SURYA / SUN in the 12 houses of Horoscope

What Surya Represents: SWAYAMBHU (Self-lit), Ego, Self-esteem, Pride, Alone, Fire, Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, Pioneer, “I Me and Myself”, Center of their own eco-system, forming own sphere of influence, Originality, Heart, Spine, Bone Quality, OVERALL HEALTH and Vitality.

SURYA being the ALLMIGHTY for our Solar system is SINGLEMOST imp factor for our existence. Imagine a person without bones or without heart or spine! Not having good Surya in the chart is absence of spine literally but also figuratively! SURYA has content of EACH planet in it. It can delivery fruits of each planet if not fully partially or it can reduce fruits of other planets drastically. It is probably DHANU Surya (Sagittarius Sun) which allowed Hawking Sahib to live longer life despite such decease. It is the LEO SUN of DON BRADMAN which made him a self-respecting and such a well-respected person with not a single soul talking ill about him. SACHIN’s MESH Surya in Exalted or rather OVER Exalted status in the 10th degree of ARIES is vastly imp for his relentless pursuit of his career. On a much smaller and personal scale: My father with his 1st house Surya and b-date of 1 ruled by Surya was able to defy ALL astrologers and all psychics that he WILL die at the age of 37. It was able to defy 12th Mangal 6th Guru and 4th Shani -Rahu and not to mentioned 8th Chandra! For me “Vargottam Surya in the 5th house of Buddhi in meen rashi – defines me as an all-rounder. The paragraph from V.D.BHAT book “Navamansh Rahasya” (The Secrets of navamansh) I feel it is written as if it is by my close friend or a relative describing me. Without this Surya in Vargottam Pisces Navamansh I would ZERO (rather, NEGATIVE).

Surya in the Natal Chart (Birth-Time Horoscope)

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What Surya Represents: SWAYAMBHU (Self-lit), Ego, Self-esteem, Pride, Alone, Fire, Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, Pioneer, “I Me and Myself”, Center of their own eco-system, forming own sphere of influence, Originality, Heart, Spine, Bone Quality, OVERALL HEALTH and Vitality.

Shani Guru Rahu Ketu are often overrated in the chart analysis. Guru Shani and Rahu Ketu come in picture only if Surya (SUN), Chandra (Moon), Shukra (Venus), Budh(Mercury), Mangal (Mars) are reasonably placed. Imagine without a reasonable BUDH (which controls basic ability to think, count, listen, talk, nervous system basics) GURU is of hardly any use! It is like having huge chaste or say biceps without having palms to use them! The SMALLER planets have HUGE impact on any person’s basic structure & basic ability. Without Moon well-placed or at least reasonable, there is NO use of any planet in the chart! Of course, other planets exert force on to Moon and constitute whether Moon is well placed or not. In short, larger planets on their own have GHUNTA effect on us. It is thru the smaller planets they are able to delivery good bad karma. The Signs and houses of the smaller/faster planets are hugely important & THEN relative aspects or positions of slow moving planets are important.

SURYA being the ALLMIGHTY for our Solar system is SINGLEMOST imp factor for our existence. Imagine a person without bones or without heart or spine! Not having good Surya in the chart is absence of spine literally but also figuratively! SURYA has content of EACH planet in it. It can delivery fruits of each planet if not fully partially or it can reduce fruits of other planets drastically. It is probably DHANU Surya (Sagittarius Sun) which allowed Hawking Sahib to live longer life despite such decease. It is the LEO SUN of DON BRADMAN which made him a self-respecting and such a well-respected person with not a single soul talking ill about him. SACHIN’s MESH Surya in Exalted or rather OVER Exalted status in the 10th degree of ARIES is vastly imp for his relentless pursuit of his career. On a much smaller and personal scale: My father with his 1st house Surya and b-date of 1 ruled by Surya was able to defy ALL astrologers and all psychics that he WILL die at the age of 37. It was able to defy 12th Mangal 6th Guru and 4th Shani -Rahu and not to mentioned 8th Chandra! For me “Vargottam Surya in the 5th house of Buddhi in meen rashi – defines me as an all-rounder. The paragraph from V.D.BHAT book “Navamansh Rahasya” (The Secrets of navamansh) I feel it is written as if it is by my close friend or a relative describing me. Without this Surya in Vargottam Pisces Navamansh I would ZERO (rather, NEGATIVE).

So let us agree that the often neglected by Astrologers or rather it is ASSUMED that these smaller planets are OK and hence the person is here in front of us asking “future prospects”. Without reasonable smaller planet placements, the person would not even reach or think about “future prospects” or would be struggling with day to day needs and operational matters.

LET US look at effects of Surya in each house of a horoscope.

SURYA is EGO & Self-esteem. It shows how strong you are, how strong your father, your backbone is and also how much EGO you have or again strength you have! SURYA in a house shows you can have EGO / PRIDE about the things shown by that house and the things that house shows. So, the 5th house Surya would be show pride about education, intelligence and also kids. The 1st house would show about personality and appearance and health. The 10th house Surya would show pride ego about the father and the business or workplace and so on.

SURYA in the 1st house of a Horoscope

Check the first para of what Surya represents and apply it to this one! 🙂 The first house being (SELF) and Surya in the 1st house in the EAST direction of the chart shows DIGBALI Surya! DIGBAL (directional strength) shows an empowered person with “MAIN HUN NAAH” effect.

  • Independent, Inspirational, Entrepreneurial, Pioneer, Adamant, Self-sufficient, Pride Self-esteem folks
  • Do not expect sensitive caring or too much emotional approach even if Sun is in Cancer. Yes, Caner ascendant WILL show caring sensitive stuff but Sun there WILL make it a bit aloof and not allow every Tom Dick Harry come close.
  • Extra-ordinary resilience and heath. Some fevers from time to time as USHNA-Prakriti, But these fevers also do not slow them down as they don’t pay much attention to it.
  • Do not allow people to come too close.
  • Have specific roles and responsibility and clear demarcation of roles in THEIR MIND for all people in their life or career. Able to BOX things well and not mixing these boxes or making people miserable by exposing them to unfamiliar environments. In short, they build their own ecosystem or like solar system -their own sphere of influence.
  • DO not like to be at NEW places or new people – Out of comfort zone. Like to be in their own DEN or familiar environment. Do not want to go to places where they don’t have “power” or respect.
  • They respect boundaries of all people and expect the same. Someone crossing the boundary is banished from their kingdom forever! 🙂 Unless they allow it! In short, they are quite territorial.
  • They are liked and respected by Govt, Authorities and are in sync with such stuff and natural at establishing law and order and a process. Natural at Govt or IAS IPS sort of jobs which are funded by Govt or BIG orgs.
  • In intense degrees or intense nakshatra can show sudden injuries or sudden incidents due to their own inspirational moves to head or frequent fevers.  The areas of hurt could be head, spine and heart but also the organ shown by the sign (Scorpio: Kidney, Leo Heart, Capri: Knees, Sagi: Legs / hip etc).
  • In Mangal drushti the nature would be more aggressive and intense. Difficult to handle.
  • In SHANI drushti it would show some difference of opinion or fights or tussles or show-down with bosses, Govt and authorities from time to time. Some deficit from the past karma which they would need to accommodate which is AGAINST their nature. Unless Sun in Cancer, Pisces or Makar Vrishabh (docile signs) such tussles result in strong fights and bitter enemies. Also, SHANI drushti affects eye-sight and spine, heart and bone structure.
  • GURU drushti helps with everything and keeps the Fire of Sun on the right things.
  • In MAKAR (Capri) rashi it does not rashi strength but still shows resilience more than other Makar lagna (rising) folks.
  • In Air signs shows intelligence of high order and inspirational ideas and thoughts that will also guide others. White collar jobs predominantly.
  • In FIRE Signs it is natural and shows HIGHER positions in career and BIG organizations. VERY positive person & big heart and highly respected.
  • IN water signs, a bit docile than others with some emotional intelligence and not just action oriented. But emotions don’t interfere with duties and job.
  • In EARTH signs shows higher posts in Wealth management, agriculture or such practical stuff. Some wealth or economy handling aspect WILL end up appearing in their career regardless of education.
  • With RAHU Surya shows aggression, agitation and irritation and also excess ambition in any house but more so the 1st house. It is like boiling blood that can show friction and over use of bones and hence issues.
  • With KETU it shows some reduction of resilience and outright brilliance.  KETU brings some sukoon and slow and reduces some of the ambitions. Also, could give weak eyesight or weak spine and heart or overall resilience. It could increase artistic side though!
  • Birth-Dates of 1 10 19 28 would adds to all these characteristics lot more! The bdates of 8 17 26 would reduce and check these instincts many times.

Examples: Balasaheb Thackeray (Capri/Makar: 23rd Jan), Sharad Pawar (Scorpio: 12th Dec) – Will add more.

SURYA in the 2nd house of a Horoscope

The 2nd house: Speech, Family, Wealth, Investments, Stock market, Eyes, Debts, Loans erc, Jewelry, Teeth, Tongue, Neck, Nose, etc etc, “Maarak sthan” as you can’t ever have enough wealth 🙂 8th house (peeda/Mrutyu sthan of partner: 7th house)

Surya in the 2nd house is a bit of a misfit (not bad) but it becomes a bit confused here. This is wealth management and family house and hence an loner or independent sort of a planet in the family house becomes a bit lost at times! So you see someone like Imran Khan (Cricket/politician) having a strange family life but his is with Shani too so a bit extreme case. SURYA being the parent of solar system also becomes parent of the family in this house. The one who provides money and arranges money or starts money matters in the family.

  • Well placed Surya shows good connection with Govt and Govt folks or people with authority that results in some work.
  • Running some wealth management company or debt /loans related org.
  • Starting a bank and if good angles with Shani then a cooperative bank. Rather working as an official in such bank and an expert and not a political leader who usually has Shani in the 2nd house for such co-operative banks.
  • Getting good work from Govt or big orgs with higher authority proximity.
  • Extravagant, giving money away at times with pride or even ego mostly against the wish of the partner/spouse.
  • Giving promises which are a bit over the head is possible (again pride and ego while taking) Giving a “word” in ego etc could really hurt at times
  • Very less speech and reluctant to talk unless Gemini Sun. Initially childhood speaking R could be an issue just like 8th or 2nd house Mangal.
  • SHANI drushti could cause getting in to problems with Govt for loans or debts.
  • With RAHU the paternal grandfather and family history with wealth is repeated and good bad things appear in life. The owner of the 2nd house being wakri or 6 8 from this 2nd house (9th house of 7th house) can cause more issues. Wakri L2 could cause some major losses. SHANI drushti means huge wealth losses possible. Both Rahu Shani influence means bad SAHUKARI in the family and money snatched away from poor by the elders of the family.
  • With KETU it is less extreme or intense but in intense nakshatra or Shani  drushti or wakri owner of 2nd house etc it could show cancerous stuff in the family and also spine or heart being weak!
  • GURU drushti on Surya results in good long-term strategic investments, well directed donations and not just pride ego etc.
  • Well placed shows good eye sight and throat stuff but a badly placed one can cause major eye sight issues. Usually, worse the eye sight and power of eyes and worse the wealth management in the family.
  • In Water signs ego and self-esteem is reduced and unnecessary promises are not done.
  • In fire signs possibility of giving money increases quite a bit but income also increases due to Govt or big org or blessings by authorities.
  • In Earth Signs it shows VERY practical approach towards wealth and hence good saving and even advising others for investments!
  • In Air Signs it is quite an intellectual approach which asks good questions before lending money or even taking a loan.
  • The birth-date of 1 10 19 28 could increase all these characteristics majorly!!! And the birth-dates of 8 17 26 would reduce extravagance and ego and so on giving money away!
  • When Surya in owner of the 6th house (Surya in Mesh rashi: MEEN lagna) shows good use of debts/loan to make money (if well placed else bad loans!)
  • When Surya owner of the 10th house (in DHANU) Vrishchik lagna – shows raising money for business and using degree/knowledge etc for that!
  • When in own rashi 2nd house (Kirk lagna) then good support from the father for wealth and also Govt deals and big orgs.

Examples: Cricketer and Politician Imran Khan (Will add more)

SURYA in the 3rd house of a Horoscope

The 3rd House: “Parakram Sthan” “Sahaj Sthan”, “Bhratru-Sthan)” Siblings (mostly younger), Communication, Listening, Arms, Shoulders, Expression, Presentations, Picnics, Travels of 6 hours, Quick Short-Term Travels, Writing, Publishing, Impact on surroundings. Operational model, Doing things with flair, free-form inspirations

The 3rd house Thoughts:

  • The 3rd house being a “Sahaj-Sthan” that belongs to Kaam-Trikon is good for any natural malefic (Paap Graha) such as Rahu, Shani (Saturn), Mars (Mangal) and of course, Surya (Sun). These planets get an extra edge in this house. It allows them to unleash their powers and their intensity, “Parakram” and energy in a much better way.
  • This is the house of impact on the surroundings. Prakash Padukone has 3rd house Mars in Gemini, Dennis Lille the fast bowler and Roger Federer also I suspect has mars in 3rd they have Mars in Gemini (the 3rd sign) and in the 3rd house makes it a lot more effective. Shivaji Maharaj had Uchcha Shani in the 3rd house! Balasaheb Thackeray had 3rd Shani to Moon sign of Kanya.  Lata Mangeshkar has 3rd house Moon in Kirk rashi (own). KAPIL Saan has 3rd house Surya in DHANU.
  • One of my colleagues in Patni Computers had Mercury in the 3rd house in Gemini and D9 also had it. I was curious if some connection with publishing, press etc – and he was surprised as he had not told even some of his project mates! 🙂 And I was also amazed (This was 2005 and I was having a “stall” in Club-Patni “Kalaakriti: Event as a domestic astrologer displaying my “Kalaa” i.e. Art!) 🙂 🙂 Had surprised many folks by asking “if your moon sign Leo or Vrishabh or your patrika-name starting from W (Taurus moon) and so on! 🙂
  • Bharatratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi had Surya L10 in the 3rd house with Shukra! You can connect expression and impact on surroundings to this chart!
  • Ball to ball commentary would be done great by anyone having planets in the 3rd house or planets in the Gemini Sign (Gavaskar has Gemini Sun and Shastri has Gemini Ascendant).
  • I have a friend who has Mangal Dashamesh (L10) in the 3rd house in Mesh and he is ultra-aggressive businessman who wants to grab everything in sight! Runs around impatiently and with anxiety effectively making progress no matter what! 🙂
  • Many successful higher position military folks have 3rd house Mangal but in serious Makar rashi which has more practical and land grabbing approach due to practical Makar rashi Mangal.
  • 3rd house Makar rashi Shukra Chandra make people serious expressions which tends more towards classical singing than say Mithun rashi planets or Tula rashi planets which would try experimentation and more vibrant expression not sticking to a form or rules. The 3rd house Surya is highly confident expression bordering on ego and arrogance too.

As you can see the planets in the 3rd house are highly playful. There is free-form and freelancing approach which is unrestricted. They are quite vibrant and make their presence felt almost all the times. Unless they are 5th or 9th etc to Moon, they are highly free-form and they start liking the journey much more than the destination. They have visible impact on the surroundings as they move stuff around quite a bit. The 3rd house is playful in a way they would find variations in a Raag like Bhimsen Saahab. Their free flow spirit does not like to fit in to a form easily. Bhimsen had Shukra Surya in Makar – -ultra conservative sign so this freelancing gets lot of control.

  • Surya in the 3rd house gives great confidence, extrovert persona, bold nature. It shows forceful communication and boastful talks. Ability to patronize is birth-right of the 3rd house Surya!
  • There is originality in their expression and communication. They hardly copy anyone and create their own way of expression. Surya’s inspiration gets a free flow channel and a very positive channel without adulterations.
  • There is direct way of expression & ability to influence people directly & overtly (not like “inception”). Big voice & being center of a group with lively comments is their thing.
  • Confrontations are direct and, in your face, and not behind the back. Guerilla war tactics is 3rd Shani and overt/direct opposition and taking on opposition in broad day light is the 3rd Shani.
  • Gossip is OK and good but not beyond a limit as extrovert nature of Sun would also involve the target of gossip in their talk or display clear body language to the person being gossiped giving it away! 🙂
  • 95/100 folks with 3rd Surya are Khudpasand _ They are their own fans!  🙂 They ego/self-esteem and their self-worth is their own friend.
  • As this house is in sync with the 1st house, it has very positive impact on the “future” or “achievements” of the person. Good planetary yog get great support and force from this 3rd Surya increase their magnitude of success.
  • The 3rd sign from any sign is friendly with element of the signs. Means Water and Earth; Fire and Air. So this 3rd and 11th house planets become real great friends of the person that helps with impact on surroundings.
  • The side effect of this Surya is liking the journey too much and getting misaligned a bit from the ultimate destination or the final state or goals (the 9th house). They can play GREAT CAMEOS in many fields but to play the LEAD or mainstream character or role they need planets in the 9th or 11th house too. Or having planets in strong signs. That’s why you see Kapil saab playing to the gallery and batting in his own style thereby not achieving as much as say Sehwag despite having similar capability.
  • Surya in the water signs shows docile & less aggressive approach as lagna-rashi also becomes water-element. It shows good emotional intelligence while influencing or patronizing people.
  • Surya in the Earth Signs shows practical aggression and positivity but not displaying ability for making a statement.
  • Surya in the Air Signs shows highly intellectual approach but it has force and can do some actions to “make a statement”.
  • Surya in the Fire signs shows maximum impact and great force and can take actions just to make a statement or show dominance.

Examples: Bharatratna Bhimsen Joshi, Kapil Dev, Shah Rukh

SURYA in the 4th House of a Horoscope

The 4th house: SUKH Sthan, Mom’s house, the native place / city, farms and vehicles, people close to your heart (“SuHrud”), house, property, all sorts of pleasures mostly non-physical and more of “inner” ones. Moksha Trikon first house, So some spiritual angle, Places such as Café Coffee Day, Starbucks Outlets and so on. All books and all authors insist that this house shows the “quality of the last days or the later part of life say after age of 30.32”. Ability to create good environment around, giving good people to spend quality time, ability or thoughts or tools to succeed. Your COMFORT ZONE, your comfort food and so on.

The 4th house is ability to use luxuries & tasteful things in life. Ability to enjoy say movies, multi-plex, places like Starbucks or “katta-sanskriti” or use of house, house-hold equipment, Netflix subscription, vehicles and so on. It is MILD house which likes to get “mamata” (emotions) and give mamata. The natural malefic like Shani, Rahu, Mangal and Surya in the 4th house are NOT natural & not at ease. They show person going out of comfort zone and not using the luxuries or not resting mentally or physically. Bachchan has 4th Shani, Aurangzeb had 4th Shani so they are and kept busy till the end of their days! 🙂 On the other hand, folks with Chandra Guru Shukra in the 4th house have great ability to use the time, the material thing, tasteful life or luxuries of life and also give other people a “comforting” time. Ashramas or Muth or such places would need SHUBH – natural benefic planets in the 4 8 12 houses which support the 4th house.

Surya in the 4th house shows following things:

  • Tremendous self-esteem, pride or rather ego of own family, native, place, “my people – could be language, culture, caste, religion, race or background”.
    • Balasaheb Makar Lagna MESH Mangal 4th, Bruce Willis Makar Chandra and Mesh Mangal 4th to Chandra (hitting “Asian chik/GF ”as he calls it of Gabriel in Die Hard 4.0 using brute force versus Karate/Kung Fu etc)
    • Buy Desi or Buy American Gang!
    • The folks that keep local culture and local stuff alive with passion and force. Playing the patriarch.
    • Even when 4th Shani with Surya can make stay away from native or abroad but would preserve all native customs, festivals, language, food and religion etc
  • It shows good property, estate and good “structures” angle. If very badly placed and Shani then court/legal etc stuff for property would be done with relatives. Regardless of right or not the father gives some property etc to this person.
  • Mother is stricter to this person and the father is motherly and more sentimental and closer to heart than other siblings.
  • Ability and destiny to create a great platform and property etc from ZERO and give to the family or surrounding for enjoyment or use or to thrive. Building a community for a broad thinking and a higher-class horoscope or at least building a property for a lesser and more narrow focus chart. They will not sit down and might not enjoy it with the rest of the folks as they will keep busy in improving it or adding to it or extending it. But they will take pride in building such community.
  • As SHANI is called as Surya-Putra (Son of Surya) who opposes Surya or has some adverse or opposing characteristics – these folks also have some relative and mostly from maternal family or their own offspring deserting or drifting apart from them.
  • KENDRA-STHAN and hence despite being SUKH sthan shows friction or need for struggle to achieve things. It is not a natural PRO house for the lagna rashi (self) or your designations or higher posts. It is the 12th house to the 5th house (Wyay or reduction of the 5th house which is 9 to 5 job) and it is 8th (peeda or mrutyu-opposition) house from the 9th house of bhagya. So this Surya opposes leaving the native and even with SHANI when native is changed once to abroad – they resist changing that place also! 🙂 So this 4th house does “pass” some opportunities and higher designations and so on.
  • When L4 is not well placed, it does take away some shin off Surya but it can’t have as bad effect as it would on the smaller planets. Surya has its own majesty and power to be effective alone without help from the depositor (rashi-swami).
  • Fire Sign Surya shows fierce nature and high pride ego etc and higher conviction. But shows practical use of this conviction to build something worthwhile as they have Earth Sign rising (lagna)
  • Water Sign Surya in the 4th house waters down the fire Sign rising and gives a bit emotional approach. It gives more emotional intelligence than otherwise. Also pride ego etc isn’t displayed at every opportunity but covertly expressed with body language or thru others.
  • AIR Sign Surya in the 4th house brings intellectual & lesser “self” approach than the otherwise WATER rising signs would have. It shows action-oriented person but more like consulting and helping build something with plans and planning and putting foresight to it.
  • Earth Sign Surya brings practicality and wealth management and imp to otherwise Airy/intellectual rising (lagna) signs.
  • Obviously, Guru Shukra Chandra being in more wealth and better property and use of property and so on. Whereas Shani brings in delays and some issues.
  • Mangal bring in DEFINACE agriculture and land more than just property or bungalow etc.


SURYA in the 5th House of a Horoscope

The 5th house: BUDDHI-STHAN, SANTATI (kids)-STHAN, Intelligence, Buddhi, Kids (Santati), Execution Excellence, Overall Success, Duties, Designations Go-Getter attitude, Inspirations and Extrovert behavior, Originality, Brilliance, Forecasting, All sort of Success, Tactical Approach, Aligned to greater good or goals objectives if not too long-term or strategic. Enjoyment of journey but not forgetting (unlike 3rd house) that destination is more important. Trading (F&O or day-trading) or quick gains by calculations and thinking and using intelligence (not just luck). Shows HEART as physical organs of the body and also the spine.

The 5th house is necessary things in your life! It is Dharma Trikon house (Duties) and hence great for 9 to 5 jobs of specific weekly, monthly etc duties. Also, go-getter house so the 5th house transits/Gochar show projects that get over and have logical conclusions. As the 2nd house of inspirations after 3rd house – This house is NATURAL for planet of inspiration & brilliance like Surya! Leonardo Da Vinci had 5th house Vargottam Surya. KundanLal Saigal the 1st superstar of Indian movies had the same (11th April). Raja Paranjape, a prominent Marathi movie maker had 5th house Surya. As the 5th rashi of Singh “owned” by Surya the 5th house is also enjoyed by Surya.

The 5th house Surya has following impacts:

  • Highly inspirational, highly original person with sudden brilliant ideas & plans just like the Sun has explosions.
  • Structure to this brilliance, inspirations etc as aligned to some order – say a music director composing a tune with ‘meter” or a lyricist with some VRUTTA or some structure like Radif Kaafiya (Ghazal).
  • While 3rd house is not following specific structure, the 5th house wants to have some order to the chaos and not just noise.
  • Heart and Spine so these inspirations result in heart activity which in the long run can cause over-use and hence palpitations etc. It is the side effect of sudden inspirations. Or brilliant thoughts needing quick action resulting in hurting the back or spine.
  • BUDHDHI-STHAN and KIDS house: So strong & brilliant mind and thought process. Might not be highly strategic unless Surya in later signs like Dhanu or Meen. Sanskrit Granth have given one sided outcome for 5th Surya KIDS which they call is WINASH of Kids which case studies don’t support. Rather, case studies show brilliant kids. But of course, well placed Surya is hugely successful kids and not so well placed can create major health issues with heart or spine or some nervous system issues too if Budh/mercury is also involved.
  • Needless to say, this Surya shows great ability to express as per sign or nakshatra etc – singing, composing, acting, drama, painting, caricatures and so on.
  • IN IT Industry I observed that the 5th house planets helped folks work on “core development” projects & also “practice folks” who ge in and get out of projects for their specific parts or establish a framework and move on. Whereas, 6th house Surya or planets was/were about ongoing service support and maintenance.
  • Surya association with the 11th house ensures that the education or buddhi/intelligence and earning are directly related.
  • Invariably this Surya is great for mathematics. So it is good for day trading or stats or quick analysis and making such gains too. Without support from the 9th house good planet, it can result in losses in bad planetary transits in the 5th house.
  • This Surya in last 3 degrees of Expressive signs Mithun Kanya Dhanu and Tula shows massive success with all-round approach in various fields with highly creative and artistic stuff. Da Vinci is one major example for Vargottam Surya in the 5th house in Meen rashi. Shammi Kapoor had 5th house Surya in Tula rashi (21st Oct)
  • The 5th house Vargottam Surya has defined me overall and shows everything I have in my life (almost) as it is also L10 and is with L11.  Surya Mahadasha from 2006 to 2012 helped establish using social media as Surya is in Revati Nakshatra owned by BUDH (writing, publishing etc)
  • Water Sign Surya will show creativity inspirations.
  • Shukra Sign Surya (Taurus, Libra) would show artistic stuff with imagination, GURU Rashi Surya (Pisces/Sagi) would be great for education and teaching too. Mangal (Aries/Scorp) rashi Surya great for engineering and sports. BUDH rashi (Gemini Virgo) great for artistic but expression, writing and caricature and so on.
  • Fire Signs would show engineering or more active and aggressive person.

Examples: Lata Mangeshkar, Da Vinci, Raja Paranjpe, Kundanlal Saigal, Shammi Kapoor (I also have the 5th Surya), Vinod Khanna, Maybe one of Julia Roberts, DeCaprio and many film directors

SURYA in the 6th House of a Horoscope

The 6th House: Stomach house, Intestines and all digestive system, Rog-Sthan (Deceases), Samaaj Sthan (Social standing), Shatru (Ripu) Sthan (Competitors/enemies), Service Sector (banking, insurance, big Govt undertakings for masses – any service provided to masses & lower people – base of the proverbial pyramid Money matters, Debts and loans, Maternal family – rather specifically mama / mousi folks – younger siblings of the mom); Employees and Home Servants etc

The 6th House (not so) Random Thoughts (Mukta-Chintan):

Being economic & service sector house, it shows predominantly debts, loans and banking sector when combined with the 2nd house which is for all sort of wealth management stuff and “instruments”. 🙂 The 6th house is for employment and generating employment. It shows how a person generates employment or does for a living. This is also social presence house which connects to politics or surrounding society. You can see that politics and economic matters are connected “naturally” even in the Vedic Astrology! 🙂 You can’t separate them! 🙂 The purpose of politics is to feed people & enable them to feed their family and keep them safe from enemies. This connected the 6th house with politics. Even Balasaheb with all his MIGHTY Shani 11th to Lagna and 3rd to Moon, got the power in the state when it was connected to the 6th house Uchcha Rahu Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha from 1980 to 1999 which showed his active politics strongly. So 6th house is connected to debt and loan management and political power. Each planet as per their own nature and governor/Karakatva displays their results or presence. 6th Mangal is success & fights over competition by direct Kabaddi style maaramaari like a sub inspector or hawaaldar serving the people. It also shows sibling rivalry too as Mangal is siblings. So nature and Karakatva is imp. Surya 6th shows Govt connection for employment or Govt blessings for a business. Guru in the 6th could show “tuitions or classes” using knowledge to earn money. Dhanu rashi planets in the 6th house would show using knowledge or sports or gym etc to provide service. Strong 6th house shows strong digestive power too (which allows to digest money also!) 🙂 It also shows strong maternal Mama mousi connection too. Maharashtra “Sahakaar” or cooperative sector comes under this house and hence 6th house Shani Sharad Pawar saaheb becomes an ideal match for their politics which is driven by money & service sector. Controlling loans & dents and using money matters to control the region! The 6th house is also about deceases and enemies. Bigger the political power bigger the enemies so it is also quite understandable., The same way bigger social presence is giving jobs to higher number of people. Someone like Magar (Magarpatta, Pune) (with say 2nd or 6th or 11th house Shani) ties up with Pawar saaheb with 6th Shani and creates 20,000 jobs in Magarpatta (IT employees) and 40,000 more jobs due to these IT jobs. As you can see the 6th house is all about money matters, loans and debts & providing service sector. The 6th house is also about deceases so owner of 11th and 10th house in the 6th house connects to pharmacy or medical sector also. Exchange of 6th and 11th house owner is further more effective.

Surya in the 6th house shows following patterns:

  • Success over competition, success over enemies, High-class and powerful enemies and enemies that are not hidden etc but obvious ones and sort of competitors.
  • Very good expertise, income by providing service to people or BIG organizations or BIG colleges with strong hierarchy.
  • These people like clear cut senior officer or higher officer definition they will report to or work with. They will take very specific responsibility within their sphere and rest they will clearly disown or would want full control.
  • Spawning organizations or taking multiple franchise of an organization is good possibility. Doing own business some own consulting is a high possibility.
  • Connection with maternal family is strong – more so with maternal uncle/aunt. Well placed gives good results badly placed could show heart/spine and health issues to maternal folks and self but also stomach issues to self.
  • Strong digestive system which needs enough food and that too time to time. The environment in stomach is more acidic etc and hence salt and lemon & such stuff needed in control.
  • Planets like SHANI MANGAL RAHU & SURYA shows very good results and success for the person but also, they deliver some discipline or some negative / positive karma to other people too. So the 6th house natural malefic planets and Surya become the channel for delivery of Karma. So strong Surya here is good for IPS. Police or Armed forces/military connection.
  • Surya being in attitude and ego which is in contrast with the lagna-rising-sign. Say Pisces Versus Leo or Aries versus Virgo and so on. But here a natural malefic 6th is bad for enemies and lesser for self. Maybe some health. But still SURYA brings in contrasting element to the lagna-rashi (ascendant) and hence brings in some conflict in personality. This makes other people to handle them a bit difficult especially initially without knowing enough about them. They “grow” so too speak with passing time on other people.
  • Transit of good planets in the 6th house bring in good success, ego boost and good health. Transit of bad planets on Surya can show some health issues and ego hurt or anger BUT it DOES shows again success over competition or “Shatru-Naash” so to speak and hence this position for Surya and even Shani or Mangal ends up being good! 🙂
  • Health Sector, Medicines and deceases connection is obvious but also Wealth Management is imp and Banking Insurance or some connection to any organization that provides service is very good. In Makar or Dhanu or Meen Mesh it could show health sector & in Aries it would show engineering but any field using tech.
  • When Budh is connected to this Surya – it is more about consultancy and Mangal then engineering but also surgery or medicines.
  • In water signs the bitterness towards opponents is lesser.  Shows creativity and creative approach in career.
  • In EARTH signs (Taurus, Virgo Makar) it is more about wealth management.
  • In Fire Signs it becomes great for military stuff but also medical/surgery etc but also shows adventurous approach in creative fields. (Water sign rising)
  • In Air Signs, it is about intellectual approach and innovation to practical subjects and pragmatic stuff (Earth Sign rising)

Example: Sunil Gavaskar (Mithun Surya), Dhoni (Mithun Surya)

SURYA in the 7th House of a Horoscope

The 7th house: Partnership, Marriage, Collaborations, Freelance approach (as one of the “Kaam-Trikon“ house), Physical Relationships, Qualities of the partner(s), Like the 2nd house of wealth this is also called as the “Maarak-sthan” as you can never have enough of it. It is more of a philosophical word (“maarak”) and not to be used for fear mongering. The owners of the signs 180 degree apart are never enemies but also not exactly friends. Rather, they complement each other.

The 7th house belongs to the Kaam-Trikon. Things that one loves to do and not must do. Doing things with flair and as per liking. This is great house to have planets for artists and any free=-lance folks. Process is not outright enemies for them but still difficult to do work in a given framework. They are not about 9 to 5 job but more like a free-spirit. SURYA which is Kaarak of hierarchy and levels and governance is in some ways a misfit in this house. Also, this is the West direction of chart ad hence it is also a misfit for EAST direction ruler Surya. So the collaboration and partnerships of this house could take some beating due to Swayanmbhu, independent Surya spirit.

  • 7th House – The west direction or Suryasta (Sun-set) time which is not the strongest for the Surya. So it is not “swayanmbhu” or “self-reliant” or aloof and alone or solitude like the 1st house Surya.
  • It needs others – It needs collaborations and partnerships and is good about team & group events. Of course, most of the time these events are arranged by them only. Also, they show ownership and as if they own those events with center of attraction.  Means being independent and self-reliant comes out in team events which could be seen at times as being a misfit. In Even signs like Taurus, Cancer and Virgo etc etc it will work much better as working with others easier for them.  But in Aries, Leo pr Sagi signs they would want to dominate and create a bit of unrest in others.
  • It is not at all easy to mingle for Surya on its own and in the 7th house is forced to do so by its destiny.
  • They could show some dominance over spouse and partners too. This could lead to unrest is marriage or business partnerships.
  • Shows higher level and strong partner and spouse and from great and higher-level family too. But again, ego pride which results in such higher connection could also cause some unrest after marriage. Need to learn to collaborate, “Kele Khaane hi hain 10/12 to Khushi se khaawo” – mean if you HAVE to eat a dozen Bananas then as well like them”! 🙂
  • Surya in Agnirashi/fire-signs (1 5 9) makes this a bigger issue. Surya in Water signs 4 8 12 makes this lesser of an issue. In Air signs also there is enough maturity to let team events unfold but it is aloofness and not real mingling like water signs. The Earth signs there is practical approach either to avoid these events or if participate compromise enough not to stick out like a sore thumb!
  • Any Yoga with Shani with Surya in any house results in Court-legal trouble. In this house Surya when Shani is in 7 10 1st or even 4th house shows some legal issues. They could be partnerships or even marital.  It is highly recommended to find a amicable solution and mandwalli (adjustment) than court troubles.
  • GURU drushti on Surya ensures that the ego of Surya is channeled well in group events and partnerships and they DRAW THE LNES and borders well so as NOT to clash. Surya will NOT compromise anyways but Guru would ensure that the frequency of “situations” that bring out this behavior itself is reduced!

Example: Michael Jackson

SURYA in the 8th House of a Horoscope

The 8th house: Mrutyu Sthan, Peeda Sthan, Adverse to self (1st house), inheritance house (wealth), internal reproductive organs, kidney, renal/urinary system.

Any planet in the 8th house has some side-effect attached to it. It could be the Karakatva of that planet or it could show some acute issues to at least one of the house it owns. It is certainly not the best for health aspects. Of course, it is the house of disproportionate income when some natural benefic planets are well placed in this house in Devgan or Manushyagan nakshatra (or own rashi own nakshatra) in good drushti of other natural benefic planets. 8th house planets directly impact the 2nd house by association which primary wealth or investments house.

  • By default, this position for Surya is about conflicts with authorities, the father, the bosses, police, court and so on. Regardless of how well placed or in good sign or nakshatra and Guru drushti and so on, it would give some tussles with such things.
  • Some obligation towards the father from the past-birth. Hence this birth need to support and do not expect too much support. Any support is welcome addition.
  • Any support from the father is less material and more spiritual.
  • Similar burden or wrong doings with Govt or legal stuff and hence some or other surprise with Govt is seen from time to time.
  • Heart, Spine and eyesight are natural worries for 8th Surya. Some deficiency is possible. YOGA & PRANAYAAM are a MUST for 8th Surya to strengthen obviously heart and spine.
  • BONES and overall VITALITY and body resistance strength is about Surya – 8th Surya can affect it with varying degree. Good nakshatra and signs not as much but with intense degree even in strong signs like Dhanu – it would show issues.
  • More health issues and lesser resistance is seen when in Water Signs 4 8 12.
  • Much better resistance and strength is seen with 1 5 9 the fire signs. Shows good bone structure and longevity with Leo and Sagittarius. But with Leo could show issues with heart more so for the father and also very good pride about inheritance: wealth and structure from the family and the father!
  • In 2 6 19 -_ Earth Signs – practical approach saves them the worry! But still Oct 11 Bachchan with 8th Surya did have issues with govt and authorities and when in politics.
  • Surya Antardasha and Shani transits 1 4 7 11th to Surya are troublesome with govt and also father health.
  • If badly placed with both Shani Manga or Rahu influence then it shows inheritance fights and intense events in this and the past birth also. So need to stay away from such disputes else fight and health issues. Jail time also possible or restrictions by Govt to not do things (trading, shares or bank or whatever).
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS stay legal – DO NOT even do illegal stuff. Any illegal stuff WILL be exposed. Rather past -birth illegal stuff also comes back this life. So sometimes even do not understand the problems given by father or Govt (inherit nave decision or some other policy etc decisions by Govt)
  • Remedies are Yoga, Pranayam, Ruby Gemstone, Use of Ruby Red color, clothes, paints etc etc. Waking 3 to 5 Km per day.

Examples: Amitabh Bachchan

SURYA in the 9th House of a Horoscope

The 9th House: BHAGYA-STHAN, The DIPLOMAT! Legs, hips, Strategy, Broad thinking, higher education, diplomacy, Travel, Your Mentors & Teachers, Guidance to self and others, Achievements in a framework, Creation of framework for society, abroad connects, abroad travels, export/import of good or just simply thoughts, An auditor with a Sense of purpose, Deep thinking, Higher positions in career & life.

The 9th House (not so) Random Thoughts (Mukta-Chintan):

1 5 9 are the “Dharma-trikon” houses. They mean performing specific duties. These are some office bearers who have definite daily weekly and monthly duties. Even in the most creative of fields like movies, they are like Directors or assistants who have definite daily and weekly targets to meet. Sense of duty is very high in these folks and hence all these houses “complete” or in complementing 180degrees positions of all free-lancing houses of 3 7 11. Without such people freelancers would be about “glorious failures”! 🙂 Imagine not having a great director to get out the “Daaru Pine se lever” scene from Bachchan or “Aaj Khush to bohot hoge” etc. Also, financers (2, 6 10 houses dominated folks) folks who would fund these things. 1 5 9 houses show increasing level of duties. 1 is daily needs, personal needs etc whereas 5th is putting a “Lay” (meter/length) to the tune that was churned out by the 3rd house or some inspirational move within a framework to achieve things – -tactical success using intelligence. The 9th house is about further higher level or the BIG PICTURE. This is the house which dominated people would allow an attack to happen on our own military base just to avoid showing enemy that they have broken their “code” (communication encryption etc). Trading of a Short-term loss for a long-term gain! The 9th house is still dutiful and has daily weekly monthly responsibilities and a framework to follow but also refine the framework and change or HELP devise & rather implement a changed framework checking all change management aspects. They might not have some achievements to celebrate every week or month like 1 or 5 house folks but their frequency could be more yearly or more! That is why we have 5 “man of the match” in one series and only 1 “Man of the Series”. You could have 5 different Man of the Match folks but one consistent man of the series could be completely different person. It is obvious that cricket captains have Mars in the 1st, 5th (Sunil) and the 9th (Dhoni) house of the chart and it shows reducing outright aggression and increasingly strategic thinking with 1 to 5 to 9. The folks in IT industry 5 and 9 house Surya or Guru or other planets show positions like TL PM and DMs and so on. 9th house folks tend to be onsite PMs or DMs.

HOW is tactics and WHY is strategy and hence these 9th house folks often seen asking the question WHY with more frequency than 1st and 5th house (they also ask WHY but lesser so.) 9th is NOT enjoying the journey as much as 1st and 5th house folks and CERTAINLY not as much as the 3rd 7th and 11th house folks (Kapil 7th house Mangal).

Western astrologers consider this as house of the father. Which is WRONG. It is the house of mentors and seniors at workplace who are not direct reporting officers.

Surya in the 9th house: impacts:

  • Almighty SURYA in the 9th house of BHAGYA-STAHN indeed is a blessing. It ensures higher posts and higher designations and duties.
  • Broad approach, broad knowledge and sense of bigger picture. STRATEGIC thinking.
  • High tact & diplomacy. Most diplomats or ambassadors have Surya in the 9th house in D1 or to CHANDRA. More so to Chandra.
  • Bachchan who is considered too diplomatic has Chandra in the 9th house.
  • Well directed pride ego and self-esteem. Acute ability to decipher between all these forms.
  • As you can see these folks are loved by those in power. As they can become their messengers and ambassadors who convey the worst things without conveying them! 🙂
  • This is more of IAS IPS etc or upper house (Rajya Sabha) and not a mases or political leader. These are bureaucrats!
  • Following procedure for great good is natural and second nature.
  • The father is a good person and good support from the father’s karma and networking and good-will. As 12th to the father’s house – -father is not more of friction of typical old fashioned strict “Son beating up father” but a friendly and more of a mentor relationship and like an uncle or like an elder brother (maybe not!) But more like a guide and philosopher and not an imposing figure. Much lesser friction with the father as it is natural support house. Father ensures some break or some bhagyakarak event from time to time or reduces the steps from a ladder.
  • High-quality unspoken and natural Communication with the father.
  • Step by step promotions and higher posts by increasing ability and work.
  • Ability to manage seniors/bosses with tact & diplomacy and influencing by INCEPTION and NOT force (lie 4 or 10th house Surya)
  • Career obviously more important than the private life. More time spent on office than personal life.
  • As element – nature attitude is in line or sync with lagna (rising) – there is natural harmony. Transits of good planets are especially good & bad transits are not THAT bad. Except the 12th to Sun which is he 8th to Lagna. This is quite troublesome – along with slowness in career also with health.
  • Higher education is highly likely and if this Surya is 1 to 5 from Chandra then maybe higher education can happen along with career or after some career and then break in career as Surya becomes tactical to Chandra and wants to earn and spend on education and not make others to spend on their education.
  • Even with SHANI this Surya is a not that bad – it might impact health of the father a bit with heart spine but still would give enough longevity.
  • Abroad connection, abroad travel or long term abroad stay is almost a given — by abroad for lesser education it would mean places that are 9 hours away from the native.

Example: Sachin Tendulkar (uchcha Aries Surya), 

SURYA in the 10th house of a Horoscope:

The 10th House: KARMA-STTHA, PITRU-STHAN, Workplace, father, Knees, Production (not Service), Output, Govt Support, Workplace, Seniors, what one does for a living

The 10th House (not so) Random Thoughts (Mukta-Chintan):

2 6 and 10 are “Artha-Trikon” means economic zone. Folks like Ambani and Birlas have multiple planets in these houses and certainly the most significant ones. Also, these houses are connected to the 11th house (gains) in some ways for them to get the money towards their bank accounts/profits and not just cash flow across their businesses! 🙂 Without well placed 11th house the business might make huge turn-over but not so much of a profit or dividend! The 2nd house is the first level of economic zone – what one gets from the family and childhood wealth and so on (Dhirubhai had Shani so not much!). It also shows investments of the family and how a person raises money (Dhirubhai Shani from people IPOs). The 6th house is about loans, debts & earning money by providing service & consultancy and not products. The 10th house is the highest & the most imp of the economic zone as it shows products & production or manufacturing. It shows CHURN and churning out things from a machine or assembly line etc.  Of course, 10th Mars (or Mars’ signs in 10th) would show weapons, electronics or agriculture or sports equipment production and Mercury would show say press, daily papers or weekly monthly magazines or a website publication etc. But it IS about churning some stuff out on a regular basis. Without the 10th house churn there is not much to invest (2) and not much to service (6). Now you can appreciate how important & impactful the planets like Shani and Guru, Mangal, Rahu or so on are in the 10th house. They keep the GDP going. When 10th house effect reduces and focus is more on 2 and 6 – 2008 like situation happens where paper pushers have 70% share and creators have 30% only! 🙂

  • The chart becomes more career oriented as Budh and Shukra are also around max 28 or 45 degrees plus minus to Surya so they are end up being 8 to 12th for Shukra and 9th too 11th house for Budh. Hence the chart becomes more of career one than the personal life.
  • Surya is a partial kaarak of the 10th house as Surya represents the father & also 10th house represents the same. Hence it is quite strong and effective in this house. When Well-placed: strong father, when badly placed: health and longevity issues are seen with the father. It gets the same imp as Mangal in the 1st or 8th house or Guru in the 5th or 9th house. There is some certainty to the outcome.
  • Surya in the 10th house brings in solid get-up and “Thehraaw” to a horoscope. They are “Kingsman!” 🙂 Liked by kings and powers and behave like one.
  • Create own sphere of influence with roles & responsibilities assigned to each person.
  • Are independent and entrepreneurial. Originality and inspirational approach at workplace. Usually don’t like to be dictated things.
  • There is BOTH respect to the hierarchy and respect to the authority and same is expected to be paid to them. Boss is treated like boss with utter respect and same is expected from the subordinates.
  • Attitude of doing own business sometime in their career. Or at least spawn some new idea and launch their own unit within a big organization.
  • As Career more imp, they end up travelling away from native and distant places. Even if family business, they spend time away from it abroad or distant places before taking over.
  • Even in 3 6 9 12 (Mithun Kanya Dhanu Meen) signs it is more like a consultancy and advice and services and PART time business along or multiple businesses.
  • Cardinal signs 1 4 7 10 (Mesh Kirk Tula Makar) show production environment & high work productivity and getting a lot of things done to earn a lot of money.
  • Air Sign Surya is less imposing & eats less footage and doesn’t stomp their authority as much except for the Mangal’s Nakshatra 2charan in Air signs like Mrig, Chitra and Dhanishtha. Even then, it is much lesser than the fire & earth signs.
  • Surya 10th in the Fire Signs shows direct and straightforward approach despite emotional rising/lagna-rashi. It shows in your face approach.
  • Water Signs Surya shows emotional intelligence but also dropping people out of their life forever if mischiefs are done repeatedly without much hint or extrovert hostility. Those who can’t read their body language are in trouble! This is more for Scorpio Sun,
  • Mesh and Vrishchik Rashi Surya is great for military sort of a setup in the 10th house. This is more true when Mangal is also with Surya. Surya in Leo and Makar also tend to get them towards military.
  • With Shani it would show tussle with Govt and bosses and a SPLIT away from them to form own stuff. IMP to ALWAYS stay legal and avoid anything illegal as Govt could take to it in the firm manner.

Example: Dravid,

Surya in the 11th house of a Horoscope

The 11th House: GAINS / Income, “Aay-sthan”, Legs, All sorts of “gains” monetary mostly, Past birth unpaid karma reflection, Past birth surplus karma (& to whom) reflection. Logically speaking daughter-in law as 7th house of the kids’ house (5th). Older siblings, Mostly older or higher placed friends.

The 11th House (not so) Random Thoughts (Mukta-Chintan):

3-7-11 houses are called as “Kaam-Trikon”. They are usually freelancers and the blessed ones who can do things that they LOVE to do for a living! Most artists or cricketers or anyone who doesn’t fit into 9 to 5 job category falls under these houses. You would see Kapil Dev free spirit game as his 7th house Mangal (Tula lagna Mesh Mangal) and I suspect Viv Richards as 11th house Mangal (Dhanu Lagna, Tula Mangal in Makar Navamansh). Similarly, L10 in the 3rd house is Bhimsen Joshi. There is FREE FLOW and doing what they love to do aspect to their life and overall approach. They could be accused of not strictly fulfilling their duty. But just with the sense of duty, Kapil would not have won us the 1983 World Cup. It need FLAIR and extra commitment and desire for IMPACT on the surroundings and a FORCE to do that with the 3rd house Parakram sthan Sagittarius Surya (Dhanu Surya: 6thJanuary) and 7th house Mangal in firebrand Aries sign. 11th house Shani is Balasaheb Thackeray who had a deep bond with the masses, had an attraction for the masses and vice-versa. Modi has 11th house Shani too but Balasaheb was smart enough not to accept a 9 to 5 position and stayed with the masses. Now you have Modi Saahab connecting with masses all the times with elections and so on and forgetting the PM position, not projecting “presidential” personality. So this 11th house is a blessing to us and ANY planet in the 11th house is a boon. It shows gains in its Mahadasha Antardasha and Widasha and of course major transits. KP method uses 11th house Sub-Lord for EVERYTHING (if yes or no). KP gives 11th house sub-lord the utmost importance. I have 5th house Surya Vargottam (L10) which helps with predictions and forecasting but it is BUDH also in the 5th house which owns the 11th house which shows use of intelligence to earn a living.

It is obvious that these folks are a nightmare for people or organizations who want to follow “process”. These folks 3 7 11 don’t exactly fit in to a framework or a process. They always need to be adjusted for by coaches and captains and people who have a sense of a duty! That is why you have Gavaskar with 5th house Mangal and Don Bradman with 9th house planets and Mangal taking up positions of duty and responsibilities in organizations but we don’t see Kapil fitting in to a 9 to 5 job. The same might be the case with Viru. These folks get you the MALAI on Milk but you need folks who would being in milk and keep the milk intact. One needs some planets in 1 5 9 in own horoscope in order to unleash the full potential of the planets in the 3 7 11. Even Kapil had Surya in the 3rd house but in DHANU rashi which is about discipline, idealistic role model behavior and duty prone rashi itself.

  • Surya in the 11th in a word is a blessing like any planet in the 11th house. It shows great monthly income, cash flow and overall gains in this life.
  • Well placed father with higher connections. Good-will of the father to help directly/in-directly. The father must be doing good around the time of the birth for Sun to be in the 11th house. Even if Surya Shani or Surya in VERY kaarmic or intense degrees – even then it has various blessings that come thru.
  • Higher placed friends and older siblings. Friends would always do great or you would always have higher placed connections, seniors or friends or siblings. Maybe, the past birth you were good with them and hence this birth you are getting the pay back!
  • Antardasha or Mahadasha of such Surya will show gains on own ability but also due to father or their older sibling or upper connected friends too.
  • Functional malefic like Mangal Shani Rahu and also Surya work great in 3 6 11 houses as all their energy, edge or even rough edge gets “exploded” or leveraged in the peripheral things in life – to bring in FLAIR and additional gains. These rough edges get “playful environment” which allows them to be great artists or performers without affecting other or affecting as less as possible.
  • Still, all this playfulness could make them ignore some relatives or close people. Instead of strong or huge love from one person it is likely that they will get some from a lot of people like artists or performers!
  • Process is not as bad a 3 and 7 Surya but still somewhat reluctance to do 9 to 5 job for the 11th house planets. Rather they could prefer 10 to 6 o 2 to 11 or 9 to 9 – anything but 9 to 5. Attempts to box them result in some reaction and makes them miserable. They will try to find another environment that appreciated their get in get out approach by making difference but they are not going to stick around for “finishing: touches or as they say wait for “the fat lady to sing”. They will be on to something else that interests then and catches their fancy than to attend a celebration party and give credits and discuss what happened & who did what etc etc. Again, they might add to the quality of such events by sharing some experiences but that’s it.
  • 11th Surya drushti on the 5th house in isolation is good. Shows brilliant kids with inspirational abilities. It is not particularly good if it is connected to Shani or Mangal or say Rahu Ketu as then this Surya’s functional malefic nature comes out ad affects the kids as a collateral damage. Even 5th Surya can affect kids by too much inspirational work or too many flairs of inspiration & go getter approach ignoring kids during the process.
  • Shani with Surya will not reduce gains but affect relation with the father. Would not know if to align to the wealthy father or the poor workers! 🙂  (“NamakHaraam”). Shani opposite Surya is more damaging. Shani 2nd house Kendra Surya is also equally damaging but lesser to kids.


Surya in the 12th house of a Horoscope

The 12th house is a BIG mystery for all astrologers! It is if well placed shows IIM level of intellect and an MBA and ability of being an architect like say Ravi Shastri or Lalit Modi who devised IPL. Ravi Shastri has ensured cricketers like Sachin T weren’t taken for a ride and has ensured good advertising deals for them thru his company(?)”. Also, he was known for cold calculations and very good planning to chase or shape the innings – highly calculative and always planning and getting strategy correct. This all reflected in his 12th house Mangal in Mesh (Surya in Taurus 27th May Birth). At the same time a badly placed 12th house results in some jail time also or political exile! The 12th house also shows abroad and immigration and kaarmic links from the past birth which are 12 hours away from your native place. Even transit planets in the 12th house shows some expense or investments that are much needed. Sort of an obligation which has been avoided to pay back! 12th transit Shani to moon in Sadesati start and the 12th Guru to moon also created a void in life. So yes – these planets do have some obligations attached to them whether in the natal horoscope or transit chart! (KP method gives a good method to analyze multiple planets in any house). If any house is about ARCHITECTURE / Vision / Planning / /Blueprinting it is the 12th house. The 12th house is also about sleeping & dreams and obviously biggest visions are thru dreams! 🙂 It is not a coincidence. The whole like and each & everything is mapped to the 12 houses – 360 degrees of the zodiac and all the planets! The 12th house is also called wrongly as ShayyaSukh  (sex). It is partially true: The 7th house shows the quality and nature of the partner, the 8th house shows the physical ability to perform whereas, the 12th house shows the expense one would do for that! Of course, it is one of the 100 things that the 12th house shows for a chart and not the only things! 😉  Don’t go digging your charts!  🙂 AstroMNC

I have a detailed article on the 12th house here:

So, you get an idea that most astrologers ate stumped by the 12th house planets and related analysis. When any planet is in the 12th house of a natal chart – it becomes a nightmare for an astrologer to analyze! 🙂 Like any house one needs to check the planets in the house, drushti/aspects on that house, the owner of that house where it is in which rashi and house and nakshatra, the aspects on that planet! Also, Nakshatra-Swami of the planets and their houses & aspects on them. Usually a RAASHI or a House shows WHAT and the Nakshatra & Nakshatra Swami shows HOW (broadly speaking).

  • Surya 12th is great for planning, architecting, vision & blueprinting, Management and planning is core ability
  • Sense of “Big Picture”, Alignment to greater good.
  • Execution bores them to death which is more of a 3rd and 5th house outcome.
  • Big picture and greater sense indirectly gives them the 6th sense as the mind is trying to put eveything happening around in a big puzzle. So they can map future events too.
  • Good sense of body language or reading minds of people,
  • Need to serve and happy to serve without credit or hoopla.
  • Rather “serving others” is a major driver for this life as the 12th is a house of selfless collaborations and serving the mankind.
  • “Maayalu” – high tolerance to faults and accommodating to a fault!
  • At times downright disinterested and aloof with surroundings. Do not care attitude for MANY things as interested in bigger picture and destination. BUT would NOT compromise with the core 20% stuff (80-20 rule).
  • Usually the first travel happens to the East direction unless Surya in Makar rashi of Shani throwing south to the mix or say Shukra’s Tula rashi.
  • Abroad or immigration or long term abroad stay is almost a given.
  • A badly placed one with Rahu or Shani could cause “exile” or jail time also.
  • HIGHLY imp to always go for legal stuff and any illegal stuff results in major issues.
  • Some obligation to the father and the house that Surya owns (as it owns sonly one sign it is imp!). Do not expect a lot of help from them and always help them as there is deficit from the past birth!
  • Same with the GOVT – do not expect huge favors from the Govt or authorities. Handle with tact & diplomacy.
  • Need to manage Govt, Bosses and Authorities proactively and at least to the minimum level needed else taken for a ride as they would attribute most success to people they see regularly. Some slap on the wrists by authorities could happen. Only the knowledge of big picture would ensure this is kept to the minimum as bosses are expected to be aligned to it more than you!
  • Earth sign 2 6 10 Surya shows good economic agriculture related planning. (say RBI Governors or such economy executives)
  • Water Sign Surya in 4 8 12 signs shows creative and innovative planning and architecture – theme parks or say studios etc
  • Fire Signs shows mostly show engineering or actual building etc architecture, MARS Signs of Aries and Scorpio show engineering aspects
  • Air Signs – IIM or related management studies.
  • GURU Signs Dhanu and Meen could also show education or health/gym sports etc planning

Example: Harsha Bhogle (mostly), Bill Clinton

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