SHANI / SATURN in the 12 houses of Horoscope

AstrorMNC Take on SHANI SATURN in the all 12 houses of a horoscope — its effects and probable karmic remedies and behavioral aspects that could be changed to overcome issues.

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Thought of collecting all articles in one reference article.

The 1st House Shani:

The 2nd House Shani:

The 3rd House Shani

The 4th House Shani:

Shani in the 5th house:

Shani in the 6th house

Shani in the 7th house:

Shani in the 8th House:

Shani in the 9th House:

Shani in the 10th House:

Shani in the 11th House:

Shani in the 12th House