As 12th to the father’s house – -father is not more of friction of typical old fashioned strict “Son beating up father” but a friendly and more of a mentor relationship and like an uncle or like an elder brother (maybe not!) But more like a guide and philosopher and not an imposing figure. Much lesser friction with the father as it is natural support house. Father ensures some break or some bhagyakarak event from time to time or reduces the steps from a ladder.
  • High-quality unspoken and natural Communication with the father.
  • Step by step promotions and higher posts by increasing ability and work.
  • Ability to manage seniors/bosses with tact & diplomacy and influencing by INCEPTION and NOT force (lie 4 or 10th house Surya)
  • Career obviously more important than the private life. More time spent on office than personal life.
  • As element – nature attitude is in line or sync with lagna (rising) – there is natural harmony. Transits of good planets are especially good & bad transits are not THAT bad. Except the 12th to Sun which is he 8th to Lagna. This is quite troublesome – along with slowness in career also with health.
  • Higher education is highly likely and if this Surya is 1 to 5 from Chandra then maybe higher education can happen along with career or after some career and then break in career as Surya becomes tactical to Chandra and wants to earn and spend on education and not make others to spend on their education.
  • Even with SHANI this Surya is a not that bad – it might impact health of the father a bit with heart spine but still would give enough longevity.
  • Abroad connection, abroad travel or long term abroad stay is almost a given — by abroad for lesser education it would mean places that are 9 hours away from the native.

Example: Sachin Tendulkar (uchcha Aries Surya), 

SURYA in the 10th house of a Horoscope:

The 10th House: KARMA-STTHA, PITRU-STHAN, Workplace, father, Knees, Production (not Service), Output, Govt Support, Workplace, Seniors, what one does for a living

The 10th House (not so) Random Thoughts (Mukta-Chintan):

2 6 and 10 are “Artha-Trikon” means economic zone. Folks like Ambani and Birlas have multiple planets in these houses and certainly the most significant ones. Also, these houses are connected to the 11th house (gains) in some ways for them to get the money towards their bank accounts/profits and not just cash flow across their businesses! 🙂 Without well placed 11th house the business might make huge turn-over but not so much of a profit or dividend! The 2nd house is the first level of economic zone – what one gets from the family and childhood wealth and so on (Dhirubhai had Shani so not much!). It also shows investments of the family and how a person raises money (Dhirubhai Shani from people IPOs). The 6th house is about loans, debts & earning money by providing service & consultancy and not products. The 10th house is the highest & the most imp of the economic zone as it shows products & production or manufacturing. It shows CHURN and churning out things from a machine or assembly line etc.  Of course, 10th Mars (or Mars’ signs in 10th) would show weapons, electronics or agriculture or sports equipment production and Mercury would show say press, daily papers or weekly monthly magazines or a website publication etc. But it IS about churning some stuff out on a regular basis. Without the 10th house churn there is not much to invest (2) and not much to service (6). Now you can appreciate how important & impactful the planets like Shani and Guru, Mangal, Rahu or so on are in the 10th house. They keep the GDP going. When 10th house effect reduces and focus is more on 2 and 6 – 2008 like situation happens where paper pushers have 70% share and creators have 30% only! 🙂

  • The chart becomes more career oriented as Budh and Shukra are also around max 28 or 45 degrees plus minus to Surya so they are end up being 8 to 12th for Shukra and 9th too 11th house for Budh. Hence the chart becomes more of career one than the personal life.
  • Surya is a partial kaarak of the 10th house as Surya represents the father & also 10th house represents the same. Hence it is quite strong and effective in this house. When Well-placed: strong father, when badly placed: health and longevity issues are seen with the father. It gets the same imp as Mangal in the 1st or 8th house or Guru in the 5th or 9th house. There is some certainty to the outcome.
  • Surya in the 10th house brings in solid get-up and “Thehraaw” to a horoscope. They are “Kingsman!” 🙂 Liked by kings and powers and behave like one.
  • Create own sphere of influence with roles & responsibilities assigned to each person.
  • Are independent and entrepreneurial. Originality and inspirational approach at workplace. Usually don’t like to be dictated things.
  • There is BOTH respect to the hierarchy and respect to the authority and same is expected to be paid to them. Boss is treated like boss with utter respect and same is expected from the subordinates.
  • Attitude of doing own business sometime in their career. Or at least spawn some new idea and launch their own unit within a big organization.
  • As Career more imp, they end up travelling away from native and distant places. Even if family business, they spend time away from it abroad or distant places before taking over.
  • Even in 3 6 9 12 (Mithun Kanya Dhanu Meen) signs it is more like a consultancy and advice and services and PART time business along or multiple businesses.
  • Cardinal signs 1 4 7 10 (Mesh Kirk Tula Makar) show production environment & high work productivity and getting a lot of things done to earn a lot of money.
  • Air Sign Surya is less imposing & eats less footage and doesn’t stomp their authority as much except for the Mangal’s Nakshatra 2charan in Air signs like Mrig, Chitra and Dhanishtha. Even then, it is much lesser than the fire & earth signs.
  • Surya 10th in the Fire Signs shows direct and straightforward approach despite emotional rising/lagna-rashi. It shows in your face approach.
  • Water Signs Surya shows emotional intelligence but also dropping people out of their life forever if mischiefs are done repeatedly without much hint or extrovert hostility. Those who can’t read their body language are in trouble! This is more for Scorpio Sun,
  • Mesh and Vrishchik Rashi Surya is great for military sort of a setup in the 10th house. This is more true when Mangal is also with Surya. Surya in Leo and Makar also tend to get them towards military.
  • With Shani it would show tussle with Govt and bosses and a SPLIT away from them to form own stuff. IMP to ALWAYS stay legal and avoid anything illegal as Govt could take to it in the firm manner.

Example: Dravid,

Surya in the 11th house of a Horoscope

The 11th House: GAINS / Income, “Aay-sthan”, Legs, All sorts of “gains” monetary mostly, Past birth unpaid karma reflection, Past birth surplus karma (& to whom) reflection. Logically speaking daughter-in law as 7th house of the kids’ house (5th). Older siblings, Mostly older or higher placed friends.

The 11th House (not so) Random Thoughts (Mukta-Chintan):

3-7-11 houses are called as “Kaam-Trikon”. They are usually freelancers and the blessed ones who can do things that they LOVE to do for a living! Most artists or cricketers or anyone who doesn’t fit into 9 to 5 job category falls under these houses. You would see Kapil Dev free spirit game as his 7th house Mangal (Tula lagna Mesh Mangal) and I suspect Viv Richards as 11th house Mangal (Dhanu Lagna, Tula Mangal in Makar Navamansh). Similarly, L10 in the 3rd house is Bhimsen Joshi. There is FREE FLOW and doing what they love to do aspect to their life and overall approach. They could be accused of not strictly fulfilling their duty. But just with the sense of duty, Kapil would not have won us the 1983 World Cup. It need FLAIR and extra commitment and desire for IMPACT on the surroundings and a FORCE to do that with the 3rd house Parakram sthan Sagittarius Surya (Dhanu Surya: 6thJanuary) and 7th house Mangal in firebrand Aries sign. 11th house Shani is Balasaheb Thackeray who had a deep bond with the masses, had an attraction for the masses and vice-versa. Modi has 11th house Shani too but Balasaheb was smart enough not to accept a 9 to 5 position and stayed with the masses. Now you have Modi Saahab connecting with masses all the times with elections and so on and forgetting the PM position, not projecting “presidential” personality. So this 11th house is a blessing to us and ANY planet in the 11th house is a boon. It shows gains in its Mahadasha Antardasha and Widasha and of course major transits. KP method uses 11th house Sub-Lord for EVERYTHING (if yes or no). KP gives 11th house sub-lord the utmost importance. I have 5th house Surya Vargottam (L10) which helps with predictions and forecasting but it is BUDH also in the 5th house which owns the 11th house which shows use of intelligence to earn a living.

It is obvious that these folks are a nightmare for people or organizations who want to follow “process”. These folks 3 7 11 don’t exactly fit in to a framework or a process. They always need to be adjusted for by coaches and captains and people who have a sense of a duty! That is why you have Gavaskar with 5th house Mangal and Don Bradman with 9th house planets and Mangal taking up positions of duty and responsibilities in organizations but we don’t see Kapil fitting in to a 9 to 5 job. The same might be the case with Viru. These folks get you the MALAI on Milk but you need folks who would being in milk and keep the milk intact. One needs some planets in 1 5 9 in own horoscope in order to unleash the full potential of the planets in the 3 7 11. Even Kapil had Surya in the 3rd house but in DHANU rashi which is about discipline, idealistic role model behavior and duty prone rashi itself.

  • Surya in the 11th in a word is a blessing like any planet in the 11th house. It shows great monthly income, cash flow and overall gains in this life.
  • Well placed father with higher connections. Good-will of the father to help directly/in-directly. The father must be doing good around the time of the birth for Sun to be in the 11th house. Even if Surya Shani or Surya in VERY kaarmic or intense degrees – even then it has various blessings that come thru.
  • Higher placed friends and older siblings. Friends would always do great or you would always have higher placed connections, seniors or friends or siblings. Maybe, the past birth you were good with them and hence this birth you are getting the pay back!
  • Antardasha or Mahadasha of such Surya will show gains on own ability but also due to father or their older sibling or upper connected friends too.
  • Functional malefic like Mangal Shani Rahu and also Surya work great in 3 6 11 houses as all their energy, edge or even rough edge gets “exploded” or leveraged in the peripheral things in life – to bring in FLAIR and additional gains. These rough edges get “playful environment” which allows them to be great artists or performers without affecting other or affecting as less as possible.
  • Still, all this playfulness could make them ignore some relatives or close people. Instead of strong or huge love from one person it is likely that they will get some from a lot of people like artists or performers!
  • Process is not as bad a 3 and 7 Surya but still somewhat reluctance to do 9 to 5 job for the 11th house planets. Rather they could prefer 10 to 6 o 2 to 11 or 9 to 9 – anything but 9 to 5. Attempts to box them result in some reaction and makes them miserable. They will try to find another environment that appreciated their get in get out approach by making difference but they are not going to stick around for “finishing: touches or as they say wait for “the fat lady to sing”. They will be on to something else that interests then and catches their fancy than to attend a celebration party and give credits and discuss what happened & who did what etc etc. Again, they might add to the quality of such events by sharing some experiences but that’s it.
  • 11th Surya drushti on the 5th house in isolation is good. Shows brilliant kids with inspirational abilities. It is not particularly good if it is connected to Shani or Mangal or say Rahu Ketu as then this Surya’s functional malefic nature comes out ad affects the kids as a collateral damage. Even 5th Surya can affect kids by too much inspirational work or too many flairs of inspiration & go getter approach ignoring kids during the process.
  • Shani with Surya will not reduce gains but affect relation with the father. Would not know if to align to the wealthy father or the poor workers! 🙂  (“NamakHaraam”). Shani opposite Surya is more damaging. Shani 2nd house Kendra Surya is also equally damaging but lesser to kids.


Surya in the 12th house of a Horoscope

The 12th house is a BIG mystery for all astrologers! It is if well placed shows IIM level of intellect and an MBA and ability of being an architect like say Ravi Shastri or Lalit Modi who devised IPL. Ravi Shastri has ensured cricketers like Sachin T weren’t taken for a ride and has ensured good advertising deals for them thru his company(?)”. Also, he was known for cold calculations and very good planning to chase or shape the innings – highly calculative and always planning and getting strategy correct. This all reflected in his 12th house Mangal in Mesh (Surya in Taurus 27th May Birth). At the same time a badly placed 12th house results in some jail time also or political exile! The 12th house also shows abroad and immigration and kaarmic links from the past birth which are 12 hours away from your native place. Even transit planets in the 12th house shows some expense or investments that are much needed. Sort of an obligation which has been avoided to pay back! 12th transit Shani to moon in Sadesati start and the 12th Guru to moon also created a void in life. So yes – these planets do have some obligations attached to them whether in the natal horoscope or transit chart! (KP method gives a good method to analyze multiple planets in any house). If any house is about ARCHITECTURE / Vision / Planning / /Blueprinting it is the 12th house. The 12th house is also about sleeping & dreams and obviously biggest visions are thru dreams! 🙂 It is not a coincidence. The whole like and each & everything is mapped to the 12 houses – 360 degrees of the zodiac and all the planets! The 12th house is also called wrongly as ShayyaSukh  (sex). It is partially true: The 7th house shows the quality and nature of the partner, the 8th house shows the physical ability to perform whereas, the 12th house shows the expense one would do for that! Of course, it is one of the 100 things that the 12th house shows for a chart and not the only things! 😉  Don’t go digging your charts!  🙂 AstroMNC

I have a detailed article on the 12th house here: http://astromnc.blogspot.com/2010/06/12th-house.html

So, you get an idea that most astrologers ate stumped by the 12th house planets and related analysis. When any planet is in the 12th house of a natal chart – it becomes a nightmare for an astrologer to analyze! 🙂 Like any house one needs to check the planets in the house, drushti/aspects on that house, the owner of that house where it is in which rashi and house and nakshatra, the aspects on that planet! Also, Nakshatra-Swami of the planets and their houses & aspects on them. Usually a RAASHI or a House shows WHAT and the Nakshatra & Nakshatra Swami shows HOW (broadly speaking).

  • Surya 12th is great for planning, architecting, vision & blueprinting, Management and planning is core ability
  • Sense of “Big Picture”, Alignment to greater good.
  • Execution bores them to death which is more of a 3rd and 5th house outcome.
  • Big picture and greater sense indirectly gives them the 6th sense as the mind is trying to put eveything happening around in a big puzzle. So they can map future events too.
  • Good sense of body language or reading minds of people,
  • Need to serve and happy to serve without credit or hoopla.
  • Rather “serving others” is a major driver for this life as the 12th is a house of selfless collaborations and serving the mankind.
  • “Maayalu” – high tolerance to faults and accommodating to a fault!
  • At times downright disinterested and aloof with surroundings. Do not care attitude for MANY things as interested in bigger picture and destination. BUT would NOT compromise with the core 20% stuff (80-20 rule).
  • Usually the first travel happens to the East direction unless Surya in Makar rashi of Shani throwing south to the mix or say Shukra’s Tula rashi.
  • Abroad or immigration or long term abroad stay is almost a given.
  • A badly placed one with Rahu or Shani could cause “exile” or jail time also.
  • HIGHLY imp to always go for legal stuff and any illegal stuff results in major issues.
  • Some obligation to the father and the house that Surya owns (as it owns sonly one sign it is imp!). Do not expect a lot of help from them and always help them as there is deficit from the past birth!
  • Same with the GOVT – do not expect huge favors from the Govt or authorities. Handle with tact & diplomacy.
  • Need to manage Govt, Bosses and Authorities proactively and at least to the minimum level needed else taken for a ride as they would attribute most success to people they see regularly. Some slap on the wrists by authorities could happen. Only the knowledge of big picture would ensure this is kept to the minimum as bosses are expected to be aligned to it more than you!
  • Earth sign 2 6 10 Surya shows good economic agriculture related planning. (say RBI Governors or such economy executives)
  • Water Sign Surya in 4 8 12 signs shows creative and innovative planning and architecture – theme parks or say studios etc
  • Fire Signs shows mostly show engineering or actual building etc architecture, MARS Signs of Aries and Scorpio show engineering aspects
  • Air Signs – IIM or related management studies.
  • GURU Signs Dhanu and Meen could also show education or health/gym sports etc planning

Example: Harsha Bhogle (mostly), Bill Clinton

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MARS in 12 houses of a horoscope – MANGAL Articles (AstroMNC)

MARS “the warrior” in the 12 houses of Birth-Chart

Voluntary Payments: (1) https://PayPal.Me/AstroMNC  (2) From India: UPI is milind.chitambar@icici OR AstroMNC@UPI (From BHIM APP or even many bank apps) Would help with posting more articles with objective analysis without fear mongering with purpose of de-mystifying astrology as a probabilistic science or better yet “art of probabilities”.

2018 Annual Horoscope for all Rashi: http://astromnc.blogspot.com/2017/12/2018-annual-horoscope-all-signs-varshik.html

What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.

A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically — All Manglik varieties are Soumya?!  J More on that later.

Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, south direction

1st House Mars / Mangal: Let’s Do it (head,  face, aggression, duty)

Shoor Amhi Sardar amhala kaay kunachi bhiti” (We are great warriors, we have no fear) Michael Jordan, George Fernandes-politics, Maybe Virat Kohli, (Even the Mangal in Aries/Mesh has these characteristics: Balasaheb, Kapil Dev)

The aggressors, the warriors, sports-people, competitors, initiative, headstrong, anger, momentum, energy are some of the words that could be used to describe these folks. They always come across as somewhat unapproachable. They have tremendous energy and drive. Many times, they lose hair early due to the extra body-heat they have. The 1st house Mangal always shows initiative of some sorts. The will-power is usually quite high and also the ability to execute initiatives with force! As 1st house is Dharma-Trikon, these folks are at the forefront to take on responsibilities & duties, at times beyond their physical strength. These folks lead by example and are at the forefront of the activities. They are uncontrollable in their childhood. They can talk/walk or move a lot in their sleep. Better put some pillows around so that they do not fall on bare floor!

This house Mangal is very good for sports related activities regardless of the state/sign and strength of this Mangal. The Mars closer to the ascendant degree is quite effective and shows all these traits quite a bit. If it is away from the ascendant degree, you will see all these effects with a bit reduced intensity especially the facial expressions. Eye-brows of 1st house Mars folks are peculiar: They will be angular and mostly dark. These folks do not laugh very often and also do not laugh for a longer period in one go! J

Regardless of how well placed this Mars in 1st house is, there would be some irregularities with blood flow (mostly extra, heat, impurity etc) which results in some facial / skin issues. Ayurvedic medicine and eating cool stuff like Sabja or Tulsi etc helps quite a bit to contain body-heat, right from childhood. This also brings them some calm and reduces anxiety.

Needless to say – HELMET is a must for these folks as 1st house is Tanu Sthan (body) but it is more about “head / face”. Especially, when Mars has aspect from Shani or with Rahu – this is a must! Mars with Mercury would show high blood flow to brain or highly active nervous system. Badly placed one could show nervous system issues too (if too close and both wakri or in intense nakshatra degrees such as last degrees of Water signs or first degrees of fire signs).

Mangal in Kirk and Singh rashi in the first house becomes Raajyogkarak and shows success by self-drive, energy and ability to create momentum with high ownership. Duty house Mangal shows great ability to scale higher positions in jobs. Kirk lagna would also show own business full time if Chandra Surya are in 1 4 7 10 signs or part time if they are in 3 6 9 12 signs. Mars in Mithun/Gemini shows aggression of thoughts and arguments and controversial statements etc. It also shows very good ability to Table Tennis, Carom or badminton (Lawn Tennis also if well placed). Mars in Kanya/Virgo shows acidity and also some highly analytical mind with high logic but also over thinking and hence upset stomach. If Mercury badly placed in Aries and in Mars drushti then could even show paralysis or brain stuff later in life too.

These folks are not meant to be very good conflict managers; rather they can make conflicts worse by their aggression. This is something to inculcate, if they are in the corporate world. Only after the age of 30 they learn (thru mistakes) this art.

GANESH Upasana is highly recommended to all Manglik folks but especially the 1st house Mangal folks. Atharva-shirsha is brings great results to these folks. Using red clothes suits them unless Gemini/Virgo ascendant and major Gemini/Virgo influences in the horoscope (multiple planets)

Mars / Mangal in the 2nd house: Family, Wealth, Eyes, Tongue

This is a non-Manglik position. Mangal in this house makes person eat hot-n-spicy stuff and also shows inclination towards non-veg stuff. The voice is usually raspy and they tend to say things that hurt folks. They are usually straight talkers and can’t beat around the bushes. There is a possibility of over-promise and under-delivery. Moon/Mars in 2nd or 8th house make the person talk quite fast! Others find it very difficult to follow their speed. Many a times, speech is not clear in the childhood and takes time for them to say “R”. These folks tend to be extravagant in money matters. They lend or borrow money easily and get in trouble – overall, they are hasty investors! J This Mars shows Karmic links with land in the family (Bhoomi). How good/baldly this Mars is placed will show if the past karma is good or bad with family land matters BUT no matter how bad the past karma with land, they tend to make property/land etc in this life. These folks also get very good support from brothers (mostly younger). Like the planets in Vrishabh rashi, this Mars in the 2nd house is self assured and relaxed as opposed to “stable on surface but boiling beneath” 8th house Mars. If the Mars is owner of 10, 11th house then these folks can also do business with siblings/cousins.

They have this habit of committing/promising something which they can’t delivery –i.e. they tend to over-promise! They usually have a lot of friends unless you have Shani sitting with Mars or close aspect from Shani! They are also good at sports activities but the success in sports is not as much as the 1, 5, 9, 11 or 3rd house Mars.

There are good chances of hurting/injury to right eye, teeth, lips especially in the childhood. When the Mars is ill-aspected by Shani, it shows issues in family wealth, investments, inheritance of debts than wealth, severe health issues with eye, teeth, lips, throat etc and also blood related irregularities. It could also show some accidents to folks in the family. A badly placed Mars shows land or property related disputes in the family. Need to find them. Else there could be some bad blood, blood related issues and kidney or reproductive organs related issues in the family and also to self.

Advice to 2nd Mars folks is not to enter investments field independently until age of 27/28 i.e. after maturity (as defined by others and not you!) J Also, eating habits should be watched for too much of a hot-n-spicy stuff. Sanskrit mantra/stotra could certainly help with speech clarity in the childhood and later on too.

This Mars has drushti on 5th, 8th and 9th house of the horoscope: any planets there in close degrees as Mars would certainly see the effect of this drushti. Some bad placements in these houses would certainly be aggravated in such a case. For example, some injury or some intense events could be seen if Saturn or Rahu are placed in exact same degrees in the 2nd, 5th or 8th and 9th house. A well placed Mangal in good nakshatra and rashi/sign and in say Guru drushti shows good luck with investments with land, estate and vehicles. It shows increasing family wealth. Shows getting family wealth by inheritance and increasing it further, overall this Mars is very important for both family and wealth and family wealth!

Mars in the 3rd house: Parakram, Expression, Arms/Shoulders, Siblings, Short Travels

The 3rd house Mars gain, this is a non-Manglik position. This is a naturally strong position for Mangal as 3rd house is about individual parakram. Mangal in this house makes a person quite friendly, mostly extrovert with energy in some sort of expression. Needless to say, this is a great house of Mangal for Sportspeople. These folks would enjoy the game and sports more than carrying the responsibilities like Sachin and Dravid who have Mangal in Dharma-Trikon (Duties). The Kaam-trikon Mangal would enjoy the game more than carrying duties relentlessly. (Kapil Dev 3rd house Sun in Sagittarius and 7th house Mangal in Aries – Both in Kaam-Trikon)

Prakash Padukone has Mangal in Mithun rashi in 3rd house, I suspect Dennis Lillee who has Mangal in Mithun also might have Mithun lagna and also Roger Federrer I think!

The 3rd house Mars is very significant from siblings’ point of view. It shows a definite karmic history with siblings and friends too. When there is a definite good or bad karma with siblings, then a person tends to have 3rd house Mars. A well placed shows very well-to-do siblings, a badly placed one could show blood, health issues with siblings and even a very badly placed could show miscarriage to Mom in the next pregnancy after this (your) birth. The intensity of this Mangal will show the degree of good or bad events for siblings.

These folks also tend to have some land 6 to 8 hours away from their native place. Now, again the intensity of the Mars would show good or bad luck with the land but some definite karma with land which is 6/8 hrs away from the native place.

This Mars is more action oriented or tactical than strategic Mars in the 9th house. They would like to attack the opponent directly than grinding them to slow death like Dravid. However 9th Mars to Moon or Lagna is seen in MANY Great sports-personalities. The 3rd Mars would not care much about stats but would certainly have various legends or “kissa” about how they tackled certain bowler, batsmen or a player and how they tricked them in some situation to take advantage etc. These folks would not be bogged down with the seriousness of the event (Say World Cup Finals) – they will still do/play like the way they play in the nets/practice!! J

This Mangal shows certain vitality or energy in expression, attitude of short-writing, painting or singing could certainly be there if well placed with say Shukra or Chandra – Poetry could very well be possible when with artistic setup (With Shukra in Shukra sign). With Budh in Budh signs it would show great MATHEMATICAL ability for sure – knowledge carried from the past birth in mathematics (engineering one and not just basic one).

This 3rd house Mars can also make person travel abroad or places that are 6 to 8 hours for short terms and it makes them stay away from home and family from time to time. However, they make very good friends/contacts at these distant places.

Mars in the 4th house of a Horoscope: Domestic, Land, Farms, Family feud for property, Vehicles

Mars in the 4th house: Sukh-sthan, Mother, House, Vehicles, Home-Land, Farming, Native place

Why would a soul chose (or forced to) 4th house Mangal? The 4th house is comfort zone, the “such-sthan”, the native place, the home and of course house that shows your Mother. The “SUKH” i.e. the comfort or joy of everything in life is shown by the 4th house. You might inherit property or land (the well placed 8th house) but would you use it yourself is shown by the 4th house. A very well placed 4th house shows multiple houses, vehicles etc. This is the house that shows if you have a land which can be used for farming (water availability). The 4th house on the whole shows ability to keep you & your surroundings happy (or lack of). Moon and Venus or Guru in the 4th house shows this ability in abundance.

The 4th house belongs to Moksha-Trikon (Spiritual Triangle) and hence shows “internal” happiness and peace than outward or physical approach.

So Mars in 4th house – Mars being Governor or siblings, blood, land in our life – shows that the person wants to have the comforts of these things in life. It also shows affinity of lands and apartments, houses etc. A well-placed Mars (in good sign, aspected by Guru or Moon or Shukra) shows great karma with these things and success in land, happiness from siblings etc matters. A very badly placed Mars & especially in the 4th house shows that the person will get the lands, apartments etc with some issues with it. i.e. the person will have those things but not enjoy or leverage the land for happiness.

The 4th house Mars also shows some arrogance or restlessness at home-front but not in office! J It is like showing aggression in kitchen but not where it matters the most i.e. workplace. It also shows that the person although a very good at sports would not make GREAT attempts at personal milestones or overachieving in sports. This Mangal does not want to work very hard as SUKH STHAN planets (4th house) will never allow person to work very hard! The soul wants to rest and hence the predominant 4th house! J (Shani in the 4th house (Advani & Bachchan. Aurangzeb have/had 4th house Shani) keeps the person away from comforts and keeps person working very hard trying to come out of comfort zone always! Of course, the 4th Shani shows comfort or support or SUKH/happiness from masses.)

The 4th house VERY WELL-PLACED Mars shows that the person is very good at providing sports like environment! The 4th house is about creating environment around you which is great for sports. So providing GYM if in Mangal’s (Mesh Vrishchik) or Guru rashis (Dhanu/Meen) or providing a sports-bar if in Shukra rashi is always on cards for 4th house Mangal. Dhanu rashi Mangal in 4th house would certainly show great physical strength etc but more attitude towards providing Gym or sports equipment than using them! J

Sania Mirza has 4th house uchcha Mangal (Tula lagna and Tula rashi & Surya also). Mars in Capricorn (Makar) would ALWAYS give sports ability even if in the 12th house but 4th house Mangal makes person work less hard and achieve far lesser than what it can achieve. To summarize the ability of hard-work is not the part of the talent of the 4th house Mangal – it is there in 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 house Mangal quite a bit.

Just imagine a very badly placed Mangal in 4th house and you can see obligations or some bad experiences with land or the apartments etc. Also, mom’s health could be affected and also some “bhawu-bandaki” i.e. fighting with siblings for property/land etc could be very well there.

Mars in the 5th house of a Horoscope: Sports & Engineering Responsibilities, Captains, Dutiful

Mars in the 5th house (Dharma Trikon, Tactical Success, DREAMS, Sports, Achievements, Budhdhi-sthan, Kids/Santati)

The 5th house is part of the Dharma (Duty/responsibilities) trikon. It shows responsibilities in life, tactical success, sports, Budhdhi-sthan (intelligence, studies etc) and most importantly it also shows your Kids (santati-sthan). I have explained the 5th house Tactics, 9th house Strategy and 12th house Vision in my article on Moon-Sun Relationships in a person’s horoscope. Do check it out using search feature. The 5th house shows GO-GETTER approach. In IT terms it shows a development project with specific goals and objectives to be achieved in specific duration! The 6th house shows “Production Support-Maintenance” etc. The 5th house planets make person masters of ACT and EXECUTE and less on strategize /planning.

The Mars or Sun in the 5th house shows stronger/longer upper phalanx of the thumb (execution/force/action) than the middle phalanx which shows planning, logic, and strategy! (The lower phalanx is nothing but Venus mount!)

This is a GREAT Mars position for success in sports and sports related actions. Most of the sports captains (responsible) are born with 5th house Mangal or 9th house Mangal – more in 5th house as SPORTS is about ACTING & EXECUTION. Imran Khan Mars in 5th house in 1st Degree of Sagittarius in Moola nakshatra shows INTENSE SPORTS, siblings and Mom & kids related Karma!!! Blood for Mom (as 4th owner) and 1st kid could show some issues as 1st degree of Moola does show some blood related issues. Sunil Gavaskar has 5th house Mangal in Vrishabh rashi in Mangal’s Nakshatra and so does MS Dhoni! MARS is SPORTS and hence sports related achievements, responsibilities are shown very well in this position of Mars. One of Bela’s friend has 5th house Mars in Kumbh, is 27th born and Aries Sun also – She can be seen completing some long cycling runs or even some 20+ KM marathon etc! J (Her Husband has the 4th house Mangal in a STRONG for Mars house!)

This Mars could obstruct primary education as ability to focus or concentrate is a bit lesser unless this Mars is in Mithun, Tula or Kumbh rashi (AIR Signs) but still from time to time, sports activities or plain simple outgoing nature and “Dhamal” with friends would affects their academics for sure. The education after 12th standard could be ok as they life engineering or mathematics later in the life. So their later life education when Mars’s effect is lesser is much better and focused.

The 1st kid could show early stomach, digestion or some health issues which later on become ok. This Mars has direct impact on the kids both good & bad. Kids are treated as friends and are themselves quite aggressive and straightforward.

A badly placed Mangal would shows blood or some other issues with younger siblings and also kids and also the relative denoted by the house owned by Mars in the horoscope (For Imran Khan it is his Mom and also grand-kids). The badly placed Mangal would also shows some issues with lands, vehicles and some accidents from time to time.

Sachin’s birth time is shown as noon/1 pm etc with Kirk lagna on the net but I am very sure that it is 5th house Mangal and hence Kanya lagna – else he would have played like Kapil Dev (7th house Mangal) for his own pleasure and not with the GREAT responsibility he plays with. All his life he played with great responsibility and tension without enjoying the game as much as Sir Viv Richards or Kapil Dev. This shows a 5th house Mars  – Yes it is a GOGETTER mars and WILL get involved with fights and TACTICS etc unlike 9th house strategic Mangal of Rahul Dravid. The 5th house Mangal and Meen Budh has affected his academics anyways – Thanks God for that! J Sachin’s Mars has done neechbhang of his Guru also. His childlike innocence is for sure from his Meen Budh and Aries Sun.

Mars in the 6th house of a Horoscope: Competition, Rivalry, Wars, Decease

Mars in the 6th house of a Horoscope (Artha Trikon i.e. economic zone, Stomach (all those digestive system parts!), Rog-Sthan (i.e. diseases/illnesses) Ripu (Shatru / enemies, Competition) sthan, Service Sector house, Servants, Pets, Mama/Mousi – Mom’s siblings)

This is a very tricky house a fiery planet like Mars or rather for any planet! Sanskrit granth and most (theoretical) astrologers have been very one-sided view of this house. Practitioner astrologers are well aware of the importance of the planets in this house from “economic” sense.

Mars in this house shows a very competitive spirit (“Hyala maaru ka tyala maru!” J) & even some sibling rivalry would be easily seen (Ask Asha Bhosale, as how fiercely competitive her elder sister is/was! J) Sometime in life they would see some conflict of interest with siblings and also cousins (from maternal side). This Mars position is very good for contact sports like American Football, Kabbaddi etc. Relentless hard-work & competitive edge is what defines them aptly. This is a good Mars position for even dirt biking or really car driving (tough & highly competitive conditions.)

Health is wealth and this house summarizes your overall health, the nature and extremity of possible illnesses. Mars in this house usually shows acute hunger (active digestive system) from time to time; it is highly advisable to eat some good stuff from time to time to keep digestive/acidity in check. Drinking water frequently is a MUST. Kidney stone although could be seen more frequently in the 8th house Mars, the 6th house Mars can certainly cause it too. The position, navamansh and degree or nakshatra etc peculiarity of this Mars would show the illness for maternal cousins also! There is some karmic obligation towards siblings and cousins – you got to always help them and be always in touch with them for sure. The more you do this more support (or less issues) you see in Mars Mahadasha, Antardasha or Bhukti. A very badly placed Mars in this house could show severe blood related issues to self and more so to siblings (cousins) too.

This Mars usually shows some land related activity with the maternal cousins or maternal family. There is a good chance of some collaborations or partnerships with the maternal folks on property stuff/deals/projects. It is highly advisable to donate or use “some” land for social cause like orphanages, hospitals (more recommended).

Being an economic zone and service sector house, Mars in this house shows a very good wealth creation in this life. There is a conscious effort to increase wealth in this life. Providing service to sports/sports equipment (Sagittarius), surgery instruments, Good industry (Taurus), Chemical industry (Scorpio) etc etc is very much possible for this Mars. The navamansh and the nakshatra and sign would make it clear which area this service could be provided. The owner of the 6th house and its sign and nakshatra or navamansh would also need to be considered.

Whenever the gochar i.e. current Saturn is aspecting this Mars, one needs to be ultra careful with the health issues, check what cousins/siblings want and also a blood test is not a bad idea at all. Driving slow and not getting too competitive in this period is recommended too. Saturn would certainly show the side effects of competitive nature on health, on relatives or even empower enemies to make you realize other side of being too competitive.

When Mars is the owner of the 10th house or even 6th house (own sign) and some relationship/drushti of Jupiter (Guru) or even Mars in Guru rashi could show doctor as a very good profession for sure. This shows success in the field of surgery/medicine or even accident hospital. Sports physiotherapists could be born under this Mars with some good Guru connection – say Mars in Sagittarius or in Pisces sign.

Military services are a great option too for this Mars in fire sign especially, when in Mesh rashi. These folks like hands-on approach & direct action (Armed forces). Maybe in air signs, this Mars could show air pilot etc profession too.

While the 5th house Mars achieves something and rests back on the achievement for some time, the 6th house Mars is a relentless force that keeps working on improving it. The 12th house Mars likes planning and not action, the 6th house Mars likes hands-on approach than planning or strategy! The 6th house Mars would show bigger upper phalanx (execution, initiative, action, will power) of the thumb than the middle one (logic, planning). These folks are hard workers and never rest – rather you can see restlessness in their approach in some or other way.

Mars in the 7th house of a Horoscope: Movers. Free Flow Energy

Mars in the 7th house of a Horoscope (Kaam Trikon, Partnerships, Marriage, Long term Wars, Competitors, Court Matters, External Reprod organs)

Mars in the 7th house has drushti on the 10th house and 1st and 2nd houses apart from of course it is in 7th house. The 4th and 8th Drushti of Mars are seen more effective when there are planets in those houses (10 and 2 in this case). These folks are movers due to aspect on the 1st house (self), there is an aggression in movements which in childhood is a bit too uncontrollable. It usually results in broken teeth but more so forehead/head injury etc. At least 1 / 2 injuries leave a permanent mark on their face. 1st house is good at single sports where as these 7th house one prefer team sports and playing with a bunch of folks. This Mars shows a defiant mood and there is a tendency to take others for granted; there is very less regard to what others need especially in the childhood. This can cause other people trusting them & falling on their face (literally). Especially, the pillions are in for very scary rides with them!! J There is a great tendency to learn from mistakes which can be very costly. i.e. only after they fall from somewhere they do it cautiously the next time (not doing is not an option for them) J These folks are so active that they end up moving in their sleep and sometimes wake up completely 180degrees opposite from their initial position! J They like keep moving and in childhood making them sit for 1 lecture for 1 hour is also TOUGH for teachers.

Relationships: An untamed Mangal without Jupiter or Saturn aspect shows gets into relationship in haste without any advice etc. By the age of 28/29 their maturity changes and the one they like at the age of 21 seems a big mistake now! J Hence, it is advised to be careful in early relationships as long as they are expected to be long lasting – it is fine. i.e. expectations from early age relationships should not be huge. For marriage is highly advised to marry after say 28/29 for guys and say 25/26 at least for girls. It is very difficult for them to be tied down to one person early in life.

Health: This Mars also shows some more activity with blood or even irregular at times; it affects the marks/pimples etc on face. Pimples or blood impurity/heat etc showing up on face is very common with 7th house Mars. Needless to say this Mars could be a bit more troublesome to girls than boys in Indian culture at least. Ayurveda & Yoga to keep blood quality and regularity/uniformity in blood circulation goes a long way! Of course, Mars in say Capricorn or Leo or even Sagittarius might not show such issues a lot. Jupiter aspect on Mars will reduce side effects for sure but Saturn with or on drushti on 7th Mars is not the best thing for health/blood/siblings.

Sports / Driving: There is a possibility of driving very fast and doing stupid things on bikes/cars early (teens/20s) is very very high. They can break some bone (mostly legs or even hip-bone etc) due to 7th Mars. Air Sign Mars shows lesser of such probabilities but it still shows sudden such movements if not all the times. Air signs Mars can drive a person to take some risk after some thinking or calculated risk etc but some variable in the equation or assumption goes wrong and they literally fall on their face! J

Business Partnerships as rule are not advised & even if a must then after the age of 30/32. Everything written on paper is a very good idea – everything in a black and white and nothing left to mutual trust etc. As this is a Kaam Trikon house – there is a free flow in their approach which does not want to be bogged down by daily/weekly responsibility. Aspect on the 10th house shows ability to create momentum in business/work-place. However the same aspect shows some tussle with seniors/authorities or older people from time to time. Their extra energy makes them dislike people who appear more matured etc. However, this tussle is not about long term things or about vision/planning etc but more so of execution or operational nature.

A badly placed Mars recommends Ganesh Bhakti and also Hanuman Sadhana to channel the energy to right causes, bring some discipline or at least some “values” to this aggressive Mars. (Hitler has Mars here in Aries with Sun). I think Kapil also has 7th house Mars in Aries (Libra Ascendant). If the Ascendant, Moon are not too Mercury centric then using Coral helps especially of Mars is in a weak for Mars Sign but still it is better to stay away from Coral unless there are some real health issues. All said and done, there NO BETTER remedy than running/walking for 5/7 KM everyday to get rid of Mars’ bad effects on the blood circulation. Regular gym is the best remedy than gemstones for Mars related issues – Any of them actually and not just health.

Mars in the 8th house of a Horoscope: Mission Impossible

“Son your Ego is writing cheques your body can’t cash!” J

What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.

A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically — All Manglik varieties are Soumya?!  J More on that later.

Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, The South direction.

Mars in the 8th house of a Horoscope (Moksha/Spiritual Trikon, Inheritance, Mrutyu/Death or rather Ayushya Sthan, Internal Reprod organs, Kidney)

The 8th house is not in sync with the 1st house; it opposes the 1st house and shows the obstacles, physical pain or loss of energy. The 8th house is 2nd in spiritual triangle (4 8 12) and shows yoga, alternative medicine, occult, mysterious stuff or hidden/secretive stuff. It is called as Mrutyu (death) house but is also called as ayushya (life) house, more than longevity it shows the situation (type/nature etc) at the time of death.

Mars in the 8th house is troublesome to self. These folks write cheques their body can’t cash! J They are known to do stuff beyond their physical limits. Mission impossible hero Ethan Hunt is the best example of the 8th house Mars. It is obvious that these folks drive bikes & cars VERY fast – they tend to know the bike/car limits instinctively but rest of the folks don’t! J It is a stupidity to give them even a bicycle in their childhood – be prepared to attend them anytime! Yes, Jupiter drushti on this Mars makes it much tolerable as Jupiter allows them to do all these things with calculated risks and know exact limits of these things. Multiple marks on their face (teeth, eyes, eyebrows, nose) are very common due to childhood activities. Yes, this excess energy tends to get channeled better from the age of say 28/29 etc for guys and say 24/25 for girls. Saturn movement on this Mars or opposite (or even 4th) to this Mars teaches them very valuable lessons not to take matters beyond a certain limit. If this signal is ignored — the repercussions are far more serious (loss of a finger, broken legs or even permanent damage affecting quality of life) – of course this Mangal needs to be too much of a badly placed in order for this to happen and even then there are so many social / family values etc pulls etc to keep folks away from this.

There is an excess energy in these folks which is for everyone to see. They seem not to get tired, they are but they do not think that way and continue to put in efforts with the same vigor. They do go through periods of excess hard-work and then recuperation by over-sleeping/resting. The 8th house does give Sinusoidal wave of energy dissipation. A High peak followed by a high valley. Their sports career or overall career also seem to have the same pattern of periods of tremendous hard work followed by periods of Business-As-Usual. They can accelerate any time they want & also again go to cruise control when they think so. It is VERY VERY difficult to brand them or to predict them with accuracy!

They speak very fast (unless Mars is in a fixed sign) and their speech is not clear, especially, in childhood. It takes time for them to say “R”! J Sanskrit shlokas can really clear their speech / tongue. Eating habits are usually irregular and they like spicy stuff. Eating on some shabby joints is quite likely (taparis) as the 8th house does show such hidden or not very well known places. These are the folks who suggest that certain place has very good wada-paav or Misal that not many people are aware! J

This Mars of course shows karmic obligation towards siblings (all kinds including cousins) and they usually tend to be elder ones in the family in their generation or have to act like one. It also shows some bad land related karma in the family. This karma if bad could cause blood related issues in the family to make you spend exactly the equivalent amount the family gained due to land stuff. Kidney failures, piles or any kind of blood issues indicate such stuff. Karmic healing works wonders for any 8 or 12 house planets. Donating blood, land(!) to Non-Profit -Organizations works wonders. Donations to blood cancer research institutes, helping cousins, siblings also wonderful. Needless to say gym / regular walk / running is a must to keep blood circulation regular as 8th house does show irregularity for sure.

I can tell you countless examples from my childhood where I jumped from 3/4th floor into construction sand or went to an apartment on 3rd floor from other apartment gallery and so on; broken teeth due to “Kabbadi” (Trying to get hold of Harkesh Singh)– a scar still on my lips (a stitch that came out); stitches in my head (no kidding – HEAD – the noise that reverberates in your head when they put stitch in head is amazing to say the least!) J Trying to walk on the walls of adjacent building wall (“Chandranagar” in Nashik) full of glass pieces specially put for me! J (Spending hours on tamarind trees and taking pride in climbing any kind of tree!) Knowingly running in to a tree full of thorns to take a “catch” (3 balls 5 runs – you got to attempt that catch!) J Trying to take a VERY fast turn on sand (bicycle—countless injuries on knees); Broken arm at the age of 4/5 etc

Mars in the 9th house of a Horoscope: WHY & HOW??

9th house of a Horoscope: Dharma-Trikon, Duties, Religion, Strategy, Action, Diplomacy, Broad, Greater good, legs (thigs/hips/hipbone), Travel, Grounds, Gym etc, Positive house without any rough edge. Role Model folks, Sense of purpose, The big picture.

Any planet in the 9th house is a blessing. It shows very good past karma with whatever the planet represents for a natal chart. Even the 9th transit of any planet is great blessing for that much period. It is not a coincidence that 9th house is of travel and also legs! 🙂 Also, it is called as Bhagya-sthan as without education or knowledge and without travel nobody has ever had a “Bhagyoday”. MARS / Mangal in the 9th house is all the more significant. Mars is the way a person “runs” or “Walks” of simply dissipates the energy or implements the actions or bodily movements. Yes, Moon Sun (Chandra Surya) Lagna (ascendant) all affect a given person’s approach but Mars takes over a person wherever the person starts playing, running or gym. Mars is governor of blood. So as you can see the 9th house Mars is pretty significant and successful for folks in sports, gym or fitness but also engineering or electronic or electrical equipment. Standalone Mars is about large equipment and even agricultural equipment when in Earth signs. In Air sign it could mean complex machinery which is not too heavy (like watches) & in Kumbh (Aquarius) or along with Uranus it could also mean VSLI/Cheap design or such stuff. It is not a surprise that NDAL, FEDERER and RAHUL DRAVID have 9th house Mars from Moon. Also, DON Bradman has Mars 9th to Ascendant of Dhanu. Also, DHONI has Mars 9th to the Moon and so on. There is greater good, diplomacy and utter lack of rough edge to these people as 9th House Mars would see futility and loss of energy in this. They might strategically send someone who is angry and 18 9 etc born to opposition to fight it out though! 🙂 Even if Mars is in very intense degrees such as first degree of Fire signs or the last degree of the Water signs – even then the 9th house reduces intensity of the events with those things in your life quite a bit. At least, you do not make it worse, if something should happen and rather try to make it better etc. The 9th house planets act like our own mentor or Guru!

9th being house of travel, this Mars connects one with abroad or simply places that are 9 to 12 hours away. This distance is as per education & business. A farmer might export goods to distant places and an engineering might export cheap design or machine design or himself travel abroad for work for longer durations. When Mars is the owner of 3 9 12 houses these travels are of longer durations or frequently. Mars in Aries sign would show even education abroad or when Mars is L4 (Makar lagna or Mithun lagna) then it could show education away/abroad too.

Mars being governor of siblings, colleagues or friends, 9th house Mars gives very good friends. Also shows support from friends. Colleagues and such at workplace. Needless to say, this is a great position for Mars for a cricket or team sports captains.

This Mars’ 7th aspect is on the 3rd house which shows good daring and boldness for presentations, expression etc. It also shows some positive and constructive siblings rivalry. And siblings and cousins and proximity them in the childhood is seen. If there are bad influences in the 3rd house then it could show accidents, injury to legs and arms to self but also head or overall injury to siblings/cousins and also maybe miscarriage etc to the mom

Mars’ 4th drushti is on the 12th house of expense, immigration, abroad and vision. It adds to such travels and expense of time, money and energy for planning, management, strategy and so on. Some bad planetary formations in the 12th house could show ankle/feet and left eye related issues or injuries. Also, it could show trouble in getting rid (“wyay”) of stuff (sweat, urine etc) from the body too. Even recirculation of blood (kidney) is usually 7 / 8 houses but 12th is imp as the filtered-out stuff has to be disposed out of the body!

Mangal’s 8th drushti is on the 4th house (SUKH / Mom). Obviously, travel and Bhagyoday does take away from the mother & the house & the native from time to time. Bad planets in this house could shows major issues with the mom health and your karmic obligation towards the mom is underscored.

Like any house – Mangal in highly intense degree or some sign and with very bad influences like Shani Rahu or Wakri planets – could impact legs but also impact the organs shown by the sign (Rashi) of Mangal. But still 9th house reduces some ill-effects there too.

Mars in the 10th house of a Horoscope: Digbali, Strong, Business/Commerce!

10th house of a horoscope: KARMA-STHAN / Pitru-Sthan: Career, Business, Production house, the father, seniors, Govt stuff, the south direction, Workplace, what one does for a living. What environment one gets at the workplace, how one behaves at workplace.

This is the best and a very happy house for Mangal to be in. South is the direction of Mars and hence Mars is VERY HAPPY in this house and is at ease. Mars is also uchcha/exalted in the 10th Rashi or Makar/Capri and hence it is also happy and, in a way, exalted in the 10th house. Mars being aggressive, adhikaari, authoritative and often dictatorial also, it is very happy in the 10th house. Most military high-level people have Mars in the 10th house (Dipak Kapoor, Pervez Musharraf and many folks). Many sports and military higher-level folks have Mars in Capricorn/Makar (the 10th sign!). This Mars shows high level of power a person acquires or struggle also in acquiring it. The workplace or business is full of competition and fights and rivalry for them. Mars’ aggression goes very well in this house. Of course, in employment they often end up fighting with their boss as they think they do not need bossing around. Communication is not their forte as they want to get thigs done by force and aggression and not by diplomacy. They are the bad cops of the bad & good cops! 🙂 Tussle with seniors are almost daily & in your face. They are not peacetime people! But they are the go-to people in the times of conflict. But they can also create conflicts out of nothing. Hitler had 10th Mars in Aries to his Moon and 7th to Ascendant.j

Mars shows sports wars, sports equipment, land (Bhoomi-Kaarak), agriculture and farming. So you can see many sports equipment producing people or sports store being run by people with Mars in the 10th or 11th house. The 4th house would arrange Gym and give environment for people to enjoy equipment but the 10th one would produce them! Mars in Air signs like Libra/Tula and Kumbh/Aquarius show advanced technology or use of advanced technology for their business or work related to the topics of Mars. Like Any planets Mars in Taurus/Vrishabh would show connection with food industry or finance matters or agricultural products. Mars in Kanya/Virgo would show again food/stomach connection but also pharmacy or medicines and say consultancy.

Even a well-placed Mars would show some or other tussle with the father on how to run family business and so on. It is important for 10th house Mangal to listen to experience at the start of the career else they could make some glorious mistakes and always learn in the JOB which could be costly. It is imp to do something with 10Rs instead of 100 Rs at the start of the career or start of a NEW business. This needs to be done without suppressing the aggression and energy of the 10th Mars! This is tricky! Good education and more so management education goes a long long way for them to use their energy in the right direction. It is imp to surround yourself with knowledge people as you have the most use of them being powerful and full of energy and risk-taking ability.

As Mars is happy in this house – most of the Mars energy does not go in the wrong direction. When it is with Surya/Sun then possible to have some revolutionary approach and overt tussle with seniors and top management and Govt and so on. A well-placed Mars and a good time allows victory toppling uncle or father for the throne and also subsiding siblings – a badly placed Mangal and in wrong times, it shows bitter failure and bitter loss like Hitler. Started war in Aries Saturn and lost in Cancer Saturn on His Moon and aspecting 4 of this Aries Sign planets. Parvez Musharraf had a shaming defeat in Kaargil when Shani was going over his natal Mars in the 10th house.

10th House Mars in Aries or Capri or Scorpio or Leo etc could also show some military or police or armed stuff with the father and the father’s family. Or some sports connection and sports related career in the father’s family.

Shani with Mangal or in Shani drushti it shows intense events with the father and father’s longevity and accidents. Saturn Aspecting Mars is injury probe from time to time & also not the best for the father’s health at the same time.  This Mars aspects 1st and the 4th and the 5th house. It is obvious that bad planets in these houses could show head injury or accident (1) OR mom health/accident or longevity (4) or 1st kid related miscarriage or troubles in conception etc respectively (5).

Mars in the 11th House of a Horoscope: GAINS!!

11th house of a horoscope: INCOME-STHAN / “AAY”-Sthan: Income, cash-flow, monthly income, gains from anything & everything, Logically daughter or Son in law as kids’ 7th house,

Any planet is great in the 11th house and more the merrier and even the worst of the worst Yuti like Shani Mangal or Surya Shani and Rahu Mangal or Rahu Shani have their own positives, gains and income coming from their governorship and also the houses they own. Any planet is good news in the 11th house. Also, L11 (Lord of the 11th house) in any house shows income due to that house. Even L11 in the 8th house of Mrutyu-Sthan shows income from Inheritance, Astrology or homeopathy or hidden secret patented knowledge or karmic healing, reiki, pranic healing etc etc (of course Meen planets and 12th house planets are also imp for these things).

MANGAL / MARS is Land, blood, siblings, Wars, Weapons, engineering (mostly heavy unless in Rahu nakshatra or with Uranus), cousins, friends, sports, sports equipment & so on, So you can expect gains from these things when Mars is in the 11th house. These gains would be without much strings attached if no Shani or Rahu influence in this Mars. With Guru drushti, it would be broader and put to good use. With Rahu it would be too ambitious and “Akraal-Wikraal” and never stopping desire. With Ketu influence it would be reluctant warrior and trying to find greater good by using land for good purpose or even acquiring and one day donating it to muth/ashram or sages or Orphanages or Vriddhsshram.

Mars in a chart shows how your energy is unleashed or used. 11th house shows more stress on legs and by association to the 5th house (180 degrees) heart/spine. As this is UPACHAYA house (3 6 11) there is VISIBLE impact on surroundings by this Mars. There is an aura like Viv Richards’ batting (& maybe Sehwag too). There is USUALLY older siblings or cousins and rather should be siblings as without siblings they feel void in life. They would of course fill it by close friends and colleagues. Group events, team events and team sports are a natural to this Mars.

Planets making KENDRA-YOG to this Mars from the 2nd or 8th or 5th house do shows some haste or friction with friends or siblings or family wealth and inheritance. It shows tussle with these things. More so when it is Shani or Rahu and Surya. With SHANI 2nd or 8th it could even show family debt or some huge losses or wealth mismanagement done by the family making you cover for it! SHANI especially in these houses is pretty detrimental. The 5th one could show miscarriage or issues with kids till the age of 30/31. Shani presence could cause some health issues with kidney or blood contents from time to time.

Mangal drushti on the 2nd house could show haste with investments which in good times shows a good opportunity taken well and in bad times shows losses! So it is tricky. Good planets in 2nd and 8th house would give good opportunities more often and bad opportunities would be much lesser and even then, they would show money getting stuck for longer time than outright losses. With bad planets impact on 2 and 8 houses it is exactly opposite – -good opportunities giving money after some time and bad opp more and giving losses quickly and in a lumpsum manner!

Mars’s 8th full drushti on the 6th house causes some issues with mama, mousi or maternal relatives and your stomach especially when bad aspects on the 6th house (Rajesh Khanna 12th Mangal 6th Shani or other way around / Madhuri Dixit also has 6th Shani in Meen rashi in Mangal drushti I suppose).

Regardless of how good or badly placed this Mars is, it shows good cash flow and monthly income. It would show opportunity to buy land & estate, vehicles from time to time. A very well-placed Mars in this house could show defense contracts or in milder avataar = sports or sports equipment. Mangal in Kanya or Mithun (Viro or Gemini) in 11 or 2nd house could show defense-contract agents also! Also obvious are Land or Property agents.

11th Sign is Kumbh / Aquarius which is absent-minded genius & is friends with everyone (Jagad-Mitra). So, a planet in the 11th house also is a friend of the person himself which gives some extra ordinary ability. Ability to “find” / “sense” or stumble upon some gains from time to time. Make some mark & impact with quick memorable. moves and so on.

Mars in the 12th house of a Horoscope: WHY – Strategy, Vision and Obligations

Mars in the 12th house of a Horoscope (Moksha Trikon, Planning, Vision, Expense of Time, Money and Energy, Feet / Ankles, Jail, Oblivion) You will get a very good idea how deceiving the 12th house is from this article: http://astromnc.blogspot.com/2010/06/12th-house.html

Like Pisces or Meen rashi, in this house the planets show certain detachment to the area of life shown by the planet both by the houses they own and also the “karakatva” of the planet. There is a sense of “giving” (apple tree philosophy) this house gives to the planet. It certainly shows the obligation the person has in specific area of life. The 12th house shows the vision (or lack) that the person has and the sense of broad picture say 3000 feet view of the proceedings!

Mars in the 12th house shows that these people are the last people to run! J They will wait for the next bus to come in but would not try to catch a bus by a bit of a running. They will rather blame their colleagues for not planning well to catch the earlier bus! J Apart from the houses the Mars owns, Mars is “karak” of blood, siblings, anger, sports, land, south direction etc in our lives. Mars 12th means there is some obligation towards these things and one should not expect income or gain from these areas of life! Rather, the person “gives” to these areas of life. So ayurveda is required to cure/augment blood quality, they need to help/donate to siblings, donate land as much as possible etc. Mars shows aggression, warriors, wars, sports – The 12th house Mars folks provide vision, strategy to wars or warriors and even sports people in the modern era. They prepare the blue-print of an attack or mastermind or architect an assault by seating at home. They are not about running around and leading from the front but they are rather monitoring everything from the top without getting involved in the action. This is nothing but a obligation towards the nation of the sportspeople etc. Imagine, you training sports-people and they performing brilliantly and you clapping from the spectator areas – in a way it IS a karmic obligation from the past birth that these folks are paying back.

However, the 12th house also shows political oblivion or jail in worse cases. An ill aspected Mars or ill-placed Mars here with Rahu or Shani etc could make person do some wrong things and get in REAL trouble from time to time.

If you have seen “Ab Tack Chhappan” (Nana Patekar). His initial boss (Dr. Agashe) comes across as 9th house Mangal, good at strategy but an idealistic man. The changes senior Mr. Suchak (who has also acted villain in “Sarkar”) comes across as 12th house Mangal! He plays his cards and uses someone like ‘Sadhu’ (Nana) character maybe with 6th house Mangal to execute these plans! Of course Mr Suchak comes across as badly placed Mangal.

The 12th house Mangal folks many times are seen giving some advice while watching a game! J They are able to decode the proceedings and able to comment very well WHAT needs to be done. How to EXECUTE is – it is not their cup of tea! They like to live execution to others! These folks seldom run and when they run they create issues for themselves and others! J They are advised to wear best quality footwear else they hurt their ankles or feet.

Like any 12th house planet, 12th Mars folks also catch some tide in life and clung on to it to make it big in life. The physical sign of 12th house Mars usually is fingers of the palm (top phalanx) curves upwards which shows a thinking person with evolved thought process of an architect and not curving downwards like an assembly line worker. Even the color of palm is usually pale and not too much blood flowing thru! J

When Mars is in Aries (Mesh) or a fire sign or say Capricorn (uchcha) sign, they do play some sports but again there is an effort to make minimum movements while keeping, bowling (short run-up etc) as they do not ENJOY too much of a movement. Even Aries sign Mars would be seen unwilling to run much despite the ability to run (The Vrishabh ascendant makes it worse – Ganguley anyone?) J

Even the bikes & cars these folks buy are not sports but cruisers (slow but steady in style) or SUVs (bigger view ahead!) If not being careful these folks can face an accident due to negligence or sheer bad luck! But many a times this accident is due to overall detachment in mind but sudden surge of driving fast (which they are not used to). I guess this is enough! J (Hon. Sharad Pawar has 12th house Mangal).


It is imp to know limitations which can be also termed as “common sense” when it comes to Astrology – more so as Astrology or Jyotish is probabilistic science & not an exact science! It is rather an ART of probabilities. Probability of something happen can be 80% or 90% but never 100% ever in Astrology. Only very generic statements like “War like situation” in 1998/1999 2008 and 2020 have probability of turning out true! Not the exact ones for sure. Let is look at one QUICK example of why “Saara-Saar Vivek Buddhi” is needed when using Astrology!

Same day-same time – say 1991 (you can take any year actually) born typical middle-class Indian guy and a girl. The girl in all probability would marry 3 – 4-year older guy. The guy would marry mostly 3 to 4-year younger girl. So you are looking at the same chart marrying 1987 or 1986 etc born person and the other 1995 / 1996 born! 🙂 SO how in the world you are going to describe the probable partner for them?! 🙂 So, you MUST use discretion and common sense!

A girl’s chart same day – they become lot more mature at the age of 13.14 whereas the guys are running around like monkeys at that age! 🙂 Simply speaking for a girl’s chart Moon and Venus and Mars are very important whereas for a boy’s chart it is Moon, Mars and the Sun! The outcome is completely different as Mars and Sun get lot more importance to a guy’s chart! Emotions versus Ego!

In SHORT: Just the gender makes so much difference to the outcome of a chart! For example, a chart showing marrying an older partner – shows 7-10 year or more for a Girl but only say 2-3 years for a boy! Even if not that dramatic- still the difference for boy for marriage wouldn’t be 10/12 (Girl being older!)

With this in time – I have explained What is astrology and what it is not and also ridiculed the objections taken by people who want to show astrology down & show it as “Thotaand: (fake/mythology)– they are lot more wrong than the ones say Astrology is a n exact science!

MATCH-Making: The Horoscope Process: Dos Don’ts & the Numerology Angle

MATCH-Making: The Process: Dos Don’ts & the Numerology Angle

A few thoughts directly jumping into this article.

  • One can’t (?) choose parents whom they spend 18/20 years with, one can’t choose teachers, class-mates and siblings and cousins.
  • Why you do you think you can “choose” life partner? Isnt it completely illogical that you can “choose” someone you would stay for like 50/60 years ahead? (At least that’s the purpose!?)
  • So think over point (2) above and have patience and temperament to digest the thought!


Then you would say – why you are earning money by matching charts of people? 🙂 🙂 – Makes sense? SO quick answer to this:

  • The marriage is not the ONLY thing one is born for.
  • You are destined to be with someone for decades due to past birth karma but you BOTH are not like Laila Majanu or Heer/Ranza or Romeo Juliet who would just worry about each other and nothing else?
  • MEANS à You are supposed to have life experience of X1 + X2 + X3 etc and marriage might be just one of the X mentioned in this equation.
  • So, match-making helps when you get serious about someone – to understand your and their life OVERLAP %%.
  • To understand hidden nature or hidden aspects of say ascendant or moon or Sun sign or Mars-Sign or Mercury sign or other planets which might not be activated starting from the time of meeting and then leading to the time of marriage.
  • ALSO, MORE IMP: You might have some BAD karma in the past birth who would come in this birth and try to trouble you and pay you back!!
  • Any astrologer job is NOT parrot like to tell you when you will get married – it is to tell you when you should NOT and when you should.
  • An astrologer must look at the chart to check if the current contact is Kaarmic Reward or a Karmic Burden which will not last for a long time.
  • SAY – You hurt 2 people in the past birth and were GREAT with1 of them for a long time. These 2 hurt folks would want to hurt you in this life before you get to THE ONE.
  • An astrologer can help you BREAK this “A hurts B then B Hurts A ad again A hurts B” of Kaarmic chain. DELAY or GOOD KARMA could help SPOT and avoid or at least lessen the impact of bad connections in this life. It helps them also indirectly – not being able to hurt you – they also get free from Karmic chain and move ahead in life.
  • SO to summarize – an Astrologer’s job is to suggest the BAD and GOOD times to meet wrong or right people and steer clear of bad contacts. The folks that want to hurt you can’t just hang around to hurt you as they have their own life and karmic other chains to cater to! You not arriving at a particular station where they are waiting – will make them board the next flight/train as life must go on.
  • YES – some charts are so extreme that one is born with hormonal deficiencies or physical deficiencies — some charts are so good that they hardly need an astrologer until their nephews are born! These 20% charts – 10% extreme bad and 10% extreme good – do NOT need an astrologer to tell them as to what they are! 🙂
  • It is the rest 80% who have average below average or above average karma with marriage and partnerships and relationships – that have use of astrological analysis.

IMP STUFF About Marriage Quality and Timing:

I have heard some funny (not so much) thoughts about marriages, 2nd or 3rd marriages as below which I do not subscribe (well almost fully but disagree 80%+)

  • 2nd marriage should be seen from the 9th house!!?? (This was only OK for the times when folks married dead wife’s younger sister – -and even then, not the best way!)
  • After some age – marriage should be seen from (a) D9 chart (b) or Chandra Kundali!! (Why!? – They are nothing but different ways to look at D1)

So, let me share some statistical analysis and experience-based thoughts from 1991 I have seen. I was very skeptical to share them as they constitute my IPR sort of but I guess I must share them in order to reduce SOME chaos and also learn from pandits with great experience who would argue on the things mentioned below. It is IMP for one to RE-READ the 16 points written above else it is a waste of time. If you do not believe in KARMA or REBIRTH or karma carried from the past birth(s) STOP reading these articles immediately!! NOTHING happens in this life without some “actions” and they are either THIS birth itself and sometimes past birth(s) also! Do not think differently about past karma – anything happened UNTIL THIS VERY SECOND is past karma – this birth or earlier birth(s).

OK – so how one *should* analyze the marriage prospects or marriage related quality and advice and marriage timings!? I would list down things which are based on “practice” and not some granth or Pustak-pandit sorts. I have and I see these examples almost every day. The following bullets should cover 80% of the cases you will arrive. Every now & then I do see a case study which makes me go nuts and forces to learn new things and adopt! THAT’ IS WHY Astrology and even medicines is called as “practice”! 🙂

  • SHANI drushti on the 7th house or owner of 7th house or Shukra shows delayed marriages and recommends delayed marriage else shows major issues. “Delayed” is as per caste culture and family traditions. Also, for Girls it is usually 26/27 or extreme 29 /30 and for boy 30 to 32 or worst case 35/36. Shani aspecting multiple of say 7th house L7 and Shukra – ALL 3 – then God help and good karma help!
  • L7 or 7th house or Shukra being 3rd from Shani more troublesome if Shani in 7th house or 5th house and L7 or Shukra in intense degrees – -then even 35 36 age also goes difficult for married life.
  • Uranus Wakri and Shukra Wakri and Shani wakri can make someone get in touch with alternate life style folks and also Wakri Uranus Shani and Shukra and L7 correlation shows alternate life style person. Born on 4 13 22 31 increases this and when born on 4 and total 8 or born on 8 17 26 and total 4 13 22 31 increases this GREATLY!!!
  • REGARDLESS of Lagna Rashi — GURU drushti on 7th L7 or Shukra is a SAVIOR and a blessing. Ignore functional malefic or Kendradhipati Dosh etc bullshit.
  • 7th house or L7 and SHUKRA when they are in NavaPancham or at least 2 of them are in NavaPancham then good times are even better and bad times lesser bad.
  • 7th house L7 or Shukra in Yuti — Good times very good and bad times even worse as all impacted same time.
  • When 7th house L7 and Shukra are in KENDRA yoga – bad times worse and good times are OK.
  • When Yuti or Pratiyog of & L7 and Shukra – then if horoscope good – then good times much better and when horoscope bad – then and times much worse and good times average.
  • When past birth karma is good with relationships then obviously 7th L7 and Shukra are well placed but they are also in SYNC with each other – -means in LaabhYoga or Yuti or NavaPancham yoga.
  • When past karma not so good – -then apart from Shani Uranus Rahu etc impact on 7 L7 and Shukra – they are also in Kendra yoga with each other making good times even less good and bad times really bad!!
  • MARRIAGE or Relationships should be seen from
    • 7th house – planets in it – Aspects on it – rashi and nakshatra (Bhavarambh) for it
    • L7 – Same as above Rashi Nakshatra, Aspects, closer to Bhavarambh etc and add house to it from Lagna and also Chandra!
    • SHUKRA – The marriage Governor – a very well placed one can actually pardon 7th and L7 related issues!! Again Rashi Nakshatra – house and aspects on it!!
    • NOW – See all of the above from CHANDRA KUNDALI too – means 7th house of Chandra or L7 from Chandra and of course SHUKRA>
    • MOST IMP: When L7 in 7th or Shukra in 7th or L7 and Shukra in Yuti or NavaPancham – and from Chandra also they are commonalities.  – THESE COMMON planets will decide the marriage direction strongly.
  • Examples
    • MESH Lagna and Vrishchik Lagna – SHUKRA becomes whole and sole as it is L7 and also Governor of marriage!! Easy to predict good bad ugly and also timings.
    • Say Lagna Rashi of Singh – and Shukra in Vrishabh and Shani in Makar – Both SHANI and SHUKRA are imp. Say Chandra in Mesh or Vrishchik – -THEN SHUKRA much more imp than SHANI as Shukra also L7 of Chandra. NOW Shukra Antardasha mahadasha and also Guru transits with Shukra will result in good marriage. If Shukra badly paced then —- ! 🙂
    • Say – MAKAR lagna – SHUKRA in Vrishabh – Chandra and Shukra both are imp as L7 and Shukra.


NOW most imp TIMING:

  • Assume 7th house shows something different — SAY X and say L7 shows completely different thing say Y and Shukra is showing something else Z.
  • AT A GIVEN POINT IN TIME – Either of them will be activated. Means years 2010 say X is activated and 2011 Y and 2013 Z. They are all are not activated at the same time. SO marriage yoga are blur and not so strong. IN such cases past birth karma with marriage is really weak – not bad neither great but average in all cases – so 2010 2011 and 2013 years would make different type of people to come in touch!! 🙂
  • Say L7 and 7th house both are fully screwed up but SHUKRA is VERY WELL PLACED!! So in the years when L7 and 7th house are activated – -not so good contacts. But when SHUKRA activated then very good contacts. When 7th and L7 are troubled and CURRENT planets are not good for them — some really nasty people to come in touch. That could result in break up and divorce etc, but when SHUKRA is activated, a very good person as displayed by SHURKA will come in touch.

ACTIVATED: Good-Activated Transit GURU drushti on natal planets and Antardasha or Sub-period of that planet. Badly activated means Shani Antardasha or Shani Sub period going on and transit SHANI drushti on that planet (L7 7th or Shukra)

So – Please use D1 and D9 and also 7th house L7 and Shukra to decide the quality of marriage and overall past birth karma with marriage good or bad. THE TIMING shows if it is VERY bad contact which is karmic debts or karmic reward. Even the worst of the west charts would have some good activation periods where good part of their chart and hence past birth karma is activated and they meet a good person. It is NOT the 9th house for 2nd or 11th house for 3rd marriage etc but it’s the same good old 7th L7 and Shukra for all marriages – it is just that THE TIMING activates different type of people to come in touch with you.

THAT is why I have seen TULA and MEEN and MAKAR and SINGH rashi people having 60 years of married life with 5-6 healthy and crore-pati kids! 🙂 Marriage is ONE aspect of their life and hence Singh rashi for a administration and Makar rashi for wealth increase and industrious approach – so they have different career but very good married life as 7th L7 and Shukra are could be completely UNRELATED to Chandra-Rashi!! 🙂 🙂

I’m sure this complicates matters for many – but think clear – it’s the same 7th L7 and Shukra in D1 and D9 and Chandra Kundali but the TIMING shows good or bad contact regardless of it is nth marriage! 🙂

Sorry for not being able to get back to the blog sooner. Having very hectic schedules but for this weekend, thought of posting something on the hottest topic in Astrology: “MATCH MAKING”.

This is not meant to be a 100% step by step guide but a thought process to follow when doing the match making.

Usually marriages for Manglik folks should be recommended a bit late and similarly when Saturn is aspecting the 7th house and or Venus, then also marriage is recommended a bit late. Venus-Uranus yuti (especially when Uranus wakri and also opposite to Uranus) shows ULTRA care as some physical or mentally weird person could come in touch. The BEST period to find a partner is when current Jupiter is aspecting or going over Venus of your birth time — It makes you the most eligible in market and Jupiter ensures that you get the best of what your horoscope has to offer. AstroMNC

Here are important factors that astrologers usually (or should) check:

[A] Gun-Melan: Weight: 25%

This is a table of 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 points which are awarded based on factors such as Bride and Groom’s Moon Sign, Moon’s Nakshatra, Moon’s charan in the nakshatra. (1 Sign is 2.25 Nakshatra; 1 Nakshatra is 4 charan; 1 Sign has 9 charan). As you can notice, this match making is entirely based on birth time Moon’s position and is not 100% foolproof reason for a Go or No-Go decision. This carries 25% weight only for MODERN families. Even 10-12 points would be ok for “modern” families. For VERY conservative and tightly-coupled families: This becomes a more important issue and at least 18 are recommended. (This modern and conservative observation is based on my observations, experience and thinking over various points in last several years.)


Same Sign different Nakshatra or Same Nakshatra Different Sign or Same Nakshatra different charan: Makes it perfect match. i.e. 36 Gun.

[B] Some GO-NOGO Factors from Traditional Astrology:

  1. NAAD: Every person gets a NAAD: Adya(head), Madhya(middle) or Antya(End). Same Naad marriage is not recommended in traditional astrology and said to have an issue in conceiving or delivery. In recent times this rule has been relaxed and it is seen that if Blood groups are not completely out of phase, this is not that big an issue (O +eve or both +eve).

2. GANA: Manushya-Rakshas-Dev GANA: Manushya – Rakshas not recommended. Dev-Rakshasa and Dev-Manushya is just fine. Of course, same are also fine. Again, this is a good factor to consider as Manushya seem to be middle of the road, “soumya” people, Rakshas are “teevra” folks who are a bit tough (rather rough) mentally. Dev Gan folks are “too smart” so they can manipulate Manushya and “use”/cope with Rakshas gana too. (Again, based on experience this is a good point but should not be a show stopper in my opinion if rest of the horoscope is compatible. BOTH the above factors are also considered / represented in Gun-Melan anyways. AstroMNC

[C] MARS Issue: 25% Weight and GO-NOGO Factor: Now we are talking!! 🙂

Let us get one fact straight: 41% people are Manglik!! As Manglik places are 5 out of 12 in the horoscope. So being a “Manglik” is not that big a deal. But it IS a VERY imp issue in match making and can be a show-stopper in many cases.

Usually, MANGLIK folks are not recommended to marry until the age of 28/29 for Boys and 25-26 for girls. The EXPECTATIONS and overall Ideas about a good partner change quite a bit for Manglik folks around this age. So, there is always a risk of someone found great at the age of 23 becoming a bit too much to handle at age of 29-30! 🙂 So MANGLIK folks, as a RULE, are recommended to marry after the age of 28 for boys and 26-27 for girls. As a thumb rule: It is ALWAYS better not to go ahead with Manglik and Non-Manglik horoscopes.

Manglik People Tend to be:

  1. Harsher, Lack/lesser Tranquility of mind, Aggressive
  2. More active, more activity-prone
  3. More worried about end result, final state than the joy of the journey/path
  4. A bit rough, in a hurry, impatient at time.

Note that the 12th house Mars and the 7th house Mars are COMPLETELY different despite both being Manglik, so within Manglik also matches are not recommended at times.


EXCEPTIONS: There is not a single rule of Astrology that doesn’t come without exceptions! 🙂 There’s always that “Not if” 🙂 When there is a case where there is a deep bond between the couple etc and Manglik issue is the only concern:

  1. If Mars is aspected by Jupiter then it is VERY WELL directed Mars.
  2. If Mars is with or aspected by SATURN then again aggression etc reduces quite a bit — But this planetary formation is not very good from HEALTH point of view.
  3. If Mars is with Venus and in a good soumya sign…it reduces Mars’s aggression but could be “miss-directed” aggression due to Venus’s yuti! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  4. Mars in MAKAR raashi is “uchcha” and makes a good case for exempt but again not in 7th house.
    5. 8th house Mars is more a trouble to the person himself and less to his/her partner so could be considered as soumya unless with Raahu/Ketu etc.

6. IMP: If both are born on same day (personality) Numero Number (1, 10, 19, 28) or (2, 11, 20, 29 etc) and their complete addition (life-path) then this issue couldbe ignored as their personality and Life path numbers are the same. AstroMNC

[D] SHAD-ASHTAK Issue: A NO-GO Factor:

Signs that are 6-8 angles form each other are VERY different and not recommended to get married. They have completely different way of thinking and also the areas of interests.

  • Mesh — Kanya (1-6)
  • Mesh — Vrushchik (1-8)
  • Vrushabh – Tula (2 -7)
  • Vrushabh – Dhanu (2 – 9)
  • Mithun – Vrushchik (3 – 8)
  • Mithun – Makar (3 – 10)
  • Kirk – Dhanu (4 – 9)
  • Kirk – Kumbh (4 – 11)
  • Sinvha – Makar (5 – 10)
  • Sinvha – Meen (5 – 12)

Some of these are OK and some are BAD ones. Bold are VERY bad ones and not at all recommended unless and only unless as an exception in some do or die case: IMP: If both are born on same day (personality) Numero Number (1, 10, 19, 28) or (2, 11, 20, 29 etc) and their complete addition (life-path) then this issue could be ignored as their personality and Life path numbers are the same. (Milind marker)



This Shad-ashtak should also add following NUMERO Mismatches

  • 1 and 8 (1, 10, 19, 28) and (8, 17, 26) VERY VERY Different
  • 2 and 8
  • 4 and 8 === VERY different and out of phase unless 4 is from a bit conservative family and 8 is from a very MOD family!!

[F] GRAHA Milan 50% Weight INCLUDING NUMEROLOGY ( This is the most imp factor and here are some examples to share the thought process: )

  • Mars Venus yuti is completely opposite to Saturn-Venus yuti…and their ideas about sex and entertainment could be completely different
  • Mars Venus yuti and say Jupiter-Venus yuti — That as big an issue as 1 but still completely different orientation so better to avoid
  • Chandra-Mars (Moon-Mars) or Chandra-Raahu yuti VERSUS Chandra-Saturn yuti
  • One has Venus in Makar raashi other in Vrushabh raashi (Makar conservative, Vrushabh: Naughty) 🙂
  • LONGEVITY / Physical fitness / Energy: One has owner of 1st house VERY strong and other one not in a very good shape.
  • Too many Planets in KAAM-Trikon Versus say too many in Moksha-Trikon !! 🙂
  • Artha-Trikon planets versus Dharma-Trikon planets
  • Venus — Uranus Yuti gives very forward ideas and can make very diff demands from a partner.

This is a big topic given some examples to think over. When current Jupiter is going over horoscope Venus or the owner of the 7th house, you are supposed to find the BEST partner your horoscope has to offer. When current Saturn is aspecting horoscope Venus (o2 L7), you tend to get into relationship more to pay off than to get paid with respect to Karmic burden. When a couple meets when Jupiter is aspecting Venus Or L7 in respective horoscopes NOTHING can go wrong regardless of miss-matches in the horoscopes as it is the Jupiter’s wish!!

THE BEST thing that I have observed which masks or allows ignoring MANY MISS-Matches in the horoscope is as follows: (Consider houses and not signs of the planets)

  • One has MARS in nth house: Other has MOON there — This makes it a GREAT Match and they can spend a lot of time together despite differences. (Vice versa)
  • Both have Moon in the same house in respective horoscopes regardless of signs
  • Moon is 2 houses ahead or 2 houses before the other’s Mars (1-11; 2-12 etc etc) This again makes it good synchronization of movements.

Same Numero Number for the date of birth. i.e. within the same groups (2, 11, 20, 29) ; (6, 15, 24) & same total number.

AstroMNC Numerology HAS to be checked while doing match makingThis is a BIG PROBLEM AREA with current Indian match making process by traditional astrologers / pundits. Many folks are using it and it is a good sign. You do not want completely different personality (b-date only) and life purpose (complete addition) coming together. Also from spiritual point of view: There is ONLY 1 person you going to settle with: The person who you have the MOST Karmic ties; Often you took birth just to get in touch with that person!! Sometimes that person will make you wait for some time due to past karma! It is reflected by Saturn’s Drushti on the 7th house of horoscope or on the Venus.

Happy Match-Making!! 🙂

#GURU CHANGE from NOV-2019 to #DHANU (#Sagittarius) / JUPITER change 2019

(JUPITER) GURU Change in 2019: Movements in DHANU (Sagittarius) from 05-NOV-2019 to NOV-20-2020:

  • In-between it changes to MAKAR for 3 MONTHS of time from MARCH-29-2020 night to JUNE-30-2019.
  • GURU Would be wakri from MAY-15-2020 to SEPT-12-2020. It becomes MAARGI on SEPT-13-2020. So, you can expect slow movements from MAY2020 to SEPT2020. MUST faster from Oct2019 to MARCH-2020 and again AUG2020 to NOV2020.
  • It means GURU gets HUGE speed from OCT/NOV2019 to cross the WHOLE DHANU Sign until March 29th! This speed ensures speedy events and fast delivery of individual karma.

The GURU change is GREAT for MESH (Aries), SINGH (Leo), KUMBH (Aquarius), MITHUN (Gemini). This is also very good for TULA (Libra), and good/not-bad for Vrishchik (Scorpio), Dhanu (Sagi), Meen (Pisces). It is adverse and not so good for MAKAR (Capricorn), Taurus (Vrishabh) Kirk (Cancer). It is not bad etc but very slow / saturation for KANYA (Leo). Following is a quick summary before we go into each sign details.

(In between for 3 months from APRIL MAY JUNE 2020 there could be good surprises to Vrishabh, Kanya and Meen & Kirk. Whereas mild negative surprise of bad-mouth etc to Kumbh & Mithun but this is a short period and applicable mostly to folks with these signs in the first nakshatra only.)

  • This article is strictly about MOON Signs!
  • However, one can mix & match rising/ascendant (lagna) sign and also SUN-SIGN (the real one and NOT the western Sun-Sign!).
  • Even if you have multiple planets in signs above where GURU movement is good (hence, AstroMNC 360 degrees to be launched!)  – you will have a good time regardless of how it is to your MOON Sign!
  • For example, I am moon Sign VRISHCHIK / Scorpio but have Shukra Guru in KUMBH and Uranus in Tula and Shani Mangal in Mithun – so last Sept2017 to Oct2018 when GURU was in TULA — despite having 12th GURU to Vrishchik which was indeed “very bad”: was WHAT-NEXT for the next 12 years of life — it DID give me feel-good due to 5 planets blessed by GURU in the chart! However, YOUR personal BHAAV-WISHWA (Emotional Makeup and your emotional state of mind) IS driven by MOON and hence Moon Sign is FIRST & FOREMOST when it comes to transits of bigger planets like GURU (Jupiter) and SHANI (Saturn)


  • MESH (ARIES): BHAGYAKARAK Events, LUCK, Higher & strategic positions and start of programs and initiatives that ensure 3 years of continued and increasing success. You have arrived and it IS YOUR time!!! Right time Right place in career and life indeed!! In-between 3 months from April too much work and pressure.
  • VRISHABH (TAURUS): Misaligned efforts, fatigue, too much running around, need for enough sleep, schedule slippage, efforts & timelines estimation mistakes. Inheriting someone else’s mistakes with timelines and schedule or unavoidable situations taking on these things for survival. In-between 3 months from April great news and developments and more so for Krittika.
  • MITHUN (GEMINI): Expansion of life, family & career, Good sense of direction, good partnerships, collaborations & team events, SUKH, good luck despite 8th Shani from JAN2020. In-between 3 months from April some unnecessary running around due to exuberance!
  • KIRK (CANCER): Slow / Saturation, Serve & Protect what you got till OCT2019. Watch health, New investments, Expense of health, Mama mousi good luck. New high skilled people in career and life. In-between 3 months from April are about some expansion.
  • SINGH (LEO): Dream come True success, Promotion, Higher Designation, Higher duties, inner desire fulfillment, Kids’ success, speculative success, great knowledge, education and use of knowledge, SUCCESS, starting of things that would stay with you for next 7 years with increasing success! In-between 3 months from April are about watching your competition also get some good position! 🙂
  • KANYA (VIRGO): Slow & Saturations, meeting good people, near & dear ones, home décor, home improvements, brainstorming, new knowledge, Guru-Saanidhya, Patience needed as some saturation – do not force things -they WILL happen after NOV2020. In-between 3 months from April good news!
  • TULA (LIBRA): Start of new things you LOVE to do, Travels, Presentations, Expression increasing your imp, Visible Impact on surroundings. Getting noticed!
  • VRISHCHIK (SCORPIO): Surroundings starting to recognize your value again, increased income, wealth and good investments, family wealth increase, Easy money possible. In-between 3 months from April shows good travels, presentations and impact on surroundings.
  • DHANU (SAGITTARIUS): Back on track with image & recognition, Optimism, new responsibility and start of 9 to 5 jobs too. Being dutiful, Valued again, End of political exile with increase in social and physical weight. Good sense of direction. Better health & overall wellbeing. “Adyaatwaasa madhun sutaka”
  • MAKAR (CAPRICORN): TOIUGH TIME! “WHAT NEXT for the next 12 years of life” – Political Exile, DO not jump into execution of stuff directly, PLAN and DESIGN first, take your time for WHAT NEXT for the next 12 years of life. This actually magical period where you can decide WHATVER you want to be and will eventually reach there from May2024 onwards and will have intermediate good success from May2022 to May2023.
  • KUMBH (AQUARIUS): Great GAINS, MAJOR One-time higher payments, getting paid off for all things you did from JUNE2013 & more so Sept2017. Consolidated gains, Successful completion of programs & initiatives started from Sept0217. DO NOT expect rate of increase to continue, it will STALL in 2021– So invest wisely and be cool with income – 2021 would be VERY SLOW!
  • MEEN (PISCES): Happening but Stress! Pressure Cooker Situation, too much work, MUST FIND EXPERTS else will struggle hours for 2 hours of job. Spend time finding experts than just keep working! Possible for a few weeks or months to report to someone equal or lesser ability without fault of anyone! 🙂 Make seniors aware but keep working hard.

Will be sharing details for each sign one by one below starting this time with MEEN – -purposely reverse as usually they get it the last! 🙂




Background: You caught your great break in the 5th Guru from July2014 to July2015 when you got a position, job, designation, office, post etc; in most cases it could have been like “dream come true”. In the 12 months from July2015 to July2016 you were supposed to “serve”, polish and hone what you had gotten earlier. It was the period of consolidation & hard-work to make incremental gains in your position. The 9th house Shani from Nov2014 to Oct2017 gave you NEW MASS-BASE – new people (or new type of people) working for you who would support you for the next 7 years. This mass base would propel you in the glorious 9 10 11 house SHANI movements of increasing masse base and increasing success until 2022 end. SHANI is in the 10th house from Nov2017 to Dec2019: this is happening but of increasing stress. The 7th house Guru from Sept2016 to Sept2017 brought in expansion & good collaborations/partnerships. The 8th house Guru from Sept2017 to 12-Oct2018s was about hard-work but mission impossible & misaligned efforts with stress physical & mental both! Your work was appreciated but some initiatives were ill-designed and hence could have ended by Oct2017 without reaching final state. The 10th SHANI continues to TEST your skills, temper, patience at workplace while increasing your power, mass-base and revenue handled till Dec2019. 11th SHANI from JAN2020 shows windfall gains and income and pro-period. However, it was GURU change from OCT2019 that was a GREAT news for you indeed which ensured you entered glorious period of 3 years ahead.

Now, the 10th house GURU from NOV2019 to NOV2020 expect for those 3 months from April to June shows “MORE OF THE SAME” As Rashi-Swami Guru in the house of career/workplace shows EXPANSION of work and career. Too much work, huge pile of work and hence happening period but also stress and pressure-cooker feeling too. As the owner of the 10th house in the 10th house from MOON – it underscores these effects lot more! It is all respect a GREAT time. However, regardless of Rash-Swami or not 10th house GURU is “Satva-Pariksha” “test of character and strength” at workplace. Your KNOWLEDGE or even slight lack thereof is exposed and could hinder higher position w.r.t. power of even revenue. So, need to read/upgrade and learn as much as possible “on the job” but also weekends etc to cover ground and ensure you are ahead of the curve with knowledge. 10th GURU is all about knowledge and education driving the career unless you have SURYA in DHANU or MANGAL in Dhanu rashi — then – your earlier boss or earlier colleague or friend will get you a higher position.

The 10th GURU from NOV2019 is a pressure-cooker situation until NOV202020. Everything related to career becomes THE focus & the home front is ignored a bit. The 10th Guru will increase pressure, hard-work & stress at workplace. Experts (SMEs) consultation is highly recommended in this period – it will make things easier for you. Reporting to or working for a boss of equal ability or even less in some respects is quite possible until NOV2020 even if it is for a few weeks or a few months! No fault of your or your boss as you had different career paths & they crossed here. Need to keep patience.  However, 11th SHANI from JAN2020 slowly will reduce this impact and keep you strong due to your numbers (people & revenue!) IMP: You could benefit from advice & support from your parents! Actively seek their help in any matters regardless of their field of expertise. You would be surprised – they can read your body language & just by your way of speech or silence they would know “exactly” how much it is wrong! They know you from childhood and know your every move. So even you wouldn’t the extent of issues but they would know! 🙂

This is overall a PRESSURE-COOKER period! Some folks fall thru the cracks or react violently or with anxiety to the 10th Guru stress & it hurts unnecessarily as you are anyways doing all the hard-work. The ones who work hard regardless of insults (direct or indirect) or ignorance will get MAJOR MAJOR success from NOV2019. Only you would understand the situation you are so you will need to communicate more with the family members and even the team members. At least they will not add to issues if can’t solve them for you! —- Remember EXPERTS / SME are a “sanjeevani” in the 10th Guru even in the Sadesati period. There is no substitute for specialists / experts (Guru) but also experience of older (Shani) people. Experts have their own priorities and whims and you need to show patience and show them your NEED for them to help you. Desperation is yours to show and not theirs. More desperate you are for advice the better you would get. What you read now needs to be DIRECTLY useful in your work and not pleasure or leisure reading – keep it aside for some-time! Gains.

The 10th Guru is also good for investments due to aspect on the 2nd house and also health advice and medicines etc due to the 6th house aspect. In short, this GURU makes your ARTH-TRIKON (economic-zone – 2 6 10 houses) of your chart very strong.



  • From June2013 to June2014 you were under 5th Guru which gave you some “Dream Come True” success & a very good position/designation etcs. This period also gave some great success for your kids!
  • The 7th Guru from July2015 to July2016 gave expansion, image & success & good partnerships / collaborations.
  • The 8th Guru from Sept2016 to Sept2017 resulted into physical exertion & misaligned efforts – initiatives that did not last very long.
  • Shani has made you “right time, right place” from Aug2012 and helping you with new mass-base, new position and your own sphere of influence that will last until 2020!
  • The 11th house Shani from NOV2017 to DEC2019 is about windfall gains. Each & every act you did in the last 22 years & more so in the last 5 years will pay you in some or other way by 2019. You will earn the maximum amount of money and have max mass-base until 2020 – you are at the peak of your ability and need to CASH IT OUT completely in 2020.
  • While you en-cash it, invest wisely. The growth CURVE will NOT stay as steep in 2021 which would be VERY SLOW.
  • However, it is a good time to be a KUMBH moon sign person right until 2020. 🙂 Till OCT2019 was & is a pressure cooker situation with a lot of tussle all around you due to the 10th Guru. 10th Guru is & was happening which keeps you in the hunt but it is STRESS.
  • SADESATI starts from JAN2020 but it would not be felt in 2020 unless too many planets in Makar or Kirk or Tula signs in your chart!
  • NOW, 11th GURU from NOV2019 to NOV2020 except 3 months from April to June is MASSIVE success indeed. It won’t let you feel sadesati in 2020.


The 11th Guru from NOV2019 onward would be magical! This Guru will ensure you have some feel-good and much needed gains to keep you going in the first 2.5 years of Sadesati (sort of an “exile”!). GURU in the 11th house shows all sorts of gains! It will pay you off for whatever you did from last 4 years from the 8th house GURU from Sept2016 or rather last 11 years. It is a culmination of all the efforts and each & every contact you acquired in this period. The LABH-STHAN – house of gains and BIG planet like GURU means some long-term plans see the success and get you some material gain for sure. This Guru is a great for Kids (either to expand the family or kids doing very well!). If you are in education sector some big awards and recognition is almost a certain for you. It is a period of great fulfillments and feel-good. You would be finishing or rather completing many things in this period until NOV2020.  Guru drushti on the 3rd house indicates good luck with short trips, picnics or presentations – it is perfect for artists and say sports-people. The 11th Guru is perfect for success with romantic matters and also marriage / spouse for those looking to get married.  It is your time regardless of Sadesati!  Remember 11th GURU with FINISH many programs and work for you by NOV2020 and hence you will need to plan WHAT NEXT from 2021. It will be a VERY SLOW year in 2021 – so need to be prepared for sure. GURU being the owner of the 2nd and the 11th house causes lot more gains for KUMBH rashi than other signs. SHANI 12th house could show some “KAMINE” people abroad so need to be aware of such deception by abroad people – need to do micromanagement despite 11th GURU support. The 12th Shani will force you to plan for the long-term – next 30 years of life ahead. NO HURRY for new things!! But run existing things as much and as fast as possible!

MAKAR (Capricorn)

  • You had been sort of right time right place due to support from Shani from SEP2009 to OCT2017 like Rajanikanth for 7.5 years! This Shani 9 10 11 to your sign increased clout, mass-base, sphere of influence etc. This Shani gave great cash-flow, monthly income.
  • Guru was 8th from July2015 to July2016 recommending health check. It also made you overwork with physical exertion! It was more like “Mission impossible” until July2016 where your hard-work was appreciated but you didn’t gain any big position personally!
  • However, this work ensured a strategic/important position in the 9th Guru from Sept2016 to Sept2017. A promotion, good position, natural support from environment & some strategic position was highly likely.
  • Start of Sadesati from JAN2017 and more so NOV2017 for 7.5 years means time for complete overhaul, rejuvenation, regrouping & planning for the next 30 years of life. TILL DEC2019: Please architect, plan properly before jumping into big execution. It is imp to spend Time, Money & energy on planning of life for the next 30 years! You will need to gain new expertise to lead higher level of people just like Narendra Modi had to do from August2012 to Nov2014 (he is Vrishchik rashi).
  • The 10th Guru until 12-Oct-2018 was pressure-cooker situation but happening but stress of reporting to someone of equal or less ability.
  • OCT2018 to OCT2019 was and is 11th Guru which gave a great push and personal best from OCT2018 to OCT2019.
  • SHANI Moves to your rashi (1st house) from JAN2020 to May2022 or rather Dec2022 which is much better than 12th house for career and growth but testing for emotions and mom and self-health and relationships too.
  • HOWEVER, the 12th GURU from NOV2019 is TOUGH and going to be very slow – hence use this money earned till Oct2019 to invest wisely without splurging. It is SLOW and SATURATION indeed.

The 12th house GURU from NOV2019 to NOV2020:

  • Every initiative in this world requires you to spend 1/12th time on planning, studying, calculating etc and then start the execution.
  • The 12th house represents planning — expense of time, efforts and money for planning the next 12 units of life.
  • The Guru curve is around 11.88 years i.e. around 1 year in each sign. The 12th Guru mandates planning for next 12 years of life: No quick moves but a long-term view. You need to assess, re-group and re-strategize in this period & prepare a blueprint for the next 12 years. It is the gift of time given to you which needs to be taken seriously instead of cursing it! You are deciding “What” first and then “How” in this period. It is recommended not to jump into execution phase of any new initiative without comprehensive planning.
  • Some academic courses / certifications, reading etc would go a long way for next several years.
  • There could be some much-needed travel out of your comfort zone. You need to invest/spend money time and energy into yourself. CATCH the next CURVE of your life by study, observations, chintan/manan (meditation). It is time to show vision and not execution. Try to be Chanakya and not Chandragupt!
  • You are the architect of your life for the next 12 years and hence need to carefully CHOOSE things…! Undergo training, enhance skills, read, read and read more (“Waachal tar waachal” – padhoge to bachoge!) Rejuvenation is very much needed and you will be given the gift of time for this!

It is a TOUGH time no matter how objectively I have described above as the 12th house Guru is as good as a “political exile” (being a nobody!) as its afresh start too! Of course, your ascendant could be different and Guru might aspect other planets in the horoscope bringing some feel good to your life but still – for personal achievements this Guru is almost an “exile”. (INDIA is Makar rashi and hence some tough time could be lined up for India as well!)

However, let’s get cracking and not lose time. Start all the planning and architecting your own life of the next 12 years. You could be a CM or an MP or an MLA also if you PLAN properly in the 12th Guru. 🙂 It is like Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret” – what you imagine in the 12th Guru gets some success in the 3rd Guru from May2022 to May2023 and real great success in the 5th Guru from May2024 to MAY2025 and so on. The time lag mentioned in this book IS about a planet that needs to reach the 5th house from when the things are imagined. 🙂

DHANU (Sagittarius): Punashcha Hariom!! 🙂

  • Sadesati start from NOV2014 hasn’t been an easy period for you. It is a tough test with new learnings & also understanding of who is really yours and who isn’t.
  • The 12th Shani from NOV2014 was going away from your comfort zone and your mass-base/sphere of influence.
  • Shani moving to your sign from NOV2017 has helped with coming back on track in career, getting closer to your mass-base or win back your mass-base. However, it is a mental torture or rather maturity test – use data and figures / facts and not emotions to debate! Let data speak.
  • You have mental & physical endurance – use it & wait / watch for the right opportunity to make your move – KEEP EMOTIONS at bay until DEC2019! Watch health of mom for sure especially thyroid, weight and legs issues for mom and self.
  • July2014 to July2015 was especially tough due to the 8th Guru which showed mis-aligned hard-work & stress.
  • GURU supported you from July2015 to OCT2018 and kept you happening despite Sadesati. Now it is also pulling back! 🙂 So, yes – welcome to the Sadesati party dude! 🙂
  • The 9th Guru from July2015 to July2016 was good to get some new position which is strategic and you always wanted it with relocation attached to it.
  • The 10th Guru from Sept2016 to Sept2017 was more stress & reporting to someone of equal or less ability!
  • From SEPT2017 to OCT2018, Guru is helped you get paid for ALL your efforts from JULY2014 onwards! The 11th Guru made a full & final payment by OCT2018.
  • The 12th GURU for you caused sadesati become THE toughest period in 2019. It is absolutely slow and tough period till Oct2019 for sure. There is no magic from NOV2019 but still GURU in rashi makes things happening again for your desires. It was and is all about planning and architecting your own life for the next 12 years ahead.


GURU 1st in your rashi from NOV2019 to NOV2020: Guru in your sign improves your image, visibility and gives you a feel good. You are guided by experts that are now easy to access. You will get good books to read which are about “applied” knowledge and directly useful in your job. Guru starts new endeavors for you where you get to execute your plans that you did until OCT2019. This execution will be now successful which was not the case until OCT2019. Of course, Guru in your sign is also some sort of an exam or a test. This Guru gives your big responsibilities you always wanted. This means some designation or some office of specific duties – daily, weekly and monthly. It’s the fruits of the thinking & planning etc in the 12th Guru till Sept2018.

Most people are very comfortable with the 1st Guru support except the ones who are in wealth creation/stock markets. This Guru is not the most natural for investments it in a way opposes the 2nd house (mutual funds, stocks, FDs etc) and the 6th house (service sector)! Yes, it is OK for the 10th house (production) but not the best. But folks in jobs, employment will see better and better prospects. You are coming back on track and “in form”. Guru drushti on the kid’s house (5th house) ensures good progress on kids front – santati laabh, kids doing well in their life etc. Also, you would be acknowledged in the education field or intellectual circles. You could be called by education institutes to share your experience, knowledge. Guru Drishti on the 9th house could show some minor travels that increase your sphere of influence, Increase your business and overall “bhagya”. The more you are willing to travel the more the success until NOV2020. Those who looking to get married have great blessings from this Guru as Guru’s full-force 7th drushti is on the 7th house – the house of marriage/partners/collaborations! Overall, this Guru will increase your social and physical weight too by NOV2020! 🙂 Sadesati middle period from Nov2017 to Dec2019 was a golden period to lose weight and now it shows optimal and correct water retention in the body in 1st Guru. But for most people it results in weight gains!

Being Rashi-Swami, GURU in the 1st house is much better for health than the 12th house – this is more for DHANU lagna and Surya as SHANI is on your lagna or Surya till Dec2019 testing your health.

(1st GURU is where most of the folks are comfortable. As this Guru gives success which is treated as success by your family, friends, relatives! 🙂 Socially acceptable behavior is what everybody desperately looking for (Sad but true for geniuses!). Nobody likes a visionary contemplating iPod or iPhone or iOS but they love the one selling lots of iPhones! 🙂 They forget that anything “seen” in reality is first imagined in the mind 100 times! Well, phase of imagination, planning, vision & design etc is over and it is time to start execution.)


  • You are/were in sadesati phase from NOV2011 but more so AUG2012 for 7.5 years. Shani from NOV2017 in the 2nd house started some new income for you while it has and will uncover earlier mistakes in investments. This time, the VRISHCHIK sadesati was balanced quite a bit by Guru’s support from May2012 to Sept2017.
  • So, this Guru is supported you quite a bit from JULY2014 for 3 years despite Sadesati until SEPT2017. This made you “feel-good” have positive sentiments of how you are doing despite Sadesati tensions.
  • The 11th house Guru from SEPT2016 to SEPT2017 gave you windfall gains from all sectors of life. It was the best year in the past 11 years despite Sadesati.
  • You went completely off-track and into uncertainties from Sept2017 to Sept2018, more of a political exile and a tough period nothing happening around. It was planning for next 12 years and not just the short term.
  • 1st Guru in your rashi from 12-OCT-2018 to 5-NOV2019 has brought and brings you on track with optimism & energy and visibility & expansion and some specific daily weekly monthly duties. This was and is not magic and one day impact but image and recognition and new responsibilities by Oct2019 without dramatic success.
  • Now the 2nd house GURU from NOV2019 to NOV2020 shows new source of income, new wealth for family & self, wealth expansion, good new investments and ROI on earlier investments, DHAN_LAABH overall.
  • Good for having kids and their progress overall. It is again not about panache and style and people clapping around you etc but a major step forward.
  • 3rd GURU for 3 months from APRIL to JUEN2020 could cause travels, presentations & networking etc. Writing, blogging and expression and sharing your knowledge.
  • BIGGEST NEWS: SADESATI ends JAN2020 which makes this Guru change more favorable than it is! 🙂

Guru would move 2nd from Nov2019 to NOV2020: This Guru is all about wealth creation or rather wealth expansion. This 2nd Guru until NOV2020 would start some new income from new method / job / business etc in your life which is the result of the exposure & self-investments from SEPT2017. New endeavors will open for you now. You will invest wisely & focus on wealth creation. It will be a very good time to make some investments. You will also come across with new mentors/Gurus (mild & not hard-core) in your life (more so in investments).  The 2nd house Guru even would show increasing wealth for families & even expansion in the family. Good time to have kids for couples. For those in the field of education, this period is of some great success. You could start or expand your trainings or business related to education, education material and all the related aspects. Inheritance matters would be resolved and resolved in your favor (of course greed is not good!). overall it will make surroundings realize your value again which they had forgotten from SEPT2017. This Guru overall makes your economic-zone very powerful. Traditional astrology treats 2nd Guru as a great and a huge Bhagyoday. My analysis/experience shows that it is true to a large extent however in the feel good, 5th and 9th and 11th & 3rd Guru trump the 2nd house Guru. The desires and the pleasure of achievements is lesser in 2nd Guru but the outcome with the wealth matters is good. As owner of the 3rd and 6th house this GURU will show good support from maternal family and cousins/siblings.

The folks in real-estate – land property and investment consultants etc – this Guru would be a blessing! Of course, they will need to handle India MAKAR rashi issues skillfully. Same goes for banking and finance sector folks. MODI should expect his economic policies to start helping India now but MAKAR Rashi India might have other plans.


  • After a great June2013 to July2016 period, the 12th Guru political exile from Sept2016 to Sept2017 was about planning for the next 12 years of life. VERY slow period indeed from Sept2016.
  • The 3rd house Shani from FEB2017 & more so from NOV2017 is about slowly being a king-maker in your sphere. You will get to play your cards well. You will have a politically sound position with your team and your mass-base in a very good position. The 3rd house Shani is great POWER and should be used judiciously with self-esteem but not ego.
  • Guru in your rashi from Sept2017 to Oct2018 tried to bring you back on track with social & physical weight gains. It gave you something dutiful and permanent.
  • The 2nd house Guru from 12-OCT2018 to OCT2019 is about increasing self-wealth and family wealth. It will again start to show surroundings your value. For people in land property & investments this Guru position was a blessing!!
  • The 3rd house GURU shows quick travels, presentations, white papers, writing, sharing, mentoring, free-lancing and working on things you love to do and not you have to do. Your DREAM success of April2021 to April2022 would be paved in this period.
  • Shani changing 4th house from JAN2020 would be a bit limiting but anyways you are sitting on a platform created by 3rd Shani which now 3rd GURU will use for EXPANSION.

GURU going 3rd from NOV2019 will bring in some spice to the equation. The 3rd Guru will bring in NEW things for you which would make it sort of a “Half a Bhagyoday/ 50% of major lucky events that might have happened from JUNE2013 to JUNE2014. There would be a travel possible for a short term or at least a change of the floor in the office! 🙂 Change or rather some additional work is possible which would help you get more credit and more wealth in turn. This Guru is great for artists of course as it shows travel frequently to showcase their art. Some of the best work happens when Guru is in the 3rd house for any artist (5th Guru being the first one!).

Those who are in pre-sales, sales/marketing, presentations / expression or even event management business would have great success. This Guru will be great for any peripheral (freelancing) things in your life. It will pave the way for GREAT success of April2021 to April2022 for you. Guru drushti on the 7th house is great for romantic matters / marriage aspects or to reconcile differences with partners. The 3rd house is about visible impact on the surroundings and you would just do that in these 12 months. The 3rd house being that of Kaam-Trikon, it is more of a freelancing attitude: the work you LOVE to do or like to do and not HAVE to do. Hence, this Guru creates feel-good & optimism for you. Suddenly you feel in your mind & in the eyes of others also that you are doing good. Finally. It is how you feel inside that matters and this Guru gives you just that which 12 1 and 2nd Guru usually fail to give. You are now going to be “somebody” for the surroundings and you see the light and hope after a regrouping & reconciliation period of past 3 years. This GURU shows short-term travel to distant places or frequent travels to nearby places. Meeting people or communicating /coordinating with people would be an important part of the job now. As GURU owns the 6th house and the 3rd house – it shows some cooperation with cousins and more so maternal cousins in this period. Also, with siblings.

KANYA (Virgo)

  • You found it difficult to find your feet since the 12th Guru started in JULY2015 to JULY2016.
  • You came slowly coming back on track with the 2nd Guru from Sept2017 to Oct2018 with at least finances looking up if not the roles & responsibilities and the status.
  • Shani support is “off” from NOV2017 to DEC2019. This 4th Shani will force you to take long-term decisions for domestic tussle & infighting. You needed & need to handle family & domestic matters with patience! Infighting (team, political party, friends, circle etc) needs to be taken care & dealt with patience for some and hard-stance for some – choose wisely! Pay special attention to your mother’s health as the 4th house Shani especially shows the same. This Shani is about much needed rejuvenation, re-calculations and course-corrections.
  • NOW: The 3rd GURU from Oct2018 to OCT2019hahs and is giving you something new which will be stay with you for 9 more years with increasing success.
  • The 4th GURU from NOV2019 to NOV2020 is stagnancy and slow and saturation period where you refine and adjust what you have started already! SHANI change to the 5th house of execution will only help from JAN2020.

The 4th Guru in SUKH sthan (Mom, Native, House, Property sukh, vehicles sukh etc) starts from Nov2019 to NOV2020:

This is a stagnant and slow period! 🙂 4th house belongs to the Moksha-Trikon house which means it is great for meeting near & dear ones, taking care of mom, interior design, decoration, spend time money and efforts on your house / vehicles to make them look better! 🙂 It is time to meet with some experts who have no conflict of interest with you. Also, a great time to read books, rejuvenate by reading and also gym and overall health revamp. It is blessing of time given to you and most people don’t know what the heck to do with it. Most people cringe with this Guru movement! USE it and you will be rewarded richly in the 5th Guru that blesses you from NOV2020 to NOV2021. Do some trainings and certifications and upgrade your skills. It is a great time for any academics, training and acquiring some certifications. Increase your ability so that you can reach higher magnitude of success after NOV2020. Pushing for speed & hurry would result in frustration. Things would be slow and better adjust to it.

As you can see the 4th house GURU is great for MANY things in life, it is just that it is not the best period for a working, career oriented and achievement-oriented personality. The 4th house Guru is great for family life as the person gets time for enjoying family life and enjoy luxuries of life. This Guru in MOKSHA TRIKON and is in a Sthanbali house (as Guru uchcha in the 4th sign – Cancer). So, this Guru makes you meet with some very learned and well hearted people who share things with you. You will get great help from experts in various fields or dare I say “Guru-Mantra” or simply great-advice will come your way now. In a way, this Guru prepares you for the glorious success of the 5th Guru that starts from NOV2020. Until then, you must prepare, put in as much hard-work and put in as much heat and energy in to that stuff as in the “pressure-cooker”.  Pay attention to domestic needs, home décor and need of the parents. This Guru also is a great time to bond or spend time at your native place. Or rather, wherever you are you will find your “base”, your “native” or your “comfort” people close to you heart. Some no-strings-attached relationships are formed in this travel are beyond any “interest-groups” or politics. Don’t expect some designation, promotion — if you get it very well! Additional angle of the 4th Guru is to report to a person of equal or less caliber in some respect. Deal with patience & perseverance while you make folks aware that you deserve equal or better position. This Guru has drushti on the 8th and the 12th house – both these drushti are helpful with inheritance-matters, alternate medicines (8th) and Paramartha-spirituality, “Sant-Samagam”, visiting temples and so on. This GURU is good for anyone in the esoteric field of Astrology or Pranic healing or reiki and so on.

GURU would be 5th from APRIL for 3 months till JUNE2020 – this will help quite a bit and more so to the UTTARA nakshatra for sure.


  • You had multiple gains & a feel-good period from May2011 to JUNE2014. It was glorious and increasing success period.
  • However, from July2014 to July2015, the 12th Guru made you go in a political exile & slow / saturation period of sorts and forced to plan for next 12 years without jumping into action / execution right away.
  • Also, to add – the 4th Shani from NOV2014 to JAN2017 and again JUNE2017 to OCT2017 highlighted any wrongdoings & daring done before NOV2014 and made you pay for them. It also mandated rejuvenation! It made you focus on domestic front & take some tough decisions there (infighting).
  • The 5th Shani from FEB2017 & more so, NOV2017 is & will bring you on track slowly but surely. It is giving success by clerical work and work that has specific start and end date.
  • The 1st house Guru from July2015 to July2016 gave you some image-boost and a new responsibility or a position you needed / wanted.
  • Guru in the 2nd house from SEPT2016 to SEPT2017 brought in investment or share market or overall wealth increase for self & the family.
  • The 3rd house GURU from Sept2017 to OCT2018 helped you gain a new profile you always wanted / travel and change in location or frequent travel.
  • The 4th GURU has been stagnancy and slow & saturation period and even “Gadhe logo ke pair pado” kind of a period without fault of anyone!
  • The 5th GURU from NOV2019 to NOV2020 is a DREAM COME TRUE period and inner desire fulfillment, Image boost and visibility and networking and rather networking giving success.
  • 6th SHANI from JAN2020 to May2022/Dec2022 will add to this success by increasing social circle, new mass-base and somewhat out of comfort zone but rewarding period. It shows success over competition due to mass-base.

GURU would be in the 5th house from NOV-2019 to Nov2020: The 5th house is a LUCKY and fortunate house which shows buddhi, intelligence, education (applied knowledge), good permanent position, luck, achievements and some dream come true. The 5th Guru is very powerful! It shows some inner desire coming true (SRK winning the IPL the first time 2012). Much awaited promotion & much deserved position and something you always worked for from the 3rd Guru from Sept2017 to Sept2018 and imagined in the 12th guru of July2014 to July2015 is given to you! This Guru means even students would surprise themselves! 🙂 Great time for students to secure a coveted campus job! The 5th Guru shows “success in execution of one’s plans” and success shall be delivered! 🙂 This Guru drushti on the 9th house shows some travel but lesser duration, good guidance from experts of various fields and even “Saint-Sahawas” (‘meeting good souls). The drushti on the house of gains (11th) means multiple gains and especially great increment & promotion. Your image will also be enhanced and there could be physical and social weight gain! 🙂  As you can see, the Duty-intensive planet like Guru in the Dharma-Trikon (1 5 9) to moon is always a blessing! As Guru’s curve is starting for next 7 years. Guru being the owner of the 9th and the 12th house, it shows further increased success and strategic positions & duties. The 5th Guru also shows success in romantic stuff and it great for single folks wanting to get in marriage or long-term good relationship. Great for having kids and their success too. 5th GURU and 6th SHANI BOTH are VERY powerful which means you just need to keep working and things will fall in line!

KIRK (Caner)

  • The 6th Shani from FEB2017 to JUNE2017 & now NOV2017 to DEC2019 increases & changes your social & career circle and employee base or even job description. It increases your political clout and economic situation.  Of course, the 6th Shani is about out of comfort zone experience as too many new people you needed to rely upon which needs methodical approach. You were able to cope with competitors and fend them off.
  • The 3rd Guru from SEPT2016 to SEPT2017 was magical in many ways as it allowed you to work on what you always wanted to work & it also made you travel /relocate & create 50% Bhagyoday for you!
  • The 4th Guru from SEPT2017 to 12-Oct2018 was about stagnancy and slow & saturation and serving what you have already! It was also reporting to someone of equal or less ability for some time. it is indeed a tough one as this Guru tries to deal with domestic trouble and domestic issues.
  • The 5th GURU from OCT2018 to OCT2019 shows a permanent position and sort of a DREAM COMR TRUE Success for you. Some inner desire fulfillment will be delivered to you.
  • SHANI has added some extra fat from NOV2017 to DEC2019 for growth anticipation which needs to go away from JAN2020 to MAY2022 and keep only necessary mass-base/employee bases and so on.

Guru going 6th from NOV2019 to NOV2020 would be mandating to refine & “serve, protect & refine” what you got in the 5th Guru till OCT2019. It will show saturation in career BUT it must be used to hone and fine-tune the contacts, the work and the position you got in the 5th Guru – -it is an incremental step by step process. It does show good money & new investments, if not health! The 6th Guru shows good luck with stock markets / mutual funds etc investment activities. Guru will bring in some investment experts in your contact. It will force to deal with-long term ignored issues with health. The 6th house is about Ayurveda / stomach – such consultation will be fruitful. The 6th Guru will bring in expert medical advisors in touch. Of course, health is a focus for sure. As Guru owns the 6th (service sector/health) & the 9th house (LUCK/BHAGYA), it being in the 6th house it shows getting career expansion by providing service. At the same time 7th SHANI means partnerships need overhaul and scrutiny. Good bad ugly of partnerships will be exposed in this period. 6th Guru good for work-place in many ways but not the best for health and partnerships. In a way 6th Guru is an anticipation of expansion that would happen in the 7th Guru from NOV2010. You need to be ready for this expansion by fine-tuning what you have so that you don’t have any obligations when this expansion starts from NOV2020. However, GURU temporarily move to 7th from APRIL to JUNE 2020 shows some expansion to Punarvasu nakshatra folks at least!

MITHUN (Gemini)

  • You were rocking till May2011 with amazing success! May2012 to May2013 made you go in a political exile! Came back on track from June2013 to Juen2014 again.
  • July2015 to July2016 gave you half-a-Bhagyoday with “something new” which you always wanted with some relocation etc.
  • Sept2016 to Sept2017 was slow / saturation in many ways.
  • The 6th Shani from NOV2014 to OCT2017 completely changed & increased your social/career circle & sphere of work / influence. T
  • he 7th Shani from Feb2017 and more so NOV2017 is reducing people / extra-fat working for you and made you work a bit in isolation. It is keeping the mass-base which is relevant & reducing “unnecessary optimism” additions that were done in the 6th Shani.
  • Of course, the 5th Guru from SEPT2017 to OCT2018 gave you some permanent position & real good success and it started something new for you which will stay with you for the next 7 years till say MAY2024. This success was something you always wanted and deserved by your actions of 3rd and 4th Guru from JULY2015.
  • The 6th GURU from OCT2018 to OCT2019 was about health and focus on well-being and also serving what you got from Sept2017 to Sept2018. IT was slow & saturation and also giving enemies or competition more visibility.
  • The 7th house GURU now from NOV2019 to NOV2020 shows EXPANSION of life and career, good image, networking, M&A helping you etc.
  • 7th Shani impact on relationships and partnerships & M&A issues will end JAN2020 but 8th Shani means working alone without a lot of mass-base and alone with own skills than just as a manager etc.

From NOV2019 you enter the 7th house Guru: The 7th Guru in a few simple words is “expansion, partnerships, relationships, money, image enhancement, right time right place – “Baal Bhi na Banka”. Things you love to do. The 7th Guru makes you very well directed and aligned perfectly for growth and expansion. What you got from SEPT2017 to SEPT2018 in the 5th GURU will now expand 10 /100 / 1000 etc times as per your karma of this and the past birth. It will show success in partnerships and collaborations. It will form some formidable alliances for you. You will get support from elites/classes and also masses. This Guru certainly shows a great feel good which will continue until OCT2020.  M&A would have hurt in2018 2019 and now they will start helping a lot!

7th Guru from is absolutely great for married life & anything to do with it. Both to find a suitable partner or spend a quality time with your spouse and even expanding family. It is also considered house of the 2nd kid by logic by many astrologers as it is 3rd house from the 5th house (1st kid!) 🙂 Anyways, the 7th Guru from till NOV2020 is great for marriage and partnerships aspects not only to MITHUN Chandra-Rashi but also folks having Saptamesh (L7) & or Shukra in MITHUN rashi also! As this Guru drushti is on Chandra directly, it means good luck for your mom.  Spending time with mom and increase in mom’s health/wealth etc. As Moon owns the 2nd house, it shows good luck with wealth management and family wealth too. The 7th Guru will help with optimal water retention in the body and overall health as Guru aspects moon which controls water in the body. You will get to optimal health pattern in late 2018 and 2019 with 7th Guru. Social and physical weight gain is in the offing! 🙂 (7th Shani impact on relationships and partnerships & M&A issues will end JAN2020 but 8th Shani means working alone without a lot of mass-base and alone with own skills than just as a manager etc.)


  • The 8th Shani (peeda/adverse) got to you from FEB2017 and more so NOV2017 which continues until DEC2019. This Shani is making you reduce your mass-base, influence and people working for you. It is forcing increase in your skills and working alone on something instead of delegating it! 🙂
  • The 5th Guru helped you a LOT from SEPT2016 to SEPT2017, it must have given you a promotion, a prominent or a permanent position & an office of a good duty.
  • The 6th Guru from SEPT2017 to 12-OCT2018 made matters slow for you along with the 8th Shani. It meant servicing and fine tuning you got in the 5th Guru till Sept2017.
  • Now 7th GURU from OCT2018 to OCT2019 gave and is giving you expansion and image.
  • The 8th house GURU from NOV2019 to NOV2020 shows misaligned efforts, inheriting someone else’s mistakes with estimation or schedule or pricing etc. Shows some unnecessary but compulsory hard-work and fatigue! 🙂
  • 9th SHANI from JAN2020 will counter this 8th Guru quite a bit. It will give a good position with good mass-base.

The 8th house GURU from NOV2019: The 8th house in one word is “MISSION-IMPOSSIBLE” — Ethan Hunt’s running around trying to cover all the bases – it is his movie so he succeeds but usually in the 8th house Guru you are part of something which is not fully-thought-thru. It means, you will be aligned to something which itself is not aligned to a greater good or the “big picture”. The 8th house is also PEEDA. In Marathi it is called as “DugDug”! 🙂 It certainly shows fatigue & health issues. This Guru might not be the best for usual promotions, designations, specific posts etc but it does show to the world what you are made of. Your dedication & hard-work is appreciated but it doesn’t result in a great success overall. As the 8th house belongs to MOKSHA Trikon in the horoscope – this period is very good for homeopathy medicines results, Ayurveda and Yoga initiation. You would get good advice from such alternate healing method experts. Guru aspect/drushti on the 2nd house means good investment luck & well directed decisions for investments in stocks, jewelry, bonds etc. The 4th house aspect means home improvements, interior improvements and meeting with close-to-heart people. The 12th house aspect means good expense which is an investment in yourself. It is a very good Guru position for self-help and self-improvements. Spiritual progress is good one in this period.

With lagna-rashi of VRISHABH or even Chandra-Rashi — If the birth-time chart is conductive to easy money or disproportionate income, this Guru results in some real GREAT income thru say lottery or employee stock-options or some insider information coming to you. As 8th is the house of inheritance, it is a good time until NOV2020 to get something out of it. Although the 8th house Guru doesn’t result in holistic success at career / business (recognition or position / designation) despite the money gain, it will pave the success of the 3 years of 9 10 11 house Guru starting from NOV2020! 2021 would be MONUMENTAL success for you!


  • The 8th Shani (peeda/adverse) got to you from Nov2014 which continues until Jan2017 and again from July2017 to Oct2017. This Shani made you reduce your mass-base, influence and people working for you. It forced increasing your skills and working alone on something instead of delegating it all the times! 🙂
  • The 5th Guru helped you a LOT from July2015 to July2016, it must have given you a promotion, a prominent position & an office of a good duty. This period gave you a tremendous opportunity to establish yourself. Whatever started in the 5th Guru would stay with you for 7 more years.
  • The 6th Guru from SEPT2016 to SEPT2017 made matters slow for you along with the 8th Shani. The things are now getting on track from late 2017 and you are going to be IN and in FORM and rocking for 7.5 years ahead till MARCH2025 with GREAT Shani support which would be very similar to what you had from say 1988 to 1995 end. You can remember how good Lalkrishna Advani, Bill Clinton, Sharad Pawar, Imran Khan did in this period before Sadesati hit them in 1996! 🙂
  • The 9th Shani from NOV2017 has made you right time & right place to exploit your skills & personality. You have positional advantage for some post or an important office! 9th Shani is giving you a new mass-base that would support you for the next 7 years. It is YOUR time…!
  • The 8th GURU from Oct2018 to Oct2019 however showed misaligned efforts and fatigue but easy money too.
  • NOW 9th GURU from NOV2019 to NOV2020 is BHAGYODAY and LUCK!! It shows higher positions and strategic success. It shows NEXT LEVEL in career.
  • 10th SHANI from JAN2020 to May2022/Dec2022 shows more of the same and lot of the type of work-you did in 2018 and 2019 with the team you assembled in Nov2017 to Dec2019.

GURU 9th (Bhagya/Luck) from NOV2019: MAJOR things happen or start when Guru is 9th. Bhagya-sthan is of travel & expansion and long-term strategic initiatives. Your efforts now will be aligned well to a greater cause. It is THE BEST house of Guru movement! You will get great guidance, right advice and a mentor or a Guru. You will actively seek advice or easily get advice from various experts. A promotion or a position which almost eventually guarantees a promotion is a given! As Guru is about knowledge, this position and promotion is associated with increased knowledge and not just due to increase in business! You would evolve as a professional and a person due to the knowledge increase. You will have a great impact on the surroundings and achieve a lot more than you imagined until Oct2019. 9th Shani (Nov2014 to Oct2017) brought masses to you – the 9th Guru will bring in experts & classes! As you can see the 9th house is Bhagyasthan (LUCK) and Guru ensures that your BHAGYODAY (LUCK/Blessings) happens as long as you have been working hard. There is a very good chance to change your location and travel to a place 9 to 12 hours away from the current one for a period of say 3 years. Bhagya/Luck doesn’t change seating on a couch. One must move their axx for that! 🙂

Your image will increase in right circles. Married folks have a great time with kids. Guru being owner of the 9th and the 12th house you will see great image & increase in work at a different location than the current one. At least change of floor or building or department if not country or city! It will start something new which will stay with you with increasing success with you until 11th Guru which would be over in the end of May2022. This shows increasing success by typical GURU fashion which is DYAN (Knowledge)-Yoga – what you know will work for you a lot more in this period. Guru drushti on the 3rd house means good news from siblings and travel. Guru drushti on the 5th house is great for academics but more so projects and applied knowledge. Good or kids and their success too. Guru drushti on Moon would show good news for health of self and your mother. Overall a marvelous 12-month period from NOV2019.

SHANI GURU Yuti, Pratiyog or SHANI Drishti on GURU in a Birth-Time (Natal) Chart – ASTROMNC

Donations: (1) https://paypal.me/AstroMNC (2) From India: UPI is CorpAstroMNC@icici (From BHIM APP or all bank apps) (This would help write more & more detailed on the blog not just weekly / monthly but also the astrology articles.) AstroMNC

TRANSITS: As given point in time the happiness index of a person is governed predominantly by GURU and SHANI: say 80%! The rest of the planets govern 20% and more so then show the months and weeks when this happiness or some lessons will be delivered to a person. All the rest of the (Except Rahu Ketu & Neptune Uranus) planets change all the signs in a year or say 18 months for Mars. So they do add or minus to the happiness index shown by Gochar GURU and SHANI. Mahadasha Antardasha have their own impact to course which is not considered in the above paragraph assuming it is middle class kind of a maha and antardasha. So – if Transit SHANI GURU is so imp – their positions in a chart are of VAST importance. More so when they are aspecting each other. Guru aspecting ANY planet(s) in the chart is a BLESSING! Shows sense of purpose, greater goodness and well aligned efforts related to the topics associated with the aspected planet(s). GURU aspecting SHANI is about having good mass mentality, what people want, what consumers want and ability to guide/mentor and consult poors, workers, employees and so on (large number people in a group). Topic for this article is SHANI drushti on GURU. There are 4 types obviously.

Where GURU SHANI are at the time of your birth – at the age of 60 again they are exactly there. Guru is at the same position as birthtime at the ages of running 12th 24th 36th 48th 60th etc and SHANI is about 30th 60th 90th. As your can see 60th is common to both of them. It is significant fact that SHANI GURU do NOT return the same sign at the same time as birth for 60 more years! It means many of the karmic patterns repeat at 12 24 36 48 60 72 etc but more so 30 and 60!! RAHU KETY cycle is (9) 18 (27) 36 (45) 54 (63) 72 etc so they are also significant ages.

The observations below apply LOT MORE when there are planets in DHANU and MEEN Rashi as GURU impacted by Shani is more of an issue and it gets extended to these planets too. YUTI Or Pratiyog helps the planets in MAKAR and KUMBH Rashi and GURU drushti on SHANI elevates these planets.

Common aspects for all of the below configurations are:

  • Past Birth Karma with KIDS (Santati) is not good: Delayed kids around or after the age of 29/30. Kids before 29 could have chronic health issues.
    • More so when GURU is owner of the 5th house OR SHANI drushti is also on the 5th house and or owner of the 5th house (L5)
    • Lesser so when Shani itself is L5 and not aspecting 5th house.
    • Lesser so when GURU aspects 5th house and or L5.
  • You have stolen some knowledge in the past birth or not paid for fully or some GURU (institution/college/university etc) was deceived in the past birth in some ways:
    • This birth “patented” or precious or KEY Knowledge comes to you after the age of 30.
    • You must prove yourself worthy of the knowledge.
    • More efforts needed to earn confidence and respect of GURU type people.
    • Some knowledge or information is stolen or credit is not given till the age of 30.
    • Stock options or profit sharing etc starts to come later in life.
    • Good advice is difficult to come by in early life.
  • Shani is ON THE JOB and experience and hard-work, execution and GURU is class-room knowledge or directly gained knowledge from books or people. So, there is a tussle – where SHANI doesn’t want you to continue education beyond a certain point and wants to “use” it. GURU wants to accumulate knowledge. It is possible to take a break from education to work and take a break for career for education to get ahead with this yuti.
  • Expansion GURU) of (life and career is seen more after the age of 30 when there is enough experience (SHANI) coupled with knowledge accumulated till the age of 24.
  • The houses OWNED by GURU – will see some delays or some lesser results or weaker results till the age of 30/31. Guru could own any house – which needs to be checked – more so check DHANU Rashi house in the chart and lesser so MEEN Rashi house unless Vrishchik lagna and Kirk lagna where MEEN is 5 and 9th house owner resp.

NOW let us look what ADDITIONAL things apart from above could be seen from following configurations. Above things are common to all below configurations.


  • The Most effective where above observations apply a lot. There is not a tussle like Pratiyog but harmonious addition of effects.
  • It is amicable one which makes a person humble. There is tendency to not fight the Gurus or protest some stolen knowledge or credit assuming somewhere you deserve it early in life! Pratiyog fights with it.
  • Highly advised to not have kids till 29/30.
  • YUTI Or Pratiyog helps the planets in MAKAR and KUMBH Rashi and GURU drushti on SHANI elevates these planets.
  • Planets in DHANU and MEEN Rashi are impacted too as GURU impacted by Shani is extended to them.
  • GURU Antardasha SHANI sub-period and SHANI MAHA GURU Antardasha or Shani Antardasha and Guru sub-period are tough. GURU MAHA – SHANI Antardasha is tougher too.
  • SHANI’s 7th drushti is neutralized a lot in such case as GURU drushti is also on that house more so when the 7th house is Makar or Kumbh. Not as much if the 7th house is DHANU or MEEN Rashi! 🙂


  • Very effective for all the above observations and that too with tussles/boxing/confrontations and debates etc with GURU people.
  • Maybe difficult to just avoid kids till 30 but going thru actual chronic issues with the kids.
  • YUTI Or Pratiyog helps the planets in MAKAR and KUMBH Rashi and GURU drushti on SHANI elevates these planets.
  • GURU Antardasha SHANI sub-period and SHANI MAHA GURU Antardasha or Shani Antardasha and Guru sub-period are tough. GURU MAHA – SHANI Antardasha is tougher too.
  • SHANI’s 3rd drushti is neutralized a lot in such case as GURU drushti is also on that house – -more so if 3rd house is Makar or Kumbh. Not as much if the 3rd house is DHANU or MEEN Rashi! 🙂

GURU is 10th from SHANI

GURU is 10th from SHANI

This is relatively mild but absolute!  As SHANI is not in check by GURU. So, the common observations are the ones mostly apply in this case. The 23rd 24th age is tough with the knowledge stealing but 24th is OK as transit GURU helps. 23rd is a bit tough as credit or knowledge could be stolen. Delayed kids are helpful but not completely necessary if L5 or 5tht house is in GURU drushti and NOT in Shani drushti. SHANI drushti on GURU usually shows damage happened in the family 8 years BEFORE your birth and lesser later on.

GURU is 3rd from SHANI

This is the mildest one – assuming GURU is not in intense degrees like RashiGandaant. The issues is the 30.31 age is extended to 35 36 with paying of some stuff even at that age additional to whatever is by 30th. Shows 20th /21 as a tougher age with knowledge acquisition. This is LOT more tough with kids IF L5 and 5th house is in SHANI drushti and NOT in GURU drushti. That means kids related obligations to be aid gets extended to the age of 36 too.


  • GRATITUDE: THANKING everyone who gives good advice OVERLTLY! Use FB What app and all forums to acknowledge good advice, a god article and so on. More and more people with share their knowledge with you slowly!
  • EDUCATION: Regardless of all sorts of reasons not to complete education – CPMPLETE it… somehow!! Ages of 18th and 24th running are VERY IMP as they reduce SHANI impact on GURU and give you chance to get good advice and good GURU! Read good books and pay attention to anyone who says something about some book being good.
  • KIDS – Donate to orphanages, spend time money and efforts for less privileged kids. – This is MAGICAL – Start as early as possible in your life. Quality of your KIDS’s health will increase magically!!

~AstroMNC (Milind)

Where you learnt Astrology

“Where you learned Astrology”

I get this question a lot of times. Here are some facts below and one can draw whatever conclusions based on it. The people / the friends and colleagues on FB and here know all this very well so there is truth and nothing but truth to the following points. (Regardless of who knows or don’t know — always good to state truth as then you don’t need to remember what all you said at those times! :D)

(2) I never had any Guru where I discussed things or got any direct advice or “key” points of “Anugraha” or “tips” etc etc. Maybe, this sort of Guru would have reduced my long learning from 1991 to so far to lesser years — who knows! I will always wonder “What if” on this matter!

(2)(a) My father has a VERY broad and WIDE approach towards astrology — NEVER checked any chart but was interested transits and MEDANIYA effects on countries and surroundings.

(2)(b) My father’s broad approach – imaginative, non-structured, lateral thinking helped me approach ANY topic without any inhibitions or superstitious awe of any topic. But he never checked any chart nor palm etc etc — he just looked at people and Meen Lagna Meen Surya and 8th Chandra “spoke”! 🙂

(2) (c) My engineering 1991 to 1995 helped me think without any limitations – very difficult subjects and good studious room-mates (Majid, Huzaifa) and the imp HUGE friend circle (Ambajogai) with HUGE debates and downright aggressive arguments and again – NO LIMIT broad thinking, open mind helped study astrology as a engineering subject and that was THE BIGGEST KEY!

(3) I started reading Astrology books in 1991 as I thought it was false/hoax and not a science. I thought it was highly overrated and downright a tool to spread fear and sell pooja and so on.

(4) I with my friend Shailesh Chandratre used to go to public library to read books on astrology and after 3-4 weeks those people realized and I had to buy a book – I bought SOMAN SHASTRI book as my 1st book of Astrology. It was more about calculations and hardly much about predictions and most predictions were “ekaangi” and direct translations of some sanskrit books which sounded very one-sided and fairly basic.

(5) In hostel life I used to map Astrology books to students around. PATTERNS matching if you can call that. Used to recognize Sun signs or Moon Signs of many folks. Everyone one became a case study for me consciously and sub-consciously — and astrology always game me an answer why someone behaved like the way they did!

(6) CHANGING POINT was purchase of VD Bhat books from 1995 1996 —- I bought all his books and I guess he doesn’t teach you astrology but he teaches you how to teach astrology yourself!

(7) CORPORATE LIFE START in 19951/1996 was a MAJOR BOOST for Astrology — I got more and more case studies and all age groups. Surprised many by telling their moon signs the moment I met them! 🙂 Sometimes, it was Sun Sign. This Corporate life and later MSP and Bloomington from 1999 to 2003 added invaluable insight and practice and case studies to my experience. Was able to also map short term, long term and immigration patterns very easily! 🙂

(8) Until 2003 – 2004 my astrology practice was one on one. But i guess I did post on Maayboli.com from 1999/2000 itself. It increased (online) in 2002/2003 and I was surprising a lot of folks with many comments, observations and “predictions”.

(9) Continued with Maayboli till 2009. Also, CyberAstro free forum I used to post. they closed that free forum & chat window after some folks commented about these free observations more accurate than some paid ones.

(10) Of course, PATNI Computers KALAKRITI events also gave further exposure in 2004 2005 2006 till 2009! 🙂 Analyzed hundreds of charts every year as part of cultural annual programs. Folks used to be flabbergasted an IT programmer/Project Manager / Delivery Manager / Director telling people their “future” 🙂 🙂 But more so observations about relatives and also when they met right or wrong people! 🙂 😉

(11) Maayboli.com posts also attracted non-Marathi folks as google search directed them to Maayboli.com.

(12) 2009: 3rd house GURU and RAHU —->> Some fights on Maayboli.com with some arrogant people who created tamasha to post on Marathi / Devanagari — ended the Maayboli stint after almost 10 years! That prompted or forced me to create my BLOG — AstroMNC.Blogspot.com. The AstroMNC name was created official in 2009 which was in my mind since 1999.

(12) Sometime in 2005-2006 I started re-reading KRISHNAMURTI Method. I was highly impressed with Prashna Kundali but lost interest as it was not fitting my KARMA angle.

Sometime in 2003-2004 I took lot more interest in numerology as supporting to Astrology. I used to observe people from 1997/1998 for Bdates but increased from 2003. Total addition of bdate was observed more from 2003.

The past KARMA angle started appearing prominently from 2003/2004 and then everything became so much easier and logical! CRUX of Astrology is the past karma — past karma of this life and also past births – -basically anything that happened before this moment is past karma! 🙂

The history from 2009 is more like a ‘recent history”. 2012 Prashant Kulkarni (“Prakul”) created a Website for me as we liked my work – AstroMNC.com and Archana Hebbar helped with it. The blog and the site created a snowball effect and that led to me living a very happening career in 2017! 🙂 Loved IT career and interactions with people and customers first and foremost! 🙂

This post became more of a journey than how I learned astrology — but I don’t know how else I should I answer this! 🙂

As I have not got a much of great stuff from any book on “predictive astrology” I decided to write as much as possible and reduce learning timing for the new astrologers. I have shared almost all my critical insights openly and freely in the net. However, what I realized that one needs to prepare themselves with consistent efforts to make sense of the articles. People want instant gratification and simplistic solutions from astrology and hence they end up just wandering around!

Simple Questions one should ask:

1992 ShivSatya Gym: Why Samir Mitra was one of the few continued with Gym for so long with great body building (ShivSatya)

1991 thru 1993: Why Chunky (Rajesh Mhaskar) was able to give me Shailesh and Umesh quick GREAT tips on how to lfit weights (ShivSatya) —->> Samya — Dhanu Surya and Dhanu Mangal also and Chunky Dhanu Lagna-Rashi!

1993 Hostel: Why Sushil Khedkar has this high pride (Leo Sun 16 Aug) and also piercing eyes — (Vrishchik Rashi !:) )

Why I gravitated towards bowling always regardless of being a decent bat — Mithun Mangal! 🙂 Why I could learn TT easily and also liked sports bike and not cruisers — Air Sign Mangal in Mithun! 🙂

WHY ASTROLOGY == Why Go to the Moon —– Why World Heavyweight Championship — As Muhammad Ali said — “Its there”!! 🙂 🙂 — Astrology: Its always out “there”!




2019 ANNUAL HOROSCOPE: Rashi-Bhavishya-2019

These articles apply to MOON Signs. It will be also applicable to Lagna/Rising Sign too. (In your Birth-Chart: If you have Moon in the 1 3 5 7 9 11 houses it applies lot more. If you have planets in your chart that are 1 3 5 7 9 11 from Moon them read as per Moon Sign and if most planets are 1 3 5 7 9 from Lagna/Rising sign then read for your rising sign!)

Donations: (1) https://paypal.me/AstroMNC (2) From India: UPI is CorpAstroMNC@icici (From BHIM APP or all bank apps) (This would help write more & more detailed on the blog not just weekly / monthly but also the astrology articles.)

Rashi-Bhavishya 2019

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~Milind (AstroMNC)

Saadesati: Shani Audit for 7.5 years!

[A] What is Shani Sadesati (Sade Sati, Saadesati)

It takes approximately 30 years for Saturn to orbit around the Sun. i.e. it travels 2.5 years in one sign. When Saturn enters one sign before your Moon sign, you enter the period of “Sade sati”. It literally means 7.5 (2.5 + 2.5 + 2.5 years of Saturn’s stay around your moon sign).

Saturn teaches “by-example” in this period, does a reality check about various things in your life that you find important. It makes you think neutral about the things you feel very strongly about or emotional / passionate about. It prepares you for the next 22 years. After Sadesati is over, you are fresh out of Saturn’s college to take on the world. You just need to put a lot of effort in Sadesati.

[B] Summary

Sadesati is seen as a problematic period with lots of troubles & hardships. Well, it’s the half-truth. Sadesati is an “Atma-shudhdhi” period where a lot of “reality-check” is given to the person. Saturn doesn’t “give” anything; it just shows anomaly or problems that already exist in and around you.

[C] Effect of Current (Gochar) Saturn’s travel on Horoscope Planets:

It is Saturn’s KARAKATVA to be an auditor or a police or courier boy of your own karma. It usually gives peeda and try to drive you away from extraneous “Asakati” of any thing you may have. Basically, Saturn gives such “reality check” every time it goes over any planet in your natal horoscope (the planets as they are at the time of your birth). Regardless of Sadesati or not Saturn is working relentlessly around the clock with its proximity to the FIXED Stars in all constellations/nakshatras or specific nakshatras or navamansh of a nakshatra/rashi. Saturn’s movements ensure that one is paid (good or bad) their actions! If good appropriate reward and if bad then appropriate obligation. Usually a person has a choice to pay back by good deeds or delays or sufferings in that order depending on the intensity of the karma. This karma is past karma – which is both this life past karma and also past birth past karma. One should not try to distinguish between this and past birth as it is all logically speaking the “past” to the current moment.

  1. When Saturn goes over your Sun/Ravi, it hurts your ego, it makes you deal with seniors better, it teaches you do deal with father better. Shows illness or health issues of your father. It shows your health w.r.t heart and spine (ruled by Ravi). Ravi is “karak” of Raj-satta / administrative power, Father, Soul, Ego, Heart & Spine, bone structure apart from several other things. Check examples of this at the end of the article.
  1. When Saturn goes over your Patrika Mars, it gives reality check w.r.t siblings (especially younger). It shows issues w.r.t blood (health), diabetes. It also shows side effects of wars, sports activities, extra competitive spirit that you might have. It also shows side effects of hard work, aggression and also at times shows issues with the land that you might have purchased or own. Mars is Karak of Sports, Wars, siblings, blood, aggression, land, and copper apart from other things. So one has some learnings with these things.  This is especially troubling to the military people or sports people or warriors or real estate agents etc. Check examples of this at the end of the article.

These are just effects of Saturn’s travel over two planets that are in nature TOTALLY different than Saturn. Saturn doesn’t have or like ego, it doesn’t have a asakti of anything. It is a nishkam karmayogi! So, it takes you away from the things that you love the most by some peeda / haani just to make you aware that there is life beyond these things.

7.5 years before Sadesati: A Great Success: Support from Saturn

This is explained in great detail with examples in my article: http://astromnc.blogspot.com/2010/12/shani-9-10-11-to-moon-sign-right-time.html

To understand practical aspects of Sadesati, it is very much necessary to understand the previous few years before the Sadesati starts. These are the years when the person is in the “sweet-spot” of his abilities. He is perfectly ‘right time & right place’. Great support from masses is in these years of 9th, 10th and 11th Saturn. (12th, 1st and 2nd Saturn are of Sadesati). The person appears to have halo behind him and many think of him as a role model or a hero. Unless you are in a some very tough mahadasha which is of some great obligations, this Saturn movement of 7.5 years BEFORE Sadesati is a golden period!

The person seems to have a lot of things that can be leveraged during this time period. There is no need to do any retrospect or think twice before delving into something as natural support is assumed due to your abilities being better than others at that point in time. Everywhere you go, people seem to take notice and treat you in a special way. You develop a habit of being always heard and being important at almost all the meetings. You get quite a bit of power (empowerment) that you can use the way you want to use it.

Basically, the support from 9th and especially 10th & 11th Saturn is the culmination of last 17/18 years of karma: acquiring knowledge, overall struggle, efforts and hard work. Whatever you have learnt on what Saturn represents (masses, law, discipline, and economics apart from other things) in 18 years is given to you in 10th and 11th Saturn. (10th Saturn gives power from masses and 11th gives money.)

Now you can understand, what would person think when the support from 10/11 Saturn is no more with them! Even not doing great would be considered as bad! Doing above average would be considered as a failure! à it is all about expectation management. In Sadesati you don’t do worse than you were doing in say 7th/8th Shani! But the sorrow after lots of joy is always more troublesome! J

[D] SADESATI:  Effects of transit (Gochar) Saturn

Of all the planets, the Moon (karak of mind, mother, water, and silver) shows the MOST of the asakti, love, affection of various things in your life. Rather, all other planets are also studied in the horoscope w.r.t Moon-sign too to understand what ‘you’ think about your own horoscope consciously—subconsciously.

So, it is natural that when Saturn comes closer to the Moon in horoscope, it gives THE toughest reality check in your life. Many of your misbeliefs will be shattered in this period. Is it good or bad? Saturn doesn’t want you to live in a fool’s paradise. It wants to make you wiser!

IMP: Saturn doesn’t seem to affect other planets apart from Moon when Saturn is in the previous sign of say, Sun or Mars or other planets BUT for the moon the “fun” starts when Saturn enters the previous sign itself and continues until Saturn is in next to next sign. i.e. for other planets reality check lasts for 2.5 years but for Moon it lasts for 7.5 years.

Think of a product from a company such as Honda (Accord) it sells quite well for the first 3 years after it is redesigned. Then it slows down and some additions are done in the 4th year. It further slows down in the 5th year and a completely redesigned model comes in the market. What would happen if Honda didn’t redesign or upgrade Accord periodically? Obviously, it will be outdated and competitors will have much better time! So just like the Honda Accord is redesigned every 5 years, Sadesati gives a chance to you to redesign and re-architect your life completely and find a new product – Design it (first 25 years of Sadesati), build it (2nd 2.5 years of Sadesati) and start selling it and start earning from the 3rd 2.5 years of Sadesati. Your redesign is completed in these 7.5 years and you are ready to take on the world for the next 22.5 years before again the next Sadesati begins! 🙂 It is logical and common sense that a person might not have more than say 3 sadesati and most with say 3rd 4/ 5 Shani to moon would have only 2!

However, even though Accord is outdated, Honda sells CR-V and Civic very well – in astrology terms despite Sadesati Shani adverse, GURU or other planets can still send a lot of success your way! It is NOT due to Sadesati but it is despite the Sadesati! 🙂


The natural support of 10th and 11th Saturn is no more there! The 12th Saturn shows that your risk profile should not be extravagant now. You need to invest for future and not expect the “Alice in Wonderland” effect of 10th/11th Saturn.


The First 2.5 Years: Bad-mouth, Away from mass/customer/employee base, Sudden unwanted expenditure / low liquidity, Political exile

The biggest effect of 12th Saturn is bad word of mouth / rumors that hurt you. The folks that got sidelined due to your power in last 5 years, regroup and their collective efforts are out of synch with you. You are suddenly “wrong time wrong place”, where you are seating on big gains but going nowhere! The factors that you HAD to neglect / overlook in the last 5 years due to various correct reasons come to haunt you! Depending on your harshness or any deeds that are against the law and you can find yourself behind the bars or in deep litigations. The 12th house is about vision, strategy and architecture, blueprinting, So the 12th Saturn would force you to think “What Next for the next 30 years of life”. Think long term and think visionary! Quick fix and quick solutions might work for a week or two but would not change your overall position.

As the 12th house is about “political exile” it takes you away from your mass-base or customer base or large group of people you had a support from past 7.5 years. These people have grown up now. For you to acquire next level or mass-base which is more senior and mature or bigger – you need to acquire new skills and new ability. You need to invest time, money and effort in to yourself.

The 12th house is also about retrospect and review and make corrections. Saturn will expose previous mistakes & hasty decisions! It will uncover problems in your assessments, gut-feel or antying done without too much calculations and on a hunch. You will need to accept and then can correct and not repeat! Not accepting it not an option! 🙂 The more you resist, Saturn makes your falter more and more. Stay humble and learn and adopt! Be mentally flexible.

For anyone except say Sports people, this Shani as it is in Moksha Trikon is a tough period as it makes one away from higher positions of duty or a good office which is shown by the 1st 5th or 9th house of the horoscope! Shani is opposition the 1st house and the 5th house and saturating the 9th house and hence some good new higher position is very tough in the 12th house Shani movements unless you are going thru 5th or 9th house Guru at the same time of the 12th Shani!

So the 12th Saturn is about bad publicity (Masses thinking badly about you), loss of money/liquidity, litigations & public/masses thinking of you as enemy. Health-wise: eyes (especially the left eye), ankles, stomach at times. Unwanted travels against your wish are quite possible. Problems in travel and delays etc are a given. Your patience will be tested for sure.

In your horoscope planets behind moon or in the 6th house from moon make matters worse in this period of Sadesati as they have affected factors mentioned above right from the start!!! (Good/bad Karma)

The Middle 2.5 years: Mental, Viral/Water, Personal Issues

The bad mouthing, economic losses of 12th Saturn now start recovering. The focus is now on your personal life, parents’ health, mental peace, health/viral fevers. It also tests your temperament by difficult situations with close relatives, siblings & friends. Saturn represents masses/workers/voters and Moon represents social contacts with similar level folks (both economically, culturally). Saturn takes you away from near and dear ones, either mentally or physically. You have tons of reality check with the people you thought were close to you. The folks that stay close to you in this period are self less and not expecting any material gains form you. They are the “real” friends. Nastha-paani friends don’t even come to say hi in this period! 🙂

The first house Saturn starts to bring back your mass-base or customer base back to you again and rather adds to it with fresh & higher level of mass-base. As you have or were forced to redesign yourself in the 12th house Saturn 2.5 years, you start to execute the blue-print and plans made in the 12th Saturn. The first Shani being in the Dharma (Duty) Trikon – you again get a good position slowly. Of course one rashi has 30 degrees and Shani movement of 2.5 years so the major effects are seen when Saturn is 3 degrees before your moon sign and 3 degrees ahead of moon sign. For example Shani in Dhanu would immediate start effects to Moola nakshatra and then Poorvashadha and then Uttarshadha in the 2..5 years.

So the 1st Saturn is about Disturbed Mental peace, temperament, loss of social status/time to socialize, parent’s health, issues with relatives, siblings & close friends. Viral (or thru water) diseases is a possibility. However, it starts bring mass-base back, allows you to execute your plans now. But it might not start new income for you for all these 2.5 plus 2.5 years of 12th and 1st Shani.

In your horoscope planets in  yuti or opposite/pratoyog to Moon make matters worse as Shani goes over multiple planets increasing the scope of the Audit! 🙂 That’s why people born on Poornima (full moon Moon 180 degrees opposite to Sun) and Amawasya (Sun Moon in the same sign) have more troubles in middle 2.5 years of Sadesati.

The Last 2.5 years: Family / Hereditary Issues, Investments (Share Market, land, bonds etc)

The focus is now your (overall) family: common issues with the family. The earlier financial investments that you have made or you might need to make. Health wise, it’s about eyes, eating habits, tongue, nose/breathing & some minor indications of future issues with lungs. You may even need to spend/lend money in situations not under your control (duty) and many times the money won’t come to you for a long time (say at least 3 years or more).

This Shani makes person take dispassionate calls about the wealth management. “Purkko ki Haweli” etc etc sentimental stuff is attacked by Shani quite badly! 🙂 You will need to cut your losses and take very practical and cold-calculative decisions that seem tough for short term but necessary for the long term.  It is like losing 10/15 Kg of weight before you start running fast. If you don’t you won’t be able to run effectively and rather might not even reach the destination.  Some practical and tough calls would need to be made about inheritance and family and self-wealth. It is NOT a period of high risk trading for sure! (Unless some real good maha antardasha and Guru drushti on the natal chart 2nd house and Budh BOTH).

However, the 2nd house Shani like any other planets STARTS new income in your life. You have redesigned yourself in the 12th Shani, executed the change in the first Shani and now it will start new income in your life due to hard-work of these 5 years to settle your products & services! This is independent of the previous mistakes than Shani exposes in this last leg of Sadesati!

In your horoscope planets in house next to moon or 8th house from moon make matters much worse as they have affected factors mentioned above right from the start! (Good/bad Karma) 8th house is peeda-sthan & shows how/how much/what peeda you get in life. It also shows hereditary estate etc.


  1. A person (apart from health), doesn’t suffer much in Sadesati expect for his own deeds.
  2. It is your misuse of power and irregularity of temperament, mishandling of relatives, friends that comes to bite you in the axx once the mighty support of 10th and 11th Saturn is over!!
  3. Negligence of several aspects of life due to increased importance of some aspects is also brought to notice in Sadesati.
  4. You need to deal with your own issues and nothing else. They could be of money, masses, politics, relatives, studies, career and what not.
  5. WHAT NEXT for next 30 years of life – Redesign, Execute and Gains in the cycle of 3 legs of sadesati.
  6. Shani will make you lean and mean after Sadesati is done and you would be a King or a King maker after sadesati in the 3rd house Shani movements..!

It is the natural life cycle which is mirrored into stars most of the times & not the other way around. We should rather thank Saturn for Sadesati as it gives us the reality check of our life. The lessons are Sadesati are good enough to shine and enjoy life in real-sense with a newfound wisdom for next 22 years after Sadesati.


That’s why Saturn is referred in Hindu Mythology as “Shani-Maawuli”.

[E] Examples of Shani’s Bhraman from Sports, Politics and Movies:

  1. Akshay Kumar after glorious 11th Shani before Sadesati had massive success in 2008. He signed many movies in that period and had 6 flops in 2009! He had to reinvent and back to basics to get success again in Rowdy Rathore. (Guru becoming 5th in mid-2009 and late 2009 to April 2010 helped despite Sadesati)
  1. Amitabh Bachchan gave upu “Kaun Banega Karodpati” in 4th Guru and 12th Shani in 2009 to get it back in the 5th Guru!!
  1. Amitabh Bachchan (Tula rashi) was #1 to #10 when Saturn last time was in Cancer and Leo sign (9th, 10th and 11th to his Moon sign:: from June 1973 to 1980 end. He is having similar period from May 2005 to Sept 2009. Especially, from July 2007 to Sept 2009, there could be mass-hysteria, making contemporaries look like chicken.
    1. From 1981, his Sadesati started and initial 2.5 years were very bad for him as he has 5 planets in Kanya rashi. i.e for him Sadesati was much more troublesome as multiple planets were before the moon & that too in 8th house of horoscope (peeda-sthan, mrutyu-sthan). i.e. 12th from Moon and 8th from 1st house of horoscope (ascendant–lagnarashi)
    2. What happened in 1981 is VERY well known. When Saturn was close to Mars and Sun, he suffered a great accident. (Kanya raashi shows stomach.)
    3. His Sadesati continued until end of 1987. His politics tenure happened completely in Sadesati and you are well aware of the problems he faced in Sadesati.
  1. Dhirubhai Ambani is moon-sun and ascendant Dhanu raashi. When Shani was 10th and 11th from 1981 to Middle 1985, he used his money and political power a lot and was able to get almost anything done! He entered Sadesati from 1985 to 1992! J
    1. First 2.5: From Oct 1985 entered Sadesati. First 2.5 years must have been all badanami, court-baaji, police inquiries due to 12th Shani. V.P. Singh was troubling him a lot.
    2. Middle 2.5: Health-wise almost a hell as Shani going over Moon, Sun and lagnarashi.  Also a lot of issues from Govt (V.P Singh had become the PM, whom Dhirubhai had allegedly removed from finance ministry using Amitabh’s contact??)
    3. Rest 2.5: A bit better and regrouping of business and also recuperation on health front.
  1. Sachin Tendulkar: From May 2005, Saturn is exactly opposite to Sachin Tendulkar’s Mars. Mars shows sports, running apart from other things. Especially, from last Oct 2006 until end of July 2007, Sachin was going thru a very rough patch of Saturn, as it was aspecting his Mars in close degrees (Pratiyog). (With this logic he would have the best year in 2009 as Guru would be traveling over Mars at that time)
  1. The famous “Prince” episode in 2006: Saturn was in cancer sign and opposite to prince’s Sun (14th Aug b-date?). Cancer sign shows gatare, bhuyare. Small rivers etc. Similarly even from last week Saturn is again in last charan (Ashlesha) of cancer, yesterday Jun 17th (Saturn’s date: 8), one 5 year old kid went in a boar-well. (read eSakal), Even Sachin got a flue two days back.
  1. From Midyear 1990 to Jan 1993, Saturn was in Makar rashi. Sena Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray’s sun sign (23rd Jan) is Makar. During this time his ego was hurt when Chhagan Bhujbal parted ways along with some 16/17 MLAs. (Actually, it was a very good thing to happen in long term as except for Bhujbal saheb, everybody else was former Congress/Congress-S person, so not Sena-man anyways).
  1. Similarly, from May 2005 to July 2007m Saturn is in Cancer and going over Uddhav Thackeray’s Sun Sign Cancer: B-date 27th July). During this time his ego was also hurt and Narayan Rane parted ways from Sena. I am 100% sure that is a very good thing in the long run. As Uddhav’s moon sign is also Leo (Sadesati), the impact is doubled for him. (Also, this Saturn is in direct pratiyog with Balasaheb’s Sun Sign too.)
  1. Vilasrao Deshmukh (born from May 14th to June 14h: May 26th), lost his CM position the 1st time when Saturn was in Vrushabh sign. Saturn was going over his Sun Sign. (From 2000 end to Jan 2003)
  1. Most of the calamities (Tsunami, Stock Market crash, Mumbai Flood) usually happen on saturn’s date i.e. 8, 17 or 26.
  2. Sanjay Dutt is moon sign Vrushabh had was under Sadesati from Apr 1998 to May 2005. From May 2005 to July 2007, Saturn is going over his Sun Sign. (Born on July 29th) (He paid or is paying for the mistakes(?) he did when Shani was supporting him from early 91 to April 98.)
  1. Bill Clinton, Sharad Pawar LalKrishna Advani all Aries Moon sign (Mesh). Saturn was 10th and 11th to Mesh rashi from 1991 start to Feb 1996. From March 1996, Saturn went 12th and these all were seen on the wane. They all were under microscope and suffered several losses until 2002 end.
    1. Bill Clinton: who allegedly misused power, was impeached in this period. Saw several law-suits, inquiries.
    2. Sharad Pawar: Lost election etc and had hard time in sade sati, had to defect from Congress in middle 2.5 and form a new party etc. Had to again adjust with congress and support an opponent like Vilasrao in CM post. Sharad Pawar started doing well personally from Jan 2003 when Shani entered in Mithun and sade sati for Mesh rashi was over.
    3. Advani Saheb: Saturated in mid 90s and had to promote Wajpayee when Shani went 12th to Mesh rashi. He rode wave of great support until 1995.
  1. Bill Gates Moon sign Meen: That would make period of April 1993 to 2000 end troublesome but observations below would be quite valid)

Microsoft allegedly misused money power, OS dominance & irritant pop-ups while installing Java s/w (monopoly) had to undergo anti-trust lawsuit. As his Sun sign is Libra (born on Oct 28th from Oct 16th to Nov 16th), Saturn in Aries from, April 1998 to 2000 end was highly problematic to him. He was at odds with Govt during that time. 1996 to 1998, 12th / 1st Saturn showed him what he did wrong my not giving internet enough importance. After end of 2000 he came out of Sadesati.

——————————- More examples to follow ———————————