It is imp to know limitations which can be also termed as “common sense” when it comes to Astrology – more so as Astrology or Jyotish is probabilistic science & not an exact science! It is rather an ART of probabilities. Probability of something happen can be 80% or 90% but never 100% ever in Astrology. Only very generic statements like “War like situation” in 1998/1999 2008 and 2020 have probability of turning out true! Not the exact ones for sure. Let is look at one QUICK example of why “Saara-Saar Vivek Buddhi” is needed when using Astrology!

Same day-same time – say 1991 (you can take any year actually) born typical middle-class Indian guy and a girl. The girl in all probability would marry 3 – 4-year older guy. The guy would marry mostly 3 to 4-year younger girl. So you are looking at the same chart marrying 1987 or 1986 etc born person and the other 1995 / 1996 born! 🙂 SO how in the world you are going to describe the probable partner for them?! 🙂 So, you MUST use discretion and common sense!

A girl’s chart same day – they become lot more mature at the age of 13.14 whereas the guys are running around like monkeys at that age! 🙂 Simply speaking for a girl’s chart Moon and Venus and Mars are very important whereas for a boy’s chart it is Moon, Mars and the Sun! The outcome is completely different as Mars and Sun get lot more importance to a guy’s chart! Emotions versus Ego!

In SHORT: Just the gender makes so much difference to the outcome of a chart! For example, a chart showing marrying an older partner – shows 7-10 year or more for a Girl but only say 2-3 years for a boy! Even if not that dramatic- still the difference for boy for marriage wouldn’t be 10/12 (Girl being older!)

With this in time – I have explained What is astrology and what it is not and also ridiculed the objections taken by people who want to show astrology down & show it as “Thotaand: (fake/mythology)– they are lot more wrong than the ones say Astrology is a n exact science!

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