It is imp to know limitations which can be also termed as “common sense” when it comes to Astrology – more so as Astrology or Jyotish is probabilistic science & not an exact science! It is rather an ART of probabilities. Probability of something happen can be 80% or 90% but never 100% ever in Astrology. Only very generic statements like “War like situation” in 1998/1999 2008 and 2020 have probability of turning out true! Not the exact ones for sure. Let is look at one QUICK example of why “Saara-Saar Vivek Buddhi” is needed when using Astrology!

Same day-same time – say 1991 (you can take any year actually) born typical middle-class Indian guy and a girl. The girl in all probability would marry 3 – 4-year older guy. The guy would marry mostly 3 to 4-year younger girl. So you are looking at the same chart marrying 1987 or 1986 etc born person and the other 1995 / 1996 born! 🙂 SO how in the world you are going to describe the probable partner for them?! 🙂 So, you MUST use discretion and common sense!

A girl’s chart same day – they become lot more mature at the age of 13.14 whereas the guys are running around like monkeys at that age! 🙂 Simply speaking for a girl’s chart Moon and Venus and Mars are very important whereas for a boy’s chart it is Moon, Mars and the Sun! The outcome is completely different as Mars and Sun get lot more importance to a guy’s chart! Emotions versus Ego!

In SHORT: Just the gender makes so much difference to the outcome of a chart! For example, a chart showing marrying an older partner – shows 7-10 year or more for a Girl but only say 2-3 years for a boy! Even if not that dramatic- still the difference for boy for marriage wouldn’t be 10/12 (Girl being older!)

With this in time – I have explained What is astrology and what it is not and also ridiculed the objections taken by people who want to show astrology down & show it as “Thotaand: (fake/mythology)– they are lot more wrong than the ones say Astrology is a n exact science!

Where you learnt Astrology

“Where you learned Astrology”

I get this question a lot of times. Here are some facts below and one can draw whatever conclusions based on it. The people / the friends and colleagues on FB and here know all this very well so there is truth and nothing but truth to the following points. (Regardless of who knows or don’t know — always good to state truth as then you don’t need to remember what all you said at those times! :D)

(2) I never had any Guru where I discussed things or got any direct advice or “key” points of “Anugraha” or “tips” etc etc. Maybe, this sort of Guru would have reduced my long learning from 1991 to so far to lesser years — who knows! I will always wonder “What if” on this matter!

(2)(a) My father has a VERY broad and WIDE approach towards astrology — NEVER checked any chart but was interested transits and MEDANIYA effects on countries and surroundings.

(2)(b) My father’s broad approach – imaginative, non-structured, lateral thinking helped me approach ANY topic without any inhibitions or superstitious awe of any topic. But he never checked any chart nor palm etc etc — he just looked at people and Meen Lagna Meen Surya and 8th Chandra “spoke”! 🙂

(2) (c) My engineering 1991 to 1995 helped me think without any limitations – very difficult subjects and good studious room-mates (Majid, Huzaifa) and the imp HUGE friend circle (Ambajogai) with HUGE debates and downright aggressive arguments and again – NO LIMIT broad thinking, open mind helped study astrology as a engineering subject and that was THE BIGGEST KEY!

(3) I started reading Astrology books in 1991 as I thought it was false/hoax and not a science. I thought it was highly overrated and downright a tool to spread fear and sell pooja and so on.

(4) I with my friend Shailesh Chandratre used to go to public library to read books on astrology and after 3-4 weeks those people realized and I had to buy a book – I bought SOMAN SHASTRI book as my 1st book of Astrology. It was more about calculations and hardly much about predictions and most predictions were “ekaangi” and direct translations of some sanskrit books which sounded very one-sided and fairly basic.

(5) In hostel life I used to map Astrology books to students around. PATTERNS matching if you can call that. Used to recognize Sun signs or Moon Signs of many folks. Everyone one became a case study for me consciously and sub-consciously — and astrology always game me an answer why someone behaved like the way they did!

(6) CHANGING POINT was purchase of VD Bhat books from 1995 1996 —- I bought all his books and I guess he doesn’t teach you astrology but he teaches you how to teach astrology yourself!

(7) CORPORATE LIFE START in 19951/1996 was a MAJOR BOOST for Astrology — I got more and more case studies and all age groups. Surprised many by telling their moon signs the moment I met them! 🙂 Sometimes, it was Sun Sign. This Corporate life and later MSP and Bloomington from 1999 to 2003 added invaluable insight and practice and case studies to my experience. Was able to also map short term, long term and immigration patterns very easily! 🙂

(8) Until 2003 – 2004 my astrology practice was one on one. But i guess I did post on Maayboli.com from 1999/2000 itself. It increased (online) in 2002/2003 and I was surprising a lot of folks with many comments, observations and “predictions”.

(9) Continued with Maayboli till 2009. Also, CyberAstro free forum I used to post. they closed that free forum & chat window after some folks commented about these free observations more accurate than some paid ones.

(10) Of course, PATNI Computers KALAKRITI events also gave further exposure in 2004 2005 2006 till 2009! 🙂 Analyzed hundreds of charts every year as part of cultural annual programs. Folks used to be flabbergasted an IT programmer/Project Manager / Delivery Manager / Director telling people their “future” 🙂 🙂 But more so observations about relatives and also when they met right or wrong people! 🙂 😉

(11) Maayboli.com posts also attracted non-Marathi folks as google search directed them to Maayboli.com.

(12) 2009: 3rd house GURU and RAHU —->> Some fights on Maayboli.com with some arrogant people who created tamasha to post on Marathi / Devanagari — ended the Maayboli stint after almost 10 years! That prompted or forced me to create my BLOG — AstroMNC.Blogspot.com. The AstroMNC name was created official in 2009 which was in my mind since 1999.

(12) Sometime in 2005-2006 I started re-reading KRISHNAMURTI Method. I was highly impressed with Prashna Kundali but lost interest as it was not fitting my KARMA angle.

Sometime in 2003-2004 I took lot more interest in numerology as supporting to Astrology. I used to observe people from 1997/1998 for Bdates but increased from 2003. Total addition of bdate was observed more from 2003.

The past KARMA angle started appearing prominently from 2003/2004 and then everything became so much easier and logical! CRUX of Astrology is the past karma — past karma of this life and also past births – -basically anything that happened before this moment is past karma! 🙂

The history from 2009 is more like a ‘recent history”. 2012 Prashant Kulkarni (“Prakul”) created a Website for me as we liked my work – AstroMNC.com and Archana Hebbar helped with it. The blog and the site created a snowball effect and that led to me living a very happening career in 2017! 🙂 Loved IT career and interactions with people and customers first and foremost! 🙂

This post became more of a journey than how I learned astrology — but I don’t know how else I should I answer this! 🙂

As I have not got a much of great stuff from any book on “predictive astrology” I decided to write as much as possible and reduce learning timing for the new astrologers. I have shared almost all my critical insights openly and freely in the net. However, what I realized that one needs to prepare themselves with consistent efforts to make sense of the articles. People want instant gratification and simplistic solutions from astrology and hence they end up just wandering around!

Simple Questions one should ask:

1992 ShivSatya Gym: Why Samir Mitra was one of the few continued with Gym for so long with great body building (ShivSatya)

1991 thru 1993: Why Chunky (Rajesh Mhaskar) was able to give me Shailesh and Umesh quick GREAT tips on how to lfit weights (ShivSatya) —->> Samya — Dhanu Surya and Dhanu Mangal also and Chunky Dhanu Lagna-Rashi!

1993 Hostel: Why Sushil Khedkar has this high pride (Leo Sun 16 Aug) and also piercing eyes — (Vrishchik Rashi !:) )

Why I gravitated towards bowling always regardless of being a decent bat — Mithun Mangal! 🙂 Why I could learn TT easily and also liked sports bike and not cruisers — Air Sign Mangal in Mithun! 🙂

WHY ASTROLOGY == Why Go to the Moon —– Why World Heavyweight Championship — As Muhammad Ali said — “Its there”!! 🙂 🙂 — Astrology: Its always out “there”!