Shani Mahadasha & Shani Antardasha

Shani Mahadasha & Shani Antardasha

There have been various questions on Sadesati and my 1st post here on Sadesati has helped meet most of the expectations. There are also questions about Shani mahadasha and antardasha. Most of the people think that it is a troublesome period in life. Well, it is not correct. Rather, many great people become “great” in the real sense in Shani mahadasha. Shani mahadasha lasts for 19 years so you understand how important this period could be! 🙂

To understand “Shani effect” better (Sadesati), you can also read my article on Sade Sati:

First Let us understand the role of Shani in our lives:  it is an auditor, police, law, masses, poor people, older people, places of poverty. Following paragraphs explains how Shani gives us opportunities in the first 30 years to pay back all the karma. AstroMNC

Basic SHANI Thoughts

By the age of 29.5/30 Shani has traveled all houses of your horoscope from your birth and it has gone past the position it is in at the time of birth. (Even by the age of 15 it has put drushti on each planet at least ONCE or more.) During this travel, the moving (transit) Shani aspects (puts drushti) on each and every planet including natal chart Shani – 4 times! Every time, it gives you an opportunity to pay back your past life and this life karma to the person, studying, to the entity, organization, relative, school, college, friends, colleagues, health, wealth and so on. If the chart is intense it FORCES the circumstances beyond control. These Shani movements by the age of 30 are a great opportunity to pay back most of your karma by good deeds sufferings or a combination of both. BUT we do have tendency find short-cuts and loopholes to avoid paying back the karma just the way we have tendency to jump stop-lights, signals, free parking and so on. So many times, these opportunities are lost and hence the reminders and difficulties keep coming to you. Each KARMA-SANKET is important. When transit Shani has 3rd Drushti on any planet, it gives some karma-sanket and some advance NOTICE of the things that are going to happen after 5 years when transit SHANI will reach that house itself. If we TAKE this as an opportunity and pay ATTENTION to Karma-Sanket – a preventive maintenance avoids major parts replacement or a major breakdown! Think of Rs 10 saved 5 years back becoming say 17 in 5 years due to savings BUT you saved that (AstroMNC) 10 Rs by avoiding some karma and after 5 years you spend 17Rs for the same things which would have worked out in 10Rs earlier! 🙂 🙂 and with lot less pain…!!! This is quite simple, isn’t it?? At times, when Shani is on some house and planet – the force of pay back is so strong that the person cannot simply pay back physically the stuff. So when Shani moves ahead and after 7.5 years again it puts the 10th drushti on the same house and planet and tries to get it paid back – if yet again avoided – -After 5 years Shani’s 7th drushti is lot more troublesome.

So, it is good to ask “remedy” to an astrologer and trying to find a loophole to avoid paying karma back but remember, the payments of karmic debt would keep coming back with you in much uglier state if avoided to pay! These remedies should be well directed, well focused and with GOOD INTENTIONS and NOT (Milind-AstroMNC) to run away from your own karma! Usually remedies should be seen as enhancers and also increasing ability to pay back karma instead of skipping it!

(Regardless of lagna (asc-sign)-rashi, Chandra(moon)-rashi, SHANI is for all an auditor who delivers the exact proportion of good or bad karma done. It reminds us of our dues and urges or at times forces them to pay back to appropriate party. The house/position of SHANI in a natal chart shows an obligation and deficiency in that chart for the things shown by that house. Also, Shani has 3rd, 7th and 10th FULL drushti in addition to the house it is in. These drushtis DO work and they work a lot more when there is some planet in that house.)

End of “Basic SHANI Thoughts”

To demystify and to highlight great results in Shani mahadasha following are the great results of Shani Mahadasha:

  1. Why do you think the masses that didn’t even earn 20 Rs per day, spent 10 Rs to watch Bachchan’s movie (Single handed movies), why more so from 1970/1971 to 1989/1990 in VERY large numbers? (If you call him Big B or Amit-jee — you are not his fan — his fans call him either Amitabh or plain simple Bachchan).
  2. Balasaheb Thackeray gets mass frenzy and great mass support all his life but more so from 1980 to 1999. He has Shani 11th house (the best place) to lagna and 3rd house to Moon (Kanya rashi) in aggressive Scorpio sign in uchcha navamansh. Shani is VERY strong as it is 3rd to moon and 11th to Lagna and Surya of Makar (Capricorn).
  3. Music director O.P Nayyar had a great success from 1954 to 1973 (19 years). He was not doing bad at all in his Guru mahadasha for for 16 years until 1953/1954 but OmkarPrasad Nayar became “OP” we know today in his Shani Mahadasha.
  4. Michael Jackson got stupendous mass support and mass frenzy from 1973 to 1992. (19 years).
  5. The best of it all: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had 3rd house Shani (Parakram sthan) in uchcha raashi of Tula (Libra).
  6. Atal Bihari Wajpayee and Margaret Thatcher have Libra Ascendant with Shani there (1st house)! (Uchcha Shani 1st house)
  7. YashawantRao Chavan had Shani in 1st house (self) in Vrushabh rashi. (Shukra signs are great for Shani). He is still regarded the best politician/CM etc of Maharashtra.
  8. Sharad Pawar Saheb has Shani in 6th house with Moon (6h house: Service sector, Economic zone)
  9. Salman has a very strong Shani in Kumbh rashi (10th house: Career!) with Moon and is running Shani Mahadasha from 2002. Shah Rukh also has a well-placed Shani in the 4th house (Sukh-sthan) in Kumbh rashi & running Shani Mahadasha from 2006.
  10. Indira Gandhi had 1st house (self) Shani in Kark rashi.
  11. Raj Thackeray will start his Shani Mahadasha from 2012. I guess he is going to become a “Saheb” real soon! 🙂

But all these folks suffered/will suffer accidents, injuries and problems in Shani Mahadasha whenever their EGO got better of them in this period. Each one of them had some Ego clashes and suffered due to it. Many of them had severe illness in this period too. Especially when Sadesati coincided with the Shani mahadasha!! 🙂

Shani’s position, its raashi, its nakshatra, its navamansh raashi and position/sthan in the birth-chat, its relationship with other planets (aspects/drishti) is very important to analyze the effect of Shani mahadasha / antardasha on your life.

Shani represents or is “karak” of masses, crowds (mass mentality), it-Gadha-cement, slow-but-steady things in life, Peeda (troubles), Dainya (Garibi), Reality Check, Wilamb (delay), night.

Shani is usually well-placed in the horoscope if your past life(s) karma with respect to masses is good. If you have donated money, land to masses and overall helped masses in overall aspects like building hospitals, schools (for poors), Anna-chhatra (Fed poor people): You have good karma with masses and better position of Shani in the Horoscope. The subtle yet omnipotent & omnipresent Law of Karma would make the masses pay you back in this life/birth in equal and opposite manner — As simple as that. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed — Every force has equal and opposite force but they act in opposite directions. All these are nothing but spiritually – which represents the “law of karma” in scientific manner. The same way the folks mentioned above must have done a LOT in their past life(s) to do betterment of masses. The masses paid them back in their Shani mahadasha.

Shani in 3rd, 6th and 11th house shows that previous Karma with masses has been good. This Shani usually shows very good Shani mahadasha/antardasha results. Of course, assuming Shani is not in ill-aspects of Ravi (Sun) or Mangal (Mars). 1st, 10th house Shani shows mass-support “overall in life but more so in politics” in the 1st house and in career/workplace/production etc in the 10th place. Again, assuming it is well placed!

The 8th and the 12th house Shani especially shows some deficiency in the past karma which was ignored. These house Shani if in Guru drushti has some good side-effects and some Antardasha that might be well-off. However, regardless of how well Shani is in the 8th and the 12th house means some obligations to be paid off. Well placed Shani would mean by good deeds, good karma like Non-Profit Organizations, Social Services, Food for poors etc. Or paying of karma to the specific relatives that chart shows. Additional reading for the 8th and the 12th house Shani is follows:

Shani in the 8th House of a Horoscope:

Shani in the 12th house of a Horoscope:

Shani in the Mangal drushti or Shani with Mangal shows violent past karma and violent events in this like in Shani Mahadasha or Antardasha (Shani Mangal Yogas: ) Shani with Raahu is especially bad and when the owner of Shani’s house is wakri and is in 6 8 12 houses from Shani or the horoscope 6 8 12 houses then the problems only increase. The option of good deeds is coupled with some pain sufferings and even the person could be even born with some defects and problems to start with! (Shani Rahu Yuti: Shani Rahu Yuti: )

Shani wakri or Stambhi is further one step ahead with problems. The owner of Shani wakri adds to the issues. Also, proximity of Mangal Rahu in close degrees increases the intensity of bad events as they do show as much of an intensity in the past life.

Shani in the last 3 degrees of Kirk or Vrishchik or first 3 degrees of Mesh, Singh or Dhanu rashi especially shows some very peculiar & extreme events in the past karma/birth. Especially the last degree of Kirk Vrishchik and first degree of Dhanu (moola) and Singh (Magha) are very very kaarmic! One can trace some bad events in the family 15 30 45 60 or even 5, 35 65 years BEFORE your birth in the family.

WHAT IF WE ARE NOT THAT “LUCKY” and have a badly placed Shani in the horoscope. Well, we would then tend to suffer in the Shani mahadasha at the hands of the masses and problems with respect to the chart-houses (& what they represent) of which Shani is the owner or Shani is placed in (5th house Santati/marriage, 7th house Marriage/Relationships/Partnerships, 10 house father, 8th house inherited land/money etc etc).

The way to reduce Shani mahadasha issues are NOT any Puja or Yadnya or Mantra or even the Gemstones! There are two ways to pay off the Shani Mahadasha’s past Karma:

  1. Thru the sufferings and delays (Santati/ Marriage 5/7 houses etc)
  2. Good deeds: Paying off the Karmic Burdens in Shani mahadasha or beforehand.

To pay off the burden some “good” astrologer needs to analyze the horoscope, analyze/find out the direction of the karmic burden and suggest some actions so that masses benefit from your actions. It is better to start as early as possible to avoid severe issues.

  1. If 5th house Shani then help friends/relatives in their marriages and donate to Orphanages/charity for kids.
  2. 7th house Shani: Help in marriages (money, time/energy) Help business partners
    If Shani in 10th house, do seva of your father no matter how your relation is with him.
  3. Donate/spend time for Vruddhashram etc. I hope you get the idea.
    If Shani-Mangal close to each other: Help your siblings in life as they need it.
  4. Shani Mangal in say Sinvha raashi — Donate to heart trouble R&D institutes.
  5. Ravi-Shani yuti: Help Father/Seniors/Govt and not always oppose them. You have to do what you have to do but whenever it doesn’t affect your values, try to adjust with authorities.
  6. Shani in 4th house: Take care of your mother, house etc. Same for Shani with Chandra (mother)
  7. Note: Pooja and Karma-Kaand doesn’t hurt and it always helps for Chitta-Shuddhi and calming your mind in case of chaos & problems and hence the person is able to see good direction. However, pooja is the first step and not the destination of the ultimate remedy!! Please do not spend too much on gemstones or pooja etc. (Gemstones are tonics and not anti-biotics) 🙂 So please beware of folks who would take advantage of your state of mind to make you spend disproportionate amount on such pooja or gemstones.

The earlier you start with this the lesser the issues in Shani mahadasha.

Of course, regardless of good or bad: Shani Mahadasha requires discipline of all the actions, conservative approach in spending, in eating etc. EGO should be avoided at any cost as folks who do not have much money are spending money for you!! Just imagine if they find out you are being egotist when they are spending time and energy for you.

If Shani mahadasha and Sadesati at the same time affects your temperament and moral too much then HANUMAAN Sadhana is THE ONLY upaay for getting enough courage to face the effects of this. Finally, it is YOUR OWN creation of this life (Sadesati) or past life/lives (Mahadasha). 🙂

Hanuman Sadhana:

a. Have a Hanuman purnakruti poster (as aggressive / balawaan etc as possible) it should be Dakshina-mukhi (facing South).

b. Every morning after bath, concentrate on Hanumaan poster for 3 – 5 minutes (eye to eye contact); No disturbances what so ever.

c. Every evening when it starts to get dark, recite Hanuman stotra and Raam-Raksha (sanskrit).

This will help in a MAGICAL way, Can’t explain ALL the effects here for the lack of time BUT it IS magical.

2019 ANNUAL HOROSCOPE: Rashi-Bhavishya-2019

These articles apply to MOON Signs. It will be also applicable to Lagna/Rising Sign too. (In your Birth-Chart: If you have Moon in the 1 3 5 7 9 11 houses it applies lot more. If you have planets in your chart that are 1 3 5 7 9 11 from Moon them read as per Moon Sign and if most planets are 1 3 5 7 9 from Lagna/Rising sign then read for your rising sign!)

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Saadesati: Shani Audit for 7.5 years!

[A] What is Shani Sadesati (Sade Sati, Saadesati)

It takes approximately 30 years for Saturn to orbit around the Sun. i.e. it travels 2.5 years in one sign. When Saturn enters one sign before your Moon sign, you enter the period of “Sade sati”. It literally means 7.5 (2.5 + 2.5 + 2.5 years of Saturn’s stay around your moon sign).

Saturn teaches “by-example” in this period, does a reality check about various things in your life that you find important. It makes you think neutral about the things you feel very strongly about or emotional / passionate about. It prepares you for the next 22 years. After Sadesati is over, you are fresh out of Saturn’s college to take on the world. You just need to put a lot of effort in Sadesati.

[B] Summary

Sadesati is seen as a problematic period with lots of troubles & hardships. Well, it’s the half-truth. Sadesati is an “Atma-shudhdhi” period where a lot of “reality-check” is given to the person. Saturn doesn’t “give” anything; it just shows anomaly or problems that already exist in and around you.

[C] Effect of Current (Gochar) Saturn’s travel on Horoscope Planets:

It is Saturn’s KARAKATVA to be an auditor or a police or courier boy of your own karma. It usually gives peeda and try to drive you away from extraneous “Asakati” of any thing you may have. Basically, Saturn gives such “reality check” every time it goes over any planet in your natal horoscope (the planets as they are at the time of your birth). Regardless of Sadesati or not Saturn is working relentlessly around the clock with its proximity to the FIXED Stars in all constellations/nakshatras or specific nakshatras or navamansh of a nakshatra/rashi. Saturn’s movements ensure that one is paid (good or bad) their actions! If good appropriate reward and if bad then appropriate obligation. Usually a person has a choice to pay back by good deeds or delays or sufferings in that order depending on the intensity of the karma. This karma is past karma – which is both this life past karma and also past birth past karma. One should not try to distinguish between this and past birth as it is all logically speaking the “past” to the current moment.

  1. When Saturn goes over your Sun/Ravi, it hurts your ego, it makes you deal with seniors better, it teaches you do deal with father better. Shows illness or health issues of your father. It shows your health w.r.t heart and spine (ruled by Ravi). Ravi is “karak” of Raj-satta / administrative power, Father, Soul, Ego, Heart & Spine, bone structure apart from several other things. Check examples of this at the end of the article.
  1. When Saturn goes over your Patrika Mars, it gives reality check w.r.t siblings (especially younger). It shows issues w.r.t blood (health), diabetes. It also shows side effects of wars, sports activities, extra competitive spirit that you might have. It also shows side effects of hard work, aggression and also at times shows issues with the land that you might have purchased or own. Mars is Karak of Sports, Wars, siblings, blood, aggression, land, and copper apart from other things. So one has some learnings with these things.  This is especially troubling to the military people or sports people or warriors or real estate agents etc. Check examples of this at the end of the article.

These are just effects of Saturn’s travel over two planets that are in nature TOTALLY different than Saturn. Saturn doesn’t have or like ego, it doesn’t have a asakti of anything. It is a nishkam karmayogi! So, it takes you away from the things that you love the most by some peeda / haani just to make you aware that there is life beyond these things.

7.5 years before Sadesati: A Great Success: Support from Saturn

This is explained in great detail with examples in my article:

To understand practical aspects of Sadesati, it is very much necessary to understand the previous few years before the Sadesati starts. These are the years when the person is in the “sweet-spot” of his abilities. He is perfectly ‘right time & right place’. Great support from masses is in these years of 9th, 10th and 11th Saturn. (12th, 1st and 2nd Saturn are of Sadesati). The person appears to have halo behind him and many think of him as a role model or a hero. Unless you are in a some very tough mahadasha which is of some great obligations, this Saturn movement of 7.5 years BEFORE Sadesati is a golden period!

The person seems to have a lot of things that can be leveraged during this time period. There is no need to do any retrospect or think twice before delving into something as natural support is assumed due to your abilities being better than others at that point in time. Everywhere you go, people seem to take notice and treat you in a special way. You develop a habit of being always heard and being important at almost all the meetings. You get quite a bit of power (empowerment) that you can use the way you want to use it.

Basically, the support from 9th and especially 10th & 11th Saturn is the culmination of last 17/18 years of karma: acquiring knowledge, overall struggle, efforts and hard work. Whatever you have learnt on what Saturn represents (masses, law, discipline, and economics apart from other things) in 18 years is given to you in 10th and 11th Saturn. (10th Saturn gives power from masses and 11th gives money.)

Now you can understand, what would person think when the support from 10/11 Saturn is no more with them! Even not doing great would be considered as bad! Doing above average would be considered as a failure! à it is all about expectation management. In Sadesati you don’t do worse than you were doing in say 7th/8th Shani! But the sorrow after lots of joy is always more troublesome! J

[D] SADESATI:  Effects of transit (Gochar) Saturn

Of all the planets, the Moon (karak of mind, mother, water, and silver) shows the MOST of the asakti, love, affection of various things in your life. Rather, all other planets are also studied in the horoscope w.r.t Moon-sign too to understand what ‘you’ think about your own horoscope consciously—subconsciously.

So, it is natural that when Saturn comes closer to the Moon in horoscope, it gives THE toughest reality check in your life. Many of your misbeliefs will be shattered in this period. Is it good or bad? Saturn doesn’t want you to live in a fool’s paradise. It wants to make you wiser!

IMP: Saturn doesn’t seem to affect other planets apart from Moon when Saturn is in the previous sign of say, Sun or Mars or other planets BUT for the moon the “fun” starts when Saturn enters the previous sign itself and continues until Saturn is in next to next sign. i.e. for other planets reality check lasts for 2.5 years but for Moon it lasts for 7.5 years.

Think of a product from a company such as Honda (Accord) it sells quite well for the first 3 years after it is redesigned. Then it slows down and some additions are done in the 4th year. It further slows down in the 5th year and a completely redesigned model comes in the market. What would happen if Honda didn’t redesign or upgrade Accord periodically? Obviously, it will be outdated and competitors will have much better time! So just like the Honda Accord is redesigned every 5 years, Sadesati gives a chance to you to redesign and re-architect your life completely and find a new product – Design it (first 25 years of Sadesati), build it (2nd 2.5 years of Sadesati) and start selling it and start earning from the 3rd 2.5 years of Sadesati. Your redesign is completed in these 7.5 years and you are ready to take on the world for the next 22.5 years before again the next Sadesati begins! 🙂 It is logical and common sense that a person might not have more than say 3 sadesati and most with say 3rd 4/ 5 Shani to moon would have only 2!

However, even though Accord is outdated, Honda sells CR-V and Civic very well – in astrology terms despite Sadesati Shani adverse, GURU or other planets can still send a lot of success your way! It is NOT due to Sadesati but it is despite the Sadesati! 🙂


The natural support of 10th and 11th Saturn is no more there! The 12th Saturn shows that your risk profile should not be extravagant now. You need to invest for future and not expect the “Alice in Wonderland” effect of 10th/11th Saturn.


The First 2.5 Years: Bad-mouth, Away from mass/customer/employee base, Sudden unwanted expenditure / low liquidity, Political exile

The biggest effect of 12th Saturn is bad word of mouth / rumors that hurt you. The folks that got sidelined due to your power in last 5 years, regroup and their collective efforts are out of synch with you. You are suddenly “wrong time wrong place”, where you are seating on big gains but going nowhere! The factors that you HAD to neglect / overlook in the last 5 years due to various correct reasons come to haunt you! Depending on your harshness or any deeds that are against the law and you can find yourself behind the bars or in deep litigations. The 12th house is about vision, strategy and architecture, blueprinting, So the 12th Saturn would force you to think “What Next for the next 30 years of life”. Think long term and think visionary! Quick fix and quick solutions might work for a week or two but would not change your overall position.

As the 12th house is about “political exile” it takes you away from your mass-base or customer base or large group of people you had a support from past 7.5 years. These people have grown up now. For you to acquire next level or mass-base which is more senior and mature or bigger – you need to acquire new skills and new ability. You need to invest time, money and effort in to yourself.

The 12th house is also about retrospect and review and make corrections. Saturn will expose previous mistakes & hasty decisions! It will uncover problems in your assessments, gut-feel or antying done without too much calculations and on a hunch. You will need to accept and then can correct and not repeat! Not accepting it not an option! 🙂 The more you resist, Saturn makes your falter more and more. Stay humble and learn and adopt! Be mentally flexible.

For anyone except say Sports people, this Shani as it is in Moksha Trikon is a tough period as it makes one away from higher positions of duty or a good office which is shown by the 1st 5th or 9th house of the horoscope! Shani is opposition the 1st house and the 5th house and saturating the 9th house and hence some good new higher position is very tough in the 12th house Shani movements unless you are going thru 5th or 9th house Guru at the same time of the 12th Shani!

So the 12th Saturn is about bad publicity (Masses thinking badly about you), loss of money/liquidity, litigations & public/masses thinking of you as enemy. Health-wise: eyes (especially the left eye), ankles, stomach at times. Unwanted travels against your wish are quite possible. Problems in travel and delays etc are a given. Your patience will be tested for sure.

In your horoscope planets behind moon or in the 6th house from moon make matters worse in this period of Sadesati as they have affected factors mentioned above right from the start!!! (Good/bad Karma)

The Middle 2.5 years: Mental, Viral/Water, Personal Issues

The bad mouthing, economic losses of 12th Saturn now start recovering. The focus is now on your personal life, parents’ health, mental peace, health/viral fevers. It also tests your temperament by difficult situations with close relatives, siblings & friends. Saturn represents masses/workers/voters and Moon represents social contacts with similar level folks (both economically, culturally). Saturn takes you away from near and dear ones, either mentally or physically. You have tons of reality check with the people you thought were close to you. The folks that stay close to you in this period are self less and not expecting any material gains form you. They are the “real” friends. Nastha-paani friends don’t even come to say hi in this period! 🙂

The first house Saturn starts to bring back your mass-base or customer base back to you again and rather adds to it with fresh & higher level of mass-base. As you have or were forced to redesign yourself in the 12th house Saturn 2.5 years, you start to execute the blue-print and plans made in the 12th Saturn. The first Shani being in the Dharma (Duty) Trikon – you again get a good position slowly. Of course one rashi has 30 degrees and Shani movement of 2.5 years so the major effects are seen when Saturn is 3 degrees before your moon sign and 3 degrees ahead of moon sign. For example Shani in Dhanu would immediate start effects to Moola nakshatra and then Poorvashadha and then Uttarshadha in the 2..5 years.

So the 1st Saturn is about Disturbed Mental peace, temperament, loss of social status/time to socialize, parent’s health, issues with relatives, siblings & close friends. Viral (or thru water) diseases is a possibility. However, it starts bring mass-base back, allows you to execute your plans now. But it might not start new income for you for all these 2.5 plus 2.5 years of 12th and 1st Shani.

In your horoscope planets in  yuti or opposite/pratoyog to Moon make matters worse as Shani goes over multiple planets increasing the scope of the Audit! 🙂 That’s why people born on Poornima (full moon Moon 180 degrees opposite to Sun) and Amawasya (Sun Moon in the same sign) have more troubles in middle 2.5 years of Sadesati.

The Last 2.5 years: Family / Hereditary Issues, Investments (Share Market, land, bonds etc)

The focus is now your (overall) family: common issues with the family. The earlier financial investments that you have made or you might need to make. Health wise, it’s about eyes, eating habits, tongue, nose/breathing & some minor indications of future issues with lungs. You may even need to spend/lend money in situations not under your control (duty) and many times the money won’t come to you for a long time (say at least 3 years or more).

This Shani makes person take dispassionate calls about the wealth management. “Purkko ki Haweli” etc etc sentimental stuff is attacked by Shani quite badly! 🙂 You will need to cut your losses and take very practical and cold-calculative decisions that seem tough for short term but necessary for the long term.  It is like losing 10/15 Kg of weight before you start running fast. If you don’t you won’t be able to run effectively and rather might not even reach the destination.  Some practical and tough calls would need to be made about inheritance and family and self-wealth. It is NOT a period of high risk trading for sure! (Unless some real good maha antardasha and Guru drushti on the natal chart 2nd house and Budh BOTH).

However, the 2nd house Shani like any other planets STARTS new income in your life. You have redesigned yourself in the 12th Shani, executed the change in the first Shani and now it will start new income in your life due to hard-work of these 5 years to settle your products & services! This is independent of the previous mistakes than Shani exposes in this last leg of Sadesati!

In your horoscope planets in house next to moon or 8th house from moon make matters much worse as they have affected factors mentioned above right from the start! (Good/bad Karma) 8th house is peeda-sthan & shows how/how much/what peeda you get in life. It also shows hereditary estate etc.


  1. A person (apart from health), doesn’t suffer much in Sadesati expect for his own deeds.
  2. It is your misuse of power and irregularity of temperament, mishandling of relatives, friends that comes to bite you in the axx once the mighty support of 10th and 11th Saturn is over!!
  3. Negligence of several aspects of life due to increased importance of some aspects is also brought to notice in Sadesati.
  4. You need to deal with your own issues and nothing else. They could be of money, masses, politics, relatives, studies, career and what not.
  5. WHAT NEXT for next 30 years of life – Redesign, Execute and Gains in the cycle of 3 legs of sadesati.
  6. Shani will make you lean and mean after Sadesati is done and you would be a King or a King maker after sadesati in the 3rd house Shani movements..!

It is the natural life cycle which is mirrored into stars most of the times & not the other way around. We should rather thank Saturn for Sadesati as it gives us the reality check of our life. The lessons are Sadesati are good enough to shine and enjoy life in real-sense with a newfound wisdom for next 22 years after Sadesati.


That’s why Saturn is referred in Hindu Mythology as “Shani-Maawuli”.

[E] Examples of Shani’s Bhraman from Sports, Politics and Movies:

  1. Akshay Kumar after glorious 11th Shani before Sadesati had massive success in 2008. He signed many movies in that period and had 6 flops in 2009! He had to reinvent and back to basics to get success again in Rowdy Rathore. (Guru becoming 5th in mid-2009 and late 2009 to April 2010 helped despite Sadesati)
  1. Amitabh Bachchan gave upu “Kaun Banega Karodpati” in 4th Guru and 12th Shani in 2009 to get it back in the 5th Guru!!
  1. Amitabh Bachchan (Tula rashi) was #1 to #10 when Saturn last time was in Cancer and Leo sign (9th, 10th and 11th to his Moon sign:: from June 1973 to 1980 end. He is having similar period from May 2005 to Sept 2009. Especially, from July 2007 to Sept 2009, there could be mass-hysteria, making contemporaries look like chicken.
    1. From 1981, his Sadesati started and initial 2.5 years were very bad for him as he has 5 planets in Kanya rashi. i.e for him Sadesati was much more troublesome as multiple planets were before the moon & that too in 8th house of horoscope (peeda-sthan, mrutyu-sthan). i.e. 12th from Moon and 8th from 1st house of horoscope (ascendant–lagnarashi)
    2. What happened in 1981 is VERY well known. When Saturn was close to Mars and Sun, he suffered a great accident. (Kanya raashi shows stomach.)
    3. His Sadesati continued until end of 1987. His politics tenure happened completely in Sadesati and you are well aware of the problems he faced in Sadesati.
  1. Dhirubhai Ambani is moon-sun and ascendant Dhanu raashi. When Shani was 10th and 11th from 1981 to Middle 1985, he used his money and political power a lot and was able to get almost anything done! He entered Sadesati from 1985 to 1992! J
    1. First 2.5: From Oct 1985 entered Sadesati. First 2.5 years must have been all badanami, court-baaji, police inquiries due to 12th Shani. V.P. Singh was troubling him a lot.
    2. Middle 2.5: Health-wise almost a hell as Shani going over Moon, Sun and lagnarashi.  Also a lot of issues from Govt (V.P Singh had become the PM, whom Dhirubhai had allegedly removed from finance ministry using Amitabh’s contact??)
    3. Rest 2.5: A bit better and regrouping of business and also recuperation on health front.
  1. Sachin Tendulkar: From May 2005, Saturn is exactly opposite to Sachin Tendulkar’s Mars. Mars shows sports, running apart from other things. Especially, from last Oct 2006 until end of July 2007, Sachin was going thru a very rough patch of Saturn, as it was aspecting his Mars in close degrees (Pratiyog). (With this logic he would have the best year in 2009 as Guru would be traveling over Mars at that time)
  1. The famous “Prince” episode in 2006: Saturn was in cancer sign and opposite to prince’s Sun (14th Aug b-date?). Cancer sign shows gatare, bhuyare. Small rivers etc. Similarly even from last week Saturn is again in last charan (Ashlesha) of cancer, yesterday Jun 17th (Saturn’s date: 8), one 5 year old kid went in a boar-well. (read eSakal), Even Sachin got a flue two days back.
  1. From Midyear 1990 to Jan 1993, Saturn was in Makar rashi. Sena Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray’s sun sign (23rd Jan) is Makar. During this time his ego was hurt when Chhagan Bhujbal parted ways along with some 16/17 MLAs. (Actually, it was a very good thing to happen in long term as except for Bhujbal saheb, everybody else was former Congress/Congress-S person, so not Sena-man anyways).
  1. Similarly, from May 2005 to July 2007m Saturn is in Cancer and going over Uddhav Thackeray’s Sun Sign Cancer: B-date 27th July). During this time his ego was also hurt and Narayan Rane parted ways from Sena. I am 100% sure that is a very good thing in the long run. As Uddhav’s moon sign is also Leo (Sadesati), the impact is doubled for him. (Also, this Saturn is in direct pratiyog with Balasaheb’s Sun Sign too.)
  1. Vilasrao Deshmukh (born from May 14th to June 14h: May 26th), lost his CM position the 1st time when Saturn was in Vrushabh sign. Saturn was going over his Sun Sign. (From 2000 end to Jan 2003)
  1. Most of the calamities (Tsunami, Stock Market crash, Mumbai Flood) usually happen on saturn’s date i.e. 8, 17 or 26.
  2. Sanjay Dutt is moon sign Vrushabh had was under Sadesati from Apr 1998 to May 2005. From May 2005 to July 2007, Saturn is going over his Sun Sign. (Born on July 29th) (He paid or is paying for the mistakes(?) he did when Shani was supporting him from early 91 to April 98.)
  1. Bill Clinton, Sharad Pawar LalKrishna Advani all Aries Moon sign (Mesh). Saturn was 10th and 11th to Mesh rashi from 1991 start to Feb 1996. From March 1996, Saturn went 12th and these all were seen on the wane. They all were under microscope and suffered several losses until 2002 end.
    1. Bill Clinton: who allegedly misused power, was impeached in this period. Saw several law-suits, inquiries.
    2. Sharad Pawar: Lost election etc and had hard time in sade sati, had to defect from Congress in middle 2.5 and form a new party etc. Had to again adjust with congress and support an opponent like Vilasrao in CM post. Sharad Pawar started doing well personally from Jan 2003 when Shani entered in Mithun and sade sati for Mesh rashi was over.
    3. Advani Saheb: Saturated in mid 90s and had to promote Wajpayee when Shani went 12th to Mesh rashi. He rode wave of great support until 1995.
  1. Bill Gates Moon sign Meen: That would make period of April 1993 to 2000 end troublesome but observations below would be quite valid)

Microsoft allegedly misused money power, OS dominance & irritant pop-ups while installing Java s/w (monopoly) had to undergo anti-trust lawsuit. As his Sun sign is Libra (born on Oct 28th from Oct 16th to Nov 16th), Saturn in Aries from, April 1998 to 2000 end was highly problematic to him. He was at odds with Govt during that time. 1996 to 1998, 12th / 1st Saturn showed him what he did wrong my not giving internet enough importance. After end of 2000 he came out of Sadesati.

——————————- More examples to follow ———————————