MATCH-Making: The Horoscope Process: Dos Don’ts & the Numerology Angle

MATCH-Making: The Process: Dos Don’ts & the Numerology Angle

A few thoughts directly jumping into this article.

  • One can’t (?) choose parents whom they spend 18/20 years with, one can’t choose teachers, class-mates and siblings and cousins.
  • Why you do you think you can “choose” life partner? Isnt it completely illogical that you can “choose” someone you would stay for like 50/60 years ahead? (At least that’s the purpose!?)
  • So think over point (2) above and have patience and temperament to digest the thought!


Then you would say – why you are earning money by matching charts of people? 🙂 🙂 – Makes sense? SO quick answer to this:

  • The marriage is not the ONLY thing one is born for.
  • You are destined to be with someone for decades due to past birth karma but you BOTH are not like Laila Majanu or Heer/Ranza or Romeo Juliet who would just worry about each other and nothing else?
  • MEANS à You are supposed to have life experience of X1 + X2 + X3 etc and marriage might be just one of the X mentioned in this equation.
  • So, match-making helps when you get serious about someone – to understand your and their life OVERLAP %%.
  • To understand hidden nature or hidden aspects of say ascendant or moon or Sun sign or Mars-Sign or Mercury sign or other planets which might not be activated starting from the time of meeting and then leading to the time of marriage.
  • ALSO, MORE IMP: You might have some BAD karma in the past birth who would come in this birth and try to trouble you and pay you back!!
  • Any astrologer job is NOT parrot like to tell you when you will get married – it is to tell you when you should NOT and when you should.
  • An astrologer must look at the chart to check if the current contact is Kaarmic Reward or a Karmic Burden which will not last for a long time.
  • SAY – You hurt 2 people in the past birth and were GREAT with1 of them for a long time. These 2 hurt folks would want to hurt you in this life before you get to THE ONE.
  • An astrologer can help you BREAK this “A hurts B then B Hurts A ad again A hurts B” of Kaarmic chain. DELAY or GOOD KARMA could help SPOT and avoid or at least lessen the impact of bad connections in this life. It helps them also indirectly – not being able to hurt you – they also get free from Karmic chain and move ahead in life.
  • SO to summarize – an Astrologer’s job is to suggest the BAD and GOOD times to meet wrong or right people and steer clear of bad contacts. The folks that want to hurt you can’t just hang around to hurt you as they have their own life and karmic other chains to cater to! You not arriving at a particular station where they are waiting – will make them board the next flight/train as life must go on.
  • YES – some charts are so extreme that one is born with hormonal deficiencies or physical deficiencies — some charts are so good that they hardly need an astrologer until their nephews are born! These 20% charts – 10% extreme bad and 10% extreme good – do NOT need an astrologer to tell them as to what they are! 🙂
  • It is the rest 80% who have average below average or above average karma with marriage and partnerships and relationships – that have use of astrological analysis.

IMP STUFF About Marriage Quality and Timing:

I have heard some funny (not so much) thoughts about marriages, 2nd or 3rd marriages as below which I do not subscribe (well almost fully but disagree 80%+)

  • 2nd marriage should be seen from the 9th house!!?? (This was only OK for the times when folks married dead wife’s younger sister – -and even then, not the best way!)
  • After some age – marriage should be seen from (a) D9 chart (b) or Chandra Kundali!! (Why!? – They are nothing but different ways to look at D1)

So, let me share some statistical analysis and experience-based thoughts from 1991 I have seen. I was very skeptical to share them as they constitute my IPR sort of but I guess I must share them in order to reduce SOME chaos and also learn from pandits with great experience who would argue on the things mentioned below. It is IMP for one to RE-READ the 16 points written above else it is a waste of time. If you do not believe in KARMA or REBIRTH or karma carried from the past birth(s) STOP reading these articles immediately!! NOTHING happens in this life without some “actions” and they are either THIS birth itself and sometimes past birth(s) also! Do not think differently about past karma – anything happened UNTIL THIS VERY SECOND is past karma – this birth or earlier birth(s).

OK – so how one *should* analyze the marriage prospects or marriage related quality and advice and marriage timings!? I would list down things which are based on “practice” and not some granth or Pustak-pandit sorts. I have and I see these examples almost every day. The following bullets should cover 80% of the cases you will arrive. Every now & then I do see a case study which makes me go nuts and forces to learn new things and adopt! THAT’ IS WHY Astrology and even medicines is called as “practice”! 🙂

  • SHANI drushti on the 7th house or owner of 7th house or Shukra shows delayed marriages and recommends delayed marriage else shows major issues. “Delayed” is as per caste culture and family traditions. Also, for Girls it is usually 26/27 or extreme 29 /30 and for boy 30 to 32 or worst case 35/36. Shani aspecting multiple of say 7th house L7 and Shukra – ALL 3 – then God help and good karma help!
  • L7 or 7th house or Shukra being 3rd from Shani more troublesome if Shani in 7th house or 5th house and L7 or Shukra in intense degrees – -then even 35 36 age also goes difficult for married life.
  • Uranus Wakri and Shukra Wakri and Shani wakri can make someone get in touch with alternate life style folks and also Wakri Uranus Shani and Shukra and L7 correlation shows alternate life style person. Born on 4 13 22 31 increases this and when born on 4 and total 8 or born on 8 17 26 and total 4 13 22 31 increases this GREATLY!!!
  • REGARDLESS of Lagna Rashi — GURU drushti on 7th L7 or Shukra is a SAVIOR and a blessing. Ignore functional malefic or Kendradhipati Dosh etc bullshit.
  • 7th house or L7 and SHUKRA when they are in NavaPancham or at least 2 of them are in NavaPancham then good times are even better and bad times lesser bad.
  • 7th house L7 or Shukra in Yuti — Good times very good and bad times even worse as all impacted same time.
  • When 7th house L7 and Shukra are in KENDRA yoga – bad times worse and good times are OK.
  • When Yuti or Pratiyog of & L7 and Shukra – then if horoscope good – then good times much better and when horoscope bad – then and times much worse and good times average.
  • When past birth karma is good with relationships then obviously 7th L7 and Shukra are well placed but they are also in SYNC with each other – -means in LaabhYoga or Yuti or NavaPancham yoga.
  • When past karma not so good – -then apart from Shani Uranus Rahu etc impact on 7 L7 and Shukra – they are also in Kendra yoga with each other making good times even less good and bad times really bad!!
  • MARRIAGE or Relationships should be seen from
    • 7th house – planets in it – Aspects on it – rashi and nakshatra (Bhavarambh) for it
    • L7 – Same as above Rashi Nakshatra, Aspects, closer to Bhavarambh etc and add house to it from Lagna and also Chandra!
    • SHUKRA – The marriage Governor – a very well placed one can actually pardon 7th and L7 related issues!! Again Rashi Nakshatra – house and aspects on it!!
    • NOW – See all of the above from CHANDRA KUNDALI too – means 7th house of Chandra or L7 from Chandra and of course SHUKRA>
    • MOST IMP: When L7 in 7th or Shukra in 7th or L7 and Shukra in Yuti or NavaPancham – and from Chandra also they are commonalities.  – THESE COMMON planets will decide the marriage direction strongly.
  • Examples
    • MESH Lagna and Vrishchik Lagna – SHUKRA becomes whole and sole as it is L7 and also Governor of marriage!! Easy to predict good bad ugly and also timings.
    • Say Lagna Rashi of Singh – and Shukra in Vrishabh and Shani in Makar – Both SHANI and SHUKRA are imp. Say Chandra in Mesh or Vrishchik – -THEN SHUKRA much more imp than SHANI as Shukra also L7 of Chandra. NOW Shukra Antardasha mahadasha and also Guru transits with Shukra will result in good marriage. If Shukra badly paced then —- ! 🙂
    • Say – MAKAR lagna – SHUKRA in Vrishabh – Chandra and Shukra both are imp as L7 and Shukra.


NOW most imp TIMING:

  • Assume 7th house shows something different — SAY X and say L7 shows completely different thing say Y and Shukra is showing something else Z.
  • AT A GIVEN POINT IN TIME – Either of them will be activated. Means years 2010 say X is activated and 2011 Y and 2013 Z. They are all are not activated at the same time. SO marriage yoga are blur and not so strong. IN such cases past birth karma with marriage is really weak – not bad neither great but average in all cases – so 2010 2011 and 2013 years would make different type of people to come in touch!! 🙂
  • Say L7 and 7th house both are fully screwed up but SHUKRA is VERY WELL PLACED!! So in the years when L7 and 7th house are activated – -not so good contacts. But when SHUKRA activated then very good contacts. When 7th and L7 are troubled and CURRENT planets are not good for them — some really nasty people to come in touch. That could result in break up and divorce etc, but when SHUKRA is activated, a very good person as displayed by SHURKA will come in touch.

ACTIVATED: Good-Activated Transit GURU drushti on natal planets and Antardasha or Sub-period of that planet. Badly activated means Shani Antardasha or Shani Sub period going on and transit SHANI drushti on that planet (L7 7th or Shukra)

So – Please use D1 and D9 and also 7th house L7 and Shukra to decide the quality of marriage and overall past birth karma with marriage good or bad. THE TIMING shows if it is VERY bad contact which is karmic debts or karmic reward. Even the worst of the west charts would have some good activation periods where good part of their chart and hence past birth karma is activated and they meet a good person. It is NOT the 9th house for 2nd or 11th house for 3rd marriage etc but it’s the same good old 7th L7 and Shukra for all marriages – it is just that THE TIMING activates different type of people to come in touch with you.

THAT is why I have seen TULA and MEEN and MAKAR and SINGH rashi people having 60 years of married life with 5-6 healthy and crore-pati kids! 🙂 Marriage is ONE aspect of their life and hence Singh rashi for a administration and Makar rashi for wealth increase and industrious approach – so they have different career but very good married life as 7th L7 and Shukra are could be completely UNRELATED to Chandra-Rashi!! 🙂 🙂

I’m sure this complicates matters for many – but think clear – it’s the same 7th L7 and Shukra in D1 and D9 and Chandra Kundali but the TIMING shows good or bad contact regardless of it is nth marriage! 🙂

Sorry for not being able to get back to the blog sooner. Having very hectic schedules but for this weekend, thought of posting something on the hottest topic in Astrology: “MATCH MAKING”.

This is not meant to be a 100% step by step guide but a thought process to follow when doing the match making.

Usually marriages for Manglik folks should be recommended a bit late and similarly when Saturn is aspecting the 7th house and or Venus, then also marriage is recommended a bit late. Venus-Uranus yuti (especially when Uranus wakri and also opposite to Uranus) shows ULTRA care as some physical or mentally weird person could come in touch. The BEST period to find a partner is when current Jupiter is aspecting or going over Venus of your birth time — It makes you the most eligible in market and Jupiter ensures that you get the best of what your horoscope has to offer. AstroMNC

Here are important factors that astrologers usually (or should) check:

[A] Gun-Melan: Weight: 25%

This is a table of 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 points which are awarded based on factors such as Bride and Groom’s Moon Sign, Moon’s Nakshatra, Moon’s charan in the nakshatra. (1 Sign is 2.25 Nakshatra; 1 Nakshatra is 4 charan; 1 Sign has 9 charan). As you can notice, this match making is entirely based on birth time Moon’s position and is not 100% foolproof reason for a Go or No-Go decision. This carries 25% weight only for MODERN families. Even 10-12 points would be ok for “modern” families. For VERY conservative and tightly-coupled families: This becomes a more important issue and at least 18 are recommended. (This modern and conservative observation is based on my observations, experience and thinking over various points in last several years.)


Same Sign different Nakshatra or Same Nakshatra Different Sign or Same Nakshatra different charan: Makes it perfect match. i.e. 36 Gun.

[B] Some GO-NOGO Factors from Traditional Astrology:

  1. NAAD: Every person gets a NAAD: Adya(head), Madhya(middle) or Antya(End). Same Naad marriage is not recommended in traditional astrology and said to have an issue in conceiving or delivery. In recent times this rule has been relaxed and it is seen that if Blood groups are not completely out of phase, this is not that big an issue (O +eve or both +eve).

2. GANA: Manushya-Rakshas-Dev GANA: Manushya – Rakshas not recommended. Dev-Rakshasa and Dev-Manushya is just fine. Of course, same are also fine. Again, this is a good factor to consider as Manushya seem to be middle of the road, “soumya” people, Rakshas are “teevra” folks who are a bit tough (rather rough) mentally. Dev Gan folks are “too smart” so they can manipulate Manushya and “use”/cope with Rakshas gana too. (Again, based on experience this is a good point but should not be a show stopper in my opinion if rest of the horoscope is compatible. BOTH the above factors are also considered / represented in Gun-Melan anyways. AstroMNC

[C] MARS Issue: 25% Weight and GO-NOGO Factor: Now we are talking!! 🙂

Let us get one fact straight: 41% people are Manglik!! As Manglik places are 5 out of 12 in the horoscope. So being a “Manglik” is not that big a deal. But it IS a VERY imp issue in match making and can be a show-stopper in many cases.

Usually, MANGLIK folks are not recommended to marry until the age of 28/29 for Boys and 25-26 for girls. The EXPECTATIONS and overall Ideas about a good partner change quite a bit for Manglik folks around this age. So, there is always a risk of someone found great at the age of 23 becoming a bit too much to handle at age of 29-30! 🙂 So MANGLIK folks, as a RULE, are recommended to marry after the age of 28 for boys and 26-27 for girls. As a thumb rule: It is ALWAYS better not to go ahead with Manglik and Non-Manglik horoscopes.

Manglik People Tend to be:

  1. Harsher, Lack/lesser Tranquility of mind, Aggressive
  2. More active, more activity-prone
  3. More worried about end result, final state than the joy of the journey/path
  4. A bit rough, in a hurry, impatient at time.

Note that the 12th house Mars and the 7th house Mars are COMPLETELY different despite both being Manglik, so within Manglik also matches are not recommended at times.


EXCEPTIONS: There is not a single rule of Astrology that doesn’t come without exceptions! 🙂 There’s always that “Not if” 🙂 When there is a case where there is a deep bond between the couple etc and Manglik issue is the only concern:

  1. If Mars is aspected by Jupiter then it is VERY WELL directed Mars.
  2. If Mars is with or aspected by SATURN then again aggression etc reduces quite a bit — But this planetary formation is not very good from HEALTH point of view.
  3. If Mars is with Venus and in a good soumya sign…it reduces Mars’s aggression but could be “miss-directed” aggression due to Venus’s yuti! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  4. Mars in MAKAR raashi is “uchcha” and makes a good case for exempt but again not in 7th house.
    5. 8th house Mars is more a trouble to the person himself and less to his/her partner so could be considered as soumya unless with Raahu/Ketu etc.

6. IMP: If both are born on same day (personality) Numero Number (1, 10, 19, 28) or (2, 11, 20, 29 etc) and their complete addition (life-path) then this issue couldbe ignored as their personality and Life path numbers are the same. AstroMNC

[D] SHAD-ASHTAK Issue: A NO-GO Factor:

Signs that are 6-8 angles form each other are VERY different and not recommended to get married. They have completely different way of thinking and also the areas of interests.

  • Mesh — Kanya (1-6)
  • Mesh — Vrushchik (1-8)
  • Vrushabh – Tula (2 -7)
  • Vrushabh – Dhanu (2 – 9)
  • Mithun – Vrushchik (3 – 8)
  • Mithun – Makar (3 – 10)
  • Kirk – Dhanu (4 – 9)
  • Kirk – Kumbh (4 – 11)
  • Sinvha – Makar (5 – 10)
  • Sinvha – Meen (5 – 12)

Some of these are OK and some are BAD ones. Bold are VERY bad ones and not at all recommended unless and only unless as an exception in some do or die case: IMP: If both are born on same day (personality) Numero Number (1, 10, 19, 28) or (2, 11, 20, 29 etc) and their complete addition (life-path) then this issue could be ignored as their personality and Life path numbers are the same. (Milind marker)



This Shad-ashtak should also add following NUMERO Mismatches

  • 1 and 8 (1, 10, 19, 28) and (8, 17, 26) VERY VERY Different
  • 2 and 8
  • 4 and 8 === VERY different and out of phase unless 4 is from a bit conservative family and 8 is from a very MOD family!!

[F] GRAHA Milan 50% Weight INCLUDING NUMEROLOGY ( This is the most imp factor and here are some examples to share the thought process: )

  • Mars Venus yuti is completely opposite to Saturn-Venus yuti…and their ideas about sex and entertainment could be completely different
  • Mars Venus yuti and say Jupiter-Venus yuti — That as big an issue as 1 but still completely different orientation so better to avoid
  • Chandra-Mars (Moon-Mars) or Chandra-Raahu yuti VERSUS Chandra-Saturn yuti
  • One has Venus in Makar raashi other in Vrushabh raashi (Makar conservative, Vrushabh: Naughty) 🙂
  • LONGEVITY / Physical fitness / Energy: One has owner of 1st house VERY strong and other one not in a very good shape.
  • Too many Planets in KAAM-Trikon Versus say too many in Moksha-Trikon !! 🙂
  • Artha-Trikon planets versus Dharma-Trikon planets
  • Venus — Uranus Yuti gives very forward ideas and can make very diff demands from a partner.

This is a big topic given some examples to think over. When current Jupiter is going over horoscope Venus or the owner of the 7th house, you are supposed to find the BEST partner your horoscope has to offer. When current Saturn is aspecting horoscope Venus (o2 L7), you tend to get into relationship more to pay off than to get paid with respect to Karmic burden. When a couple meets when Jupiter is aspecting Venus Or L7 in respective horoscopes NOTHING can go wrong regardless of miss-matches in the horoscopes as it is the Jupiter’s wish!!

THE BEST thing that I have observed which masks or allows ignoring MANY MISS-Matches in the horoscope is as follows: (Consider houses and not signs of the planets)

  • One has MARS in nth house: Other has MOON there — This makes it a GREAT Match and they can spend a lot of time together despite differences. (Vice versa)
  • Both have Moon in the same house in respective horoscopes regardless of signs
  • Moon is 2 houses ahead or 2 houses before the other’s Mars (1-11; 2-12 etc etc) This again makes it good synchronization of movements.

Same Numero Number for the date of birth. i.e. within the same groups (2, 11, 20, 29) ; (6, 15, 24) & same total number.

AstroMNC Numerology HAS to be checked while doing match makingThis is a BIG PROBLEM AREA with current Indian match making process by traditional astrologers / pundits. Many folks are using it and it is a good sign. You do not want completely different personality (b-date only) and life purpose (complete addition) coming together. Also from spiritual point of view: There is ONLY 1 person you going to settle with: The person who you have the MOST Karmic ties; Often you took birth just to get in touch with that person!! Sometimes that person will make you wait for some time due to past karma! It is reflected by Saturn’s Drushti on the 7th house of horoscope or on the Venus.

Happy Match-Making!! 🙂