MOON / CHANDRA in the 12 houses of a horoscope

Moon is the most significant aspect in the study of Astrology. It is the most important aspect in analysis of a horoscope. Yes, the ascendant shows the destiny of this life (“Prarabdha” Karma) and “direction of the Outcome” of the past karma in this life but Moon shows the deepest desire of the soul. What the specific person loves the most and where he will spend his most of “mind-space”/ ”thoughts”. Moon can single-handedly change the effectiveness of the horoscope – a troubled mind can never achieve its potential & a calm/tranquil mind can go through a sea of calamities with success (or at least not making it worse than it is!).

If the ascendant/langna-rashi shows the world’s perception about you – the window the world looks at you – Moon is who you actually are! Many people who seem to be miss-understood by masses have very conflicting or opposing / different influences on the ascendant & moon. (Salman Khan might very well have Rahu in the 1st house (Anger / Agitation) but Moon in Jupiter’s aspect!)

Moon in the 12 houses of Natal Horoscope (Birth-Chart)

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Moon is the most significant aspect in the study of Astrology. It is the most important aspect in analysis of a horoscope. Yes, the ascendant shows the destiny of this life (“Prarabdha” Karma) and “direction of the Outcome” of the past karma in this life but Moon shows the deepest desire of the soul. What the specific person loves the most and where he will spend his most of “mind-space”/ ”thoughts”. Moon can single-handedly change the effectiveness of the horoscope – a troubled mind can never achieve its potential & a calm/tranquil mind can go through a sea of calamities with success (or at least not making it worse than it is!).

If the ascendant/langna-rashi shows the world’s perception about you – the window the world looks at you – Moon is who you actually are! Many people who seem to be miss-understood by masses have very conflicting or opposing / different influences on the ascendant & moon. (Salman Khan might very well have Rahu in the 1st house (Anger / Agitation) but Moon in Jupiter’s aspect!)

Mind/emotions and intellect/brain are two different things – Mercury (Budh) controls the intellect / logical thinking but it is Moon that controls the emotions or mind of a person. That is the very reason why the current planets (Gochar) (weekly / monthly /annual horoscope) are analyzed from Moon and not from Sun or Ascendant. It all depends on a person’s “state of mind”: with the same material situation, different folks would perceive it differently. The concept of being happy or sad depends completely on the mind of a person!

Moon is the fastest moving astral body going through 12 signs every approximately 28+ days. While Moon rotates around itself and the Earth, it also rotates around Sun. That’s why it is common sense to say that Moon is “Karak” or Governor of the mind & emotions. Moon is also the governor of Mother (Mata-karak), water, emotions/mind, silver apart from many other things. Needless to say that the house, the sign (rashi) and the constellation (Nakshatra) of Moon are ultra-important while analyzing a horoscope.

Moon in the 1st house of a Horoscope (TANU STHAN)

The 1st house is about ‘self’, appearance, overall body, head / face, the image that you portray to the world or the way the world perceives you. It is also about your daily commute. Your overall disposition is controlled by the 1st house including the facial expressions. Talking/moving in sleep and sometimes even walking (when Mars with Moon) is quite likely when Moon is in the 1st house. The mind keeps working over-time even when the body is asleep! J Moon controls/represents temperament of a person and when in the 1st house it completely rules the person. The thoughts are put to action immediately with this Moon. When a person is born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 (personality), the 1st house Moon is absolutely important factor in the analysis as these dates also show emotional/sensitive attitude. Even the total addition of 2 (Life purpose) would increase the importance with teh same intensity.

The 1st house Moon means the person is sensitive about the appearance, image, looks and being popular. It also shows overall nature of moving around quickly, changing places more often unless in 2 5 8 11 signs which make it a bit stable but still they will be movers if not changing cities/jobs very often. They are more affected by the surroundings and catch cold/viral deceases more often. Their facial expressions give away what they are thinking; makes it easy to guess their thoughts. As their 6th sense is heightened they are quite often are the receiving end of “Najar lagana”. The mood swings are common, the way Moon goes thru changes every day, their mood can change quite often even in a day; especially when Moon is in a water sign (4, 8, 12).  As the 1st house is about “Duties” as it belongs to Dharma-Trikon, this moon position does show desire of position of responsibility i.e. a designation or a job or “an office” with set well defined monthly, weekly duties. As Moon also shows people contact & sales, this placement is very good for such jobs like MR / Sales / PR etc.

These folks are sort of destiny’s child (neutral way and not a bad or good way) as the planetary pulls of current planets apply to them quite a bit as Ascendant and Moon sign are the same – the 5th Guru will give tremendous success whereas 6th Guru will show some health issues. These folks are easier to handle for Astrologers or rather these folks have the best use of Astrologers! J Even when Moon is closer to the ascendant degree – the mahadasha and antardasha would be that much more effective. Moon in the 1st house shows that there is a definite specific karma (acute) which is to be used in this birth. i.e. the desire of the person and the destiny of the person are very much in sync. A well-placed Moon with aspect from Jupiter would give tremendous popularity & also a coveted position in life. The afflicted Moon could show loss of memory, lack of tranquility and even some mental instability that affects overall well being as Moon in the Tanu (Body) sthan.

Moon in Taurus or even Cancer sign could show dark/beautiful eyes & mostly curly hair. This Moon also makes the person popular with Women as Women have natural 6th sense that senses the sensitive/emotional side of this person in the 1st look.

For kids born with Moon in the 1st house – constant encouragement and good childhood memories of being loved are VERY important. They make long lasting impact – Yes it applies to ALL of the kids but MORE so for the 1st house Moon folks as they always keep the kid in them alive! J

A badly placed Moon, say with Rahu (aggression/agitation/hedonism) or Ketu (pessimism, depression) or Shani (without Jupiter Aspect) warrants Hanuman Sadhana for sure. Using White Pearl (Moti) in Silver in right hand small finger helps too. (Start on Monday at the time of the Sun rise 1hr plus minus of Sun rise; with usual Puja, followed by Kula-dewata Puja; 108 times Moon’s Navagraha Mantra which is easily available on the net and then put on the ring – A Monday that is on 2, 11, 20, 29 is more effective but not mandatory – Do not spend more than Rs 15K etc unless you are a film star or a VIP etc – You know what I mean)

Jai ho!!

~Milind N Chitambar (AstroMNC)

Moon in the 2nd house of a Horoscope – DHAN/KUTUMB STHAN (Wealth, Family)

The 2nd house belongs to the economic zone (arth-trikon) and shows your & your family’s wealth, investments, jewelry, debts/loans, bonds etc. It also shows your immediate family including you parents and your spouse/kids. The 2nd house also shows eyes (the right eye especially), teeth, tongue. It also shows your eating habits.

While analyzing the 2nd house, once should consider the Sign in the 2nd house, the planets in the 2nd house, the aspects on the 2nd house, the owner of the 2nd house and aspects on the owner etc and most importantly the governor of the thing you are trying to analyze (the 2nd house shows multiple things but the Governor of each of those things could be different). Here, the focus is only on the 2nd house Moon.

The 2nd house Moon shows desire of the soul to do something in financial /investment sector. It does show the desire to do family business or start some business with the family. Many a times, you could also see good use of the existing property or house for some quick business purpose. A very well-placed Moon shows easy money from investments & also possibility of finding some secret family wealth (Jewelry etc) which is called as Gupt-Dhan. This well-placed moon also shows good bit of time spent analyzing, thinking about share market or other investment opportunities. The better the quality of moon placement better the voice of the person too. A very good voice and very good luck with investment (easy money and not long-term investments that are dominated by Shani) go hand in hand. Beautiful eyes and teeth are also a given for 2nd house Moon.

A badly placed or ill-aspected moon shows family debts or burdens that this soul wants to pay off or would have to pay off. The more badly placed the Moon, better to find out the wrong-doings in the family & start taking some corrective action. A Rahu or Ketu with this Moon and when their owner is wakri in 6 8 12 houses do show some serious bad karma with investments (Sahukari etc) in the past birth. This means, quite a bit of time in this life is spent paying it back by hard work and giving others advice or service about investment, land etc matters. The more the help – earlier the payback. Once the pay-back ends – you start getting the benefits. However, until then one needs to be patient with deceptions & frustrating being taken for a ride by a few folks. They are just paying back your karma – reason to be rather happy about it. Regardless of the good/bad placement of moon, there is some family related wealth which either becomes a reason for your progress or family infighting & trouble. It is good to be aware!

This Moon if well placed does show some good luck with mom and the maternal family. Good support from Mama/Mousi folks is shown with this Moon. On the other side, a badly placed one shows some obligations towards this family especially if Moon is in Meen / Pisces (i.e. the owner of the 6th house)

This Moon becomes 8th to the 7th house which means it is not in sync with the marriage/spouse house or partnerships. Also, it becomes 6th to the 9th house of travel and bhagya which means the 2nd Moon wants to stay with family & house and not roam around or go away from the family.

Moon in the 3rd house of a Horoscope – Parakram Sthan, Siblings, Expression, Listening, Travel

The 3rd house of a Horoscope shows the younger siblings, friends, ability to express, listening skills, presentation skills & also to a large extent, the way leadership style of a person is portrayed/presented. This is the house of arms, shoulders, collar bone and ears also. This house belongs to “Kaam Trikon” which shows peripheral things in life such as friends, short-writing, art, expression (oratory skills, musical instrument etc). This house is about external interface of the person’s ability/skills. A very badly placed house could show issues of arms, shoulders and also ears.

Moon in the 3rd house shows desire/affinity of peripheral things in life and also desire to change/affect surroundings in a visible way. i.e. there is a desire of soul to present, express something. A good bit of mind-space is also spent on siblings and more so the younger ones. Moon in the 3rd house also shows mentally tough mother. Your Mother has a bigger say/presence in the house than usual. Actually, it could also mean that she will need to be that way! If this moon is ill-aspected & very close to Rahu or Ketu and their owner not very well placed– this directly shows issues with both Mom and also younger siblings: health (the part of the body shown by the sign in the 3rd house), busy mind etc. Special consideration should be given to the house that Moon owns 12th: Paternal family: 6th Maternal family etc.

As this is the house of younger siblings, it shows special affinity with them. A badly placed Moon here could show intense events with siblings and more so sister. With Ketu or Shani very close it could show pessimism or depression to siblings and Mangal drushti in addition could show additional violent stuff. Chandra itself in the 3rd house is good for having siblings and hence good bad aspects are also seen in life.

The 3rd house is also about short term travel or travels of say 6 To 8 hours. This means a very well-placed moon with some connections to 9th and 12th house could have connections with Tourism. Of course, to get income from this, all these houses should have good connection with the 11th house (income/gains). The 3rd house shows a desire to roam around and travel quite a bit. Arranging outings/picnics etc is their forte! This means they also have to travel quite frequently and even settling 6 to 8hours away from the native place is also very likely.

A 3rd house Moon with Mercury and with some “rashi-bal” could show success in running a press/publishing business also. Any planet in the 3rd house gives ability to play some game/sports as per the nature and the sign of the planet. It also shows good logic building ability. This Moon also gives a very good sense of humor.

The 3rd House Moon is 12th (Wyay/adverse/expense) to the 4th house (home, sukh, rest) which obviously means that one can’t be at home while they are roaming around with free-flow expression and trips/picnics etc. One can’t have it all. It also is the 8th house from the 8th house (peeda/Mrutyu) and hence is imp for longevity considerations. A badly placed Moon could show some issues with longevity. Also, this 3rd Moon naturally is not very pro for any inheritance or easy money which 8th house shows.

The 3rd house Moon is natural friend of everyone but more so when folks have Mars in the 3rd 1st 7th and 11th house or Moon is in the 1st 5th 7th or 11th house. They make lot of acquaintances due to travels and roaming around.

Moon in the 4th house of a Horoscope: Moksha Trikon, Mother, Happiness, Luck with house, vehicles or any damn things in the lifetime; Native country, Village, City etc

A very natural house for Moon as Moon owns the 4th Sign i.e. Cancer. The 4th house shows Mother, Inner Happiness, Inner peace, Ability (or lack of) to stay happy and keep surrounding happy, “Sukh” i.e. happiness that comes from house, vehicles, house-hold equipment, Farming, Farms, Luck with source of Water at house/farm. This house also shows ability of the person to collect “close to heart” folks over a lifetime (“SuHrud” House). Natural benefic like Moon, Venus and Jupiter are of GREAT power here especially Moon and Venus.

A soul chooses or is forced to be born on 4th Moon if there are great karmic ties with the mother. As Moon is “Maatrukaarak” it being in 4th house has very specific ties with the Mom. These ties could be of karmic reward or karmic burden depending on the state of Moon and also aspects on the 4th house. A very well-placed Moon shows the mother as a blessed soul, great help from her and her family and very good health. A troubled Moon shows a very hectic life to Mom. The more the physical hectic life to Mom, more mentally troubled the child is the universal law of Astrology as Moon is Governor of both Mom and Mind/emotions and body-water. A troubled Moon also causes several diseases over a life time regardless of the house but here it also shows Mom’s state of physical and mental health. Bad aspects on this Moon shows health issues to the physical part shown by the sign to both self and mom (say Moon in Scorpio in Jyeshtha aspected by Saturn Mars both could show issues related to internal reprod organs or kidney, In Moola/Sagittarius with legs and so on). When Moon is in this house, Moon Mahadasha of this person is reflected ALMOST “as-is” in lagnesh or Moon Mahadasha of their Mom – i.e. there is some synchronization of these effects of the mother and this person. Or when Saturn is supposed to go over this Moon, the Mother could have Shani antardasha or Shani going over lagnesh or some similar configuration.

Moon & also Venus or Jupiter here can make a person a bit lethargic (‘Alsi’ or “Sukhasin”) who likes to spend time I comfort zone: listing to music, watching movies, spending time at homely environments etc. This house is 8th i.e. mrutyu sthan of the Bhagya-shan (the 9th house). You will never hear someone having bhagyoday without moving 9 hours away from current place! J However, these people show good application or utilization of the progress for the human kind or surroundings. They are not the obstacles to progress but rather they know how to use it once it is done. Multiple homes, farms and collection of vehicles is very much likely with a strong Moon, Venus, Jupiter or even well-placed Mars here. With Venus and Moon in there, there know how to make the best use of the property too!

This house Moon is best to take a franchise of say CCD or Barista etc which are supposed to provide a “very good environment” to people. They are masters at using equipment for comfort. Hell, they can stay happy and create a good environment even in a jail! This house Moon also makes a person a bit God-fearing and overall fearful of almost everything. They lack some extreme intensity etc unless you have a very strong Aries or Scorpio influence (multiple planets). In short, these folks have some emotional intelligence and are in touch & honest with their & other folks’ sentiments just like the Cancer Moon or Sun Sign (July 14 to Aug 14/15).

If the 4th house Moon is troubled then using White Pearl / Moti will reduce anxiety and bring inner peace which helps avoid making matters worse! There is no magical effect but certainly a stable & tranquil mind makes lesser mistakes than an insecure, troubled and an angry mind. Just need to make sure you are not lending too much money to your friends or doing stuff for free – as populism increases with this 4th house Moon and you could be taken for a ride due your good nature and desire to “please all”! J

Moon in the 5th house of a Horoscope: Dharma (Duties) Trikon, Intellect, Kids, Education (Vidya-sthan, Buddhi-sthan.) Heart & Back/spine, Inspirational thoughts, Art, Short Writing, Speech, Teaching etc

This is majorly known as the “Buddhi-sthan”. If the 10th house is of potential, production and continuous improvement and 12th house is if planning, blue-print, architecting etc – the 5th house is about EXECUTION, Go-Getter attitude, Quick achievements and mostly TACTICAL moves and success. This house shows what person thinks as his person success or a dream for that matter. This house is also about playing hard and also love affairs, drive etc. As per Sanskrit scriptures, this house also shows past good karma but I think, every damn thing in a horoscope shows that and not just the 5th house.

Moon in 5th house shows desire for some position in life and of course desire to be part of executing something to get quick success in life. This is not about big long drawn strategy like the 9th house & the 12th house. This house requires immediate action and fulfillment of instant karma. Without a strong 5th house, the 9th house strategy and 12th house vision would never see light of the day. The 5th house brings energy, drive and enthusiasm and optimism to execute thing & take them to completion.

Moon here bring some softness to approach which is not the best for sports activities unless strong Mars with it or 3rd to it (7th). This Moon shows interest in novels, reading, short writing (Lalit-Lekhan), Interest in Poetry & drama is also there. Everything that requires some thinking and spending some brain (CPU cycles) power is related to this house. Moon in this house also makes people have fun (changal-wadi). This fun is related to some action i.e. fulfilling practical senses and not the 6th sense or inner peace etc. Shukra 4th would make person to talk opposite sex often and share good heart/soul-mate etc but the 5th one wants commitment beyond that and action too. Similarly, Moon in the 5th house explores avenues for execution of plans and material success. (It is not completely materialistic etc but more say pragmatic).

When Moon is in Capri / Makar (owner of 11th) it shows cash through such activities of poetry, short writing, drama etc. When owner of 10th – i.e. in Aquarius it shows very good teaching or training ability – great for coaching classes. When in Virgo it shows some expression, drama/writing/acting etc and so on. When in Pisces it shows good execution of a strategy (9th) with innovation or even delivery lectures/seminars etc. In Gemini it shows at least Masters degree unless too many planets in Capri or Scorpio.

This is also the house of forecasting or trading, Hindi word for this is very good “Bhakit” – things like – “yeh abhi aur 2 wickets lega – Isako aaj kuchh jamale wala nahi hain; Ye share aaj 50 se kam se kam upar jayega” belong to the 5th house planets. When in water sign, these folks can also sense the rain and also body language of other folks. This is the house inspiration so time and again they get these brilliant ideas like the big bangs on Sun that happen every second. Hence, it is possible to have palpitations due to 5th house planets and more specifically Sun and Moon as they cause this inspiration/excitement more often.

This house shows destiny of this life with kids and hence the most important house for family folks. The quality if Moon in this house can make a huge impact on the quality of kids. A well placed Moon shows beautiful kids. A badly placed one still shows beautiful kids but with some minor/bigger health issues with water/viral things or even lungs or heart. An ill placed Moon affects the life of self and kids as the 1st house one as here it becomes difficult to separate (the 5th house) intellect from emotions (Moon)!

There is a desire for fixed monthly weekly etc responsibilities and some posts or designation or an “office” for this Duty-House Moon but yes their all rounder nature brings some very good flair to their job. Theis inspirational and go-getter moves keep others interested in working with them. They are very well liked by surroundings for their friendly nature and they often like the jobs with ample people connect.

Moon in the 6th house: Service Sector, Economic Zone, Mom’s siblings, Stomach, Deceases (Rog sthan), Social Presence (Samaj Sthan), Servants, Employees, Health, Enemies (Ripu-sthan)

This house is treated as paap-sthan or “du:sthan” along with 8 & 12 houses. As I keep saying the Sanskrit words comes across a bit too extreme and sometime downright fatal (Mrityu shadh-ashtak) or glorifying too much (“Raajyog, Panchamahapurush Yog, Gaja-Kesari yoga!) J Similarly the 6, 8 and 12 houses are almost condemned in traditional astrology books that translate Sanskrit scripture without understanding what they “intend” to convey! As you can see above the 6th house stands for so many variety of things. How come Mom’s siblings be all paapi for all people in the world! J

Moon in 6th house usually does not thrill the traditional astrologers. This house belongs to economic zone; any planet in this house gives money for sure. It is through providing some “service”. The type of service is shown by Signs in Ascendant, Sun but when Moon is in the 6th house – Moon’s Sign, Constellation and Navamansh do have a BIG say in guessing the field. Aries Sign of Navamansh would show engineering sector, Scorpio could show chemistry or mining field, Taurus could show food or investment or jewelry & so on. Guru’s Navamansh could show medical/pharmacy etc sector. A well placed moon shows good luck with house servants or at a broad level with employees in a business. If the 10th house is about production and 2nd house about investments, debts etc, the 6th house shows service sector. Moon in Guru’s sign and with say Mars or Mars aspect could also shows medical sector or pharma sector. A well placed Moon in Gemini or Virgo also could show providing service though writing, speaking (medical transcripts?).

There is a tendency to catch viral deceases or that spread through water to these more than others. This moon does show a bit fragile composition than other configurations. Guru aspect does stabilize it but still it can’t eliminate it.

There is a special affinity/bond towards Mom’s relatives and frequent visits to Mama/Mousi family are almost a given with a well placed moon. A badly placed moon shows some karmic obligation towards Mom’s relatives. The Sign, the constellation & the owner of the 6th house (in this case rashi-swami) would show the nature, type and intensity of that karmic debt. Helping them helps you in a magical way with economic stuff but more so on health front too. Although it is very difficult to analyze: Moon with Rahu in this house shows father’s mama/mousi and with Ketu it is from mom’s side. Again, some close scrutiny is required but Rahu and Ketu take the Mama/Mousi concepts at one generation up than your direct relatives! A very close 74 born friend with Moon Rahu in 6th house used to go to “Mama’s place” almost every other month and it was in other state! J

This moon aids the 10th house (Career) quite a bit as it is in Bhagya-sthan of the 10th house. This is a very good placement that shows incremental growth. Being 12th house of the 7th house it also shows expenditures on or by spouse/partners.

Moon in the 7th house: Partnerships, Collaborations, Group Activities, Direct Opponents as in court cases, Clients for a Doctor or a lawyer, Long Term wars; Kam Trikon

It is a “Marak Sthan” as per Indian Astrology: as it is more of a philosophical thought as you can never have enough of physical pleasure! J (Similarly 2nd house is Marak, never can have enough wealth!); It also Marak as the person spends lot of energy for this house. This house “completes” the 1st house or compliments it.

The soul has a deep desire to either get paid or pay the karmic stuff with the relationships or partnerships from the past karma. Considerable mind-space and also energy is spent on partnerships, collaborations in this life. The “state” of this Moon will decide the outcome of the (good/bad) results. A well placed one showing great luck with partnerships and marriage whereas ill-placed/aspected one showing karmic burden to be paid off.

This moon exactly opposite to the 1st house alters some of the physical and attitude aspects of the sign & planets in the 1st house. It does show mood swings, a bit unstable nature similar to the 1st house moon but it likes to be in a group than alone. (Example: for Aries ascendant it will reduce the aggression due to Libra Moon and vice versa!) Moon closer to ascendant degree shows more impact of this moon in changing the characteristics of the ascendant-signs.

As the 7th house compliments the 1st house (self), these folks always try to balance or validate their plans. The impulse or the hurried nature of the 1st house planets is largely balanced with this moon. A person with this moon doesn’t get into irreversible situations! There is always some room for negotiations!

As this house belongs to Kaam-Trikon, folks tend to work on the things they love to do and not what they need to do! Most of the self employed folks working on niche stuff of their liking have moon or L10 in 3, 7, 11 houses. They take pleasure in what they work on and do not like to work on what they do not enjoy. This is not the best house for moon to get a position of responsibility with specific daily, weekly, monthly tasks. It bogs them down and is completely out of comfort zone for them. This is especially true for Libra ascendant as Moon also becomes L10.

Moon in the 8th house of a horoscope

The 8th house:  Peeda Sthan, Mrutyu-Sthan, Samadhi Sthan, Hidden Desires, Hidden stuff, Inheritance, the “situation” at the time of death, Alternate healing methods, Yoga, Occult Study, Disproportionate income or disproportionate loss (lottery or gambling money), Mining, Chemistry, Chemicals

Any 8th house planets when well-placed gives easy money, inheritance, lottery or say stock options and so on. It shows lot of un-paid karma left by you or your ancestors for you to exploit/benefit in this life. It shows inheritance blessings too. In some mysterious cases, a well-placed Neptune with good planets can even take these people to a hidden treasure! 🙂 Bigger planets like Guru give this disproportionate income due to knowledge or some hidden information they get from time to time. Shani gives easy (??!!) money very rarely and that too after spending a lot of efforts collecting data, information, meeting people, case studies and sustained efforts of 30 years! So it is obvious the 8th house Moon is SIGNIFICANT. A well placed one and you are seating on a pile of money and a badly placed one is a trouble life indeed which needs a lot of focused remedies.

Regardless of good or badly placed the 8th house planet is: It does bring in SUNISOIDAL wave pattern of ups and downs in life or career. With the Moon, Sadesati is trouble in the first 5 years and lesser so in the last 2.5 years. The 8th house planet shows some fear of unknown anxiety and “busy mind” especially with Moon in it!

The 8th house is adverse to the first house (self). The 8th Moon in transit of 2+ days itself is a trouble for anyone. So, in the natal chart it is a=in the 8th house is single-most factor to analyze! The mind/emotions not in sync with the body. The world thinks you are lagna rashi (say Mithun: talkative) and you are actually an introvert self and suffer in silence (say 8th house Moon in Makar rashi). This is difficult for people around you to decipher and behave with you. This is especially true when the signs of lagna are enemies like Makar-Singh or Vrishchik-Mithun, Kanya-Mesh where there is stark contrast with the ascendant/lagna and the moon! For combinations like Tula-Vrishabh or Kumbh-Kanya it is less chaotic.

This Moon shows obviously an obligation with your mother as Moon is the Maata-kaarak (MatruKaarak). It shows YOU owner to your mother from the past birth and should not expect much support from her in this life. Yes, we very well-placed Moon shows great wealth and some secret hidden information coming from the mother or maternal family which gives you easy money. But badly placed moon (Raahu Ketu Shani impact) could show a physical trouble, health issues to the mom and mental issues to self. Even though the moon is well placed and perfectly fine – the mom’s health is an issue and especially your second sadesati shows major issues and a chance for you to help her in this 2nd Sadesati.

The 8th house Moon has heightened 6th sense. It is able to read undercurrents of situations, body language of people around and even speech/tones on the telephone.  Even the gap between two whats app texts or SMS or conversations are interpreted perfectly. This happens more when they know the person but even with new folks. Rather, when they meet someone for the first time, it is a sensory overload as they get all sorts of signals and readings of the person which can astonish the people around (if they share! 🙂 ) It is like “Karna-Pishaachya” – meaning some souls speaking in their ears about this person. In simpler terms, their antenna is strong to read the VIBES every person gives INDIRECTLY without knowing/overtly but minor movements or eyes or pauses etc. This is the best position for Moon or Lagnesh or multiple planets to get into occult or similar disciplines that need such acute understanding of people.

A chart badly placed from Lagna and very well placed from this 8th Moon means initial life and the START is very bad and life in the initial stages is a trouble/hard-ship. It starts becoming better as the person matures and acts more and more independently and away from the native where destiny plays lesser role and “judgmental forces” are at bay. Hence, troubled moon or 8th house moon is a TWICE Born personality, which has much better life when away from origin where “everybody knows you” and can’t let you be anyone else or anything else than what THEY think you are! 🙂 🙂

A busy mind is a given and it is a curse or a blessing as per well placed or badly placed Moon – even if badly placed with some focus and meditation this can be a great power to make great advances in some secret knowledge.

IMP:  Whatever you believe about you will come true!!! This is true for any Moon position but it is more so for houses such as 8th and 12th. If YOU believe you are strong and a Hero – you will become one. If you believe you are done – you will be done! It is a very powerful mind as it is a busy mind it has power to make things true by sheet force of thoughts! They become actions but even the people around you read those vibes slowly and surely – and they end up making you what YOU believed some time back!!

There are many remedies for this 8th house Moon

  • Daily Meditation, Prayer to calm the mind, 3 times a day NamSmaran to stabilize the mind
  • Help your mother regardless of what is your experience in this life.
  • Use of White & Blue color – Vibrant Blue and Ruby Red – Whenever feel down – use Red and White
  • Use of Moti / white pearl right hand small finger in silver or panchdhaatu as silver is weak and you lose the stone and then worry why you lost it – bad omen! 🙂

Moon in the 9th house of a horoscope

The 9th house: Strategy, Broad thinking, Openness, Gym-Grounds, Hips/Hip joints and legs overall, Travel, Bhagyoday, Mother’s maternal relatives. Places 9 hours away from native, Mentors and Gurus (NOT father), Broad knowledge, higher education, Masters and PhD etc, Duties towards not just family but society and organizations also. LUCK, Progress, Positive most house without Any side effect or rough edge.

The 9th house planets and also planets in DHANU / Sagittarius sign in any house (even 12th or 8th) have their own blessings to the person. They show broad thinking, positive approach, open nature, no secrets, sense of greater good, strategic thinking aligned to bigger cause and not selfish and extrovert persona without rough edges of say Leo/Singh sign of ego. Idealistic, role model folks who relentlessly try to progress and do good. It is the house and sign of the natural support. That is why Sachin T, Sunil G are Dhanu Moon, Kapil Dev is Dhanu Surya, Don Bradman is Dhanu lagna with Chandra Surya Mangal in the 9th house in Sigh, Dhoni has 9th house Moon Guru Shani, Dravid has 9th house Mangal AND Dhanu Surya, Swami Vivekanand Dhanu Surya and NADAL and Warne Dhanu Mangal. DHANU rashi and the 9th house are positivity personified. Dhirubhai Dhanu lagna Surya and Chandra! Ratan Tata Dhanu Sury (28th Dec). JFK: Dhanu Surya (29th Dec).

It is obvious then that the 9th house Moon is a major blessing to the person. It shows great past karma and desire & destiny of the soul to do something broad and strategic & well aligned to a greater goal. Strategic thinking is natural & easy. Tomorrow is always better. Travel is eminent for work or even abroad settlement or distant places connects to spread their knowledge or gain knowledge or work or skills. Astrology is all about logic and hence travel house is also the house of legs! 🙂

15 9 houses belong to DHARMA-TRIKON in the chart. Dharma means Duty here. Any planets in 1 5 9 house shows a responsible person who takes responsibility and occupies higher posts or dutiful posts for the houses a planet owns of the Governor ship of the planet. Guru 1 5 9 shows teachers, mentors and Mangal in these houses show BCCP officials or captains and sports folks. Surya in these houses shows people in higher positions and say Presidents or Governors in India or higher posts in organizations. So it is obvious the 9th house Chandra shows higher positions in organization and Chandra being people connect with classes it usually has some interface with people or higher classes/economy etc in the work they do. Chandra in the 9th house gives good logic and ability to express and present with patience and sukoon. Effective speech but not as vibrant or free-flow and panache as 3rd house Chandra but equally effective for the purpose to be achieved.

Shani Rahu or Ketu would of course make appropriate changes in this Chandra/Moon behavior. They will add or reduce these characteristics where Shani will add some laziness and Rahu would add aggression and Ketu would add submissive or spiritual aspects. But STILL, the 9th house Chandra and these planets also would have their own positivity and higher positions ability. Yes Moon is mind so mind is powerful and is altered by these planets but they might not result in to huge issues or complete melancholy. YES, Rashi-Swami Wakri and in intense degrees and with Ketu Rahu Shani would add similar issues. So the holistic analysis is needed for sure.

Great results for this Moon will be seen whenever Moon Mahadasha or Antardasha appears which would show higher posts & higher responsibility and change of job location – floor, building or office or city or country also depending on the stage of life. Sadesati effects depend on many aspects as to how other planets are structured with Moon to previous or next to moon but still the first 2.5 years would be more troublesome in career and also health as SHANI being 8th to Lagna and 12th to Chandra!

As this Chandra is 8th (Peeda/Mrutyu) from the 2nd house & 6th (Shatru/enemies) house from the 4th house it does not help with SUKH or ARAAM, rest or enjoying house or pleasures and so on. The mind does not get involved in the family wealth or family inheritance or such things.  Rather it takes away from these things. If Chandra itself is L2 or L4 then it shows good house/property abroad.

Examples: Lokmanya Tilak, Don Bradman, Dhoni, Bachchan, (three of my friends settled abroad in USA at higher positions. (Kumbh, Mithun and Singh Moon sign)

Moon in the 10th house of a horoscope (Karma-Sthan)

The 10th House: Karma-Sthan, Workplace, Business, father, Production, Arth-Trikon (wealth)

Any planet in the 10th house shows productivity, producing things and sort of a factory pattern. The planet in the 10th house shows what they would produce. It is the house that defines how a person behaves at the workplace. Mangal would show aggression and Surya shows aloofness and originality and Moon would show caring, emotional and networking and group events etc. This house shows a person’s natural attitude towards work. Means L10 in the 5th house shows teaching & preaching. So the 10th house Chandra is a bit of a natural misfit(?) in this house of production which invariably means friction. However, Chandra is creative and emotional and hence good for any business with people connect, creativity & art.   Despite being in Mesh (Aries) or Vrishchik (Scorpio) it would not show the aggression or directness of Mars or Sun in this house which is needed to create major movement or big bang.

The desire of this Moon is of course workplace. Career and business and workplace figures out predominantly here. As Moon changes every day, these folks also move around quite a bit for work. Even in one building they might have to visit different floor and people to take the work ahead. Networking and people contact is Sthayibhaav (resident nature?!) of this Moon. Even in a fixed rashi like Vrishabh or Vrishchik etc it shows some movements and maybe bigger ones that happen in a few months or years if not weekly connects with people.

This Chandra shows great success at workplace “eventually” even if it is not very well placed. The desire eventually finds it way to a great position in career. As this is KENDRA sthan it has a different TATVA than the lagna-rashi (rising sign). So it has different nature and attitude than the rising sign. Say Vrishchik (Scorpio) Water secretive emotional lagna-rashi & Chandra in the 10th house in Leo (Singh) or Earth rising of Vrishabh (Taurus) and Moon in Kumbh (Aquarius) in 10th house. So there is natural friction of rising lagna and Moon! This opposition could be used to create “maximum work” instead of un-healthy suppression of one element by another like Water Versus Fire or Fire versus Earth and so on. Well directed approach would end up achieving a lot. However, there always be friction, noise and FORCE with this 10th Moon. It is not the most harmonious stuff. A badly places Moon shows intense stuff with the father’s health but Moon being Maatrukaarak it also shows the mother. The 10th Moon usually shows strong mother & emotional father by sheer logic.

Sadesati middle 2.5 years would be more troublesome not considering if there are more planets in 9/3/6 house or (first 2.5 Sadesati tough) or 11/5/8 houses (last 2.5 sadesati tough). Even then, Sadesati is also happening for these people as rising /ascendant keeps then right place right time.  It is obvious that even the worst time would not affect their career as much as this Chandra is all about career.  Rather, Sadesati middle 2.5 would make them aware that career is not eveything but personal life also needs attention.

This Chandra as per ownership shows career-people: Means if Chandra L7 then working spouse, if L4 then working mother and so on. This house Chandra takes one logically away from 5th house (kids, education) and also the 3rd house (siblings and expression/writing/presentations). It is 6th (Shatru/enemy) from the 5th house and it is 8th (peeda/Mrutyu/death) for the 3rd house. A strong planet in the 3rd house will of course override this one.

Example: Hitler! 🙂 Will add more – many industrialists inheriting business or getting in to partnerships of existing business.

Moon in the 11th house of a horoscope

The 11th House: Gains, income, Monthly Cash-flow, All sorts of gains from various people and things, elder siblings, spouse of kids, Nature & amount of father’s wealth, Older friends, Friends

As this is the KAAM-TRIKON House (3-7-11) it shows freelance spirit and not the 9 to 5 job kind of attitude. This house planets are perfect for artists and freelancers. They are allowed to (destiny) be freelancers and not dutiful folks (1 5 9 houses) who need to occupy an office and be responsible to cyclic things which need to be done on a daily weekly monthly etc basis.) That’s why I always feel folks like Viv Richards and Sehwag and Kapil also having 3 7 11 house planets which have DIRECT visible impact in surroundings with panache and flair. There is free flow expression to these 3 7 11 house planets. They do not want to bound by duties alone and they want to go beyond. The 3rd house has childlike individualistic purity in expression (Bhimsen) and much more force and parakram. The 7th house is a bit more inclusiveness where balancing individualism and group & team needs without losing the flair and free flow approach and the 11th house folks get some wonderful surroundings which take care of all the duties and group needs for these folks to reach a genius level expertise and results! There is free flow that has less friction or fight with surroundings and it has Brian Lara like poetry to expression. There is friendliness in their approach which is not offending to the people at receiving end too.

Any planet in the 11th house is a blessing, unpaid karma of the past birth delivered to you in this one. Any planet in the 11th house delivers that karma thru the house it owns but also the sign and the constellation (rashi-nakshatra) it is in and broad level the Governor ship of the planet (“Kaarkatva”). Chandra / Moon which is Kaarak of Mom, water, female relatives, silver, revers, ponds, emotional and your “mind” is obviously ultra-important & effective in the 11th house. The “Jab We Met” character of Kareena must have 11th Moon as she was her own favorite! 🙂 Your mind is your best friend when Moon is in the 11th house. There is friendship and harmony with your own rising (lagna) ascendant sign. This means good planetary transits are experienced lot more & happiness index is lot higher. Whereas, bad planetary transits become mixed except 6th house as they tend to become good for either ascendant or Moon. Even Sadesati, not considering any other planets is lesser of a worry or them as 12th Shani is 10th to lagna and 1st stressful Shani is in the gains house 11th to ascendant. The last 2.5 Shani becomes 2nd to Moon and starts new income and hence lessens the 12th impact to ascendant. Of course, it also means they are not resting much or not on leave a lot. Unlike 4th house Moon which goes in to resting mode from time to time, 11th Moon keeps working even in resting mode –  maybe investing the recently earned money or putting resting effort to something which will yield fruits later in life. This “realization” of various Moon houses and how they behave helped me work on weekends and holidays on something – astrology or cricket or movies and keep the mind busy on something. 11th Moon is a busy mind in a good way! As it is Upachay house 3 6 11 – even our the malefic (intense) friends like Rahu Shani Mangal Surya becomes very good in the 11th house. Yes, they do impact the temper when with Moon – Rahu giving anger agitation and Shani giving unnecessary worry or pessimism if not depression. But still in the 11th house the impact is minimal where 80% of these temper impacts are also directed to useful things.

11th Moon becomes 8th (peeda/adverse) to the 4th house – which means they are not at home much or not resting much. Even if they launch something like Starbucks or CCD, they would establish it and stay there for some time and move on to the next branch leaving someone with strong 4th house to manage the settled one. It also becomes 6th to the 6th house (maternal folks). This is a bit of a contrast as Moon is mother and maternal folks but 11th Moon should give proximity to mom and maternal folks. But somewhere this Moon shows detachment with mama mousi folks at some point in time.

11th Moon aspect on the 5th house gives good experience with kids. It also gives great spouse or rather business partnerships to your kids as 11th is the house of spouse for kids.

Obviously, these folks become close friends with folks having Mangal /Mars in the 11 1 3 and 7th 9 house or Moon is in the 1 3 9 7 11 houses in that order as they match “frequency” or “chemistry”!

Moon in the 12th house of a horoscope: WYAY-STHAN /   EXPENSE / The BIG Picture

The 12th house: Expense, wyay-sthan, exile, vision, architecture, blue-printing/design, immigration, places that are 12 hours away, spouses of mama, mousi (spouse of maternal uncle/aunts), Father’s younger siblings, Moksha-Sthan

The 12th house shows planning, vision and management. It is expense of time, money and energy in to something. It is about dreams or visions that eventually come true in the 3rd house partly and the 5th house fully. It is also a house of bandhan-yog or jail-time or political or actual exile. Bad placement either in the birth-chart or even in transit can result in such “bandhan-yog”. It also belongs in the MOKSHA-TRIKON (spiritual triangle).  Religious places or ashrams or temples etc. Donations given to such places or even fines paid due to mistakes. Transit planet in the 12th house show need to cover earlier errors & omissions and also spending time money and energy to plan next 12 movements of that planet!

CHANDRA in the 12th house is a very significant aspect. As KAARAK of your mind/emotions and mom and water in the body, it is highly significant in the 12th house. It shows heightened 6th sense & ability to read body language or real intention of people or the big picture as they call it. They understand the bigger “game” being played and how things are aligned to a bigger thing and plans. The flip side is that when the things are not even aligned for that they get frustrated and think that there IS some design. Especially, people with planets in the 3 7 11 houses are difficult for these 12th house folks to fathom or analyze and they do things for pleasure! 🙂 Like Kapil hitting every ball for a six and Richards trying to dominate the balling or not going on defensive even if not many runs required to win. The strategy and vision are of the utmost important for these 12th house Moon people whereas the 3rd house fun and inspiration and 5th house structured inspiration while they like and appreciate only if it is aligned to a bigger picture. The 12th house Moon goes against the 5th house as obviously vision, planning versus “action or execution” are different things. It is obvious they do not like too much physical struggle and fighting their way out. They can often select the path of the least resistance which actually should be avoided!

As this is the Moksha Trikon, the last hose which shows highest level of detachment or spirituality, any planet in the 12th house brings some detachment as per the house they own or the things they represent for the chart. The 12th house Moon bring in overall detachment and maturity quite early due to the big picture. Sometimes, they think they know it all and hence are difficult to surprise with highly controversial or difficult or impossible things or news too. The trap is that they can do rationalization to their brain of any outcome! So a match going either way or if it is a wicket or a 6 to the next ball – they can rationalize eveything as the right or a reasonable outcome. One thing is for sure, their strategy is usually not wrong when they start and the failure could be mistakes in execution. Or quick adjustments needed to make as per changing situation. The 12th house Moon has tremendous ability to ask right questions for anything and also “WHY” for everything which makes them strategic to start with and visionary later on.  Most “visionary” folks have very well-placed planets in the 12th house. They might not execute as well but they plan certainly well. So coaches in cricket would be accepted very fast if they have 9th and 12th house Mars or planets like Dravid and Shastri with 9 and 12 hours Mars. Kumble with 6th to Moon mars could have been difficult to accept as coach easily. Even in signs which are high ego like Leo and Scorpio the 12th house does shows some detachment.

The 12th house being house of exile or now a days immigration, shows GC holders or long term abroad folks with 12th house planets. Moon being utterly imp makes it an obvious case for abroad connection. It shows investments or connections abroad. If L12 is in 11th it shows income from abroad and similar effect is also when L11 in 12th (Kanya lagna Singh rashi). Just that L12 in 11 makes a person a bit more playful and L11 in 12th gets some detachment. In air signs it could show education or study abroad. It fire signs, it could shows job taking abroad.

Moon being 12th can shows a bit weak health in the childhood & easily catching cold or fever or water related stuff. Health-wise it does show slower flow of blood or water in the body and hence brisk walking is highly needed. A bit lazy and inaction stuff happens with 12th Moon Or Mars. Ignorance towards physical movements could be seen unless absolutely needed and hence when they move fast they can eventually hurt their ankle/feet etc. Regardless of sign, it does show some obligations to the mom from the past birth. Especially, when Shani drushti on 5th or L4 and Moon. DHANU Rashi moon would show obligation with spouse and partnerships and more so in Moola nakshatra. Moon in Vrishchik could show issues with inheritance and kidney or reprod organs. Moon in Mithun could show health issues in the childhood. Moon in Makar would show issues with stomach and also obligations with mama mousi maternal relatives. Moon in Vrishabh would gain money from abroad with investments in abroad and so on.

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Like any planet in any house, the effectiveness of Moon in this house largely depends on the owner of the 7th house (L7). L7 in 7th, 11th or 3rd house (Kam-Trikon) will show very good results of what this house stands for i.e. success in the things shown by this house. Of course, Shani drushti on L7 or 7 will delay the fruits of karma and all that but you get an idea. (Any rashi-swami 5 or 9 or in the same house increases the fruits & also speed of the fruits shown by that house). Rather, when a soul has done a lot of thinking, meditation about certain part of life then it is allowed or it takes birth with such formation where the owner of the house is in that house (complete bhog) or in the 5th house from that house (doing something inspirational/fun loving/tactical/action oriented about the house) and 9th from it which shows doing something strategic, broad, guidance to others about that house. Rather, even any planet in horoscope is 5th or 9th from some house which shows that it increases the effectiveness of those houses by its own strength in the horoscope. That is why trikon yog are considered most natural, most powerful and of 100% strength (Nava-Pancham)